Post Malone - I Fall Apart (Live From The Bud Light x Post Malone Dive Bar Tour Nashville)


  1. Kristina Jehl

    Kristina Jehl37 хвилин тому

    When he sings this song , I feel his emotions. He is so amazing! 💖🌹🥰 I love his voice so much

  2. Aesthetic Chill Child

    Aesthetic Chill Child2 години тому

    Anyone who could break that beautiful heart would have to be GOD..I LOVE HIM

  3. Conner Girmscheid

    Conner Girmscheid21 годину тому

    bro so sad why leave him with a broken heart so mean 😭

  4. Sugar Mint

    Sugar MintДень тому

    I have a crush on him OH MY!

  5. Irsyad AP

    Irsyad AP2 дні тому

    He using autotune.. Same like Justin Bieber when live Just search it if u don't trust

  6. DevHP

    DevHP2 дні тому

    the power in his voice tho

  7. anasworlddd🤪

    anasworlddd🤪2 дні тому

    🥺omg i went to his concert when he went to anaheim omg i was crying so was everyone else this song jus got everyone in tears yfm !

  8. I.G.I Studious

    I.G.I Studious3 дні тому

    Yo can someone please post this on SoundCloud??!!

  9. Tiesha Dickson

    Tiesha Dickson3 дні тому

    Love this song

  10. Brainfogged

    Brainfogged4 дні тому

    Damn this guy sounds live so good! More emo instead of robo..

  11. Monica Trevino

    Monica Trevino5 днів тому

    So True 💯

  12. Sudarsono Hanora

    Sudarsono Hanora5 днів тому

    Ooh I fall apart Ooh yeah, mm She told me that I'm not enough, yeah And she left me with a broken heart, yeah She fooled me twice and it's all my fault, yeah She cut too deep, now she left me scarred, yeah Now there's too many thoughts goin' through my brain, yeah And now I'm takin' these shots like it's novacane, yeah Ooh, I fall apart Down to my core Oooh, I fall apart Down to my core Ooh, didn't know it before Surprised when you caught me off guard All this damn jewelry I bought You was my shorty, I thought Never caught a feelin' this hard Harder than the liquor I pour Tell me you don't want me no more But I can't let go Everybody told me so Feelin' like I sold my soul Devil in the form of a whore Devil in the form of a whore You said it No you said it No you said it We'd be together Ooh, I fall apart Down to my core Ooh, I fall apart Down to my core Ooh, didn't know it before Surprised when you caught me off guard All this damn jewelry I bought You was my shorty, I thought Ice keep pourin' and the drink keep flowin' Try to brush it off but it keep on goin' Covered in scars and I can't help showin' Whippin' in the foreign and the tears keep blowin' Ice keep droppin' and the drink keep flowin' Try to brush it off but it keep on goin' All these scars, can't help from showin' Whippin' in the foreign and the tears keep blowin', yeah Ooh, I fall apart Down to my core Ooh, I fall apart Down to my core Ooh, didn't know it before Surprised when you caught me off guard All this damn jewelry I bought You was my shorty, I thought Ayy, ayy, you should Ayy, ayy, ayy, uh, you should, ayy, ayy

  13. Angelique quinn

    Angelique quinn5 днів тому

    Love that guitar playing dammm hes a pro sounds so freaking beautiful and posty u r gorgeous well who ever that 1 gurl who hurt u she lost a good guy adorable 1 too her lost plenty of fishess inn da sea the right one will come your way and love u the right way #teamposty💕

  14. Alfianti Lili

    Alfianti Lili6 днів тому

    AMA,he fooled me many times and it's all my fault...huh? Thanks for singing my pain, you're the best!!

  15. Sundeyisonmobile

    Sundeyisonmobile6 днів тому

    The percussionist hit hard when the beat dropped 🤤

  16. Keegan Lane

    Keegan Lane6 днів тому

    Yo he's got a wicked fucking vibrato holy shit.

  17. Loverzz Bii

    Loverzz Bii7 днів тому

    I know someone is dead down there when the beat drops like..🤟🤟🤟oooo

  18. FifiTheBeautiful

    FifiTheBeautiful8 днів тому

    I ❤️ Post Malone!

  19. R. Dot

    R. Dot8 днів тому

    Boah the instrumentalists got it too💯🔥🔥🔥❤

  20. artemis 02

    artemis 029 днів тому

    my favorite!! ❤️😭

  21. Francis Jayson Rayco

    Francis Jayson Rayco9 днів тому

    Who’s seeing this classic in 2035?

  22. ocean side.

    ocean side.11 днів тому

    the autotune when his voice breaks has me weak

  23. Eva Mullens

    Eva Mullens13 днів тому

    Dammit, I would dive into your soul and swim around touching and making every part of you full of nothing but joy!!!

  24. Mason Blades

    Mason Blades14 днів тому

    I can’t tell if the auto tune was acting weird or his voice is just like that

  25. Donnie M

    Donnie M14 днів тому

    Man I would fucking love to hear that without the tone correction software. That passion gets killed with auto-tune. Flat or not he's so unbelievably authentic, and that's what I adore about his tone.

  26. A.T X

    A.T X15 днів тому

    How many beers this nigga drank lol

  27. justin gray

    justin gray15 днів тому

    Love this guy!

  28. KingDennisJensen

    KingDennisJensen16 днів тому

    Post Malone is literally.... a *friend* to his audience.

  29. DevHP

    DevHP16 днів тому

    imagine the devil whore trying to get with him after saint tropaz

  30. Máté Silye

    Máté Silye16 днів тому

    turn off the fucking autotune, he ain't need that shit

  31. Lina Garibay

    Lina Garibay19 днів тому

    Omg, his intro with the "if it's a gal it's a guy" thing. He'd get cancelled for being mean to the alphabet community.

  32. Norma Delossantos

    Norma Delossantos19 днів тому

    Sexiest man alive

  33. MonaLisa Mata

    MonaLisa Mata21 день тому

    I will hunt down whoever hates on Post

  34. Robert Laman

    Robert Laman22 дні тому

    Fkking autotune. Why do people like this so much, it’s not his pure voice.

  35. Barr Elisca

    Barr Elisca23 дні тому

    Does anyone hear that quiver in his voice? I thought it was autotune. i'm impressed

  36. Yaseen Kidwai

    Yaseen Kidwai23 дні тому

    dude we can hear le' auto tune

  37. Jeanly Vegas

    Jeanly Vegas23 дні тому

    I love post malone❤

  38. Sternritter

    Sternritter24 дні тому

    This is truly a sight to behold. Nobody's actually holding their phones up to record.

  39. Nicole Pearl

    Nicole Pearl17 днів тому

    They weren’t allowed to have recording devices

  40. SuchMoisty

    SuchMoisty24 дні тому

    These random outfits post picks are random but lit at the same time

  41. D E X DEAD

    D E X DEAD25 днів тому

    Video starts wow post looks sexy in that shirt! A min later : *WUT DA YELLOW PANTS !*

  42. Leslie Aragon

    Leslie Aragon26 днів тому

    I related when idol says she told me that I'm not enough

  43. Cosmick

    Cosmick26 днів тому

    I wish I could meet this guy at least once or be in a concert press f in the chat

  44. christian vetter

    christian vetter26 днів тому

    post is the man

  45. auzziegamerfan

    auzziegamerfan27 днів тому

    So much soul it hurts. Oh my lord.

  46. Not a Youtuber

    Not a Youtuber29 днів тому

    He dressed like a true Texan lol

  47. Evance leftie

    Evance leftieМісяць тому


  48. kkd bongg

    kkd bonggМісяць тому

    Anyone from 2019 drop a like 🤘

  49. bwhaley419

    bwhaley419Місяць тому

    That's a LOT of autotune

  50. Kris N

    Kris NМісяць тому

    Live autotune

  51. Abdulrauf Bansil

    Abdulrauf BansilМісяць тому

    sai8 mo sir 😂😂😂😂

  52. Louie Vic Dominguez

    Louie Vic DominguezМісяць тому

    Saddest song ive ever heard.. i really feel the pain by hearing his voice .. "i fall apart down to my core" fucked that girl ... i hope youll die 1 day by accident

  53. Wan Ridzwan

    Wan RidzwanМісяць тому

    This is awesome. Sometimes in life you need to check my channel

  54. Lil Peep

    Lil PeepМісяць тому

    I love post but I hate bud light drink a real beer homie

  55. _Itz me_

    _Itz me_Місяць тому

    He sounds normal to me singing now 🤣🤣

  56. dmjinc

    dmjincМісяць тому

    Poop. Farts. Hotdog

  57. ThePreachie

    ThePreachieМісяць тому

    Him Malone against the world...

  58. stihl88

    stihl88Місяць тому

    Fucking sick!

  59. Sunflower Jules

    Sunflower JulesМісяць тому

    Who da b#%ch ‼️ I’ll kick her arse!!👊😘

  60. Sunflower Jules

    Sunflower JulesМісяць тому

    🍺drink budlight 👊😘😋

  61. Zed Zerps

    Zed ZerpsМісяць тому

    Fuck all these bitches, Posty!

  62. bernadac anthony

    bernadac anthonyМісяць тому

    Un génie 🧞‍♂️