Rainbow Six Siege: Sugar Fright Event | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  1. NLrenzo

    NLrenzo2 дні тому

    Baking Bread

  2. TheGamingMaster05

    TheGamingMaster053 дні тому

    what is music

  3. Fgyjt Ingeniero Europeo

    Fgyjt Ingeniero Europeo3 дні тому

    I think the event was cute.

  4. Dane Roschen

    Dane Roschen4 дні тому

    Well this is terrifying.

  5. Saifullah Habid

    Saifullah Habid5 днів тому

    Bandit. What did you do to that sweet that frost ate

  6. Hellz

    Hellz5 днів тому

    Hope this game mode comes back more often.. Waste if it was only for just 2 weeks.

  7. Andros Forever

    Andros Forever11 днів тому

    miss this mode :( bring it back!

  8. 커여운종신대표홍준표

    커여운종신대표홍준표12 днів тому

    Trick or treat, mothx@%kers :)

  9. Richard Avelino

    Richard Avelino14 днів тому

    The part where they kill Pulse and Frost is shell shocked had me dying.

  10. Itzel Sánchez

    Itzel Sánchez16 днів тому

    I dont like it

  11. G T

    G T16 днів тому

    It's SO bad

  12. Roblox Demogorgon

    Roblox Demogorgon18 днів тому

    Welcome to The muppets get pelted with bullets

  13. Matrydom

    Matrydom18 днів тому

    Im having DHMIS vibes

  14. Wave

    Wave19 днів тому

    It's amazing how siege only becomes worsens with time.

  15. Ke0zom

    Ke0zom19 днів тому

    *OMG, Ça me fait penser à DiGiDiX !!!* 😂

  16. Micheal Lewandowski

    Micheal Lewandowski20 днів тому

    what kind of american candy was Frost eating?

  17. تبتب رلوب

    تبتب رلوب20 днів тому

    This is terrifying

  18. CDMvon ZOLWIe

    CDMvon ZOLWIe20 днів тому

    Ok i just got suspended for 24 hours whilst playing.. wow you guys are amazing.

  19. nic

    nic21 день тому

    i somehow love it and hate it at the same time

  20. João Victor

    João Victor22 дні тому

    This should be a normal mode, not an event

  21. Brobje V

    Brobje V22 дні тому

    This mode is awful, but skins are nice.

  22. earlysteven gamer number 2

    earlysteven gamer number 223 дні тому


  23. L7ckyDuck

    L7ckyDuck23 дні тому

    For some reason, I think this would workout great as a movie

  24. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu23 дні тому

    When you take more then the recommended amount of vitamin gummy for the day

  25. Doodabeat

    Doodabeat23 дні тому

    HAHAHAHA! 😆😂

  26. Tony Peppermint

    Tony Peppermint23 дні тому

    Oh, good Lord, Frost is gonna have a intense headache.

  27. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu23 дні тому

    I kinda like this event, not gonna lie.

  28. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt24 дні тому

    When Bandit gives Frost the DRUGS

  29. Thing Two

    Thing Two24 дні тому

    I think bandit drugged frost's candy

  30. YumadBro Gaming

    YumadBro Gaming24 дні тому

    Absolutely the worst thing ever introduced to Any game for a "Halloween event" it's not even balanced either, legit just a spwan camping game of kill confirmed.

  31. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt24 дні тому

    Seems like the Siege guys are fan of BTS Dynamite. 🤭

  32. Graurgh

    Graurgh25 днів тому

    When the game modes fun but the cosmetics are dogshit

  33. Chout Wick

    Chout Wick25 днів тому

    Love it! Sesame Street Siege

  34. 91234milan

    91234milan25 днів тому

    Ubi you are teribble... Idk how you as one BIG dev success in FAILURE!?... WORST event on planet EARTH....

  35. Echoboomer1987

    Echoboomer198725 днів тому

    And I thought Cav was psychotic.

  36. Crimsia Eve

    Crimsia Eve25 днів тому

    Smoke: "Hold your fire, you muppet!" Me wearing the new operator skin:

  37. Richard Avelino

    Richard Avelino14 днів тому

    Bruh I'm dead

  38. Crimsia Eve

    Crimsia Eve25 днів тому

    *The whole attacking team is wearing the new operator skins* Clash: "You Fockin' Muppets!"

  39. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon25 днів тому

    If I don't get a puppet head in my free packs im throwing something

  40. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon26 днів тому

    Nobody talking about how frost using the r4-c

  41. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon25 днів тому

    It’s kinda boring

  42. Psion

    Psion26 днів тому


  43. Daniele Musica

    Daniele Musica26 днів тому

    It s good but this game ban

  44. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon26 днів тому

    I'm gonna be honest with you ubi This event sucks

  45. Elvia Darkgrape

    Elvia Darkgrape27 днів тому

    Frost and iq Are the biggest rivals of Rainbow

  46. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt27 днів тому

    Plot twist: The update will include Kermit the frog as a new operator

  47. Broken _immortal

    Broken _immortal27 днів тому

    Can i use some help i boght the r6 game on free weekend and then i tells buy the full game but i tap on it and dosent say the opions to buy please ubisift help me i am on ps4

  48. rockstar_racoon

    rockstar_racoon27 днів тому

    I kinda like this event, not gonna lie.

  49. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt27 днів тому

    This is like a Brendan Urie fever dream

  50. Roykaiii

    Roykaiii27 днів тому

    They made the Wamai shake canon!

  51. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu28 днів тому

    Simulations of killing another human being - OK Cursing - Oh dear, dear gorgeus

  52. Shin Jara

    Shin Jara28 днів тому

    Seems like the Siege guys are fan of BTS Dynamite. 🤭

  53. DrDapper

    DrDapper28 днів тому

    muppet show looking kinda different

  54. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu28 днів тому

    event some ppls just doing spawn kill only that the event name should be "SPAWN RUSH" pls change that event

  55. DOOM Dragon Goblin Slayer Trinity

    DOOM Dragon Goblin Slayer Trinity28 днів тому

    Who gave the developers acid to where they are like "So we turn them into puppets and they spray colored sugar when shot"

  56. Disco

    Disco28 днів тому

    I don’t think it’s “candy” that she had too much of.

  57. Shady Memer

    Shady Memer28 днів тому

    "Trick or Treat mo*********" is my new favorite Frost line

  58. Nighthawk80s

    Nighthawk80s28 днів тому

    It’s kinda boring

  59. Lucas R

    Lucas R28 днів тому

    If I don't get a puppet head in my free packs im throwing something

  60. Jan Zizka

    Jan Zizka28 днів тому

    this is terrible, terrible

  61. MrAlig8tor

    MrAlig8tor28 днів тому

    I'm gonna be honest with you ubi This event sucks

  62. haseorbit

    haseorbit28 днів тому

    This should be a permanent mode.

  63. Bread_Triscuit

    Bread_Triscuit28 днів тому

    Can I just say when was mother a bad word?

  64. Arquell Jones

    Arquell Jones28 днів тому

    ahh I see frost ate some of bandit's "candy"

  65. Chris Jamieson

    Chris Jamieson28 днів тому

    This is like a Brendan Urie fever dream

  66. striate solid27

    striate solid2728 днів тому

    Why is it age restrictive?

  67. DarkPhantom5 999

    DarkPhantom5 99928 днів тому

    I'm dead and you're dead to..... This is our punishment for what we did on earth 😭

  68. Mystic

    Mystic28 днів тому

    Toys 5 leaked movie


    RİCK SANCHEZ28 днів тому

    worse event ever they made ı think as palyers and rainbow six comunity we deserve a sorry gift a "sorry" event perhabs the 2019 holoween evnet ıdk but this one is such a bad event some ppls just doing spawn kill only that the event name should be "SPAWN RUSH" pls change that event

  70. سوبر اوتاكو Super Otaku

    سوبر اوتاكو Super Otaku28 днів тому

    عربي لايك Anmi

  71. larmoth401

    larmoth40128 днів тому

    I think the skins are really cool and the event idea is great, but it just doesn't fit Halloween to me. Like this would have been an awesome April Fools event, but as a Halloween event comparing it to the Doktor's Curse, it's kind of dissapointing.

  72. JongJang อาปาเจเฮ่

    JongJang อาปาเจเฮ่28 днів тому

    We want Thai subtitles in this game please.

  73. quarantined cat

    quarantined cat28 днів тому

    "Godammit Bandit, we told you not to replace the sugar with meth 10 times already" -Literally every operator in the lunch room

  74. Shifted

    Shifted28 днів тому

    Tom Clancy's Fortnite.

  75. S41F XD

    S41F XD28 днів тому

    im getting constantly banned when i leave the game in this game mode in the middle of the game (im on a 24 hour ban rn)

  76. Reverse OverLoad

    Reverse OverLoad28 днів тому

    Dammit ubi it’s just the fuckin myopic gang all over again


    THE ENIGMA28 днів тому

    This is actually low.

  78. 『 You 』

    『 You 』28 днів тому

    I guess Frost got tipsy on Smoke's Canister.

  79. Miss Nakita

    Miss Nakita29 днів тому

    This event was sick trick or treat motherfuckers

  80. Lord Tachanka

    Lord Tachanka29 днів тому

    bro my net get bad some times and they remove me from the match and i get a abandon sanction wtf im never playing this mode

  81. MackofejFTW

    MackofejFTW29 днів тому

    Terrible event, just bring back Doctor's Curse next time pls...

  82. Sacred Ascension Productions

    Sacred Ascension Productions29 днів тому

    This is lame as hell.

  83. FBI Agent

    FBI Agent29 днів тому

    This mode sucks

  84. Lucas Wozniak

    Lucas Wozniak29 днів тому

    I can already hear the autistic jokes from Heavenly

  85. Dr. Medic

    Dr. Medic29 днів тому

    The aesthetic of this event is cursed af! Please end my life.

  86. Wraith Playz

    Wraith Playz29 днів тому

    I like how the pulse headgear was hacked in like 2 months ago

  87. FlashONY1

    FlashONY129 днів тому

    Rip Pulse 0:22

  88. AjGoneWild

    AjGoneWild29 днів тому

    That just unlocked a memory when she said I’m not trapped in here with u.. ur trapped in here with me from the watchman movie

  89. tbblobnoern ä

    tbblobnoern ä29 днів тому

    Tom Clancy's The Muppets

  90. Articlaws

    Articlaws29 днів тому

    Haha tf2

  91. Emilio Jada

    Emilio Jada29 днів тому

    Is this sesame street?

  92. Paul Abramchuk

    Paul Abramchuk29 днів тому

    This just like the muppets but with guns and grenades

  93. Marauder Slayer .50 years ago

    Marauder Slayer .50 years ago29 днів тому

    I got spawn killed multiple times in this event more than cod and that's saying something

  94. Martin Aljas

    Martin Aljas29 днів тому

    cocaine is a hell of a drug

  95. RWP Bikelife

    RWP Bikelife29 днів тому

    And They Call This A Mature 17+ Game? What Happend With RB6 😅😪

  96. ric

    ric29 днів тому

    Acid Six Siege

  97. Femboy Hooters

    Femboy Hooters29 днів тому

    this is your brain on lsd

  98. Max Douse

    Max Douse29 днів тому

    Honestly i would have preferred last years game mode this just felt kinda bland

  99. Halil Halilibram

    Halil Halilibram29 днів тому

    Dont do drugs

  100. LosFantostas Dzenis

    LosFantostas Dzenis29 днів тому

    What type of drugs did bandid put in there

  101. SSGoku 71

    SSGoku 7129 днів тому

    Sesame Street

  102. Nyan Sento

    Nyan Sento29 днів тому

    Hmm you could of brought the other mode back but no

  103. Arsene _Redfire

    Arsene _Redfire29 днів тому

    0:33 does monty have a bakery? (look at the wall behind frost)

  104. ChrisxShock

    ChrisxShock29 днів тому

    Tbh this trailer was funny lol

  105. Adam Rady

    Adam Rady29 днів тому


  106. Omnimoon

    Omnimoon29 днів тому

    dafuq? where are the new scary skins which we waited for year?

  107. M D

    M D29 днів тому

    Well I never thought that muppets could be this creepy

  108. Pufferfish Dave

    Pufferfish Dave29 днів тому

    Idk why but it looks more christmasy