Rainbow Six Quarantine: E3 2019 Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  1. BLAZE3601 GD

    BLAZE3601 GD2 години тому

    wait so they got 2 defenders extracting someone wait so in a zombie apocalypse hiding from electronics is key

  2. Branker Roberts

    Branker Roberts6 годин тому

    This rainbow six siege was the one I was excited for, slower paced, good looking (although I'm pretty sure every reveal trailer is like this), without getting one tapped by someone in the first 60 seconds of every round, maybe even a little fun. Hopefully quarantine tickles my fancy

  3. Matt- _Galaxy

    Matt- _Galaxy11 годин тому

    Futur skin for Ela ? 🥰

  4. Emre Leştiri

    Emre Leştiri16 годин тому

    ee sikerim ananı bu ne amk korku filmimi yapıyonuz amk

  5. Lucios1995

    Lucios1995День тому

    I saw black veins and i thought it was a ZombiU sequel, you bastards

  6. Vovancheg31

    Vovancheg31День тому

    What they did with ma girl... Sad...

  7. Bacon Jesus

    Bacon JesusДень тому

    Is that a completely new game or a game mode for RB6?

  8. Lord TACHANKA

    Lord TACHANKAДень тому

    New game or game mode ?

  9. Franklin_Clinton08

    Franklin_Clinton08День тому

    Vigil And Ela Saved Who Ever that person is

  10. Eᴛʜᴀɴ

    EᴛʜᴀɴДень тому

    *Uses drone and there are pings everywhere* Lion: *Chuckles nervously*

  11. Uncle Lester

    Uncle Lester2 дні тому

    I can’t wait for the cutscenes

  12. hijackedbroom -

    hijackedbroom -2 дні тому

    Reminds me of GTFO

  13. Bug Batts

    Bug Batts2 дні тому

    Ela and Vigil are gonna be in it? Or is it all of the operators?

  14. Nuke220

    Nuke2202 дні тому

    ok then

  15. umaru chan

    umaru chan2 дні тому

    HELL YES OUTBREAK OR ATLEAST A VERSION OF IT IS BACK! even if its an entirely new game ):


    TRE FUSION3 дні тому

    Age-restricted gang

  17. Simplex Cub

    Simplex Cub3 дні тому

    Bruh Outbreak 2.0

  18. Armando Ortiz

    Armando Ortiz4 дні тому

    So...basically outbreak 2

  19. Dan Blues

    Dan Blues4 дні тому

    I loved outbreak back in chimera glad they’re keeping this stuff up

  20. Michał Stolarski

    Michał Stolarski4 дні тому

    REC5 trailer xD

  21. ember_ lynn

    ember_ lynn4 дні тому

    Jeez I hope Ela is hitting those shots with the recoil on that gun.

  22. Uma vida no espaço

    Uma vida no espaço4 дні тому

    Espero que tenha coop local :D

  23. Real Thanos

    Real Thanos4 дні тому

    *jackal use ability* *Also jackal : WTF*

  24. Anh HOANG

    Anh HOANG4 дні тому

    wait, if this is like a separate game, maybe GUbisoft will take this chance to rework Tachanka, is this why the game will be out in 2020? hmmmm

  25. Станислав Шкроб

    Станислав Шкроб5 днів тому

    Outbreak 2.0?

  26. Gaymerqueen801 GQ801

    Gaymerqueen801 GQ8015 днів тому

    Tom Clancy meets Michael Crichton..... I'm in

  27. SaltyJuns DoesAnimation

    SaltyJuns DoesAnimation6 днів тому


  28. Local Dealer

    Local Dealer6 днів тому


  29. inquisidor 320 xDDD

    inquisidor 320 xDDD6 днів тому

    I want the outbreak theme in the game

  30. Zombie Gaming

    Zombie Gaming6 днів тому

    I have three theories, either more of the Outbreak Virus, a weird Techno Virus due to the image of Lion, Ela and Vigil or Shadow Beings Which is why he aims at shadows on the wall. I mean a techno virus would make sense of Vigil being there but I’m hoping it’s outbreak.

  31. oof PoweR

    oof PoweR7 днів тому

    this is coming with six siege right if not imma be pissed

  32. The CrazyPug

    The CrazyPug6 днів тому

    No its a full new game

  33. David Kim

    David Kim7 днів тому

    Iz DAt eLA boSAk?

  34. not NToob

    not NToob8 днів тому

    will this be like the out break event in siege?

  35. MrListenPlease

    MrListenPlease10 днів тому

    Can we make this game split screen

  36. ðαη

    ðαη10 днів тому

    So... Rainbow with zombies? Cool.

  37. Klaun G

    Klaun G11 днів тому

    zombie zombie !!!

  38. Curious Hawk

    Curious Hawk11 днів тому

    This one better end with thermite dropping a nuclear bomb.

  39. keylock

    keylock11 днів тому

    So it's a new game? Or a new dlc? (I would love if it's a update (dlc))

  40. Rolyt

    Rolyt10 днів тому

    Entirely new game

  41. DansGamers 01

    DansGamers 0111 днів тому

    Everyday They Stop Terosristm From making A Trouble and Viruses.. BUT HOW THE HECK THE TERORIST MADE THAT ZOMBIE VIRUS THING

  42. goldimari

    goldimari13 днів тому

    R6 player: can we get a proper campaign for my tactical shooter? Ubisoft: fight zombies with 2 other guys R6 player: looks at copy of Raven Shield(2003) * It has been 16 damn years!!! Ubisoft: we got Ela body pillows to sell

  43. O-5 Administrator [REDACTED]

    O-5 Administrator [REDACTED]13 днів тому

    If Thermite was part of the rescue operation, the entire place would have been nuked.

  44. XxLoneWolf21

    XxLoneWolf2113 днів тому

    Rainbow Six meets Doom?

  45. Christian Calso

    Christian Calso13 днів тому

    As excited as I am for a new R6, why is it zombies again? What ever happened to counter terrorism?

  46. swagvevo

    swagvevo13 днів тому

    Looks like we finally got Left 4 Dead 3

  47. Utkan Yasin Kılıç

    Utkan Yasin Kılıç13 днів тому

    What about nuking the town?

  48. Michelangelo Draconis

    Michelangelo Draconis14 днів тому

    VR ?

  49. InCogNitro

    InCogNitro14 днів тому

    The virus could be a mutation of the Chimera virus, due to the subject's arm beginning to mutate rather rapidly and how it appears similar(?) to the Chimera virus. Jut a guess though.

  50. VLK trickyy

    VLK trickyy14 днів тому

    vigil and ela?

  51. echo_the_thicc_boi

    echo_the_thicc_boi16 днів тому

    Yokai could have gotten him out

  52. Agpiplup

    Agpiplup16 днів тому

    Instead of Zombies i see Alien