Peaceful protests seen across Los Angeles, OC, over George Floyd's death | ABC7

  • 1 чер 2020
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  1. Thuong Ton

    Thuong Ton7 годин тому

    Peaceful protesters are burning and looting all American Cities.

  2. TheDimbar

    TheDimbar7 годин тому

    Police anywere are not too sapiens.

  3. Raphael Piquet

    Raphael Piquet7 годин тому

    Load the ships!!! Send them home to Africa what ever it is Zimbabwe Kenya fack whatever.. where they belongs!!! If they don't like to be here..

  4. Yousavedbro Heaven Bound

    Yousavedbro Heaven Bound7 годин тому

    What are they protesting.?!The cop is in jail? the greatest oppression happens in their own communities. Where they say snitches get stitches. They sell drugs to each other they kill each other rape each other murder their babies and are very disrespectful to God and each other. these processes are instigated by self-righteous white goddess leftist. Many of them that crowd or children of wicked leftist leaders and wicked celebrities. The greatest Injustice happened to Jesus Christ. who showed the way of protesting the enemy who comes to kill steal destroy. Is by turning from sin and praying and preaching the gospel. Jesus Christ cause people to forgive and to love their enemies. Jesus Christ cause people to pray for the enemies. This movement has nothing to do with God and everything to do with the devil. JesUSAves

  5. dhirendra lamba

    dhirendra lamba7 годин тому

    That’s the way, please don’t destroy your own communities and your own country. Let law takes it own course, All Americans Kindly live peacefully and don’t let your enemy like china take advantage of the situation.

  6. Dark Horse Woodworking

    Dark Horse Woodworking7 годин тому

    What to hear the most annoying sound in the world? ...<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="969">16:09</a>

  7. Uncle60

    Uncle608 годин тому

    Yeah but there’s no such thing as outside public peaceful protest . Next time you protest AKA peacefully do it in your church or in an inside arena. This way cops know if folks are outside they are looters.

  8. Stephen Cousins

    Stephen Cousins8 годин тому

    If I had a million dollars

  9. A L

    A L8 годин тому

    The police has to do a better job identifying the looters from the peaceful protesters

  10. Joe Higd

    Joe Higd8 годин тому

    Fake news!!!!!!

  11. arizona tea

    arizona tea8 годин тому

    1min into "peaceful protesters?" Is a car on fire.

  12. Cody Leander

    Cody Leander8 годин тому

    Title "peaceful" shows looters stealing shit lol bunch of fucking animals all of them. Get off the freeway get out of the roads and go get a fuckin job, we would be doing alot better on the recovery of covid but no stupid fucks gotta make it worse

  13. Maurice Duplessis

    Maurice Duplessis8 годин тому

    Read wave Wake up USA

  14. Maurice Duplessis

    Maurice Duplessis8 годин тому

    This is not America This is not peaceful protest News network stop and tell The thrust fire is not peaceful The real problem is the news

  15. Erik Patterson

    Erik Patterson8 годин тому

    European Americans stand with the blacks folks

  16. I’mBill Sull

    I’mBill Sull8 годин тому

    “Peaceful” Should be protesting the media

  17. Joe Gerr

    Joe Gerr8 годин тому

    Why turn the sound off during the looting scenes?

  18. Joe Gerr

    Joe Gerr8 годин тому

    Just like I said they are all in on it together. Start making arrests make it a felony to protest or the bullshit will never end

  19. mlzanercik

    mlzanercik8 годин тому

    (REPENTANCE is required to be hidden from the Lords anger/JUDGMENT DAY!): Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, who have upheld his justice; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD'S anger. (Zephaniah <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:3</a>). ***(Seek The Lord): This is the language of true (REPENTANCE), renewal, and regeneration. ***(You will be hidden): Zephaniah used a play on words with meaning of his own name, "Hidden in the Lord." Even in the midst of the most calamitous judgment scenes, the mercy and grace of the Lord is still available to a (REPENTANT) people. ***(Luke <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="783">13:3</a>)

  20. Bryan Ford

    Bryan Ford8 годин тому

    Peaceful protests!?!? Lol. Maybe this part. The media making it look like it’s all bad on the cops but don’t say how looting and beating people up is wrong.

  21. Neurotic Aquatics

    Neurotic Aquatics8 годин тому

    haha. "peaceful" you get my sarcasm?

  22. 8Lights8

    8Lights88 годин тому

    George Floyd was a career criminal convicted of armed robbery, home invasion, etc. And this is only what he was convicted of, certainly he was apart of more violent crime. The cop is in jail and will be judged by a jury. What is there left to protest? Why not instead of protesting the communities come together to teach how to not be a criminal and how to interact with police. There are far more good cops than bad, and the sad reality is that no matter what is done there will always be a small minority of bad cops, it just simply isnt possible to know what someone will do in certain situations when hiring them in as a police officer. The only true solution to this issue is to stop committing crimes and resisting police. There is nothing to protest here.

  23. Neurotic Aquatics

    Neurotic Aquatics8 годин тому

    Do you guys remember the peaceful protesters resisting police and starting fires? i do


    VICIOUS ANGEL8 годин тому


  25. Acid Left

    Acid Left8 годин тому

    Give protestors respect and privacy

  26. Eliazar Garcia

    Eliazar Garcia8 годин тому

    Interesting 🤔 in April, the US government was given a boast from the intelligence committee to start using tracking tec, the same tracking tec China has been using for Covid. How does it work? The cellular data on phones tracks movement of infected people, to see who else they were in contact with in order to stop major outbreaks. In China if you have been in contact with an infected, you receive a text message from the government informing you might have the virus and to get tested. Apple, google, Samsung, all major cell phone companies said yes to this. Europe said “hell no” that was overstepping. 82% of Americans said yes. Guess what the Government is gonna use that tech for now? They will tap into this data to find looters, rioters, anyone that was in the vicinity of major break-ins, violence and anyone recording these events will be tracked, hunted down and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Patriot Act will be enacted soon get ready

  27. Eastern Lighthouse

    Eastern Lighthouse8 годин тому

    Unorganized protests.. go to police departments and courthouses..

  28. john giglio

    john giglio8 годин тому

    Gaslighting ABC7.....protests today have ZERO to do with Floyd!

  29. Joe Gerr

    Joe Gerr8 годин тому

    They are not going home are you people total fools. They all have looting in mind it is like taking candy from a baby with all of the distractions they are causing for the cops. The looters and the paid protesters are all in on it together. That is NOT A PEACEFUL PROTEST THEY ARE BLOCKING TRAFFIC AND LOOTING>

  30. trump

    trump8 годин тому

    Yes peaceful and loving as my windows shake from explosions in Chi-raq


    ERIC JAMES8 годин тому

    Rioters and looters. False headlne by ABC

  32. Derrick Curry

    Derrick Curry8 годин тому

    Stop Killing innocent people and there would be no need for protesting!💀

  33. Joe Gerr

    Joe Gerr8 годин тому

    Anyone with a back pack is a potential looter

  34. Joe Gerr

    Joe Gerr8 годин тому

    The media is contributing to the mayhem and distracting the cops by filming the paid protesters. The looters are all in on it. It is a coordinated effort between the two groups.

  35. Joe Gerr

    Joe Gerr8 годин тому

    Give the cops of the location of the car the two people put items they stole from the BOOST MOBILE in the car. They are criminals and need to be arrested. Someone contacted them in the helicopter and told them to stop filming the two crooks. REPORT THEM NOW or you are as bad as them and just as guilty. MORE PEOPLE because they heard others are getting away with looting so now they are coming out of the woodwork to start stealing too. Call in the military now.

  36. Joe Gerr

    Joe Gerr8 годин тому

    Looters are taking advantage of these fools still allowing paid protesters to disrupt the opening of America. NO MORE PROTESTING YOU FOOLS. DON"T YOU GET IT THEY ARE DOING IT ON PURPOSE TO DISTRACT THE COPS

  37. Foggy Farm

    Foggy Farm8 годин тому

    Title should be peaceful protest turns to violent looting.....again.

  38. Izzywizzy

    Izzywizzy8 годин тому

    Really peaceful when they set an occupied HOME on fire with a child inside!

  39. James Brandon To

    James Brandon To8 годин тому

    Celebrities need to stop encouraging people to do wrong because they don’t live our lives and don’t even join the protest plus we been the ones donating to covid19 fund when we can barely afford anything rn and they should be donating not tell us to donate we made them rich and put them where they are now. Celebs are so fake that them telling us to donate proves there here for attention and Camila cabello is an example after using the n word back then and trying to use this to get her black fans back fake.

  40. None

    None8 годин тому

    "PEACEFUL PROTESTS" then later in the video they talk about looters and vandalism lol

  41. starvin marvin

    starvin marvin8 годин тому

    The people lost before any of this began. I have zero faith in humanity. All this energy focused in the wrong direction.This isnt a race issue, it's a class war. This only creates more division and chaos. It will militarize the police even more than they already are and laws will be written that strips more rights away from us all. All these people are weight draggin the rest of society to the depths of hell with them.

  42. Joseph Coon

    Joseph Coon8 годин тому

    You watch... when there is no more good stuff to loot... you won't see any more protesters in the street.

  43. Joe Gerr

    Joe Gerr8 годин тому

    Enough is enough, send in the military and start arresting these fools. They are causing unrest and need to start paying for the costs involved in having to babysit these clowns.

  44. RosaParksTrump Ali

    RosaParksTrump Ali8 годин тому

    When I was a kid the police would always say "looters will be shot". Just sayin'

  45. Jacob Barron

    Jacob Barron8 годин тому

    ABC has in one year pushed a fake report of US bombing seria, withholding information of the pedophile Jeffery Epstein, calling the president of the USA a racist every week to the point some don't know what a racist is and the rest don't care, covering up the Bidens dealing with Ukraine, and now they tell you that its ALL a peaceful protest. But, hey at least your ratings are good.... oh wait.

  46. Andy S

    Andy S8 годин тому

    If this last another two weeks maybe we'll start seeing some of these people dropping from the Kung flu

  47. bobby

    bobby8 годин тому

    Nothing to see here, everything is really really "peaceful". It's not called FAKE NEWS for nothing.

  48. Fantastic Films

    Fantastic Films8 годин тому

    Wrong. Liberal propaganda fueling the destruction of the country

  49. j

    j8 годин тому

    y do you people vote for this democrats that cant take care of your city there weak

  50. Fight Flynn

    Fight Flynn9 годин тому

    These protests are as peaceful as america is free

  51. Sonn Ikdoh

    Sonn Ikdoh9 годин тому

    Do peaceful protests usually block roads or is this a new definition of peaceful?

  52. Jess Garcia

    Jess Garcia9 годин тому

    Ok as a pot head I'm getting tired of watching all dis.why dont the national guard and cops start killing these fuckers I'm done I haven't got my first stimulus and these little fuckers fuckin everything up for everybody so plz.plz plz plz plz plz start shooting all them aggresive protesters only

  53. Amber Marchand

    Amber Marchand9 годин тому

    Msm are lying when they proclaim peaceful protesters.

  54. John haworth

    John haworth9 годин тому

    Black lives matter because who else is gonna be lazy and loot businesses.

  55. Mike Joyce

    Mike Joyce9 годин тому

    The king's minions are still in force. Taking a break from murdering today.

  56. King OfAllDishwashers

    King OfAllDishwashers9 годин тому

    Peaceful until the police come along and shoot tear gas into the crowd. Police of the problem. Police have to stop being violent. Please have to let people protests and not shoot them with tear gas. Protesters are not looters and rioters. This narrative has to stop. Just cuz police can't handle looters in dryers doesn't mean they should shoot tear gas into protester crowds.

  57. nomadbrad

    nomadbrad9 годин тому

    I don't get it............governments were halting the re-opening of business and gatherings just 10 days ago citing a new SPIKE in corona virus....but now the MEDIA is encouraging and supporting gatherings of hundreds of thousands for peaceful protests? We put the nation in 40% unemployment a month ago for social distancing, but NOW all of a sudden we can?....FALSE FLAG!

  58. Bobby Z

    Bobby Z9 годин тому

    orwellian double speak, just wait until the "peaceful protesters" come knocking on your door.

  59. Jiming Peng

    Jiming Peng9 годин тому

    check <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="164">2:44</a>. After some peaceful protest, they realize that they may need some drug so they decide to loot the pharmacy. Yes, without police interruption, the looting is peaceful.

  60. beatle pete

    beatle pete9 годин тому

    Peaceful my ass ! Its pillaging time.

  61. Steven Gibbs

    Steven Gibbs9 годин тому

    Yea lets hope the protesters stay peaceful while police assault them, cause if they defend themselves against unlawful assault well then.... fuck you news anchors

  62. tj max

    tj max9 годин тому

    makes me thing why dont they burn the food stamp office or the unemployment

  63. Retro Dad

    Retro Dad9 годин тому

    Peaceful my ass.

  64. Bobby Z

    Bobby Z9 годин тому

    did you see the video of the white van rolling up and executing those cops? peaceful indeed

  65. Spanish Conquistador

    Spanish Conquistador9 годин тому


  66. J b

    J b9 годин тому

    Peaceful my ass...

  67. Mike G

    Mike G9 годин тому

    Is this legit peaceful protest? Hard to trust these claims when the news media is describing all the other “protest “going on around the country as peaceful. Meanwhile, there’s buildings burning in the background, cars flipped over, people running around saying F you to the reporters as they run by. Yeah, real peaceful.


    KING77 SOLOMON9 годин тому

    Peaceful? Yahhhhh right

  69. Steven Gibbs

    Steven Gibbs9 годин тому

    It's a shame that 20 people looted out of 3 million people? No it's going to happen. THE ONLY FUCKING EMBARRASSMENT IS THE HUNDREDS OF POLICE ASSAULTING PEOPLE AND THE THOUSANDS OF POLICE ALLOWING IT

  70. T'Town Tim

    T'Town Tim9 годин тому

    where's Bunker Boy?....bhabhabhbahbaha

  71. tylerdurden4232

    tylerdurden42329 годин тому

    Peaceful by day. Violence at night.

  72. T D

    T D9 годин тому


  73. Mike MacEntee

    Mike MacEntee9 годин тому

    Nothing peaceful about blocking traffic and interfering with other citizens lives.... PERIOD. Take it to a park and holler about injustice all you want, block traffic and you deserve to be run over.

  74. Reggie Watchowtnow

    Reggie Watchowtnow9 годин тому

    They hate you. dummies.

  75. Recon Smith

    Recon Smith9 годин тому

    The wealthy white socialist college kids out of control.

  76. Reggie Watchowtnow

    Reggie Watchowtnow9 годин тому


  77. Jack Smoke

    Jack Smoke9 годин тому

    god the media is so full of shit. peaceful protest? these people are fucking disgusting.

  78. Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ

    Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ9 годин тому

    These are the tweets made by OUR MAYOR here in Mississippi: *If you can say you can’t breathe, you’re breathing. Most likely that man died of overdose or heart attack. Video doesn’t show his resistance that got him in that position. Police being crucified.”* he continued to state that he disnt see any unreasonable action taken against Floyd. This racism wont end until we get rid of people in power like him.

  79. agung satriaradisu

    agung satriaradisu9 годин тому

    I hope God always fills us with His Grace...amen

  80. Cyril

    Cyril9 годин тому

    Did they finally catch the car chase guy?