Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pocky | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Bon Appétit

    Bon Appétit6 місяців тому

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  2. Gregory Whittaker

    Gregory Whittaker8 днів тому

    The marks are to show that the stick is pretzel.

  3. Shiemee Marino

    Shiemee MarinoМісяць тому

    Please make meiji yan yan, and or hello panda or philippine's iced gem

  4. Sand Angels

    Sand Angels2 місяці тому

    Dont feel bad, Claire. I grew up and currently live in Oklahoma and Ive never heard of Pocky either. Even when I lived in Indiana for 11 years I never heard of Pocky. In fact, I never heard of Pocky before watching this video.

  5. Katie H

    Katie H3 місяці тому

    Does Claire have a blog. I need to know her skincare routine and where she buys her earrings.

  6. Erin W

    Erin W4 місяці тому

    next time maybe do the initial dip of biscuit through the pastry piping tip and then pull back out instead of having to clean it each time :^)

  7. Kinxdinx

    KinxdinxДень тому

    This was an exercise in making something not as good with lots of effort and then trying to say it's better believe me.

  8. Smote Mote

    Smote MoteДень тому

    There used to be a whipped pocky that was my favorite and I've never been able to find it again. This was like... 10/15 years ago?

  9. rashmi ranasinghe

    rashmi ranasingheДень тому

    Why is she so beautiful. Her character, personality and everything. Keep doing you Claire ❤️

  10. Tiza126

    Tiza1262 дні тому

    Claire, come back to St. Louis for the Japanese Festival and you can find lots of Pocky and Japanese snacks to try 😊

  11. Jade Elite

    Jade Elite2 дні тому

    nobody will see this since it's so long since this video came out but given Pocky's Japanese origins I'd almost be tempted to see Brad attempt some kind of Savory Miso coating since miso is one of is big things. could taste amazing or could taste awful i dunno

  12. Colleen Gostomski

    Colleen Gostomski3 дні тому

    Honey, you did so WELL!

  13. Nicole Cuming

    Nicole Cuming3 дні тому

    The fact that the board she used to dry the Pocky had 'Don't Touch' written on it was the best. 31:42

  14. Aoki Mika

    Aoki Mika5 днів тому

    That's so ..useless-

  15. Aoki Mika

    Aoki Mika5 днів тому

    My name (Mikado) is basicaly the german version of pocky.. Also the name of a stick game-

  16. Jacob Willson

    Jacob Willson6 днів тому

    I'm eating it right now

  17. CalebHatesGames

    CalebHatesGames6 днів тому

    Claire went galaxy brain on this episode. I'm so impressed.

  18. Dj Vampire

    Dj Vampire7 днів тому

    I love gaby

  19. Harpriya Kaur

    Harpriya Kaur7 днів тому

    Love it how Chris always boosts Claire !

  20. Aleyah Malone

    Aleyah Malone8 днів тому

    I put my hand upon your hip and I dip you dip we dip. She stressed me out the whole way through

  21. Denis Borcan

    Denis Borcan8 днів тому

    wtf is a pocky?

  22. Asian Disappointment

    Asian Disappointment9 днів тому

    I like how they are chefs yet they still like normal foods

  23. Petra Z.

    Petra Z.9 днів тому

    How many ppl yawned shortly after Claire yawned?

  24. Connie Turner

    Connie Turner9 днів тому

    Now these look doable!!!

  25. Elijah Crenshaw

    Elijah Crenshaw10 днів тому

    Clair is capping on the St. louis thing, there has been pocky sticks as long as i can remember

  26. K777angel

    K777angel10 днів тому

    Claire I totally thought you dyed your hair grey. You inspired me.

  27. ForVDr

    ForVDr10 днів тому

    I think she was born that way. Harmless genetic defect. I like it too, thinking of doing it.

  28. Jay (Zak) Poggenpohl

    Jay (Zak) Poggenpohl10 днів тому

    0:54 so KEWT !:D

  29. imaghostya

    imaghostya10 днів тому

    Just tried the cookies n cream ones lately and they don't disappoint!

  30. Michael Carroll

    Michael Carroll11 днів тому

    I've never heard of pocky. I also live under a rock.

  31. ForVDr

    ForVDr10 днів тому

    Me, neither. Are they in the US?

  32. Rachel

    Rachel11 днів тому

    whomst else was panicking because claire wasn't eating the best strawberry

  33. SeanLukeW

    SeanLukeW11 днів тому

    Now make pejoy the inverse to Pocky

  34. naina vm

    naina vm12 днів тому

    *the next day* so it's been a week...

  35. Todd Johnson

    Todd Johnson12 днів тому

    I really like that silver streak of hair Claire has.

  36. ForVDr

    ForVDr10 днів тому

    She's a very attractive woman.

  37. ArtisticPixie

    ArtisticPixie12 днів тому

    Gaby is especially adorable in this episode omg

  38. Ana Lilia

    Ana Lilia12 днів тому

    I so dislike the bad attitude: "right now is NOT a good time," as much as I enjoy everything else. So annoying when co-workers have an attitude!

  39. erad67

    erad6712 днів тому

    The "o" sound is like the "o" in "low", not like the "a" in "paw".

  40. gracie marz

    gracie marz13 днів тому

    okay. is reading the ingredients actually her favorite part... or is she being sarcastic??

  41. Weiße Wölfin

    Weiße Wölfin8 днів тому

    It used to be, but Dan (the director) now makes her say it. She mentions that in an earlier episode, don't remember which.

  42. Snowflake Obsidian

    Snowflake Obsidian13 днів тому

    Was the mocha tempered?

  43. Bobbi Valade

    Bobbi Valade13 днів тому

    Poky must be a states thing, I have never seen them in Ontario Canada, I will have to ask my kids if they heard of them.

  44. Sara

    Sara13 днів тому

    Note to self:don't watch gourmet makes when hungry

  45. Spoorky

    Spoorky13 днів тому

    walking casually with my great wall of pocky

  46. Lauren Reggie

    Lauren Reggie14 днів тому

    i think that they should get brad to do an episode of gourmet makes lol

  47. Danny Aakjær

    Danny Aakjær14 днів тому

    I want pocky in Denmark. Never seen or tastet it heck I even try baking it

  48. EnglertRacing96

    EnglertRacing9615 днів тому

    so gabby is shorter than brad, even when he is sitting.....

  49. Bernardo Pérez

    Bernardo Pérez15 днів тому

    Why Claire isn’t talking about the glycogen part of pocky?

  50. Phangirl Of Winterfell

    Phangirl Of Winterfell15 днів тому

    _Claire Saffitz: The Pocky Fairy_ Okay that was so cute

  51. Dennis TheGreat Corpas

    Dennis TheGreat Corpas15 днів тому

    Homemade naan please

  52. dave yesiam

    dave yesiam16 днів тому

    "i think i have an idea, im going to add some vodka" my first thought was "to Claire?"

  53. Smurves

    Smurves16 днів тому

    Try the almond! I just tried picky today for the first time.. nice light snack!

  54. Vincent Rauccio

    Vincent Rauccio17 днів тому

    20:15 fortify my chocolate with coke LOL

  55. Autumn Sneezeweed

    Autumn Sneezeweed17 днів тому

    I was one of the people who requested her to make Pocky, did my wish finally come true after the YT algorithim gave this to me 5 months after it came out?

  56. austin marie

    austin marie17 днів тому

    need her to make fruit roll ups next!!

  57. Atrielle Diones

    Atrielle Diones17 днів тому

    23:10 😂😂😂

  58. Jayco Mayo

    Jayco Mayo18 днів тому

    not a bad person but i just want to punch Chris in the face every time

  59. Fuelful TV

    Fuelful TV18 днів тому

    I hate the drumming part . I can’t stand it. I can only last watching this for like 5 mins

  60. aesteticlyy sxunshine

    aesteticlyy sxunshine18 днів тому

    “Let’s add vodka.”

  61. WouterZtube

    WouterZtube18 днів тому

    Gaby is so cute

  62. watisoni waqa

    watisoni waqa19 днів тому


  63. 1 stoner 3 cats

    1 stoner 3 cats19 днів тому

    Claire don't feel bad hon , i'm 54 and just tried a Pocky stick just a month ago ... ( they didn't have them in NM either )

  64. ana suri

    ana suri19 днів тому

    this episode: claire discovers that pocky is in fact crack

  65. Gallium G

    Gallium G19 днів тому

    5:49 is she writing with the pocky?

  66. its yaboi

    its yaboi19 днів тому

    make gourmet olive garden breadsticks

  67. Logan Daso

    Logan Daso20 днів тому

    how old is she? her face says 20 but her hair says 50

  68. Arianna Vitone

    Arianna Vitone20 днів тому

    Gabby was just ADORABLE in this episode. I mean, she's always adorable, but she was even more so in this episode.

  69. Amy McKenna

    Amy McKenna20 днів тому

    I recommend Claire doing Veggie Straws next!