People Who Are Too Good And Pure For This World


  1. Cierra Bohnert

    Cierra Bohnert3 години тому

    That cat died because of his kindness

  2. Xxgamer xX

    Xxgamer xX7 годин тому

    I saw the cutes thing yesterday so I had a band concert and this boy in my band class was there and I’m like so did anyone come with u he’s like yeah come with me to introduce you to her and he’s like this is my girlfriend and she was sick she had a fever but she still decided to go to see her boyfriend BEUTIFULL

  3. fishing girl!!!

    fishing girl!!!17 годин тому

    I was really quiet when I was in 4th grade and no one really wanted to talk to me I used to eat by myself, play by myself or do something by myself and one day for the first time in 4 days someone heard my voice and we became friends. From this day I'm the loudest person in my class lol 😂

  4. Ella Mcmahill

    Ella Mcmahill21 годину тому

    Ummmm idk

  5. Kittylover Gaming

    Kittylover GamingДень тому

    I saved a baby boy from drowning he almost died his siblings were so worried and I told them the story and I got a little present afterwards :) (always be a good citizen)

  6. unicorns 3

    unicorns 3День тому

    My nephew was born yesterday

  7. Legend Amy

    Legend Amy2 дні тому

    U said: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6 people!

  8. Legend Amy

    Legend Amy2 дні тому


  9. Gamer Tigrex

    Gamer Tigrex2 дні тому

    That's not the story behind the car from what I heard what happened was that the cat was really sick it had a disease or something so know one loved it or took care of it they passed it and I think it tried to walk up to them and the people just speed walked there way so a person helped the cat and now it's ok

  10. Gamer Tigrex

    Gamer Tigrex2 дні тому

    In school I use to get f, s and I got more C's that time and my mom didn't appreciate it

  11. Gamer Tigrex

    Gamer Tigrex2 дні тому

    Good luck with spit in your hair and chewed up socks

  12. reaquelll bradly

    reaquelll bradly2 дні тому

    who els cried when the man saves the cat. BTW CATS ARE MY LIFE

  13. Irina Mihai

    Irina Mihai2 дні тому

    A couple years ago, my very good friend has once told me that I was so positive. I never thought of that, and now, I live by being positive. Even though I could be so different in a negative way. Surprisingly, my dad influences my mood. My father is abusive, and he’s mad all the time. I realized long ago I don’t want to live that way. Now, because of my decisions, my math teacher calls me the nicest person she knows, and she’s not the first person to say so. Stay positive and happy everyone! 😇

  14. iiCelineOx

    iiCelineOx2 дні тому

    6:39 my candy said awesome when you said awesome :O

  15. Sabrina Knelsen

    Sabrina Knelsen2 дні тому

    Dear person scrolling through the comments, I know this may be cheesy, but you are amazing! Everything nice you do WILL pay off, wether you realise it or not. Some people for example want to have a certain job, so they go to the interview and they dont get it. But then they go to another job that is okay, and then they meet the love of their life. I just want you to know that everything happens for a reason, and miracles can happen. When you are feeling upset, think about friends or family, and realise how lucky you are to have them. You never know when your last day is, so treat every day like it is your last. I hope you have the best life! -Sabrina

  16. Crystal_Wolf Holden

    Crystal_Wolf Holden2 дні тому


  17. Just Slime

    Just Slime3 дні тому

    I watch this every morning

  18. Ciara Douglas

    Ciara Douglas3 дні тому

    Anyone noticed how cute Azzy’s background at the end is


    GACHA GALAXY !3 дні тому

    2:46 was it gloom

  20. Alexis Joseph

    Alexis Joseph3 дні тому

    6:10 why do you think I watch these videos

  21. Tiaja Mcbride

    Tiaja Mcbride4 дні тому

    my cat is name fluffy

  22. Jubey Girl

    Jubey Girl4 дні тому

    Plot twist the girl with the hard boiled eggs was Kassie

  23. Samantha.M .H.Cartagena

    Samantha.M .H.Cartagena4 дні тому

    5:58 same thing happened but this 3-5 year old girl was sharing her moms phone to play a game with me and my bro In a bus

  24. candylin Mary

    candylin Mary4 дні тому

    1:09 I went to an alpaca farm before on a field trip from school. I liked them so much that I got some of there wool for $5 plus it was dyed.

  25. Jenny Roberts

    Jenny Roberts5 днів тому

    If I could I would turn up in my pjs

  26. lollipop

    lollipop5 днів тому

    I want to be a sushi

  27. Danely Munoz

    Danely Munoz5 днів тому

    Reasons why doing something good is...Good! #1: it's cool (duhh) #2:it will make you feel good #3: YOU COULD GET NOTICED BY AZZYLAND!!

  28. Kandie Kaden

    Kandie Kaden5 днів тому

    Me and my best friend became best friends by me asking her for a piece of gum 🤣🤣🤣 we’re still best friends after two years 😂❤️❤️

  29. Tatum T

    Tatum T5 днів тому

    In school there was this really quiet girl and she had no friends. She was a grade younger then me and my friends. One day I went up to her and asked her to eat lunch with us. Then the next day she was sitting with a table of people. She came up to me and said that she was so happy when we invited her over and other kids started talking to her. She now has LOTS of friends.#loveher

  30. Galaxy- Hype

    Galaxy- Hype6 днів тому

    Never judge a book by its cover!? Welp, that is exactly what everyone else does to me, they see me and say i'm anoying. 😭

  31. KaRon Garman

    KaRon Garman6 днів тому

    Azzy can you subscribe to my UAreporter channel KaRon Garman is the name

  32. xo_Livyy

    xo_Livyy6 днів тому

    6:35 same 😀

  33. Dwolf

    Dwolf6 днів тому


  34. Gina Lacayo

    Gina Lacayo6 днів тому

    OMG MOM PLEASE STOP CUTTING THE OINIONS IN HERE!! I’m not crying.. my mom is just cutting onions.... but seriously I am tho this video is so cute Azzy and these amazing stories/pics made me so happy!!

  35. TrackerHSYT Ash

    TrackerHSYT Ash7 днів тому

    I saw a boy in my highschool with really "bad" OCD and he was alone. During lunch we envited him over, and i think the reason people didnt like him was because he had 3 of everything. His sandwich was cut in 3 peices, he had 3 small bundles of grapes, stuff like that. Hes close enough to be my BF but not yet... hopefully someday!

  36. Naomykitty gamer

    Naomykitty gamer7 днів тому

    Azzy: Self confidince is good! Me:I just had an assembly about self confidincd at school!😰

  37. SpikeyDash Playz

    SpikeyDash Playz7 днів тому

    I have two pet alpacas and they hate da humanz

  38. madmikey04 Draper

    madmikey04 Draper7 днів тому

    My name is Michael!!!

  39. Rihanne Moore

    Rihanne Moore8 днів тому

    i saw a video for that same cat and the video said that the cat either die or was sick

  40. Sure Lock

    Sure Lock8 днів тому

    6:23 One does not simply go to law school without smoking the odd joint

  41. Alex Buildz

    Alex Buildz8 днів тому

    im the quiet one.. ya nobody cares bout me

  42. NeverlandLiya 08

    NeverlandLiya 088 днів тому

    This is Jerry 🐢 Jerry can't swim, don't let him sink to the bottom and drown.

  43. Lexie Martinez

    Lexie Martinez9 днів тому

    4:32 declawing a cat is animal abuse, it cuts off their first digit (bone) in their paw

  44. PotatoQueen_Chan Food

    PotatoQueen_Chan Food10 днів тому

    08:25 Azzy: ”Yes we can CAMERA” Page: "Yes we can CAMERON” 😂😂😂

  45. ZZ onthebeat

    ZZ onthebeat10 днів тому

    I think Azzy would be a really good mom

  46. Dark Fluff

    Dark Fluff10 днів тому

    Alpaca logic to me Alpaca's= Llamas Me = in love

  47. Chloe Huxtable

    Chloe Huxtable10 днів тому

    The cats life story (at thee end) was that everyone told their children not to touch it and that man was the only one who did and now the cat has a nice life

  48. sara i

    sara i10 днів тому

    5:25 its 7

  49. Cool Name

    Cool Name10 днів тому

    My friend she was new at school so the teacher took her in front of the class and introduced her to the class.Later when we went outside all the girls in the class came to make friend including me and my friend she had to chuse who.She chose me and my friend and since then the 3 of us (and another friend we played with later later tho) became besties... ...thanks for hearing my friend story/

  50. Bethany Dalziell

    Bethany Dalziell10 днів тому

    I have a Michael in my class but he is so annoying

  51. ania martin-madsen

    ania martin-madsen11 днів тому

    Azzy loves alpacas. Alpacas=Fluffy 1 like=1 alpaca for Azzy.

  52. 益由彡Luna Wolfie

    益由彡Luna Wolfie11 днів тому


  53. Vanna Ze weeaboo

    Vanna Ze weeaboo11 днів тому

    Wanna see a person who is too good and pure for this world? GET IZUKU MIDORIYA

  54. Wool cotton Moonpaw

    Wool cotton Moonpaw11 днів тому

    I don’t socialize unless your my friend so people socialize to me unless your my friend

  55. Luna223 Lucie223

    Luna223 Lucie22311 днів тому

    1:12 Azzy and the Alpaca 😂😂

  56. Devil -Playz

    Devil -Playz11 днів тому


  57. Mati Wicha

    Mati Wicha12 днів тому

    1:18 don't ever do that noise again...............ok.....................just no..................plz

  58. Enchanted Clan🦊

    Enchanted Clan🦊12 днів тому

    Did you know that I was lonely in a corner once in second grade, too shy to go up and anybody, and this girl came up to me and asked me to be her friend

  59. Meep

    Meep12 днів тому

    Someone was sitting by theirself. I left the last spot at my table to sit with them. They got up, and went to sit at my spot. This is part of the reason why I usually sit by myself

  60. Madi -{wolf}

    Madi -{wolf}12 днів тому


  61. The Sun

    The Sun12 днів тому

    I gots to get me a Michael.

  62. Grachely Martinez

    Grachely Martinez12 днів тому

    My school has a test in 3 grade and if you dont pass it you dont go to 4 grade and in the practice test one of the stories esa about alpachas and it esa so hard

  63. Rowan E

    Rowan E12 днів тому

    Alpacas are demons

  64. YouTube User

    YouTube User13 днів тому

    Love Azzy

  65. The Cam Werewolf Team

    The Cam Werewolf Team13 днів тому

    3:00 one time my friend had to come in some horrible jeans to school and some people even CALLED HER A BOY so the next day since in my school we have uniforms but in special days we wear jeans and some shirt that has colors that have to do with that day and just incase i decided to bring jeans in my backpack so she could wear them

  66. Jean Louis

    Jean Louis13 днів тому

    Addy alpackas will spit on you

  67. Ava Brogioli

    Ava Brogioli13 днів тому

    al-paul-ca .....close enough

  68. LuckEKat Vulpix

    LuckEKat Vulpix13 днів тому

    Azzy alpacas do the spits.

  69. 夜明けCandiSaiko夕暮れ

    夜明けCandiSaiko夕暮れ13 днів тому


  70. lucy mangino

    lucy mangino14 днів тому

    AZZY!! XD I never EVER herad you curse!!!!!

  71. Littlelemons Games

    Littlelemons Games14 днів тому

    Person-thanks for the cookies Boy-Np (Goes home and eats the cookies Person-died Wow this turned dark

  72. Sherlyn Dominguez

    Sherlyn Dominguez14 днів тому

    I prefer llamas

  73. lilchine69

    lilchine6914 днів тому


  74. Crystal Roman

    Crystal Roman15 днів тому

    My friend is soo mean and she doesn't even get detention And today she made my bestfriend and me cry because she said,"And do you cry about you're dead grandma?NO." and hers is near death and mine is already dead!So I just put a smile on my face because I bet she's gonna have lots of Karma!

  75. random kid that likes pizza

    random kid that likes pizza15 днів тому

    In the start of the school year (September), we had this new girl in our class so at lunch, she was sitting by herself and my friend goes and says *her name* "Come sit with us! Don't be a lonely chicken!"😂

  76. A&Mk Roblox

    A&Mk Roblox15 днів тому

    4:10 that cat is like "ima demon i can fight WHOEVER I WANT!!"

  77. A&Mk Roblox

    A&Mk Roblox15 днів тому

    2:48 that's me

  78. xiiGacha Cupis

    xiiGacha Cupis15 днів тому

    Girl: Ah, Finally! Boy: Would you leave me? Girl: No! Never! Boy: Did you ever love me? Girl: Yes! Always! Boy: Would you cheat on me? Girl: Never ever! Boy: Would you kiss me? Girl: Every chance I get! Boy: Would you hit me? Girl: Not at all! Boy: Can I trust you? *Now read it backwards.*

  79. LilGacha 123

    LilGacha 12315 днів тому

    pause at exactly 4:12 she looks so weird but funny! XD

  80. aubthedog

    aubthedog15 днів тому

    There was a new girl at school and now we are besties she's part of my friend group and she's so nice

  81. parul warrier

    parul warrier15 днів тому

    I love watching videos like this because it reminds me that yes there are bad people in the world but there are also a lot of good people to care about 😊

  82. Bella and Starlight

    Bella and Starlight16 днів тому

    The Alpaca's smile is like "help me pls" xD #savethealpaca

  83. Kitty Chan

    Kitty Chan16 днів тому

    At a birthday party my friends 2 year old little brother is soo cute. I pointed to a llama on a water bottle and asked him what animal it was he said "COW" Me in my head what?!?!?!?!?!? Me out loud oh yess "definitely" a cow wow God job

  84. Lil Nani

    Lil Nani16 днів тому

    Does sharing food count as doing something good? If so then sorry I can’t do that

  85. Some Ppl

    Some Ppl16 днів тому

    Every night I say good night to my stuffed animals because I feel like they are left out and sad 😔

  86. Vampcatgirl Queen

    Vampcatgirl Queen16 днів тому

    I remember when there was a girl named Christina, she always sat by herself and was either humming or reading. Later, I felt bad for her and sat by her, she soon became my best friend, and still is! We are quite alike, and she has a beautiful voice.

  87. rudy sun

    rudy sun16 днів тому

    Ur so positive

  88. Delaney midnigth love Burguete

    Delaney midnigth love Burguete16 днів тому

    Well im lonely at school but no one comes to hang out with me 😞😟😥

  89. doggys {doggy}

    doggys {doggy}16 днів тому

    this video made me cry with how nice these friends are... My "friends" at school leave me out. But I still have some amazing friends that love me and are actually nice to me

  90. Sofia Morfin

    Sofia Morfin16 днів тому

    I was having a bad day at school today and a little baby said hi to me but waving she just made my day 🥺🥺🥺🤗🤗🤗🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻✌🏻✌🏻😊

  91. Evie Riina

    Evie Riina16 днів тому

    I am the kid that sits by myself 😌

  92. Cera Salter

    Cera Salter16 днів тому

    in the cat pic whereit was saved it said on the dodo it died beacuse a dog ripped it apart. THEY BE LIEING!!!

  93. ilyssa flemington

    ilyssa flemington16 днів тому

    very old Claudia very old

  94. HuskySnowLover :3

    HuskySnowLover :316 днів тому

    We have two alpaca near our school, so we can see them when they are eating and taking a nap😅❤️😅❤️😅❤️

  95. zane wells

    zane wells16 днів тому

    i cant applause i have a broken arm

  96. Evie And Me Creations

    Evie And Me Creations16 днів тому


  97. Kitty Kat OwO -w-

    Kitty Kat OwO -w-16 днів тому

    I know karma is real because I helped up someone who had just fallen and hurt them self. Now a few years later my dad bought me a cat

  98. Adrianna Olson

    Adrianna Olson16 днів тому

    How do I send you videos to watch in a video

  99. Gatch Føx

    Gatch Føx16 днів тому

    Why does a dolphin have to swim in salt water Because pepper makes them sneeze! Hahaahahahhahaha :3

  100. Mystic ッ ParadoxX

    Mystic ッ ParadoxX15 днів тому


  101. Ma. Lina Aggabao

    Ma. Lina Aggabao17 днів тому

    Me:Mom I g-got an F in my exam I'm sorry :( Mom:NO GADJETS STUDY HARDER!!

  102. fred bear

    fred bear17 днів тому

    Man no want gets me so you would expect a girl to not like spice stuff well I'm a girl I'm like anything spicy I would like