Rainbow Six Quarantine: E3 2019 Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  1. Kearz

    Kearz2 дні тому

    Are they gonna do anything with this

  2. Bintang Cahyana

    Bintang Cahyana3 дні тому

    can't wait for richtofen to blast some random dude brains off

  3. Luis Anthony Martinez

    Luis Anthony Martinez4 дні тому

    I would be glad if they made that mode in rainbow six siege so we can play it when ever we want to I dont want it to be limited like last year

  4. Anfernee

    Anfernee5 днів тому

    Still waiting on a real Tom Clancy game like Patriots or a RS Vegas successor. With each year they get more delusional.

  5. Anfernee

    Anfernee5 днів тому

    Tom Clancy loved to write about aliens and quarantines.....

  6. Matthew Spurlock

    Matthew Spurlock5 днів тому

    Been five months and still no new info >:(

  7. Onur Eren Kayıkçı

    Onur Eren Kayıkçı6 днів тому

    That Infected boi can be Rook? Becouse his kneecaps and pants sane with rook

  8. No Commentary Guy

    No Commentary Guy6 днів тому

    Relax guys they will downgrade the graphics lol

  9. Erik Lewis

    Erik Lewis6 днів тому

    More Proof Ubisoft is terrible now.

  10. Shuntian Yao

    Shuntian Yao6 днів тому

    Ubisoft: there will be hostage mode Fuze: *breathing intensifies*

  11. deusthemachina

    deusthemachina7 днів тому

    Ela: you're finally awake!

  12. korosi

    korosi9 днів тому

    yo is that harry

  13. 67518isaking

    67518isaking9 днів тому

    Siege Halloween is getting its own game

  14. Chief Biscuits

    Chief Biscuits10 днів тому

    those vein thingy growing in his hand kinda gives me goosebumps

  15. LordTachanka -

    LordTachanka -9 днів тому

    Yeah 😬

  16. Alpha Bronco Two Zero

    Alpha Bronco Two Zero10 днів тому

    They just Metal Gear Survived their fucking Tom Clancy game

  17. Eᴛʜᴀɴ

    Eᴛʜᴀɴ11 днів тому

    All i can imagine is Vigil and Ela heading in and Lion's just sitting at the entrance door holding it open while shouting at the infected for trespassing and one by one the infected just leaves upset

  18. Gwuank

    Gwuank11 днів тому

    Dont care

  19. King Nimrod

    King Nimrod11 днів тому

    Is this a free expansion or not?

  20. The CrazyPug

    The CrazyPug8 днів тому

    Nah. Not even a DLC. Whole new game

  21. ZeroHxC07

    ZeroHxC0713 днів тому

    Why rainbow six tho? Wouldn´t it be better if it was a new IP without the constraints of R6? I am not a game dev but hey just a thought.

  22. stellar gaming

    stellar gaming14 днів тому

    What happened to this???

  23. The CrazyPug

    The CrazyPug8 днів тому

    Delay. It'll be released in 2021

  24. Soju

    Soju14 днів тому


  25. Studio Semantics

    Studio Semantics15 днів тому

    ubisoft havent even perfect R6 siege yet... but zombie sounds cool

  26. CuBe_ReALitY

    CuBe_ReALitY15 днів тому

    Do we have a release date?

  27. Supreme Senpai

    Supreme Senpai15 днів тому

    What the game about?

  28. The CrazyPug

    The CrazyPug15 днів тому

    No one knows. But its confirmed to be set several years after the events of the outbreak mission campaign

  29. juan cruz torres

    juan cruz torres16 днів тому

    is like alien colonial marines (the film) XD

  30. AJ WYLMS

    AJ WYLMS16 днів тому

    So I wonder how many of our favorite characters from Rainbow Six are gonna get zombified. Racha ka is physically impossible because of how chunky he is.

  31. Nemtudom hogy Hívnak

    Nemtudom hogy Hívnak16 днів тому

    I just heard a Rooter??

  32. Venom shock7494

    Venom shock749417 днів тому

    They should make a horror game.

  33. R2 D2 GAMER

    R2 D2 GAMER17 днів тому

    Who’s here after the 3 delayed games?

  34. Jack Carver from Far Cry 1

    Jack Carver from Far Cry 116 днів тому

    Me. I'm kind of glad becuase for the past years, Ubisoft have been making generic games with re skinned assets...

  35. dre key

    dre key17 днів тому

    OH LOOK.... Another zombie game. joy

  36. the geth

    the geth17 днів тому

    you guys realize their taking a basic horde mode that most games tack on as an afterthought, that could have just been a DLC for siege, and trying to milk it into a full price game right?

  37. Benjamin Ice

    Benjamin Ice17 днів тому

    I’m sure this one gonna be a disaster as Ghost Recon Breakpoint...... just saying the true facts...

  38. Benjamin Ice

    Benjamin Ice17 днів тому

    R2 D2 GAMER LMAO nice joke

  39. R2 D2 GAMER

    R2 D2 GAMER17 днів тому

    Benjamin Ice that’s not true because rainbow six got it fixed quickly

  40. Beavis Luckyano

    Beavis Luckyano18 днів тому

    Where is lord tachanka when we need him

  41. Thomas Hynes

    Thomas Hynes18 днів тому

    Watch this be an Ubisoft Downgrade or turn out like Rainbow Patriots. I hope it doesn't.

  42. BOT Connor

    BOT Connor18 днів тому

    Ela and Vigil ?

  43. Outlaw By Nature

    Outlaw By Nature18 днів тому

    *Tom Clancy* : My games are about *REALISM* *Resident Evil* : Chill bro, take a break and learn from me *Tom Clancy* : ……Okay

  44. Thanos chin

    Thanos chin18 днів тому

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimmme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme IT SHALL BE MINE!!!!!

  45. Jared Wiggins

    Jared Wiggins19 днів тому

    Oh boy this is getting good Xenomorphs from Alien franchise in Rainbow Six Quarantine!

  46. Moeen Khan

    Moeen Khan19 днів тому

    If this game was russian it would have been called Rainbow Six Gulag

  47. KC Heckathorn

    KC Heckathorn19 днів тому

    Me: Release date? Ubi: Around March 31, 2019. Me: Wait. That was almost a year ago.. Ubi:

  48. ArnoldsK

    ArnoldsK20 днів тому

    Why the hell does Ela look completely different. Like the face is not even close to her 3D model.

  49. Jan Andersen

    Jan Andersen20 днів тому

    What is this? This is not Rainbow six. Ubi? Tell me that this is a joke? Pleas, Tell me its a joke. If you wonder why your games getting bad sales, you have the perfect reason here. Have you forgotten what Rainbow Six is? Rainbow Six and Ghost recon were really good games... Around 2000. Here 20 years later we se this. And this is so fantastic bad i lack words? Make the old games with new tech and People will play your games again. But this rainbow game is going to dissapoint you. And you cant save it, just the wrong game. Ubi, you so fantastic far away from where you need to be. Love a very concerned fan.

  50. Burstify

    Burstify17 днів тому


  51. LoLife

    LoLife20 днів тому

    Is this a whole new game or just a add on


    MUSTAFA SALİH TURGUT20 днів тому

    Rainbow Toxic: Bug


    MUSTAFA SALİH TURGUT20 днів тому

    Rainbow Toxic: Bug

  54. Blueforce Aero

    Blueforce Aero21 день тому

    Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Code Veronica)


    X vUNKNOWN_-PL4YERv X21 день тому

    Is this a game or an update?

  56. R2 D2 GAMER

    R2 D2 GAMER17 днів тому

    X vUNKNOWN_-PL4YERv X a whole new game

  57. The CrazyPug

    The CrazyPug21 день тому


  58. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    Afro Pharaoh's Medjays21 день тому

    They Need to Add Some African Operationers South Africa and West Africa and East Africa an also as Well

  59. JΛMΛ

    JΛMΛ17 днів тому

    so you got something against North Africa 😂😂

  60. The CrazyPug

    The CrazyPug21 день тому

    WhO kilLed CapaTain AlEx???

  61. XDiamondHD XIII

    XDiamondHD XIII22 дні тому


  62. The Huns King

    The Huns King22 дні тому

    0:53 You can faintly hear Kapkans EDD so Confirmed Ops are :ELA VIGIL AND KAPKAN so far

  63. R2 D2 GAMER

    R2 D2 GAMER17 днів тому

    The Huns King he was about to put it on lol that’s true

  64. John Capello III

    John Capello III22 дні тому

    Rainbow six scare me shitless

  65. tiger wong

    tiger wong22 дні тому

    If only the game graphics really look like this...😁

  66. VideoGameVeenok

    VideoGameVeenok22 дні тому

    That's totally a different VA for Vigil, right?

  67. The CrazyPug

    The CrazyPug22 дні тому

    What's a VA

  68. Νεκταριος Ταυριδης

    Νεκταριος Ταυριδης23 дні тому

    Can u make a game like rainbow is magic.thats the question!

  69. SAM

    SAM23 дні тому

    Is this an update for rainbow six siege ?

  70. Noel

    Noel23 дні тому

    It's a whole new game

  71. PixelFoxtrot - Gun Syncs

    PixelFoxtrot - Gun Syncs23 дні тому

    Look at this dude going suppressed 1911

  72. Abdullah the Bomber

    Abdullah the Bomber24 дні тому

    When is this coming out

  73. The CrazyPug

    The CrazyPug21 день тому

    2021, there has been an unexpected delay in the production of many upcoming Ubisoft games.

  74. Noel

    Noel23 дні тому


  75. LayerZlayer 2000

    LayerZlayer 200024 дні тому

    Sry guys it's coming 2020 or 2021

  76. Vadim Wolk

    Vadim Wolk24 дні тому

    Great..... A Zombie/Mutant game uuuuhhh yaaay.... Thats what we all are waiting for......

  77. Damon R

    Damon R24 дні тому