Osi And The Jupiter - Uthuling Hyl [Full Album]


  1. Years Of Silence

    Years Of SilenceРік тому

    ~ *Tracklist* ~ 1 - 00:00 - Baldur 2 - 06:35 - Draugadóttinn 3 - 13:37 - Útiseta 4 - 20:04 - Ulv Kult 5 - 24:20 - Ravencraft 6 - 28:28 - Hlidskjalf 7 - 33:57 - Empty Moons 8 - 39:52 - Old Dead 9 - 44:19 - Landvœttir *Support* : osifolk.bandcamp.com/ facebook.com/osifolk www.eisenton.de/label/nordic-ambience-osi-and-the-jupiter-sign-with-eisenwald-and-reveal-release-details/ store.eisenton.de/en/eisenwald-c-34/cd-c-35/osi-and-the-jupiter-uthuling-hyl-digicd-p-8498 *Social* : instagram.com/osiandthejupiter/ instagram.com/seandeth/ uareporter.net/block-UC4RZ7srdR0xazYynLeoiFtg fr-fr.facebook.com/osifolk/

  2. Matt L Ward

    Matt L Ward3 місяці тому

    A very good post modern symphonic

  3. Ayleiden

    Ayleiden3 дні тому

    holy smoke..........!

  4. Adamski

    Adamski17 днів тому

    Nice edit of Hlidskjaff appeared in the final season of Vikings, mixed feelings on the show but nice to come back to this album

  5. - FNGAMES -

    - FNGAMES -8 днів тому

    @Sindraug25 I'm sure that you dropped all of the beauty in the show from the phenomenal soundtracks to the wonderful acting and what's between them and you solely focused on the plot

  6. Sindraug25

    Sindraug2516 днів тому

    I thought the show started out good but has really gone downhill the last few seasons.

  7. Double A's adventures fishing

    Double A's adventures fishing29 днів тому

    My soul feels this music 😌 peace to all walks of life! 🌎✌🏻

  8. NinaNiterose

    NinaNiteroseМісяць тому

    Just curious, but what do the white runes on the cover image mean? Does anyone know how to read this?

  9. The Matrix

    The MatrixМісяць тому

    I clicked on this because I was tired of whatever I was listening to before. I'm not mad. Best click of 2020

  10. Laurențiu Leon

    Laurențiu LeonМісяць тому

    What runes its on the pic?

  11. Sean Deth

    Sean DethМісяць тому

    Bands personal bindrune

  12. Colonthree Enterprises

    Colonthree EnterprisesМісяць тому

    "Uthyling hul" is what you get if you process "hollow scream" through google translate a few times between languages. I'm Norwegian and have no idea what this is supposed to be or intend to mean.

  13. Sean Deth

    Sean DethМісяць тому

    Hollowed howl it means, not supposed too be strictly Norwegian, was supposed too be kind of its own

  14. eresneonsyei vc

    eresneonsyei vcМісяць тому


  15. Exoplanet 7

    Exoplanet 7Місяць тому

    Love the Ravencraft, vielen Dank dafür!

  16. Exoplanet 7

    Exoplanet 7Місяць тому

    =gebo nauthiz gebo fehu gebo sowilo gebo fehu gebo-Mannas

  17. Exoplanet 7

    Exoplanet 7Місяць тому


  18. Alexander Kushnarenko

    Alexander KushnarenkoМісяць тому

    Представь что типа весь завернутый в меха с коротким луком и медным кинжалом идешь по лесу в горах и на десятки километров нет не одной деревни, разжигаешь костер, падает снег 🌲

  19. The Rapier

    The RapierМісяць тому

    Power Beautiful. Touches your very genes, and awakens them with strength and beauty.

  20. om i god

    om i godМісяць тому

    this music makes me at peace with the fact that man now faces his darkest days. by casting off nature we have failed our future kin. all we can do now is embrace tradition in hopes that we may return to the glory of nature.




  22. alexis lezcano

    alexis lezcanoМісяць тому

    Whats its the symbol in the photo? Sorry my bad english i speak spanish

  23. Federico Benites Gonzales

    Federico Benites GonzalesМісяць тому

    Hiperborian feels?

  24. Jacob M

    Jacob M2 місяці тому

    Beautiful... This word is not enough, which words are then? Also love the title of this album

  25. Marty Bousum

    Marty Bousum2 місяці тому

    We are surrounded by symphony and orchestra! In the heavens, the earth, and the waters of ocean, lakes and river. The instruments vary, but all sound wonderful when they are coordinated! Open your ears, both inner and outer, and hear the beauty of life. Remember this. There is a reason why the windshield is larger than the rear view mirror!

  26. Toumather Mlayeh

    Toumather Mlayeh3 місяці тому


  27. Оle Gunar

    Оle Gunar3 місяці тому

    Its like new journey from the Vikings series but in a music destination this time.Nordic people due to the beauty of the countries and charisma of the destinations are completely depict with this music its own pride.and glory.

  28. Óðinn Æsir

    Óðinn Æsir3 місяці тому

    We are all brothers. All lands are our home.

  29. Julian WolfKlaus

    Julian WolfKlaus3 місяці тому

    This is a Masterpiece, what a great booty...

  30. L T

    L T3 місяці тому

    finally a decent sex album

  31. الكتب / الكون

    الكتب / الكون3 місяці тому

    Oh my goodness 😟😱

  32. BewareOfTheKraut

    BewareOfTheKraut4 місяці тому

    I'm feeling my roots, again.

  33. Maelin Sav

    Maelin Sav4 місяці тому

    This whole album is absolutely gorgeous. Superb music.

  34. Alkaline life

    Alkaline life4 місяці тому

    I dont know how i stumbled upon this but this is some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard.

  35. Mattias Wilhelmsson

    Mattias Wilhelmsson4 місяці тому

    Bring the Voice to everyone we take you to another world, if everyone do what they must and protect this world. We are a body like mother earth you have to take care of your own body,like mother earth its detox of your body:)

  36. Mattias Wilhelmsson

    Mattias Wilhelmsson4 місяці тому

    We are the one that can show the world that our earthmother needs our help? Do not only do it for yourself do it for our world ?

  37. Elmano Ferreira

    Elmano Ferreira4 місяці тому


  38. Alex 666

    Alex 6664 місяці тому

    Dropped my phone, clicked on this when I caught it. Gonna need to drop my phone more often...

  39. Inquisitorial Llama

    Inquisitorial Llama15 днів тому

    Gift of the Old Gods.

  40. Pholly Beats NZ

    Pholly Beats NZ4 місяці тому

    final track is a monster!

  41. krishna ms

    krishna ms4 місяці тому

    It's not about somehow digging your way across the horror and monstrosities trying to occupy your place in it. All these natural patterns and conditions are but stains through which we are propelled to recognise that what we do and how we are has to be in accordanced with what happens to us and how things are. Because it amplifies eventually. We are here constrained by many unseen and formless entities, interactions and functions

  42. Олег Потапов

    Олег Потапов4 місяці тому

    Mighty!!!So Great

  43. Mr Pupp

    Mr Pupp4 місяці тому

    oh my...

  44. Karsten Heisler

    Karsten Heisler4 місяці тому

    Siehvergewalten meine Enkelkinder, die schweine

  45. Karsten Heisler

    Karsten Heisler4 місяці тому

    Schweine sind da draußen, Politiker tötet sieh ☝️☝️☝️

  46. Loren Tuggle

    Loren Tuggle5 місяців тому

    Did I ever tell you,,,WOW,! The beautiful composition ,stirred my warrior inner Spirit then gently soothed my trouble soul I come from a long line of Norsemen.proud of my Viking kinsmen

  47. jman7481

    jman74815 місяців тому

    I found out that I have 2.6 Scandinavian dna couldn’t figure out where though so I think they traveled to both the UK and Ireland as well as France

  48. jman7481

    jman74815 місяців тому

    I could see a Vikings series montage with this

  49. Nodis

    Nodis5 місяців тому

    I just found a piece of me here.

  50. Vestirge1

    Vestirge15 місяців тому


  51. Atled

    Atled5 місяців тому

    "Útiseta" is my favorite.

  52. M. LePirate

    M. LePirate5 місяців тому


  53. Kayeden King

    Kayeden King6 місяців тому

    I didn’t ask for it except through diligence in curiosity; this music and other like it have left me very much so in close contact with something that both is and isn’t me. An outside addition to myself that resides spiritually but offers a vast plethora of knowledge that has begun to set me apart from the majority. People I don’t know randomly telling me they feel odd round me as if I’m a other dimensional being. Words such as Ethereal and an attraction people have towards me that they seem not I be able control. As if they’re searching for something they found or see in me, and I am a keeper or giver of that some how. They become indebted to me without there ever being a debt owed to me, they seemingly choose this. I ask them why and they cannot answer. I ask them to leave, I try to convince them to leave, they seemingly can’t. I’ve been given an understanding to questions I never knew would mean anything to me. Knowledge that is not my own, but kept alive by my curiosity and thirst for this experience. It is of an ancient nature, what little I know of it’s origin. As old or older than this era. I have spoken to people that are no longer alive, I’ve been trusted with information that I’m not sure what to do with. This person I’ve spoke with, from an ancient era, he gave me his name, his character and his problems but with no clarity in direction or reason as to why. Details that surpass anything I thought possible. And in that same moment I was also attacked, seduced if you will. I receive messages as if directly from a single person. Warnings even in regard to this knowledge. One of which was along the lines of “remain humble, remain human”. I record as much as I can in notes when it happens. It is both uniquely powerful, but also powerfully terrifying. Anyone... what is this??

  54. liveforlovexxx

    liveforlovexxx6 місяців тому


  55. NikoDeus

    NikoDeus6 місяців тому

    This mix is just pure gold. Awesome one, thanks for making it!

  56. Morticia Addams

    Morticia Addams7 місяців тому

    Beautiful album

  57. Komotau4691

    Komotau46917 місяців тому

    Really take me to another world and make me think how our ancestors live :-)

  58. Maximus-Kanic

    Maximus-Kanic7 місяців тому

    What did I stumble onto? Oh my god!

  59. Алёшка Емельянов

    Алёшка Емельянов7 місяців тому

    Объятия Алёшка Емельянов Дарован мне с тобой одной покой груди, стволу меча. И льётся маковой волной твой тёплый голос у плеча. И ты цветочней, чем весна. Наполнен чудом, верой быт. Дарами полный луг, леса. И каждый слой души открыт. И каждым мёдом между сот в меня вливаешь свой елей. И с каждым слогом твоих нот душа становится белей. В твоих объятиях храним, безумью счастия так рад, и самый первый в них любим, и свят, и безучастно слаб. Мой свет, Богиня, ангел лет, в твоих руках сильнее я! Не страшен ужас ярых бед, коль рядом капелька тебя. Прильни сильнее и теплей, чтоб жарче стала и светлей строка и мысли о тебе, когда я буду вдалеке.

  60. Ben Morgan

    Ben Morgan7 місяців тому

    Bossing this on a run.

  61. Enzo Galli

    Enzo Galli8 місяців тому


  62. Enzo Galli

    Enzo Galli9 місяців тому

    amazing.....really WONDERFUL!!!!!

  63. Дария Селищева

    Дария Селищева9 місяців тому

    In trees we breathe

  64. Toumather Mlayeh

    Toumather Mlayeh9 місяців тому

    Magnificent ❤️

  65. Mikel Hakes

    Mikel Hakes9 місяців тому

    what is this bind rune

  66. Kiritsuna

    Kiritsuna10 місяців тому

    From anime that had mentions of norse mythology, to books about norse mythology, to celtic music, to wardruna, and now this ambiental norse music. I don't know how everything happened, but I'm glad

  67. Josian Vallez

    Josian Vallez10 місяців тому


  68. DeGraná

    DeGranáРік тому

    Magnifico trabajo , saludos desde España gracias por compartir el disco

  69. Dihannah V Madrid

    Dihannah V MadridРік тому

    Gracias Merci Grazie Thanks Love is music...music is the language of G...D!.

  70. sajmi Via

    sajmi ViaРік тому


  71. Thevoidkeeper MSV

    Thevoidkeeper MSVРік тому

    I feel like when i left home for the last time , time to say goodbye.

  72. Jean Ohannessian

    Jean OhannessianРік тому

    I apologise if I'm asking this question again but can someone tell me what the Rune means, please?

  73. Jean Ohannessian

    Jean OhannessianРік тому

    Years Of Silence thank you.

  74. Years Of Silence

    Years Of SilenceРік тому

    It is a bindrune made by the artist that stands for Life, Death, Rebirth, Odin’s presence.

  75. saltynuts_Gorm_ ᚷᛟᚱᛗ᛫ᛞᛖᚾ᛫ᚷᚨᛗᛚᛖ

    saltynuts_Gorm_ ᚷᛟᚱᛗ᛫ᛞᛖᚾ᛫ᚷᚨᛗᛚᛖРік тому

    Sprødt lavet glad for jeg lige faldt over det her.. hil alfader

  76. Angieee

    AngieeeРік тому

  77. Francine Poulin

    Francine PoulinРік тому

    Merci pour cette merveilleuse musique. Je viens de découvrir mes ancêtres je crois. J'écoute cette musique et j'ai des frissons qui parcourent mon corps... Comme si je vivais chaque note de cette musique, de ces chants. Wow. Merci beaucoup!

  78. Ebichuman Nohosepas

    Ebichuman NohosepasРік тому

    I like OSI so much. Specially how the transport layer controls the reliability of a given link through flow control, segmentation/desegmentation, and error control.

  79. Daniel Gutierrez

    Daniel GutierrezРік тому

    Very good !!!!! What does the symbol mean?

  80. Bjorn Ashby

    Bjorn AshbyРік тому

    This musikk gets me homesick for a place and time that I've visited hundreds and hundreds of years ago... I will see you in Valhalla my brors

  81. Jeff Mann

    Jeff MannРік тому

    Amazing! Thank you!!!

  82. E. Krieger

    E. KriegerРік тому

    Thanks so much for this beautiful music that fills my entire soul! :D :D

  83. Random Commenter

    Random CommenterРік тому

    Wow yt actually recommended this at a perfect time

  84. Ali C.

    Ali C.Рік тому

    I love this so much. I have no idea how I arrived here but thank you for uploading

  85. evitty revitty

    evitty revittyРік тому

    What is this beauty!

  86. Leonardo Vignolini

    Leonardo VignoliniРік тому

    Do someone know the name of the "violin" used in the tracks? Or it is just a regular violin?

  87. Years Of Silence

    Years Of SilenceРік тому

    It is a cello.

  88. Neraxa

    NeraxaРік тому

    This is probably the very best soundtrack i have ever heard on youtube. its the third time i listen to this and it still entrances me. I get goosebumps all over! 10/10 from me! :D

  89. Quick Album Reviews

    Quick Album ReviewsРік тому

    This album left me shaking. I have never had that happen before.

  90. Abe Bakker

    Abe BakkerРік тому

    This helps me deal with soms tough situations going on atm

  91. Germanyball

    GermanyballРік тому


  92. john redmond

    john redmondРік тому

    I knew it was beautiful after five seconds.

  93. Gav'riel Metatron

    Gav'riel MetatronРік тому

    This world... So much to say; yet, nothing at all. We are here for this, to experience everything. EVERYTHING. But when moments like these come; moments where I look at the stars and I miss my true home, I put this music and open the curtains of this life to take a peak into the bridge, the one across the station that leads to the stars, our home. Thank you for sharing.

  94. Lingtwist

    Lingtwist2 місяці тому

    You could also say that this is a bridge to our home within root systems underground...a metaphor for our connection to ancestral lineage and the earth. Of course, the stars are another metaphorical home for the ideal of childlike wonder.

  95. Steven Astralis

    Steven Astralis5 місяців тому

    Preachen to the choir we stan

  96. Mercedes Victoria Marinelli

    Mercedes Victoria MarinelliРік тому

    Great album! I love it, helps me relax, meditate and concentrate. Great for runes work!

  97. martin Bassett

    martin BassettРік тому

    Excellent music ....way too many ads

  98. Nøkken + The Grim

    Nøkken + The GrimРік тому

    This album is absolutely stunning. Praise to Föld Anya, Earth Mother. Your channel has introduced me to many bands that have become instant favs, and I'm already highly immersed in the neofolk scene. As a side note, is there any way to get in contact to share music?

  99. PK PK

    PK PKРік тому

    I feel like I'm sitting next to my ancestors when I listen to this, it is truly amazing.

  100. Damien Blackthorne

    Damien BlackthorneРік тому

    Superb. Love it. Enthralled.♡♡

  101. Leonardo Marques

    Leonardo MarquesРік тому

    Aw Snap !

  102. Brunn Graggan

    Brunn GragganРік тому

    For me = direct purchase through the bandcamp link, no hesitation about such an excellent and original music...

  103. Quick Album Reviews

    Quick Album ReviewsРік тому

    what did i just stumble into? Amazing.

  104. Skydiver333

    Skydiver333Рік тому

    The first piece in this album is absolutely heaven inspired.. You cant be from this earth because no one from this hell could move me like this.

  105. alexandr salemkow

    alexandr salemkowРік тому

    Diesem Musiks haben beautifully juicy taste

  106. AH Pip

    AH PipРік тому

    Magnificent! Absolutely beautiful!

  107. hashtag algorythmhack

    hashtag algorythmhackРік тому

    #ilovethis #thisisamazing #omg ❤❤❤

  108. black metal hammer

    black metal hammerРік тому

    Wotan mit uns

  109. Sam Brighton

    Sam BrightonРік тому

    Wow, that is amazing!!!! Thank you!!

  110. Gianfranco 11

    Gianfranco 11Рік тому

    Excelente neofolk!! Saludos desde 🇵🇪

  111. a person

    a personРік тому

    this is some of the most beautiful music i've ever heard

  112. World of Warcraft LAKOTA Dun Morogh Channel

    World of Warcraft LAKOTA Dun Morogh ChannelРік тому


  113. Chirs Andrew

    Chirs AndrewРік тому

    Holy shit!!!! just gone past one and a half minute and I totally fell in love with this. Can't wait to hear all of it!! Best random click for a few years now.