People Who Are Too Good And Pure For This World


  1. Gatcha Gurl1289

    Gatcha Gurl128912 годин тому

    To be honest. Your my positivity. ❤️ :)

  2. HS Cooper

    HS Cooper19 годин тому

    Azzy, you are incredible. I wish there were more people in the world like you, your so kind and thoughtful and I have never watched a youtuber who signs off in the amazing thoughtful way you do. The way you look out for others is admirable. We need more Azzy's in the world 😘😘😘😍😍 You always make my day Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Give me a like guys if u agree 👍🏻

  3. ŤhĔ ĹëĢĞêŅĐ

    ŤhĔ ĹëĢĞêŅĐ20 годин тому

    Kwebelkop is lucky that he has u😂

  4. Jamezicial

    JamezicialДень тому

    My dog was watching this video with me its so cute

  5. izzie chu

    izzie chuДень тому

    That cats name is onyx and he died.......I'm sorry azzy😨😨😨😨

  6. Random Anime

    Random AnimeДень тому

    I thought it was so cute, “she sat eating her hard boiled eggs on her own” i don’t know why!! It’s adorable 🥰❤️🌎🤞🏻

  7. Panda Boi

    Panda BoiДень тому

    Roses are red violets are blue alpacas are cute And azzy is too❤️

  8. Jovana Xiao

    Jovana Xiao2 дні тому

    I am very ALIKE with the skateboard girl at the park but the difference is that I was able to ride down ramps and do some tricks and I still can. I hope more girls come to the park and ride.

  9. Stephanie Contreras

    Stephanie Contreras3 дні тому

    I do good things...i go to school that's good 😊😂😊


    CRISTIAN GARZA3 дні тому

    azzy i dont understand why you did not put yourself like seroiusly you should be on their

  11. kookie oppa200

    kookie oppa2003 дні тому

    On the first day of school there was this girl and I liked her already (don't know why) but she was really pretty and nice. We became good friends. I would help her and she would help me until one day I actually confessed to her and we are now dating and have been dating for a few weeks or month


    MADISON BUTCHER3 дні тому

    I had a dog name jada pepper she was nice I thought I was walking her one day and I let go of the leash and cuz she was running and I scraped my nee and it look like a strawberry but something happened to her when we got her back and we sold her and I think she’s dead now but I hope not

  13. Galaxy Girl

    Galaxy Girl3 дні тому

    So that one where you make friends with quiet people I have a story ok I saw a quiet girl and I had no friends but I was to scared to talk to her but the next day she was sitting by herself and bullies asking for her lunch money and I went over there and said,”Hey *Stop Bullying her* (My exact words)!”So I asked her to be friends and she said yes we are still friends in college and we realized we are going to the same school UC Davis a school for vets :D and we are Great friends We have more people in our friend group. That’s the actual story my thumbs hurt now ;-; alright cya later people!

  14. Charlotte Video's

    Charlotte Video's3 дні тому

    If you have a child... TEACH THEM UAreporter!

  15. Gen Dawg

    Gen Dawg3 дні тому

    Actually the guy was a normal citizen and he found the kitten and was told not to touch it but he did anyway and tried save it. Sadly it died soon after after all of his attempts. But it was still sweet

  16. Calleigh kikiwaka

    Calleigh kikiwaka3 дні тому

    #askazzy have you ever got bullied in school or stood up for somebody

  17. Alanna Tanner

    Alanna Tanner3 дні тому

    When those guys sat with with the other guy.i realized this helped to me I went to go sit with a guy and he had a crush on me...and two years later he still has a crush on me but I have a boyfriend who loves me...

  18. spill the Tea sis

    spill the Tea sis3 дні тому

    I Have No Self confidence Or Friends :)

  19. AngelKitten1125

    AngelKitten11254 дні тому

    2:38 - That’s how I met my best friend Mercedes. ^^

  20. Velvet Wayman

    Velvet Wayman4 дні тому

    Aww I love this vid❤️💕😍👍

  21. GamerPros111

    GamerPros1114 дні тому

    alpacas are not that friendly, trust me. i have 6

  22. Leila Flores

    Leila Flores4 дні тому

    At the skate park I did the same thing as the girl

  23. Ava 110785

    Ava 1107854 дні тому

    My grandma has an alpaca farm by her house! They are sooooooooo cute :) I got to hug it and walk it. I NEVER wanted to go home! But I had to:(

  24. Nicole Roberts

    Nicole Roberts4 дні тому

    the last one is not quite true the one with the picture of the pour little kitty

  25. Copy Cat

    Copy Cat5 днів тому

    3:19 me when my bird is scared of my mum

  26. Annette Kamoss

    Annette Kamoss5 днів тому


  27. Merc s65

    Merc s655 днів тому

    Man im proud of one thing i did, punched through a car window to save a puppy:)

  28. Galaxy wolf113

    Galaxy wolf1135 днів тому

    I have no confidence sorry

  29. I’m a Diamond

    I’m a Diamond5 днів тому


  30. Cruz Favela

    Cruz Favela5 днів тому

    Hahahahaha on the part were the baby is there you can here her boyfriend screaming

  31. Leen Ahmad

    Leen Ahmad5 днів тому

    In 1:32is it lama or what

  32. Evalyn Hoover

    Evalyn Hoover6 днів тому

    9:44 that is from a story where the cat on the right is named “ugly” and this man finds him and the cat dies in his arms Also try this trick: 10:52 10:56 Try those

  33. RICE

    RICE6 днів тому


  34. Kid Dillay

    Kid Dillay6 днів тому

    You want to know who has more self confidence than ANYONE (in a kind of bad way) Cassiopeia (Greek mythology) She was so confident of her beauty she bragged to the sea nymphs. They then went to their god, Poseidon, who sent a sea monster, Cetus, to destroy Cassiopeia's husband's land (Cepheus) and in order to appease Poseidon he had to sacrifice his daughter Andromeda. Andromeda was chained to a rock fully exposed to Cetus. Luckily, Perseus saw Andromeda on his way back from killing the gorgon, Medusa, and was capable of killing Cetus as well. (how he killed Cetus depends on the version) Perseus and Andromeda later got married. Andromeda is a constellation but is also the name of the largest galaxy in our Local Group of galaxies including Andromeda, the largest, our Milky Way, the second largest, and Triangulum Galaxy, the smallest, as well as a bunch of satellite galaxies (galaxies that are small and orbit larger galaxies).

  35. RobloxCube771

    RobloxCube7716 днів тому

    *my cat hits my dog on the nose for no reason whenever my dog passes him.*

  36. detorie wyn

    detorie wyn7 днів тому


  37. Luke Loftin

    Luke Loftin7 днів тому

    Karma is reeeeaaaaalllll I was a nice person my whole life and I am lucky enough to know the love of my life

  38. Nightmare Eddy n' Poofball

    Nightmare Eddy n' Poofball8 днів тому

    I actually teared up at the baby at 5:56. So cute!!

  39. Kawaii Krazy

    Kawaii Krazy9 днів тому

    6:38 !!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  40. Izzy Welch

    Izzy Welch9 днів тому

    my cat has been missing for 2 days -_-

  41. MLDMax-Knight

    MLDMax-Knight9 днів тому


  42. medardo galeno

    medardo galeno10 днів тому

    In first grade i always sat alone, one day two girls came to me and asked if i wanted to hang out with them i said ok after 3 years,one of them left but im still friends with the other one

  43. Person Potato

    Person Potato11 днів тому

    the alpaca looks happy 2

  44. Nariah Reynolds

    Nariah Reynolds11 днів тому

    Awww poor cat😺😺😺😺/kitty

  45. Śhãdøw Śtręãm

    Śhãdøw Śtręãm12 днів тому

    She counted 5 people, but said 6 people

  46. suzgameplyz

    suzgameplyz12 днів тому

    my name is susie

  47. Stella Letmon

    Stella Letmon14 днів тому

    Jane got her a micheal then he died

  48. Anna Lucas

    Anna Lucas15 днів тому

    I love gorillas

  49. HERMIONE 117

    HERMIONE 11715 днів тому

    3:52 the sushi artist is a Shartist.

  50. Maddy Padgett

    Maddy Padgett15 днів тому

    FLORIDA MY BROZZZZ! Ya can u guess which state I’m in? 😝😝😝😝😝😝

  51. Wednesday Morgenstein

    Wednesday Morgenstein16 днів тому

    I was 9 and it was my cousins wedding after the wedding my twin sister and I didnt know Sharas (my cousin the bride) other family so we were very lonley. Until this little boy came up to me and my younger cousins and said "Wana dance?" hwas about 4 years old but I couldnt take no for an answer so me and my twin sister took turns dancing with him. I am now 12 and still remember him to this day and hope I wont forget him

  52. Kitty R

    Kitty R16 днів тому

    This is the cutest video ever thanks for making it

  53. Syeda Rihaal Zaidi

    Syeda Rihaal Zaidi16 днів тому

    yes heres an example your nice your famous azzy

  54. Saturn Plays Sims

    Saturn Plays Sims17 днів тому

    I HAD (Keyword "HAD.") a Michael.

  55. Alexa Martinez

    Alexa Martinez17 днів тому


  56. Alexa Martinez

    Alexa Martinez17 днів тому

    Awww this video is so cutr

  57. Jessica Anderson

    Jessica Anderson17 днів тому


  58. • HeyImChristine •

    • HeyImChristine •17 днів тому

    4:11 My name is Suzie 😂😂😂

  59. Elliot Italiano

    Elliot Italiano18 днів тому

    My dad hates alpacas one spat at him

  60. Lindy Wilson

    Lindy Wilson18 днів тому

    One time a few days ago, me and my bff (who is no longer my friend) were sitting at this table. There was a new kid at my school and some of my other friends were sitting next to him. When the new kid was in the middle of a sentence, the people sitting next to him left to go to a different table. Me and my friend switched seats and we made a new friend. He was very nice. The best thing is: Noone had to do anything except for skip a seat. Life is a beautiful thing. Don't spend it doing good. You! Yeah, you! You are amazing and beautiful. Don't let words bring you down. You might think that you failed in life, but the truth is: You have only made it better! Perfect people are not perfect. People that make the most mistakes are the most perfect ones. I hope you have a great day/night. Bye!

  61. Sammy rodriguez

    Sammy rodriguez18 днів тому

    I help a ned be a FA mouse girl and then shea tok advantige of me now im the nerd

  62. sushi ninja

    sushi ninja18 днів тому

    i just found this girl and i've been watching her for 8 hours straight. Fucking hilarious. where have you been in all my years of youtube viewing

  63. Kalliope No

    Kalliope No20 днів тому

    “Now I wish I had an alpalca”-Azzy

  64. lovely heart

    lovely heart20 днів тому

    i hope my like helped your self-confidence

  65. LPS TaylorVlogs

    LPS TaylorVlogs20 днів тому

    2:16 omfreakinglord so nice!

  66. Shailey Marceaux

    Shailey Marceaux20 днів тому

    I’m so damn confident

  67. Country Girl

    Country Girl21 день тому

    Azzy 100% pure and to good for this world Azzy 0.0000000% not pure

  68. viola chelsea

    viola chelsea21 день тому

    this vid made my day your the BEST azzy!

  69. Tavia Del Águila

    Tavia Del Águila21 день тому

    Donate for Azzys alpaca

  70. Evelyn Ha

    Evelyn Ha21 день тому

    That cats name was ugly he was really a very nice cat but everyone hated him because he was ugly and he was attacked by hounds and he died after a person tried saving him inside her own lap

  71. Melanie Russell

    Melanie Russell22 дні тому

    I was new to a school and was sitting by myself and this girl came and sat by me we were friends for months but one day she just stopped talking to me and i havnt talked to her scence then

  72. Sweet Freak

    Sweet Freak22 дні тому

    I had a big brown alpaca named bean but I had to put him down about a month ago because he was and old man R.I.P old bean boy

  73. Pink Pancakes

    Pink Pancakes22 дні тому

    Me: Azzy what do want for Christmas Azzy: AN ALPACA Me: Um........ok

  74. Redberry

    Redberry22 дні тому

    U know who should be on dis list?.... MY MUMMY! >:3


    The OGMONSTER22 дні тому

    you shoud not see one of one of my cats her name is K.F.C it stands for killing fat cat sooooo %100 do not mess with that tom boiiiiiiiii

  76. Jenna Routs

    Jenna Routs22 дні тому

    The one with the skater almost made me cry.

  77. Kadyleigh Ames

    Kadyleigh Ames22 дні тому

    Was that friend Kassie

  78. Melissa Hermann

    Melissa Hermann22 дні тому

    im there for all my friends and there never there for me but there really nice people

  79. Karoliina T

    Karoliina T23 дні тому

    I was in hospital for a long time and now I have a lots if tests to do in school and my teacher,mom and dad are very supportive. I have 8 tests to do 🙁

  80. eclipse the fox

    eclipse the fox23 дні тому

    I made my best friend over cheesitz

  81. Nix Wonders

    Nix Wonders23 дні тому

    I wish I had friends like dis... Who else is here in 2019?

  82. Kennedy Vizcarra

    Kennedy Vizcarra23 дні тому

    Is it kassie the secret friend?

  83. Sage Gilbert

    Sage Gilbert24 дні тому

    Azzy has a new alpaca. Her mic

  84. Katplays Hey

    Katplays Hey24 дні тому

    Hit me baby 1 more time,why am I here?

  85. cupcake kittycat

    cupcake kittycat24 дні тому

    no everyone was told not to touch the kitten but that guy did.

  86. Emma Newman

    Emma Newman24 дні тому

    I missed an academic team matches and told my dad it was ok I didn't mind and he said something along the lines of I do mind because I hate to disappoint you. #LovemyDaddy

  87. Freckles Videos

    Freckles Videos25 днів тому

    I tried to be friends with someone and they where mean

  88. Unicorn Cati

    Unicorn Cati25 днів тому

    As I was watching this I was working on making a Gacha video pls react to it! It’s going to be called Midori’s story (lol it might take a while though)

  89. Laughing Llamas

    Laughing Llamas25 днів тому

    I made friends with a really shy girl, we are now sooooooo close

  90. Bernardo Alvarado

    Bernardo Alvarado26 днів тому

    My mom when I get a b she gets so mad

  91. Nastaysha Nelson

    Nastaysha Nelson26 днів тому

    Hard boiled eggs....

  92. Sushi

    Sushi27 днів тому

    He gets to be sushi and I don't! Sushi betrayed meh!😭

  93. iceee gacha playz

    iceee gacha playz27 днів тому

    Sorry to say azzy but it's name was ugly in the vid and it died days after the man tried to save him. But on the bright side the man got to see ugly die in his arms. R.I.P ugly.😺

  94. Gacha Aspin

    Gacha Aspin27 днів тому

    if your good to animals and people = A Happy Life

  95. TheCookieKing

    TheCookieKing27 днів тому

    i watched a video like this theres a stray cat called ugly because he has no fur and people throw rocks at him and nobody loves him still still though the cat loves everyone one day it got attacked by some huskys and a man saw him he went to him and he broke the rule was never to touch him and he spent the most time he could with him in about 5-3 mins he died and the cat changed his life completley i have bad something dont judje it

  96. Sara Campos

    Sara Campos27 днів тому

    3 : 56 the people behind him are certainly not having fun

  97. Artistic Nerd

    Artistic Nerd27 днів тому

    One time I lost a friend

  98. venomwise 4321

    venomwise 432127 днів тому

    What’s wrong with being good and pure?

  99. Gucci Galaxy

    Gucci Galaxy28 днів тому

    Azzy should’ve been in that compilation

  100. This_Little_Idiot

    This_Little_Idiot28 днів тому

    2:28 that's so me. I dont have friends