PALAYE ROYALE - Anxiety (Official Music Video)


  1. Kyle Fletchers

    Kyle Fletchers6 годин тому

    I didn't know that 'PALAYE ROYALE - Anxiety (Official Music Video)' was another way to spell 'absolute perfection' I guess you learn something new every day

  2. Kazzomoon

    Kazzomoon9 годин тому

    I sought this out because I have gotten an ad playing this song more times than I can count. And now I am here. And just want to say. I am not a fan.

  3. Celebrian13

    Celebrian1312 годин тому

    Wow! New this Mad Max looks awesome!

  4. ʝennifer ɢ

    ʝennifer ɢ16 годин тому

    I’ve been sleeping on Palaye Royal wtfff this is so good 😭

  5. Steven Belle

    Steven Belle16 годин тому

    Not big on the band but this song gets it I like it

  6. Borys Blade

    Borys Blade17 годин тому

    Guys remember movie “American Satan”

  7. Taylor Jones

    Taylor Jones18 годин тому

    He sure is a masterpiece tho

  8. Valerie Rawlings

    Valerie Rawlings18 годин тому


  9. Palaye things

    Palaye things21 годину тому

    This really reminds me of famous last words

  10. Mel

    Mel22 години тому

    I found them not long ago and it's already the best decision I've made in my fucking life

  11. Lisa Moore

    Lisa MooreДень тому

    Anxiety is my middle name.

  12. Denilson Castro

    Denilson CastroДень тому

    Reminds me of Darby Allen

  13. Maria Patrakka

    Maria PatrakkaДень тому

    I love this shit🔥 I love this song and i love this video. That's all i wanted to say

  14. Ahmet Başar

    Ahmet BaşarДень тому

    Palaye Royale : Fury Road

  15. Pink Fluffy Unicorn

    Pink Fluffy UnicornДень тому


  16. omalga c:

    omalga c:День тому

    This song is hot as much as shirtless Remington is.

  17. Duygu Başkan

    Duygu BaşkanДень тому

    Why they are always seems unique

  18. Joleigh Emo trash

    Joleigh Emo trashДень тому

    Is it just me or does anyone else get chills when he screams. It’s so exciting

  19. Music Forever

    Music ForeverДень тому

    Now that's what I call hot 😫😳

  20. Francine Elodie

    Francine Elodie2 дні тому

    Feels like Mad Max: Fury Road is having its emo phase

  21. Miss Missunderstood

    Miss Missunderstood2 дні тому

    Lmao nice

  22. Summer Davis

    Summer Davis2 дні тому

    Even my little Gerard funko pop is dancing

  23. Sue Zilla

    Sue Zilla2 дні тому


  24. Pink station Zer0

    Pink station Zer02 дні тому

    Lmao famous last words music video is next!

  25. xxmessymindxx

    xxmessymindxx2 дні тому

    This gives me 2000's emo vibes AND I'M ALL FOR IT AAAAA My little nostalgic heart is melting! ❤️

  26. EmoBatman / Artist

    EmoBatman / Artist2 дні тому


  27. not a.clue.cosplay

    not a.clue.cosplay2 дні тому

    WAIT I JUST WENT TO WHERE THEY FILMED THIS!! I went there literally DAYS before I got into their music😭😭

  28. •zoey•

    •zoey•2 дні тому

    So I recently started listening to them and I really like it so far

  29. Sophia High

    Sophia High2 дні тому

    Sebastion looks a lot different with makeup

  30. Jay Stealthy

    Jay Stealthy2 дні тому

    im all about it.

  31. Angel Villamil

    Angel Villamil2 дні тому


  32. Brian Amory

    Brian Amory2 дні тому

    Come on Sumerian.... Stop signing this garbage

  33. the marching weary widow

    the marching weary widow2 дні тому

    Things Palaye did: *tHaT*

  34. Ragnarsulfr

    Ragnarsulfr2 дні тому

    Alright gotta be honest only song that played in an ad that I've actually enjoyed

  35. E B

    E B3 дні тому

    This video does things to me... 🥵

  36. Anna K47

    Anna K473 дні тому

    Love the aesthetics of this video so much!

  37. Anjaa

    Anjaa3 дні тому

    its unreal how many times i have listened to this already... few times a day probably since it came out

  38. my name matt

    my name matt3 дні тому

    I love this music video!

  39. Honeymoon

    Honeymoon3 дні тому

    I´m in love with his outfit

  40. Jeff Wade

    Jeff Wade3 дні тому

    I'm really glad Remington got to jump off something he shouldn't have for this video.

  41. Daciana Van Price

    Daciana Van Price3 дні тому

    thank you youtube ad! this is quite enjoyable

  42. themostbeautifulporkcutletbowl

    themostbeautifulporkcutletbowl3 дні тому

    I ACTUALLY SCREAMED LMAO. My mom is mad at me but it was worth it though.

  43. Shion_ AwA

    Shion_ AwA4 дні тому

    Madmax pero en Cabrón xd

  44. Coraline Styx

    Coraline Styx4 дні тому

    So damn amazing guys 🖤

  45. gotdibz

    gotdibz4 дні тому

    I love how my wife ordered the vinyl of “the bastards “ May 28th and we have yet to receive it damn “bastards” taking money from fans. Sumerian records have yet to solve issue on Limited edition Vinyl purchase 6weeks later @palayaroyale

  46. stanredeemer

    stanredeemer3 дні тому

    I didn’t get all of my stuff too. email sumerian or just accept that there is a pandemic and there could be delayed items. i emailed sumerian records and i got a proper answer that it would be shipped out soon.

  47. Alex Lol

    Alex Lol4 дні тому

    That's probably not there fault you know. I ordered mine as soon as I could, it just turned up 2 days ago.

  48. Tee the Muffin

    Tee the Muffin4 дні тому

    This song is ABSOLUTE FUCKING FIRE! 🔥

  49. Spencer Dracula

    Spencer Dracula4 дні тому

    Listening to this at playback speed .25 is wak-

  50. Лиза Куст

    Лиза Куст4 дні тому

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍ОБАЖАЮ ИХ😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  51. Defiant Forever

    Defiant Forever4 дні тому

    BMTH need to bring these guys out on a world tour

  52. Q-presss

    Q-presss4 дні тому


  53. smol caffeine addict

    smol caffeine addict4 дні тому

    If MCR and BVB had a child. I discovered this band today (because of CrankThatFrank), listened to a few songs and I'm already in love.

  54. that one record company

    that one record company4 дні тому

    MY BBBssssss💫💕💕💕

  55. Axel Metzger

    Axel Metzger4 дні тому

    saludos lo estoy viendo desde olivetti y escribiendo con un teclado razer !!! att:axel frias

  56. Ryan Ross Enthusiast

    Ryan Ross Enthusiast4 дні тому

    It is getting increasingly harder to convince people that our bands aren't satanic

  57. Haven Hayes

    Haven Hayes4 дні тому

    Hes the angel of music, lucifer

  58. Jacob Brown

    Jacob Brown5 днів тому

    Becoming one of my favorite artists

  59. Sophie Cat

    Sophie Cat5 днів тому

    WOW! I love the originality of this band and Lemington, where does that voice come from? I'd love to see PR, BVB and MIW tour together 😍😍😍

  60. Yeet Isabeeelll

    Yeet Isabeeelll5 днів тому

    Producer:So...freezing cold again? Palaye:We were thinking about something....a lil different this time

  61. Cyber Phantom

    Cyber Phantom5 днів тому

    American satan vibes so i actually like this i hope there r more songs like this

  62. Cheyenne Belwood

    Cheyenne Belwood5 днів тому

    I absolutely love this new video, it's amazing and it's honestly an accurate representation of my anxiety tbh which is awesome...I love the use of Emerson not using conventional drums and the piano, it just brings a whole new sound and element to their music that I thought couldn't get any more amazing before I saw this, everyone else dressed up all emo and Sebastian is just like 'welp, I'm gonna wear a striped suit cause that's what I do' plus his dancing around is really cute and funny...all in all 11/10

  63. Lazlo Bane

    Lazlo Bane5 днів тому

    я просто влюблена, это так круто....

  64. Alex Mager

    Alex Mager5 днів тому

    When did Palaye get this... hardcore?

  65. Aida

    Aida5 днів тому

    This song reminds me of me trying to fight my anxiety

  66. Eva Sykes C.T

    Eva Sykes C.T5 днів тому

    when i hear this: I was born to be anything I wanted to be " my heart stop beating and every energy than makes it beat go at my mouth and go out with: Raised to be fucking mean"

  67. Kaerina mazeeni

    Kaerina mazeeni5 днів тому

    So dark.. So metal.. Just wow.. Damn impressive! Hell yeah palaye royale!!!! 🤘

  68. Natalie_Is_Confused

    Natalie_Is_Confused5 днів тому

    The amount times I've listened to this song in the past few days is insane and yet I still get chills

  69. traffic hazard

    traffic hazard5 днів тому

    i don't think bastard is an insult to me anymore

  70. Mihaela

    Mihaela5 днів тому



    EDUARDO NAFARRATE5 днів тому

    I thought I was watching mad max

  72. Oscar Eleazer

    Oscar Eleazer6 днів тому

    💜 love Palaye all the way from 🇳🇬

  73. MAC Beats

    MAC Beats6 днів тому

    I know nobody can compare to Palaye Royale, they are certainly their own thing. But can anyone recommend some other bands I or anyone else may enjoy?

  74. Oneway 4711

    Oneway 47114 дні тому

    Maybe Showbread, The Menzingers, and Yeah yeah yeahs? Keep flying and The Happy Fits are also really good.

  75. MAC Beats

    MAC Beats6 днів тому

    And no The Relentless doesn't count! 😂

  76. FuckApple

    FuckApple6 днів тому


  77. Mason Watkins

    Mason Watkins6 днів тому

    Darby Allin before he joined AEW

  78. Mason Watkins

    Mason Watkins6 днів тому

    Darby Allin?

  79. IM Changkyun the little shit

    IM Changkyun the little shit6 днів тому

    Can't get over how good this is ,every song of the album get's better everytime you listen to it

  80. moko moki

    moko moki6 днів тому

    How is it possible that in MV's Remington is like: 😈👿💀🔥⚡️🔥😈☠️💀☠️😈🔥😈💀💀 And u come to his instagram and he's like: 🌸🥰💗🤩🤗🌸🌷🌸🥰💗😚❤️💟🤩 Heckin' love this guy

  81. Kate Byerley

    Kate Byerley6 днів тому

    Tbh with all the times Remington climbs up stages in live performances I wouldn't be surprised if him climbing up that bus was genuine.

  82. Jana

    Jana6 днів тому

    Song is good and it has a long torso 😋 Rock likes 🙅

  83. Giovanni Pascuariello

    Giovanni Pascuariello6 днів тому

    I can't understand how you do it but every new song you realese it's a new favorite song PD. I was born to be... a Palaye Royale fan

  84. Virgil _ Sanders 69

    Virgil _ Sanders 697 днів тому

    Happy birthday Sebastian

  85. Virgil _ Sanders 69

    Virgil _ Sanders 697 днів тому

    Have a good day

  86. KillThemAllKid Delano

    KillThemAllKid Delano7 днів тому

    Yall should see the toxic ass metal elitist on fb trying to call this trash lmao. God I live around stupid people.