Polo G - Wishing For A Hero (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Official Video]


  1. namir trends

    namir trendsГодину тому

    Every since polo g dropped this George floyd dies and we protest we needa shoot back

  2. Jxttii

    JxttiiГодину тому

    Man.... this didn't age well... R.I.P George Floyd, we shouldn't be judged by our skin color.

  3. Substance

    SubstanceГодину тому

    mfs killing 20 plus people while black people get beaten for j walking

  4. Mason Weiner

    Mason WeinerГодину тому

    The Blacks and Hispanics know what it's like


    RBHŠ VÌBËZГодину тому

    Is sad bc George Floyd died just 2 days ago from police brutality rip 🙏🏾black life’s matter

  6. Pop a dot Gaming

    Pop a dot GamingГодину тому

    I really respect you

  7. Beanstalks Studios

    Beanstalks StudiosГодину тому

    Those who dislike, you killed George Floyd.

  8. Jynae 06

    Jynae 06Годину тому


  9. uhpure

    uhpure2 години тому


  10. JustBrandon

    JustBrandon2 години тому

    I pray everyday that this ignorance goes away and yet it never does everyone stay safe and keep yo guard up they judging us off the way we look. #BLACKLIVESMATTER #RIPGEORGEFLOYD Just like Lil Baby said it they dont wanna se us on TV unless its the news. I FW Polo hard for this song

  11. Ken’s OG

    Ken’s OG2 години тому

    omg i never heard music like this in my life this hits diffrent in my heart

  12. Jrod 29

    Jrod 292 години тому

    RIP George Floyd 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  13. Natalie Marte

    Natalie Marte2 години тому

    Wow the timing of this music video ....

  14. アストロ X E D I T Z

    アストロ X E D I T Z2 години тому

    #BLM It hurts so much

  15. the kid SALMON

    the kid SALMON2 години тому

    lowkey think they should remake this filming in mineapolis (sry abt spelling) and show the scenes there , i reckon it would be real good

  16. bot police

    bot police2 години тому

    #ripgeorgefloyd 😔😤😤🚔😠😠😡

  17. Ckasino 4x

    Ckasino 4x2 години тому

    Nun but bars 🗣🗣👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿💉💉

  18. Slasher 999

    Slasher 9992 години тому

    Gives me chills 💔

  19. xFlames

    xFlames2 години тому

    Polo I know you wont see this but youre honestly one of the best lyrical rappers of all time I hope the best for you and your son. Keep up the grind and making music you legend.

  20. young Shaun baby 4kt

    young Shaun baby 4kt2 години тому

    True my cuz just died

  21. theonlysuaveye

    theonlysuaveye3 години тому

    This really touched me I'm literally in tears


    NXER GXNE3 години тому

    Polo speaking facts this brought me a tear 😢

  23. young kushslime

    young kushslime3 години тому

    This song change my life the way the he put the hard work I'm to it evertime I'm sad it will made me feel better the way he change history from 1 to death god bless you polo g

  24. Jared

    Jared3 години тому

    Crazy to believe that shits been the same since Tupac dropped Changes ....


    ASJAMMER3 години тому

    polo g is who i look up to as a black role model

  26. Al-Shariff Yapching

    Al-Shariff Yapching3 години тому

    RIP George

  27. ttaylor

    ttaylor3 години тому

    damn, this hits even harder when you seen the incident in minneapolis

  28. Brian Rodriguez

    Brian Rodriguez3 години тому

    brooo i been sleepin on polo g for a long ass time. this song made me a fan bruh word to my mother

  29. Anonymus_ apg

    Anonymus_ apg3 години тому


  30. OTR Kyree

    OTR Kyree3 години тому

    U hard for this one keep goin I’ll meet you up there 🤝🖤🔥

  31. Jonathan Dorce

    Jonathan Dorce3 години тому

    Martin Luther would be giving u a hug

  32. Jahmeal Dollar

    Jahmeal Dollar3 години тому

    This need for views cause this is real 💯

  33. Jahmeal Dollar

    Jahmeal Dollar3 години тому

    Something that people need to hear now 💯

  34. jadan havea

    jadan havea3 години тому

    Very powerfull.... Australia 3500

  35. RandomVidz

    RandomVidz3 години тому

    Can y’all please share this song make it be heard by the entire world

  36. Nachelle Hereford

    Nachelle Hereford3 години тому

    Everything he says real❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ an rip Tupac🙏🙏💔💔💔

  37. Greenwolf Isgod

    Greenwolf Isgod3 години тому

    Bro polo is a rapper that doesn’t know how to make a bad song

  38. Jaizon Alleyne

    Jaizon Alleyne3 години тому

    This song as made the right time# rip george floyd

  39. Balloon Beats

    Balloon Beats3 години тому


  40. Marquise Carleton

    Marquise Carleton3 години тому

    this hit hard and what going on too😭😭

  41. D0GL0RD76

    D0GL0RD763 години тому

    This has to be one of the best lyrical songs ever that actually the lyrics have a meaning. Thats why I like Polo

  42. nexpos

    nexpos3 години тому

    rip 2pac rip george floyd , polo g my fav rapper i look up to you brudda

  43. Mossserboi

    Mossserboi3 години тому

    One of the best albums I’ve ever heard. You’re the 2Pac of this generation.

  44. ChanChanMonkyMan

    ChanChanMonkyMan3 години тому

    RIP George floyd😭😭 💔 💔 💔

  45. Gina Ballard

    Gina Ballard4 години тому

    Can someone please just blast this at a protest for George Floyd

  46. Jade Brown

    Jade Brown4 години тому

    Right song came out at Right time.Polo g the real goat who had foreseen this. #justiceforgeorgefloyd

  47. Yajaira Sanchez

    Yajaira Sanchez4 години тому

    RIP George Floyd

  48. Benson Jean

    Benson Jean4 години тому


  49. Rash Bush

    Rash Bush4 години тому

    3 minutes of my life I'll never get back - lame...

  50. Marcia Campbell

    Marcia Campbell4 години тому

    My Favorite Artist Ever , Only One Trying To Give Back 🤦🏾‍♀️❤️

  51. Raekwon Dangerfield

    Raekwon Dangerfield4 години тому

    Fucking goat 🐐

  52. 2kTone

    2kTone5 годин тому

    That’s why I fw polo bro

  53. Shaq Hawkins

    Shaq Hawkins5 годин тому

    All dislikes all haters

  54. Shivy HG-

    Shivy HG-5 годин тому

    Sound like changes 2 pac

  55. j snipa

    j snipa5 годин тому

    All the cops gotta hear this also the president

  56. Edgar Chavez

    Edgar Chavez5 годин тому

    its like this song was dedicated to george floyd. rest in peace

  57. Abdullahi Muhyidin

    Abdullahi Muhyidin5 годин тому

    Idc what anyone says this is the New National Anthem. 🖤🔥

  58. Mido I

    Mido I5 годин тому

    Fuck Racism, Fuck the police ,Fuck trump, fuck America

  59. Abdullahi Muhyidin

    Abdullahi Muhyidin5 годин тому

    Idc This is the New National Anthem

  60. RushOnDaScene

    RushOnDaScene5 годин тому

    Awesomes lyrics. Keep it up.

  61. JGuada Music

    JGuada Music5 годин тому


  62. Richard Adams

    Richard Adams5 годин тому

    Is that king von?

  63. boy Boybye016

    boy Boybye0165 годин тому

    this song made me cry polo g thank you

  64. x TacoTrash

    x TacoTrash5 годин тому

    This reminds me when rap was about life and not about lifestyle, yes I'm 20 years old but hearing this type of songs reminds me of Pac or Wu Tang.

  65. yeet yeet

    yeet yeet5 годин тому

    My mom is teacher for a high school and she shows you and your song bc there trying to gang bang and u are telling them it’s bad

  66. yeet yeet

    yeet yeet5 годин тому

    This hits hard broooi


    AROB ROBINSON5 годин тому

    Them pussies watching that man die that shit will never happen in south Florida and the cops down here know that shit would've never happened in our face see the truth is you niggas are scary and internet thugs and here in south Florida Miami gardens we don't play that shit shout to my Haitian family

  68. Kxng Samii

    Kxng Samii5 годин тому

    All the dislikes are white racist cops

  69. JavonxKenshin

    JavonxKenshin5 годин тому

    Polo g is the best fucking artist idc what you haters say

  70. IMANA X

    IMANA X5 годин тому

    Yes I like these lyrics not talking about hoes, drugs , money etc he actually talking about black struggles. 2pac would definitely be proud 💙

  71. JavonxKenshin

    JavonxKenshin5 годин тому

    Polo g is the realist artist out rn

  72. JaylanXL

    JaylanXL6 годин тому

    Mr. Polo G you have Inspired a lot of people around the world and I’m definitely one of them keep talkin yo shit ain’t nobody stopping you Ik it’s hard sometimes but you are blessed keep yo head up don’t let nobody talk you down #TrulyBlessed🙏🏽💪🏾 GOAT

  73. BlackAwokenKingz

    BlackAwokenKingz6 годин тому

    This song bring me to tears everytime I listen to it 💯

  74. sammyb

    sammyb6 годин тому

    shit needs to change. this shit just feels so much more important after george. we stand united or we dont stand at all.

  75. Clean Vibes

    Clean Vibes6 годин тому

    Polo g the king of raps no cap

  76. puffonxbox

    puffonxbox6 годин тому

    man this hits diff with the black lives matter stuff man LLJ I LOVE YOU MY NIGGA

  77. djoo 03

    djoo 036 годин тому

    rhis is some real shtttttttttt

  78. 7l-pumps

    7l-pumps6 годин тому

    Can’t believe what police can do these day and get away with is after George Floyd

  79. Bla7o

    Bla7o6 годин тому


  80. Jordan Lopez

    Jordan Lopez6 годин тому

    I may not be your color and know the struggle of living black but I know this nonsense needs to stop! R.I.P george Floyd🙏🙏. Thank you polo for making music that matters your way more than just a rapper! Stay safe