People Who Are Too Good And Pure For This World


  1. Razan Saif

    Razan SaifГодину тому

    The moral of this video is to focus on the good in the world because we alway focus on the negative stuff that is happening around us without knowing that there are good people in the world so my message to you is no matter what happens always focus on the positives around you and have a wonderful day

  2. Crack- A- Tinny 4X4

    Crack- A- Tinny 4X45 годин тому

    was it kassie

  3. Molly Thorner

    Molly Thorner7 годин тому

    What is a sweater?

  4. Gaming girl

    Gaming girl9 годин тому

    I also want an alphaca azzy... ITS SO FLUFFY

  5. I Gotcha Lil Potatoe!

    I Gotcha Lil Potatoe!9 годин тому

    4:10 the cats are like "OH HELL NAW I AIN'T TALKIN TO THIS BISH" loll

  6. I Gotcha Lil Potatoe!

    I Gotcha Lil Potatoe!9 годин тому

    3:15 best art I've ever seen! xD👏👏👏

  7. I Gotcha Lil Potatoe!

    I Gotcha Lil Potatoe!10 годин тому

    3:07 #SHIPPP #bestboyfriendoftheyear

  8. I Gotcha Lil Potatoe!

    I Gotcha Lil Potatoe!10 годин тому

    1:34 I can imagine him saying"HELP MEE" XDD lmao poor alphaca

  9. Larkyn Vlcek

    Larkyn Vlcek11 годин тому

    Try to but she just and am sorry but she rude😡😥😡😡😡😡😡

  10. Shaba Pathan

    Shaba Pathan11 годин тому

    my heart melted at 5:57, so adorable!

  11. KookiiesX

    KookiiesX12 годин тому

    she said Stay Cute! how? i'm ugly af

  12. Alexcis Hangartner

    Alexcis Hangartner13 годин тому

    I met an alpaca and it attacked me...

  13. Kittysinger :3

    Kittysinger :313 годин тому

    The kitten. I have seen a video about him but he died which one is lying

  14. Mintys gacha Blog

    Mintys gacha Blog13 годин тому

    One time we invited a kid over to eat lunch with us and he was rude when he said no

  15. Holly Cooper

    Holly Cooper14 годин тому

    And SAR-Y that's sorry

  16. Holly Cooper

    Holly Cooper14 годин тому

    It's prononced AL-PACK-A

  17. Cecilia Barrientos

    Cecilia Barrientos16 годин тому

    I'm so good I'm always on the nice list on Christmas and Happy early Christmas!p.s I'm a kid

  18. Aker Adiang

    Aker Adiang16 годин тому

    when I get a bad grade my mom usually says"as long as you tried your best I`m fine"

  19. Skylar Owens

    Skylar Owens17 годин тому

    I remember my friend from 3 grade and she was in 4 when I got to middle school she kept cutting her arem so I told the principal my cuz and he said go to the councaler

  20. Mel Reitzell

    Mel Reitzell18 годин тому

    Once when my family and I were driving to Maine, and we came to a toll booth, and when my mom was about to pay, the lady told us that someone before us paid for everyone's tolls. I hope karma rewarded him for that❤

  21. cookie jar

    cookie jar18 годин тому

    Yay for golden play bootton

  22. justin gearhart

    justin gearhartДень тому

    im always alone in lunch and recess

  23. chief 1 redwolf

    chief 1 redwolfДень тому

    All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, their in none good no not one but Jesus and him alone , if we could save ourselves he would not have had to come and save!!!

  24. Joanna Marié Lumiere

    Joanna Marié LumiereДень тому

    I believe that the purest acts of kindness happen when people don't expect nothing back, not even karma :D

  25. Makayla Immel

    Makayla ImmelДень тому

    I can't talk to people I am shy my self

  26. Ruby Brownjohn

    Ruby BrownjohnДень тому

    I’m eating 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕Peter 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  27. Olivia Park

    Olivia ParkДень тому

    If I had a lot of money I would fligh and meet every dog

  28. Evie Tayloe Evie Taylor

    Evie Tayloe Evie TaylorДень тому

    Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap 👏

  29. Unicorn Dreams

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    My name is Susie!!!!!!

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  31. Annie Marie

    Annie Marie2 дні тому

    Is it gloom

  32. Mackenzie Shepherd

    Mackenzie Shepherd2 дні тому

    The alpacas smile is like, i will destroy the world one day... one day...

  33. Animal lover Lover34527

    Animal lover Lover345272 дні тому

    My friend has an alpaca.😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍😍

  34. Savannah Seney

    Savannah Seney2 дні тому

    I bet he got eaten by an alpaca 😈 😉

  35. Jana Klootwijk

    Jana Klootwijk2 дні тому

    idk if it's true i just readed it

  36. Jana Klootwijk

    Jana Klootwijk2 дні тому

    9:52 that kitten is called ugly and no one wants to touch him he was homeless everyone warned that guy for him but he just did it then the kitten died. :( i already knew the story soo ya

  37. Eline Verheul

    Eline Verheul2 дні тому

    is it strange as you ALWAYS if there is laying trash on the ground, that you pick it up? en throw it in the carbage can? i hate seeing people polluting mother earth!!! and people on my school saying that you don't have to help everyone.... but... why would you say that? if someone is helping somebody, even if that one is not your best friend (you know what i mean) is not that right?

  38. BaileyBoo

    BaileyBoo2 дні тому

    I am eating pizza when I’m watching this video

  39. theblueskyguy1

    theblueskyguy13 дні тому

    i spit on you

  40. Julyet Berlen

    Julyet Berlen3 дні тому

    one time i was crying for hours because of a story about a cat who was named "ugly" and died because he wanted to love some husky's and she sat with the cat while it sucked on her ear and cuddled her and the whole apartment building was told not to touch him it broke my heart

  41. Julyet Berlen

    Julyet Berlen3 дні тому

    i know someone else with a LOT more self confidence *looks over at katcchan bakogou*

  42. Kitty Zou

    Kitty Zou3 дні тому

    One piece of kindness can do great things.

  43. Gavin Buglekye

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  44. Floom gloom

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    I have nothing to say so.... anyone in 2018? ;-;

  45. Saba Arafaine

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    Dear AzzyLand I'm sorry but I don't like bad words so please don't say the a word

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    This video made my day :)

  47. *0NoLimits0*

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    This literally made my day! This is so true and heartwarming! I loved it! Thanks for the awesome videos Azzy! WHERE DAT NOTIFICATION SQUAD AT?

  48. Ema Vargová

    Ema Vargová4 дні тому

    hi. so, there is this girl in school and she called me a satanist because i am wiccan and i think pentagrams are good but she thinks otherwise so she called me a satanist. today, she got accused of stealing #karmahitsyouhard

  49. Atia Gaming

    Atia Gaming4 дні тому

    You want a cuddly animal? Get yourself a Bearded Dragon. I know, lizards aren't exactly IDEAL, but I have one and he loooves to cuddle!! He turns bright yellow, nuzzles his lil nose into my neck, and falls asleep!

  50. Leah Ellis

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  51. Team T

    Team T5 днів тому

    This video would be amazing for someone whith a fetish for good actions

  52. Luna The Fire Wolf

    Luna The Fire Wolf5 днів тому

    Who else sits alone at lunch at school?

  53. UDY

    UDY5 днів тому

    In the thumbnail it is more embarrassing,that the girl wears that.

  54. Magical Storm

    Magical Storm5 днів тому

    There is thing on my school called "character counts wall of fame" so when you do something good you write it down on a piece of paper and put it on a box that says "character counts story's" and then the Health teacher goes to your class room and takes a picture of you and then puts it on the wall so everyone can see! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  55. Maria Zaharakis

    Maria Zaharakis5 днів тому

    Omg I hate you, you act cute and innocent. If you take a look at her insta it tells a different story and that voice you make omg its horrible

  56. Lydia Miller

    Lydia Miller5 днів тому

    One time at Wendy's we were about to take our order and our mom forgot her wallet (we were very little at the time so we had no moneys).Then the man behind us was super nice and payed for our food so Mom wouldn't have to drive home and either deal with our confusion/complaints or tell us that we wouldn't be getting Wendy's.

  57. Rosey Heart

    Rosey Heart7 днів тому

    I moved to a new house and went in the bush and didn't expect to see two very sick kittens so I took them both in inside gave them a bath and some milk food and water they wouldn't eat for a few days till they came to the point they started eating and drinking my heart melted now they follow me around the house whenever I have to go to the shops they would start crying but everytime I come home they are always at the door waiting for me their names are typo cause one of them try typing on my phone and the other one is called guardian cause he would always stand in the way of danger for me and he always sits on my head Doesn't matter if the animals are wild the only thing that matters is that if the animals are ok and not sick 🤗🤗🤗

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  59. PuRe gaming channel

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    My soul is now putrefied

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  61. Mia is a Freak Show

    Mia is a Freak Show7 днів тому

    My boyfriend's name is Michael, so when you said #GetYouAMichael I recorded that part and sent it to him saying "I have already achieved this hashtag! badum tsss!" then put captions saying "I got the best Michael so HA!!" "I love yoouuu!" Thank you for giving me a reason to be cheesy to my boyfriend.

  62. Mittens, Doc and Dopey are adorable.

    Mittens, Doc and Dopey are adorable.7 днів тому

    My bff went to Peru 🇵🇪

  63. InfoGT

    InfoGT7 днів тому

    5:56 kwebbelkop,...?

  64. kirbyeternalove 2006

    kirbyeternalove 20068 днів тому

    As i'm watching this video, i'm drawing a fanart about the secter ending of a videogame named kirby star allies, and i'll tell you, that is the happiest ending ever, both for the protagonist, and for the antagonists, and it really worms the heart. Staying in the concept of nice things

  65. Gacha Nub

    Gacha Nub8 днів тому

    The alpaca looked dead inside

  66. joseph liao

    joseph liao8 днів тому

    5:00 little did we know he was talking about the phone in his hand

  67. Bíg Mãk

    Bíg Mãk8 днів тому

    Who else paused the video to read the long paragraph thing😂 and I kinda cried it was so sweet

  68. Mariel Carmona

    Mariel Carmona9 днів тому

    I once had 9 bucks i gave a home less man most of it when I went to buy myself something this kind man spent his money and bought all my stuff for me I'm 10

  69. Isabel Lechuga

    Isabel Lechuga9 днів тому

    In. First. Grade. I. Saw. A. Girl. That. Got. Bullyed. So. I. Talked. To. Her. We. Was. Great. Friends.

  70. amara unicorn Perry

    amara unicorn Perry9 днів тому

    I was at a pool and didn't know how to swim and this boy heard me talking to my self saying I don't know how to swim and he started telling me ways I can learn to swim he was so nice to me

  71. Hope Schwank

    Hope Schwank9 днів тому

    I'm friends with someone with the same name except for the last name, but same name. We just connected

  72. Overwatch Girl

    Overwatch Girl10 днів тому

    I love u azzy. I've been having a bad day and you just make me feel better.😙😙

  73. Olibee Animations

    Olibee Animations10 днів тому

    Why were the “booty shorts” pink in the thumb nail

  74. !Squid_Camp_101!

    !Squid_Camp_101!10 днів тому

    I was sitting all alone one day and a girl came up to me and asked me "Why are you by yourself?" And I said "Everybody is being rude." So she sat down and told me some puns. Truth be told were best friends now.

  75. anania the queen

    anania the queen10 днів тому

    I have a story like that! My cousin is the moodiest creature in the world. He dislikes everything but Liverpool and football. One day, he saw a little kitten in the road. He felt guilty and took it home. Her grandma always says bad things about everything, and still... you should see the smile he has when he is petting it ☺☺. I named the cat Erekle Meore and it means Erekle the second (his name is Erekle ). Few months ago, the cat had kittens! Sadly, he couldn't keep all of them.

  76. XXScare XDXX

    XXScare XDXX10 днів тому

    I'm sorry for I have sinned... I accidentally hit my dog 😢

  77. YTSisigirlGamer

    YTSisigirlGamer11 днів тому

    I have a cat named Maggie May, she’s 5 and is frome a household of 26 other cats and she was the only one without front claws, when she went to the spca, no one wanted her because she was all black, but we took her and she’s the sweetest thing ever! ❤️ btw, just fyi, dats not da story about da cat, it’s on UAreporter called “kids were told not to let this cat” go check it out :3

  78. Abigailllroseee Rose

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    I’m the quiet person that makes cookies I just don’t like talking to people

  79. Alannas amazing world

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    I’m a girl who’s friends don’t want to hang out with me I use to be popular in primary school

  80. Tanya Rosy

    Tanya Rosy11 днів тому

    Well I'm a quiet kid, I sit at an all girls table, but they talk to me. They also knew that I was nice cause I know them from elementary and back then I wasn't quiet!!😏😂😂😂😏😏

  81. Pineapple Explosion

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    Enemy sits alone Me:yeaaaaa,Im not sitting with my enemmyyy ight?

  82. Valarie 263

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    5:56 you can here shouting in the background

  83. AnOkayDrawer 07

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  84. jaydlen schurz and moonlight

    jaydlen schurz and moonlight12 днів тому

    9:53 i have seen the video about it he saved the car after everyone else hated on it and I think it died a while latter tho...😢

  85. The Moon Sisters!!

    The Moon Sisters!!12 днів тому

    6:43 I was a straight A student until 4the grade... Ihave a D now

  86. Silvary ღ

    Silvary ღ12 днів тому

    i have alpaccas

  87. Savage lion

    Savage lion12 днів тому

    No. Actually that cat was killed by a dog. R.I.P cat.

  88. kira schofield

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    Is your real name Azzy?

  89. Alexis Sophia

    Alexis Sophia13 днів тому

    2:50 I'd Probably be that friend that would wear her booty shorts in the bathroom for an hour, even though I'm female, I mean, I'd never go out with booty shorts on, ya know what I'm saying?, I doubt ANY of my friends would do that for me, and that's why I feel lonely..

  90. Mariahann Gray

    Mariahann Gray13 днів тому

    Luv u Azzy sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuvhhhhhhhhh

  91. Ryan Williams

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    Azzy’s outro is bowI saw bye to everyone

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    who else laughed and didnt understand?

  93. Meghan Ramsey

    Meghan Ramsey14 днів тому

    Hey Azzy just wanted to let you know how helpful you have been today I've been working on a project for art class all day and your videos have really helped a fairly boring project fun and enjoyable. Thanks Azzy! Stay awesome, stay sweet, and never stop making videos!

  94. MysteryKitty 326

    MysteryKitty 32614 днів тому

    I had a birthday party once, and invited my friend to sleepover with me and my other friends, but he didn't want to. I thought that it was because I was a bad friend and he didn't like me because I teased him a little in school. It was'nt to be mean, but I thought he might have taken it that way. After he left though, my mom turned to me and told me that his mom had talked to her and that he was afraid of going to other people's houses. She also told my mom that he had only ever been to this other girls house, but not for long, a when he went places he usually complained and tried to get out of it, but when she told him that it was time to go to my house, he just hopped in the car. It made me so relieved to know that he didn't hate me. I just wanted to share this with you. I hope you have a nice day. Remember, you are beautiful and amazing no matter what. And don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

  95. dale Liermann

    dale Liermann14 днів тому

    The alpacas ears were back he or her was going to spit 😄😄

  96. dale Liermann

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    If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all pls do that

  97. Emma Kemp

    Emma Kemp14 днів тому

    Once I found a kitten at my grandmas house. It was scared and we found its mom dead on the street. Hearing the kitten practically crying made me sad. He was severly dehydrated and so we took him in. (took him in meaning hiding him from our mom) Eventually we told her and she was going to let us keep it. We had him for two days but it turned out that the kitten had bacteria around his heart. Me and my siblings made one of the hardest decisions and decided to put him down because we didn't want him to be in pain. We buried him outside with all of our other dead animals. I guess it was karma for me though since I wasn't a very good person for a long time and had lost touch with god. I Hope he's happy where ever he is.

  98. kyle Maloney

    kyle Maloney14 днів тому

    There not too good for this world if they feel the need to take doing someone a favor to social media so that you get credit for it!

  99. TheFriendlyEndy Playz

    TheFriendlyEndy Playz15 днів тому

    On 3:56 if u live in the USA and like foot ball u know Ohio state and michican ARE AGUABLY THE BIGGIST RIVALRY IN FOOTBALL SO SCREW THAT GUY

  100. saba baba

    saba baba15 днів тому

    1:35 that is a smile of evil

  101. kiwi fruit

    kiwi fruit15 днів тому

    If you do something good and don't expect anything in return, you have a good heart. But if you food things and expect something in return you basicly are only thinking of yourself