Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge - New Operators Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  1. J Audraazar

    J Audraazar3 години тому

    My grandma when I tell her I havent eaten since yesterday 0:02

  2. Henry VIII

    Henry VIII6 годин тому

    Dying siege: the team killing *good game, good night*

  3. Gaming Toaster

    Gaming Toaster7 годин тому

    0:01 when dem pizza rolls are done

  4. jeielholds r2

    jeielholds r27 годин тому

    When you’re getting tracked by jackal 0:02

  5. Locde Mate

    Locde Mate9 годин тому

    So we got Sia and Bull from Brawl Stars coming to r6s

  6. Jaden Hodge

    Jaden Hodge10 годин тому

    0:02 tracer is now in Rainbow six siege

  7. Péter Románszky

    Péter Románszky10 годин тому

    The world's most elite operators: Girl on moon, and guy who runs fast.

  8. Сталинград 1943

    Сталинград 194312 годин тому

    Where's Tachanka Review

  9. Fact / Fraud

    Fact / Fraud13 годин тому

    Okay, Rainbow has officially jumped the shark.

  10. WaTsukiლ

    WaTsukiლ16 годин тому


  11. A B

    A B16 годин тому

    Bring back recruit sheild option

  12. DominusDeBello

    DominusDeBello17 годин тому

    This is getting hillariously stupid now

  13. LordVader1094

    LordVader109423 години тому

    It's literally just anime now, lmao

  14. Isaac Strauch

    Isaac StrauchДень тому

    0:25 me when i get home early from school

  15. Archer Johanson

    Archer JohansonДень тому

    0:00 Me: I smell pop tarts.


    JOSEPH STALINДень тому

    If I bought the most expensive rainbow six siege does this mean I get them when they come out?

  17. ᅠ

    День тому

    Oryx looks like he's too mad to die

  18. rm

    rmДень тому

    *lunch bell rings* the fat kid: 0:02

  19. thermite

    thermiteДень тому

    0:02 F L I N T L O C K W O O D

  20. SkitzStuff

    SkitzStuffДень тому

    0:15 when your girl home alone

  21. Yurr Ye

    Yurr YeДень тому

    Wait is that Fortress Kaid's command post? Didn't they just bring Fortress back into quick match?

  22. Tesco Everyday Value Tissues

    Tesco Everyday Value TissuesДень тому

    When you hear fuze using his cluster charge 0:02

  23. M F Y

    M F YДень тому

    Still waiting for FOV on Consoles...

  24. Azukaria

    AzukariaДень тому

    Oryx: OH YEAH!

  25. Cheesyminer

    CheesyminerДень тому

    0:25 DACHNESS!!!

  26. Thomas Larkin

    Thomas LarkinДень тому

    Operation bane, and ghost in the shell.

  27. call me Klyde

    call me KlydeДень тому

    *Insert cloudy with a chance of meatballs cop meme* 0:03

  28. Dismas

    DismasДень тому

    about time when terrorist joins rainbow six

  29. Idris Corvus

    Idris Corvus2 дні тому

    Everybody gangsta until the wall and hatch start speak Jordanian.

  30. DaTs_SaD

    DaTs_SaD2 дні тому

    Oryx chill off on the monster energy

  31. E W

    E W2 дні тому

    When cav is about to interrogate your teammate 0:02

  32. airpilot

    airpilot2 дні тому

    Muscle Rider

  33. سعد القرني

    سعد القرني2 дні тому

    0:02 this actually reminds me of that atack on titan scene when the armored titan destroyed the wall


    МОНОЛИТОВЕЦ2 дні тому


  35. King Golden170

    King Golden1702 дні тому

    How am I supposed to watch the 6th invontatonal if its age restricted?

  36. CravenDrip8435

    CravenDrip84352 дні тому

    So it's Sparta and NASA that's joining the game... aight I can dig it lmao

  37. bola shop

    bola shop2 дні тому

    next movie..

  38. MaLa

    MaLa2 дні тому

    nobody: my dog when the doorbell rings: 0:02

  39. Louie Anguiano

    Louie Anguiano2 дні тому

    0:02 “interrogation.”

  40. abdelhadi shneiakt

    abdelhadi shneiakt2 дні тому

    iana looks like raiden from mgs2

  41. Daffy Gaphh

    Daffy Gaphh2 дні тому

    0:02 Boonk gang after purchasing new item

  42. Daffy Gaphh

    Daffy Gaphh2 дні тому

    0:02 When you saw a hot picture during your class and eventually coming home for beating your meat

  43. Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doo2 дні тому

    You're trying too hard man

  44. Martin Balogh

    Martin Balogh2 дні тому

    0:02 when school fight starts and the first grade running to the teacher

  45. Alexandré Kotch

    Alexandré Kotch2 дні тому


  46. TLR

    TLR2 дні тому

    0:16 Oh Yeahhhb

  47. Zenki

    Zenki2 дні тому

    When you see an enemy on a camera 0:02

  48. TheDapperPineappel

    TheDapperPineappel2 дні тому

    Defenders: **Hear Fuze charge on bomb site ** Defenders: 0:02

  49. Criminal Gaming

    Criminal Gaming2 дні тому

    Me: I'm getting kind of bored with Siege, it all just starts to feel overly toxic and sweaty in here and it's- Ubi: Tachanka rework, we're giving him a mobile LMG and a grenade launcher the size of Doc's forearms. Me: 0:02

  50. Amazing Human

    Amazing Human2 дні тому

    0:03 when you break the rook armor before anyone picks it up

  51. SangerZonvolt

    SangerZonvolt2 дні тому

    So, the new Operator is from the US spaceforce?

  52. GTSgamer101

    GTSgamer1013 дні тому

    When your girl tells you her parents aren't home and she needs you 0:02

  53. Aleksander Nox

    Aleksander Nox3 дні тому

    0:02 when you see new funny joke at 0:02

  54. fivestart ry

    fivestart ry3 дні тому

    The pregnancy test: Positive My dad: 0:02

  55. Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne Johnson3 дні тому

    Me when I have diarrhea and I’m racing to the toilet. 0:02

  56. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo3 дні тому

    Trailer: Oryx runs through a stone wall Ingame: Can only run through soft walls

  57. Wabbit -tan

    Wabbit -tan3 дні тому

    another thicc op... noice

  58. No Body

    No Body3 дні тому

    When the Asian kid sneezes in my class 0:02

  59. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo3 дні тому

    Operation: Sinister 6

  60. Sébastien Bertrand

    Sébastien Bertrand3 дні тому

    koolaid ad be like

  61. Dhian Bona

    Dhian Bona3 дні тому

    next operators should be a necromancer and an armored knight

  62. Matt Keita

    Matt Keita3 дні тому

    0:02 when you hear the fuse charge get planted into the wall