Project A: Riot’s Tactical FPS Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends


  1. T&DubbleG

    T&DubbleG22 години тому

    1:58 Big head?

  2. Marc FS

    Marc FSДень тому

    Nice Paladins

  3. Ce O

    Ce OДень тому

    looks horrible

  4. Enzo Zanchetta

    Enzo ZanchettaДень тому


  5. DEXB0T

    DEXB0TДень тому

    Anyone else watching in 2020?

  6. Darren Curtis II

    Darren Curtis IIДень тому

    League of FPS Legends

  7. Luu Maiii

    Luu MaiiiДень тому

    project a review

  8. Tree_Reap3r

    Tree_Reap3rДень тому

    BRO! How is no one talking about the fact that at 2:22 the character moves its camera and the smoke follows. That's crazy my guy

  9. Unknown Cv

    Unknown CvДень тому

    I'll buy it if there's a server in middle east 👍🏻

  10. playaaaLV

    playaaaLVДень тому

    Please remember these false promises when the game’s out and most players are not able to run it on their casual non-highend computers. There’s a good reason why tick rates in the most modern games are not, say, 240 ticks/second - end-user system requirements... And fighting “peeker’s advantage” is easier said than done - having non-zero ping and limited tick rate (that will simply be there due to current computer technologies) it’s pretty much a mission impossible. So buzzwords these remain.

  11. Anthony Sinclair

    Anthony SinclairДень тому

    So...overwatch GSGO battle Royale right?....yea no..

  12. Whiteweeb2

    Whiteweeb2День тому

    Wait so it wont be on console then?

  13. CadmusVods

    CadmusVodsДень тому

    am i the only one that thinks it looks bad

  14. Bon Swiggity

    Bon SwiggityДень тому

    I fucking hate this company... but fuck me if they haven't piqued my interest.

  15. Nai

    NaiДень тому

    i hate rng so can u plz make it less rng then csgo since i ltrly cant show 6h of aim training for 3 years in game full of spread

  16. SumGuy

    SumGuyДень тому

    1. Will this be for mac? 2. Will this be out in 2020?

  17. ice dov

    ice dovДень тому

    What a FARTFACING fat ugly pig, at least get it right riot hire a babe for your front spoke person, I wouldnt do this with bag over her head. Pfffffft And that game looks complete garbage compared to OW.

  18. DerLichert

    DerLichertДень тому

    I just want to plasy it NOW!

  19. Randomniceplays

    Randomniceplays2 дні тому

    looks like spellbreak and CSGO , shame this will just be a cod like game and not a open world

  20. Tsmf_ connorthecat

    Tsmf_ connorthecat2 дні тому

    The game go to ps4? (ps5)

  21. 2humbLe TTV

    2humbLe TTV2 дні тому

    such a trash

  22. mój kanał

    mój kanał2 дні тому

    Ull crush csgo

  23. Noname 23

    Noname 232 дні тому

    where is my crosshair wtf ?

  24. GermanDreams

    GermanDreams2 дні тому

    124 tick server and a good cheat system and csgo is dead

  25. Litego

    Litego2 дні тому

    How the fuck are you going to go to war on peekers advantage? It's a physics issue that can never be resolved. The only work-around is making the character appear in front of where he actually is. Problem with this is that if you sprint up to a corner and stop before you peek, the enemy will see you peek and pop back behind cover. Is that your solution?

  26. M4T1 K0Z4K

    M4T1 K0Z4KДень тому

    They are just showin the lag comparison when u pick, sending it to the server and showing you to the enemy. Its like 1.5x picker's ping advantage

  27. Insign

    Insign2 дні тому

    At the end I thought she said teasers with a british accent

  28. Lil Strump

    Lil Strump2 дні тому

    for me csgo is more my game, this looks cool and all but when u can jump around throwing knifes im not that kind of guy. Seems like its more of a Childs game.

  29. Robbie

    Robbie2 дні тому

    Im quitting apex when this comes out

  30. KeraFN

    KeraFN2 дні тому


  31. SVC

    SVC2 дні тому

    No one gumma talk about how at 1:55 a legit player got banned?


    FPS MUNDIAL2 дні тому

    segue meu canal ae geral, quando lança vo deixa o download e grava pra geral obgd!!!

  33. Rogerio Godoy

    Rogerio Godoy2 дні тому

    I prefer Cs Go. More realistic and perfect.

  34. MUNDO DOS mk

    MUNDO DOS mk2 дні тому

    Kd os br aqui?

  35. skaro

    skaro2 дні тому

    So basically the stupid mechanics of cs with some underwhelming moba abilities + ugly art style. Not worth my time if it's paid, might try it out if it's free.

  36. Jefferson A Z

    Jefferson A Z2 дні тому

    my favorlt ARMA 3 and BF3 BF4 FUTURlSTlC REAL GERERO ACTlON

  37. Jefferson A Z

    Jefferson A Z2 дні тому

    ehhehehehehehehehehhehehehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh game noob for k!dddddddddddddddddddssssssssssssssssssssssss

  38. Le SpoderMan

    Le SpoderMan2 дні тому

    Overwatch 3 doesnt look bad at all. I really hope i can see the new lucio skin

  39. Kev :3

    Kev :32 дні тому

    give us news D;

  40. ne0tic

    ne0tic2 дні тому

    Looks okay. Could be really good if they do everything correctly!

  41. M4T1 K0Z4K

    M4T1 K0Z4K2 дні тому

    Just give us some news

  42. peterius fisherius

    peterius fisherius3 дні тому


  43. Philip Hogga

    Philip Hogga3 дні тому

    LOOKS SO COOL, but pleas dont put this game on steam.

  44. skaro

    skaro2 дні тому

    @Philip Hogga They could have it on both. I like being able to track my hours and to join my friends through steam.

  45. Philip Hogga

    Philip Hogga2 дні тому

    skaro it’s better if they just have it on theirweb site

  46. skaro

    skaro2 дні тому


  47. Lucas Pereira

    Lucas Pereira3 дні тому

    Por favor coloca esse game para PS4 e Xbox

  48. ZetkoCZ60

    ZetkoCZ603 дні тому

    Just wait 3 days after release for those aimbotters

  49. F.B.A.U

    F.B.A.U3 дні тому

    if you cheating riot he will destroy your pc

  50. wtf!

    wtf!3 дні тому

    Never compare CS GO with this.....!Allready have Overwatch and so!?!


    EBENEZER3 дні тому

    I just had this question in my thoughts was there Any resion why league of legends characters were Not used in this game other than funny to see Other Champions have guns except marksmen And making all champions in FPS is gonna be hell Lot of work?

  52. ProhvokativeR6

    ProhvokativeR63 дні тому

    This shit looks terrible. Why tf is all your shit cartoon


    EBENEZER3 дні тому

    That is there choice of artstyle You like real life There are other studios for your taste too. You knocking the wrong door for wrong room

  54. GameGod 711

    GameGod 7113 дні тому

    This game is going to be complete trash I’m sorry but you don’t get the satisfaction of leaning crouching or really and fast game play this stuff looks my big question is are they planing on putting in a more competitive mode, I do like the “we will shut this sh*t down” attitude when it comes to cheaters!!! Well to end my comment I think this game has along way to go and MABY this game will surprise me I looked at fortnite and said this is going to be great from day 1 I did the same with R6 but this game I’m not so sure about!!!????

  55. Calvin

    Calvin3 дні тому


  56. A Olvs

    A Olvs3 дні тому

    minecraft has better graphics

  57. Your Friendly Hacker

    Your Friendly Hacker3 дні тому

    Great another twitch shooter to avoid

  58. Mgsterium 2

    Mgsterium 23 дні тому

    I hope this game will be for console

  59. Jaufer B

    Jaufer B3 дні тому


  60. Thijs Hofman

    Thijs Hofman3 дні тому

    when will it be downloadable?

  61. xxo o

    xxo o3 дні тому

    U die way to fast, pls reduce the dmg

  62. Flimpeen Flarmpoon

    Flimpeen FlarmpoonДень тому

    They were all headshots though

  63. Frederick Falcon

    Frederick Falcon3 дні тому

    omg... look like shit.

  64. Jack ABoi

    Jack ABoi3 дні тому

    This is sooooooo original 🙄

  65. c. kyle

    c. kyle4 дні тому

    would buy

  66. m b

    m b4 дні тому

    lol gibi anti hile sistemi olsun oyun ne kadar kötü olsa da sonuna kadar desteklerim bi çok kişide benim gibi destekler