Pulled Pork | Basics with Babish


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with BabishРік тому

    Grab your butts and get to smoking! Big thanks to North Carolina for doing their thing

  2. janda janda

    janda janda7 днів тому

    Lol i live in East North Carolina and I ain’t ever heard of that first one The thick red stuff is the only kind you can get around here

  3. Pixelated Games

    Pixelated Games8 днів тому

    Your welcome! 😂


    RIDËØRDIËFAS L10 днів тому

    MisterJuicyPear nice😂😭

  5. Clodi

    ClodiМісяць тому

    Ngl, I am biased, but i’m pissed that SC wasn’t featured lol.

  6. Kaylee Brown

    Kaylee BrownМісяць тому

    Oml im from north carolina


    SPR INDUSTRIEZTZ2 години тому

    Im confused, i only have caucasian and slightly darker salt??

  8. netartsman1

    netartsman113 годин тому

    Most irritating person on the planet Just do it on a Weber and do it right man

  9. sh0rt bus

    sh0rt bus2 дні тому

    Ive heard rumors about this tiny whisk you speak of

  10. Bryan Salazar

    Bryan Salazar3 дні тому

    1:01 “ ...Its pretty much a mixture of sugar and spice to make everything nice...” 😁 I see what you did there, and I love it!

  11. Fire Brand 72

    Fire Brand 724 дні тому

    My momma could teach you a lesson or two about slaw, plus not to throw shade at North Carolina But Mississippi pulled pork is the king

  12. SkywalkerAni

    SkywalkerAni4 дні тому

    I admit, I'm personally more a fan of the eastern NC vinegar style. I personally think it goes better with pulled pork.

  13. Da Dank Racoon

    Da Dank Racoon5 днів тому

    I like that woucestersuistersichester sauce

  14. J Mills

    J Mills6 днів тому

    Hey y'all. So I live in Eastern North Carolina, the bbq capital of the world. He's right about that one. Vinegar bbq is real bbq and there's nothing like it. Top it with some good slaw and I personally like mayo on my bun but that's just me. With a big glass of super sweet tea and there is n o t h i n g like it. Love watching you Rea! Keep it up! 💜 Much love from New Bern, NC. 🤙🏼🍽️🐖

  15. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment6 днів тому

    Imagine getting sponsored by pork

  16. The Anonymous Cuber

    The Anonymous Cuber6 днів тому

    Mmm, yes, crusty butt

  17. Дмитрий Рейтер

    Дмитрий Рейтер7 днів тому

    Hey dear)) i v made yr recepy.. a great meat but it wasnt that soft and tender like yrs.. so what s the secreet)))) it was 24 ours sous vide on 64 C the 90 min in the oven in about 220.. so i faild a bone test.. it didnt come out properly. thnx

  18. janda janda

    janda janda7 днів тому

    I am in eastern North Carolina and I ain’t even ever heard of that first sauce all the restaurants here serve the second one

  19. Soup

    Soup8 днів тому

    Don’t you mean, Worshirecesterchiresesterchirewhire sauce.

  20. Dovahheimiik

    Dovahheimiik11 днів тому

    When I think pulled pork, one of the things that springs to mind is a slow cooker version. Kinda curious to see it on this channel. Tried a couple recipies from the show before, and they pretty much always turn out to be the best version of the dish at hand that I've had. Plus I have no access to sousvide or a smoker, but I do have a slow cooker. XD

  21. sanjog pawar

    sanjog pawar12 днів тому

    'Pulled pork' always brings about the best of my imagination as tk how its prepared

  22. Omeedius 1500

    Omeedius 150012 днів тому

    I decided to make pulled pork using Babish's spice rub and Chef John's oven cooked pulled pork method and it turned out fantastic! Since I dont have a sous vide (which I eventually plan to get) this is the home method I'd recommend. The only downside is you cant get that beautifully crisp crust on the outside but by all means in creates a deliciously tender pulled pork!

  23. Tristan Wilson

    Tristan Wilson13 днів тому

    People that know how to say worcestershire do be having a seizure doe

  24. Tommy Hill

    Tommy Hill14 днів тому

    2:23 makes me uncomfortable...

  25. Chris Horton

    Chris Horton16 днів тому

    North Carolina has nothing to with mustard in the dry stuff. Also you rarely find anything other than the vinegar in NC. That ketchup is more of midwest type stuff.

  26. peace n love yall

    peace n love yall16 днів тому

    saddest thing about living in actual Worcestershire is that people outside the UK struggle to say it

  27. RiBread

    RiBread17 днів тому

    His New York came out when he said sauce

  28. Joe Grizzly

    Joe Grizzly20 днів тому

    how many vids do I have to watch and how much cooking do I have to do before I am allowed to get a tiny whisk tattoo?

  29. tazmon122

    tazmon12220 днів тому

    1yr later, and i just noticed Babish says "favorite hot sauce" while handling a bottle of Tapatio. i might be a little biased (what with the Cholula tattoo on my leg and all), but that's just wrong. i'll forgive under only if there is an agreed understanding that at the time of filming, all the Cholula in Binging With Babish studios was used up and gone.

  30. Greyson Ellsworth

    Greyson Ellsworth21 день тому


  31. Yok-Oh-No

    Yok-Oh-No22 дні тому

    If you’re gonna make Carolinian Pulled Pork, you need to also make a mustard-based BBQ sauce. Pretty common in South Carolina.


    KEB3RTXELA23 дні тому

    When I heard you say you were going to sous-vied your butt I wanted to cry a little bit. I mean they make smokers the size of a toaster oven. You just wanted to make every southerner cry 😂

  33. Kiril Kirilov

    Kiril Kirilov25 днів тому

    I'm impressed that the auto subtitles recognized and correctly wrote the Worcestershire sauce. 2:01

  34. J Lau

    J Lau26 днів тому

    I was not prepared for the dad jokes. Jesus. Lol!

  35. hamza Elmutaz

    hamza Elmutaz27 днів тому

    People say you cant say 'worchestershire sauce' with your thumb on your finger in your jaw, Stop doing that you look stupid

  36. Joseph Guasco

    Joseph Guasco27 днів тому

    As a North Carolinian, the second sauce shouldn't be tomato based, it's mustard based

  37. OhWhat World

    OhWhat World28 днів тому

    I W A N T A T I N Y W H I S K T A T T O O

  38. jamesg3456

    jamesg345628 днів тому

    I got a bone in shoulder for £14 fed like 8 people

  39. Bruno

    BrunoМісяць тому

    How can anyone dislike a pornfood vídeo this good?

  40. kawaiidoughnuts

    kawaiidoughnutsМісяць тому

    I'm a north carolinian, and with my brother being allergic to vinegar, we do a tomato based bbq, even tho ketchup has vinegar he can eat it and not ya know die

  41. La Verdad

    La VerdadМісяць тому


  42. Adam by god Cotterman

    Adam by god CottermanМісяць тому

    When he said west North Carolina i Immediately yelled "west Nc gang bitch'". Lmao.

  43. Akash Hazarika

    Akash HazarikaМісяць тому

    Like anything u people eat that isn't packed or unprocessed???

  44. AmraphelofShinar

    AmraphelofShinarМісяць тому

    A dry rub sounds uncomfortable.

  45. Jordan Brown

    Jordan BrownМісяць тому

    Screw Carolina bbq! Memphis bbq is king.

  46. Zoe

    ZoeМісяць тому

    When he said "with its fat cap facing upwards so it bastes the meat constantly in melting fat" I came a little

  47. crapcopter

    crapcopterМісяць тому

    *pushed pork*

  48. Daniel J

    Daniel JМісяць тому

    Coleslaw in Mayo not traditional in the Carolinas? o.O whaaaat??

  49. ProfessorMonocle

    ProfessorMonocleМісяць тому

    Alternate but still from North Carolina (OBX) sauce: Take a gallon jug of white vinegar and add black peppercorns, crushed red pepper flakes, minced garlic, and a whole bottle of texas pete's. shake generously and let sit overnight while the pork shoulders in the oven at its lowest temp. Comes out killer every time

  50. SwiftBlade4

    SwiftBlade4Місяць тому

    The first two videos recommended for me are both Porchetta made by Babish and Guga Foods.


    SIDEWAYS RAINМісяць тому

    Fantastic up until the liquid smoke part got to go peace!

  52. Marlowe Name

    Marlowe NameМісяць тому

    “Summer is taking its sweet time getting here but when it does your gonna want to be emotionally prepared.” Well, he wasn’t wrong

  53. Keith Stone

    Keith StoneМісяць тому


  54. Corbin Mulheron

    Corbin MulheronМісяць тому

    A New Yorker showing me how to cook Carolina bbq when i live in NC just seems illegal

  55. Connor Jackson

    Connor JacksonМісяць тому

    Aokay but whwt if you dont havw a sou vide

  56. Payperheirplain

    PayperheirplainМісяць тому

    Pulled pork on a smoker is just... The best.



    i'm a big bbq guy but i have a confession. i don't like pulled pork . i make my smoked butts into pork butt burnt ends.

  58. really shouldn't be here

    really shouldn't be hereМісяць тому

    I just wonder if babish cooks for his neighbors once in a while. And where he lives. And what he's doing right now. And just you know what he's up to.

  59. vaggelis dogas

    vaggelis dogasМісяць тому

    Am i the only one who was waiting the magic phrase ''I know it doesnt look good right now but watch this''

  60. Chris Tillmann

    Chris TillmannМісяць тому

    I used to live in East NC and the first method killed my soul. But I was revived by the second method and addition of coleslaw. All it needs is a side of hush puppies and some collard greens.

  61. funny

    funnyМісяць тому

    now what about pushed pork

  62. Grant MacDonald

    Grant MacDonaldМісяць тому

    4:22 oh.... my god.

  63. tackless

    tacklessМісяць тому

    How many people have one of them things on hand. Dumb video

  64. James Wellington

    James WellingtonМісяць тому

    I smelt that thumbnail.

  65. marklemos

    marklemosМісяць тому

    I use King's Hawaiian sweet rolls with mine. I love pork shoulder it's fun and easy to make.

  66. Mike Kirkland

    Mike KirklandМісяць тому

    Eastern North Carolina BBQ. also known as the only way to properly prepare BBQ

  67. spiegel

    spiegelМісяць тому

    I was liking the recipe and then as soon as I heard the words "sous vide" I said fuck this! Too much trouble. Don't have the equipment for it. Plus there are many great Pork Butt recipes on UAreporter that don't require that.

  68. Abdellah Elmcharfi

    Abdellah ElmcharfiМісяць тому

    Why do americans use a HUGE AMOUNT of spices and flavouring

  69. Travis Roper

    Travis RoperМісяць тому

    super sad you didnt rep SC (SC native) in here with a mustard base sauce

  70. Clodi

    ClodiМісяць тому

    I feel ya, greetings from a Charleston native

  71. Wayne

    WayneМісяць тому

    You lost me at trim the fat.

  72. jon don

    jon donМісяць тому

    this pulled pork gave me a raging boner.

  73. Mittens

    MittensМісяць тому

    Dude just couldn’t resist showing off. It’s “basics” and he just had to sous vide this. Christ, just stick it in a crock pot or the oven the whole time, it’s not that complicated.

  74. StarNameKev

    StarNameKevМісяць тому

    It be like that sometimes

  75. Eric Perry

    Eric PerryМісяць тому

    If youre going with the Lexington style shoulder, try it with red slaw for the full monty.

  76. LeoLondon

    LeoLondonМісяць тому

    I almost drowned in my own saliva.

  77. Eli Appleby

    Eli ApplebyМісяць тому

    Please do a pork tenderloin video!

  78. Fury 2006

    Fury 2006Місяць тому

    Is your mouth watering or is it just me?!

  79. 1plurb

    1plurbМісяць тому

    Thanks for doing this sous vide. Will be doing mine with a combo of sous vide then smoker at real low temp.

  80. CharlieFoulkes

    CharlieFoulkes2 місяці тому

    Is this a joke? F*cking ludicrous.

  81. Ignatescu Rares

    Ignatescu Rares2 місяці тому

    As I keep watching more and more american recipes, all I see is X parts sugar everywhere. Everytime.

  82. Dom Lucido

    Dom Lucido2 місяці тому

    No mustard???

  83. SOVANN Vathana

    SOVANN Vathana2 місяці тому

    Sugar Spice To make a dry rub nice

  84. John Adams

    John Adams2 місяці тому

    Every unintelligent video tuber! Adds music to their tutorials. One arrive at your video to learn, and simply resent banging music which hampering comfortable listing. Can you not be normal and avoid that shit?

  85. Johnny

    Johnny2 місяці тому

    A few glugs of Worsh-sh-sh-sh-shshu sauce

  86. Keem

    Keem2 місяці тому

    Sadly we ain’t getting summer this year

  87. Alex Guerin

    Alex Guerin2 місяці тому

    Why would you do it sous vide knowing damn well very few people have one 🤦‍♂️