Protesters March Across NYC Following Decision in Breonna Taylor's Killing by Cops | NBC New York

  • 23 вер 2020
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  1. Jimmy Joe

    Jimmy JoeГодину тому

    I am suprised nobody has gone in and took out the media companies lol they are the reason for this. That and jeorge serous. Why can't some brave souls do the lords work.

  2. Ted Comet

    Ted CometГодину тому

    Hmmm the guy was a drug dealer who was dating an EMT. I wonder where he was getting his supply

  3. Julian Diaz

    Julian DiazГодину тому

    shit happens

  4. Drunkn

    DrunknГодину тому

    good decision. justice was served

  5. Ted Comet

    Ted CometГодину тому

    And things just happen to catch fire.

  6. Joe Stably

    Joe StablyГодину тому

    BOOOOO BLM BOOO MEDIA BOO Your doing a BAD job.

  7. Midnight Express

    Midnight ExpressГодину тому

    2020 has been the greatest redpill ever.

  8. Matteo C

    Matteo CГодину тому

    BS like this makes me want to vote for Trump

  9. roller_47

    roller_47Годину тому

    Hopefully these get more and more violent, can't wait for people to have enough of this shit and start shooting all these "protestors". The more we kill, the better off our country will be.

  10. MusicVidsLife

    MusicVidsLifeГодину тому

    When people shoot I don't think you call them protesters

  11. applepearproducemeatmilk

    applepearproducemeatmilkГодину тому

    It’s unfortunate that she had to die. But it was simply officers protecting themselves so they can go home to there family. If a unlawful citizen shoots at you, you shoot back.

  12. Dannyduncan69

    Dannyduncan69Годину тому

    2:39 if she sneezes we will have bigger problems than riots

  13. Joey Gutierrez

    Joey GutierrezГодину тому

    She had a dead body in her Trunk She sold drugs in Mail. She had a Warrant. Her BF shot at cops when they entered. Guys you know what Murder is? Murder is intentionally killing someone. Attempting Muder is trying to kill someone. Her BF attempted murder. Police used self defense and shot back at a both criminals. If someone goes with a friend and his friend robs a store. If they both get caught together, they both getting charger for burglary. Actions have consequences. She was in worng to begin with

  14. LuckyNumberNevan

    LuckyNumberNevanГодину тому

    How many times are these bastards going to say peaceful. People have been MURDERED because of the half truths media spreads.

  15. Bayne

    BayneГодину тому

    How is social media and the normal media taking is back to the middle ages? "Stone her! She's witch! Burn her at the stake!" Mob mentality ended when we became more civilized. WTF is going on? Are we going to go back to mob rules and have beheading's in the town squares? Facts and due process no longer matter?

  16. applepearproducemeatmilk

    applepearproducemeatmilkГодину тому

    So small business can’t be open. But your more than welcome to “peacefully protest.”

  17. mindy tallman

    mindy tallmanГодину тому

    Stop reking are homes assholes

  18. applepearproducemeatmilk

    applepearproducemeatmilkГодину тому

    I’m tired of people using this as a viable reason to make change. It just makes the situation worse.

  19. Evangeline Garcia

    Evangeline GarciaГодину тому

    Tell me how it’s making the situation worse

  20. Breach Of T.O.S

    Breach Of T.O.SГодину тому

    You mostly misspelled RIOTERS

  21. Pure Skillz

    Pure SkillzГодину тому

    Wow such disgusting hatred towards police who are given the power by their state officials. Go protest the politicians no the brave men and women who risk their lives every time they clock into work so we can live a safe life!

  22. Muhammad Siddiqui

    Muhammad SiddiquiГодину тому

    Can someone clarify the situation with the cops who went into Taylor’s home. Did the cops not have a warrant?

  23. AL80

    AL80Годину тому

    They knocked, announced who they were, and the boyfriend fired at police officers. Neighbors even heard the police knock and announce themselves. Police fired back when shot at and mistakenly killed her. Also, she was in the hallway with her boyfriend, not her bed. Is it wrong she died, absolutely. No racial motive at play and they could not have known she'd die or be shot. They sid everything they could. Charging someone for defending themselves, especially an officer, makes no sense.

  24. Crazy 77

    Crazy 77Годину тому

    These people just don’t have a life do they. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. johnboy

    johnboyГодину тому

    If they want to blame someone how about the ex-boyfriend that used her and her house to sell drugs. Facts matter.

  26. Ultra Instinct Steve Irwin vs Sting Ray

    Ultra Instinct Steve Irwin vs Sting RayГодину тому

    That’s right, corporate media and BLM, just keep giving Trump the ammo he needs to win the election.

  27. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin SkywalkerГодину тому

    The media has more blood on their hands than the officers

  28. Truth Usa

    Truth UsaГодину тому

    God bless our local police department in Louisville Kentucky . We know they put their life on the line day and night everyday. America will overcome radical movement God Bless America God bless her law enforcement

  29. surfjerr

    surfjerrГодину тому


  30. Truth Usa

    Truth UsaГодину тому

    BLM should be protesting against the violence that is committed in their own Community by their own citizens.

  31. Truth Usa

    Truth UsaГодину тому

    The leader of BLM, Susan Rosenberg, has been caught referring to their organization as BACK LIBERATION MOVEMENT - their mission statement is is to overthrow democracy. George Soros provides major funding( 100 million dollars plus) for BLM-( they have banded together with antifa radical movements and a well-organized Marxist group.).. they have been "recruited" to work with the Democratic Mayors, to create unjustified riots in the streets. This is why the democratic Mayors are allowed this to go out of control! George Soros is working with Susan Rosenberg .

  32. kevin Wilcox

    kevin WilcoxГодину тому

    no chages because they were doing theyre job and unfortunantly she lost her life

  33. Stylish P0rsche

    Stylish P0rscheГодину тому

    Oh for god sake not another one, I can’t deal with this.

  34. nadia Truesdale

    nadia TruesdaleГодину тому

    Oh so they are looking for the suspects who shot two officers and are going to charge them but haven’t yet charged the officers who killed Breonna Taylor I hate the system.

  35. Zorez

    ZorezГодину тому

    protest never stop,acttion never started.........

  36. Rocky Raccoon

    Rocky Raccoon2 години тому

    Bunch of parasites

  37. marconi314

    marconi3142 години тому

    America stands with the brave men and women in law enforcement who are working to keep our cities safe from rioters, mobs, and leftist terrorists.

  38. SappaWarehouse

    SappaWarehouse2 години тому

    Ah yes another beautiful day in America where people are “peacefully protesting”

  39. Didine Super Gaming

    Didine Super GamingГодину тому

    Ah yes another day in America where police shoot innocent people

  40. Rakia Logan

    Rakia Logan2 години тому

    Biden 2020 Black White Biracial Latino hispanic Baptist Christian Jewish Muslim purple green vote BIDEN 2020 register to vote EARLY VOTE trump has to go

  41. daniel meehan

    daniel meehan2 години тому

    They love the anarchy, these news folks do.

  42. We Don't Talk Anymore

    We Don't Talk Anymore2 години тому

    This biggini shoot remix has more lyrics than Tony Kakkar' entire carrer to date.

  43. Ok Boomer

    Ok Boomer2 години тому

    >Protest >Spread the virus >Blame Trump on hight number of cases >Repeat

  44. Muhammad Siddiqui

    Muhammad SiddiquiГодину тому

    Do you not see how many people are wearing masks?

  45. Scott Mimi

    Scott Mimi2 години тому

    I live in nyc the media is full of shit

  46. Big mans hams

    Big mans hams2 години тому

    The like to dislike ratio makes me have hope in America.

  47. EJ

    EJГодину тому

    J Doyle they want “white people dead”?? Read the comments other way around like it always has 😭 yall hate us

  48. Viking Mayor

    Viking MayorГодину тому

    It’s bots dude. UAreporter is a world wide resource

  49. J Doyle

    J DoyleГодину тому

    People are realizing what juice are doing They are using hate to coerce BLM into attacking white people Juice want white people dead

  50. Yoshi Licks

    Yoshi LicksГодину тому

    There’s no hope bruh this world sucks

  51. George Washington

    George Washington2 години тому

    How is this number 1 on trending look at the numbers this doesn’t add up

  52. Premium Leader

    Premium LeaderГодину тому

    Get ready for the national lockdown

  53. Didine Super Gaming

    Didine Super GamingГодину тому

    #1 on trending with 700k views in 13 hours and the #2 video trending is a music video with 250k views in 21 hours so it does make sense

  54. kim peter

    kim peterГодину тому

    its caused it had a massive surge of views in US

  55. Rakia Logan

    Rakia Logan2 години тому

    Trump is the worst thing that happened to America in 2020 not wearing a mask joking about biden wearing a mask playing down the covid 19 like it was under control but 200,000 people died from including my family and friends in that count BIDEN 2020 trump is adding fuel to a racist fire that attorney general is a republican those cops who KILLED Breonna Taylor should have got jail time you racist trump supporters want to make it her fault if she in her house sleep how the fuk is it her fault she was in her house the police was looking for someone who was already arrested Breonna Taylor did nothing WRONG the police who killed Breonna Taylor should be in jail

  56. Priyastha Ramanan

    Priyastha Ramanan2 години тому

    People can do this but can’t vote in person?

  57. fleurmadeline

    fleurmadeline2 години тому

    this comment section is terrible..

  58. a hecking walnut

    a hecking walnutГодину тому

    This is why we all need to vote. The racists aren't just the most obnoxious, but the loudest. The election will change everything. Biden isn't the best person for president, and I would go for bernie if he was still running, but biden will still lead to some change that's miles better than trump

  59. randy donovan

    randy donovanГодину тому

    Really is sad how people don’t think cop killing innocent people is as troubling as a bunch of people protesting

  60. Mishel kamal

    Mishel kamal2 години тому

    this bullshit needs to stop. what about all the black kids who get killed because of black on black violence? Stop defending criminals. Black people kill more black people than white people ever will. This isnt abour racism. These people want to ruin our police force so that all turns to havoc and anarchy. Bring in the military and show them whose boss!

  61. RJ Kross

    RJ Kross2 години тому

    Just because the truth is the truth... Are these riots suppose to convince racist white people or even moderate racist white to losten black people??? Might just find nobody will ever take them seriously!!!

  62. Surfer Gnome

    Surfer Gnome2 години тому

    These people do not care about Breonna, they care about reaffirming their feelings of moral superiority. They need a bad guy in their life to relieve them from personal responsibility of being an otherwise pretty useless person society cannot benefit from. They’re self loathing people. Virtue signalers. They crave and envy the power they don’t have. Hypocrites. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” These protesters are total losers.

  63. Jay Young

    Jay Young2 години тому

    We need to put a stop to these riots

  64. Unknown 664

    Unknown 6642 години тому

    The phrase "it is what it is" has been on repeat in my mind this whole year.

  65. Create Love Happy

    Create Love Happy2 години тому

    Breonna Taylor ... say her name

  66. LB Arura

    LB Arura2 години тому

    Racial division

  67. Kristopher Antunes

    Kristopher Antunes2 години тому

    Wait they raided him for the suspicion or whatever of having drugs and he fired at them cause he thought they were “robbers” and they shoot back accidentally killing the girl??? I understand why they would be mad but it’s not like the officers pulled out their gun and targeted her to kill her...

  68. target on sight 1

    target on sight 12 години тому

    All this over bs

  69. R. Salinas

    R. Salinas2 години тому

    These are riots not protests.

  70. First Last

    First Last2 години тому

    Funny how 99% of the comments are the exact opposite of twitter....

  71. x习近平

    x习近平Годину тому

    Because Twitter deletes comment.

  72. Artemis_ Time

    Artemis_ Time2 години тому

    when is racism going to end?

  73. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur MorganГодину тому

    Racism can’t end because humans are just screwed up, but we can make reforms to end systematic racism. It’s just people deny reality and say it isn’t real.

  74. Frosted Sun Chips

    Frosted Sun Chips2 години тому

    For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States. The founders would support the protest! They throw tea!

  75. Deep Space Nation

    Deep Space Nation2 години тому

    Propaganda. I hope you guys guys shut down when trump wins again.

  76. Pat Walshe

    Pat Walshe2 години тому

    The "Left" wants people to think racism is a huge problem in America and its not at all

  77. a hecking walnut

    a hecking walnutГодину тому

    Arthur Morgan Exactly. The civil rights movement abolished segregation but that's it

  78. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur MorganГодину тому

    The average white family has 7x more income than the average black family. This is either due to intrinsic or extrinsic factors. If you think it’s due to intrinsic factors, that’s by definition a racist belief. If you think it’s due to extrinsic factors, then there’s systematic racism. Plus the concept that hundreds of years of slavery and decades of segregation have no impact on modern society is ridicules. Policies from the past effect the present.

  79. a hecking walnut

    a hecking walnut2 години тому

    Of course you'll be ignorant to racism if it isn't happening to you

  80. Create Love Happy

    Create Love Happy2 години тому

    Pat Walshe bullshit! Racism was woven into the fabric of America as she was built by slaves. It’s never left. I see it daily. Open your eyes

  81. fleurmadeline

    fleurmadeline2 години тому

    how can you be that ignorant?

  82. LB Arura

    LB Arura2 години тому


  83. Raymond Reed

    Raymond Reed2 години тому

    Gib me muh reparations. Ah beez all oppressed ‘n sheeut. Black lives mattah ‘n sheeeut mufuh. Breonna dint doo nuffens. Say huh nayum.

  84. Crem Pog

    Crem Pog2 години тому

    Soros is happy as hell

  85. Kennzie Duncan

    Kennzie Duncan2 години тому

    there’s some super ignorant people in these comments right now. please be sure to check your facts before you post. things must change.

  86. alexangel

    alexangel2 години тому

    12 million dollars for a wrongful death. No officers actually charged FOR her death. Only one officer charged for bullets that didn’t even enter inside the apartment. They’re basically laughing in our faces.

  87. Socrates

    SocratesГодину тому

    Young lady you’re as smart as a rock please go skip along some water please

  88. johnboy

    johnboyГодину тому

    facts matter don't sell drugs or let people use you for cover selling drugs

  89. Superman G

    Superman GГодину тому

    police did nothing wrong tho. She was dating a criminal that opened fire from his room onto cops, cops shot back and she was caught in the cross fire. Room was dark so police couldnt see, they were just returning fire where the bullets were coming from. Is that not what happened??? How is that the polices faults???????????? only reason they got 12 million is to try to calm down the fake outrage and looting which clearly didnt work. 12 million was not deserved at all, its tax payers money

  90. Alex Hatfield

    Alex HatfieldГодину тому

    They knocked, announced who they were, and the boyfriend fired at police officers. Neighbors even heard the police knock and announce themselves. Police fired back when shot at and mistakenly killed her. Also, she was in the hallway with her boyfriend, not her bed. Is it wrong she died, absolutely. No racial motive at play and they could not have known she'd die or be shot. They sid everything they could. Charging someone for defending themselves, especially an officer, makes no sense.

  91. MikeN Ike

    MikeN IkeГодину тому

    Do really expect the officers to be jailed for accidentally shooting someone behind a guy with a gun shooting at the cops? Let see how precise you are when your being shot at.

  92. ODOH

    ODOH2 години тому

    WE NEED JUSTICE! The murderers need to go to jail!!!

  93. Legendary ϟuper ϟaiyan

    Legendary ϟuper ϟaiyan2 години тому

    u wuz kangz n sheeeit too right?

  94. All straight males can suck my dick

    All straight males can suck my dick2 години тому

    Str8 white cis males america:

  95. Austin Madore

    Austin Madore2 години тому

    Here we go again with the “peaceful protesters” smh

  96. Jerome Paul

    Jerome Paul2 години тому

    Vote Republican! The only party with common sense

  97. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur MorganГодину тому

    Neither party had common sense, but I’d vote Democrat just to get Trump out of office.

  98. lawngaiyi

    lawngaiyi2 години тому

    Looks totally disgusting.

  99. Are You Ready

    Are You Ready2 години тому

    There is more white people at these BLM protests than black.

  100. First Last

    First Last2 години тому

    Paid for by george soros

  101. Caleb Smith

    Caleb Smith2 години тому

    That’s crazy now I have to be worried about being pulled over by another murder, I’m scared more then ever

  102. Nose teddy

    Nose teddy2 години тому

    Drama kings and queens ...

  103. daUnitedpotato

    daUnitedpotato2 години тому

    An extensive investigation was done, that's what they were wanting and because it's not the result they wanted, they're protesting the decision. Like the guy said who made the decision statement, this type of protesting is only showing you want revenge. You're not wanting justice. They only want those cops charged and locked up because Breonna Taylor was black. If it she was white, I bet no one wouldn't even give this the time of day. The double standards in this country, let alone generation, is unbelievable.

  104. Joyce Boyd

    Joyce Boyd2 години тому

    We people if we look at these protesting about Brendan Taylor trail. If this isn’t enough tell you there something mentally wrong people protest about a criminal, yes criminal that dealt with selling drugs and law enforcement wasn’t found guilty that was enforcing the law. There a darkness that come on our nation and made evil to be made justice and justice to become a thing of evilness. Wake up people demonic spirits have been given power to blind and cause unrest, decision. This isn’t about Taylor is about stopping election 🗳 it about destroying our nation. We sat back allow this evilness to run over our cities. Are we praying and seeking God, or just closing our eyes.

  105. chris hull

    chris hull2 години тому

    the media is luciferian controlled and the protesters need to get jobs

  106. No Thanks

    No Thanks2 години тому

    Most of this shit wouldn't be happening if our government actually held law enforcement accountable for their actions 🙄🙄

  107. Yung Smoove

    Yung Smoove2 години тому

    This disgust me

  108. Carlos Lozada

    Carlos Lozada2 години тому

    Go home LOSER'S

  109. rav_ex

    rav_ex2 години тому

    I swear, this pandemic is going to be going on for years if people keep protesting and gathering in groups

  110. c1 b1

    c1 b12 години тому

    The criminal justice system is racist!

  111. Surfer Gnome

    Surfer Gnome2 години тому

    These people don’t really care about Breonna. They care about the movement (hoping to gain power). People love to have a bad guy. Someone to relieve them from responsibility of being a loser. They’re virtue signaling. They’re very naive. They have no idea what they’re mad at. They’re reacting emotionally to thumbnails and one sentence headlines that fit the liberal narrative. These are not good people. They are not humanitarians. They don’t care about the “victims.” Opportunism. Virtue signaling. Power move. Melodrama. Woe is me. These people feel like they’re losing in life and they’re desperate.

  112. ricki calvin

    ricki calvin2 години тому

    the cops were wrong for just busting in the home without notice i would have killed them for coming in my home so breonna boyfriend was not wrong for protecting his home cops always doing what the hell they want instead of doing things right so all you racist people need to shut the hell up

  113. First Last

    First Last2 години тому

    fake news.

  114. hasan munir

    hasan munir2 години тому

    What happened to liberty and justice for all.

  115. Anya Carlisle

    Anya Carlisle2 години тому

    bruh enough with the protests go home and help stop spreading covid. we had 6 months for George Floyd. Her family already got alot of money what elese do u want.

  116. a hecking walnut

    a hecking walnutГодину тому

    MikeN Ike Drugs weren't involved, and even if they were that's not any excuse to kill someone in their sleep over goddamn drugs

  117. MikeN Ike

    MikeN IkeГодину тому

    a hecking walnut don’t sell drugs in your house and the cops won’t have a reason to show up. And if they do show up, don’t start shooting at them. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Her family hit the hood lottery and are now millionaires.

  118. Evangeline Garcia

    Evangeline GarciaГодину тому

    We want justice money can’t bring George or Brianna back guilty police aren’t getting punished but innocent black people are getting killed

  119. hawrang tai

    hawrang taiГодину тому


  120. a hecking walnut

    a hecking walnut2 години тому

    Actual SYSTEMIC equality. These incidents won't stop for as long as we don't do anything.

  121. Farhan Khann

    Farhan Khann2 години тому

    ahhh shit...... here we go again🤦🏻‍♂️

  122. Eprila Sari

    Eprila Sari2 години тому

    Mampus kao amerika

  123. Kenneth Quinn

    Kenneth Quinn2 години тому

    The fish have been caught, now how to pull them into the boat. The fish always give up a fight, but always end up on the grill.

  124. cuppasmimnie

    cuppasmimnie2 години тому

    these comments are dumb as hell...idc what was decided Breonna has yet to get the justice she deserves

  125. The HeadHunter24

    The HeadHunter242 години тому

    Yeah punish the cop, not the cops. The action of one doesn’t speak for all

  126. PiCkL3

    PiCkL32 години тому

    UAreporter stop promoting this

  127. Giovani Soprano

    Giovani Soprano2 години тому


  128. Sheepdog Warrior

    Sheepdog Warrior2 години тому

    There is a Deceiver.. The media is a Deceiver. Peaceful protesting!!!

  129. Luke Detering

    Luke Detering2 години тому

    7:15 I take issue with the fact that these protesters are blocking people from trying to continue their daily lives. Look I understand your issue is important, but all you are doing by blocking people off is having the opposite of the intended effect. All it's going to do is make people angry at the protesters for disrupting things that they need to get done. Almost no one is going to go "Oh those protestors who stopped my car and trashed the city, I should join and help them"

  130. Jeremy Potter

    Jeremy Potter2 години тому

    Can’t wait to see what South Park is gonna do

  131. Anthony Lopez

    Anthony Lopez2 години тому

    These Black "protestors" aren't wearing masks.

  132. James GLech

    James GLech2 години тому

    Anthony Lopez Did we watch the same video ? People are protesting for social justice and you are looking in the background to see if they are wearing masks so you feel like a smart guy

  133. casey blue

    casey blue2 години тому

    Are you colour blind or did you chose to ignore the other races there?

  134. Craig Bigelow

    Craig Bigelow2 години тому

    Trumps a radical, liberal, CORPERATE, anarchist!

  135. Superman G

    Superman G2 години тому

    how?? when all the elites, hollywood freaks, billion dollar corporations, mainstream media etc etc hate him?? them hating him means he doing something right.

  136. The Vintage Guy

    The Vintage Guy2 години тому

    Here we go again

  137. vincent serrato

    vincent serrato2 години тому

    Democrats caused this