Pencilmate Needs Therapy! -in- SYSTEM OF A CLOWN - Pencilmation Cartoons for Kids


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    Fall By Myself 5:52 9:27

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    From thumbnail i guess that is Devil Fruit

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    Pencilmaten is so cool

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    I'm scared of clowns to 🤡

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    She had All that stuff in the sonk

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    0:18 That's Terrifying

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    4:00 That's How He Got His New Home



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    Pencilmations should be a show on Netflix for kids and parents *signed by a kid*


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    My weakness is a clown

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    My favorite character is pencil miss if she is purple😔


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    Uuhh guys ? What are you guys saying ?

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    So is this Dick Figures 2.0?

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    Amo a pencilmation

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    at times everyone in this show can be a itoit but I still like this show

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    The thumbnail! lol It's like he was a zombie! 😂😂😂

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    5:51 and thats how he died

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    Pity this is wasted on depression. I'll come back to your channel when I get better. The animation is really nice and fluid, unlike the 3fps lazycrap often seen today. Keep on with your passion

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