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    at least you aren’t sponsoring Raid Shadow Legends

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    Seriously do more of these. This can't be the only hilarious episode of this show.

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    Just get MOB to do the job

  6. Noah L Taylor

    Noah L Taylor9 годин тому

    This is seriously one of the funniest JonTron's I've seen, amazing 10 outta 10

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    Congrats on #1 on trending

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    Yonny was the first Incel

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    Surpassed FN on trending. WOW! good moves ethan keep it up, im proud of you.

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    Laurel Johnson sounds like a noob

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    Damn right he’s number 1 on trending

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    Tobe hooper The producer made Texas chainsaw massacre and Poltergeist He must have hit a low

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  14. Paranormal Limit

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    This is great man your funny I have to burp or create fake farts to make people laugh you are funny good production as well I'm glad I found this

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    JonTron is White Supremacist Demon like PewDiePie and Logan Paul.

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    50k wood? wow i dont even know what that means

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    Jesus christ is the lord of lord's king of all kings please understand who your creator and father is jesus christ

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    Jontron is #1 on trending which about fortnite which is #2

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    the GhoOooOOooOOOooooOOOooooOOoOoost beach

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    cool dude

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    ha I love shows that make fun of ghost shows I'm tired of ghosts I was like here we go a ghost channel Your funny man I quit the paranormal because this platform is saturated with fake ghost shows I just don't want to be a part of it at all This is great

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    I was so sacred that something was going to appear at the window 😂

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    Jesus, production value

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    I hope Jon reviews Howling 3

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    I actually passed by this old Toy’s R Us a couple of days ago and to see Jon review the paranormal story is just too coincidental.

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    3:42 sounds like when ur at an amusement park and you blow into the straw with ridges

  28. less kiss

    less kiss9 годин тому

    3:34 Funny that you mention the narrator having a fucked up ideology when you, in fact, hate black people

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    Here for #1 on Trending!!!! 👌 GG Jon

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    très bon salopette

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    Funny, that first episode was directed by Tobe Hooper, the director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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    Let's do the time Warp agaaaaaiiiinnnn, screw you for not making the joke!

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    My only question of this show is where is the terrifying tale of man door hand hook car door?

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    As an activist and proud member of the Union for Emotionally Disturbed Illiterate Farmhands of California (UEDIFC), this video is offensive and repulsive. To be clear, Yohnny's incident is what prompted the formation of the union in 1891, to provide for safer and better working conditions for emotionally disturbed, Illiterate farmhands.

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    YO! #1 on Trending? That's what's up!

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    yoyo's bizarre adventure. oh wait that works because of the toys r us

  37. Mali Scáth

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    No? No one is gonna make any reference to Yonny being stuck in the Time Warp dance? Where just gonna skate on by that joke that was so easily handed to us? Alright I'll make it: Just tell the spirit that it's a jump to the left and maybe a little pelvic thrust to move on.

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    I hope everyone reading this fufil their dreams... Mines to become a big UAreporterr!!

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    I grew up about a mile from that Toys R Us. It was legendary, but only after it was on “That’s Incredible”. Lots of kids SWORE they saw things but it was of course bullshit.

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    Holy shit, we did it guys, #1 on trending

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    Holy crap he uploaded AGAIN?!

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    I just wanted to tell you that you’re doing an amazing job! Just keep it up Jontron! Your videos are the best!

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    3:34 Funny that you mention the narrator having a fucked up ideology when you, in fact, hate black people

  44. Brendon Terra

    Brendon Terra9 годин тому

    I was watching the bit where they’re cheering for Yonny and my mom came into my room and asked if I was watching porn. How do I explain it’s just JonTron?

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    Jontron, your videos are awesome

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    10/10 love your content and always comment too show extra support brother

  47. That Black Guy Who Loves Cute Shit

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    That guy in the upper right corner when they are chanting is my favorite person ever.

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    11:53 Unsubscribed, disliked, reported! How dare you Jonathan!?

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    Ad ends at 1:12

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    Remember when JonTron talked about video games?

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    Someone leave the gain on too high? fuck my ears goddamn

  54. ThePlanetsDreamer

    ThePlanetsDreamer9 годин тому

    OMG I was literally just watching these the other day. My family has them on DVD because we love crappy horror. 😂

  55. David Labriola

    David Labriola9 годин тому

    The lady jon pointed out in the picture looked like a SKELETON

  56. 麦

    9 годин тому

    *Video starts at **1:31**.*

  57. Yana

    Yana9 годин тому

    Hi, I'm new. Are you in ContraPoints set? Or has ContraPoints used your set? Do you live together? :D

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  59. Anton Smirnov

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    Not gonna lie, they had us by the first DOOR

  60. Jason Estepp

    Jason Estepp9 годин тому

    What the hell is up with that manager she kept grabbing up the employee

  61. hello987b

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    This is a Jontron hit right here BABYYYY!!!!!!!!

  62. Ya boi

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    Nostalgia Critic tried to take you down in October 22 2015 (JK your both awesome)

  63. InfinitePiechotta

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    7:21 most kids watching today not understanding the reference because they never go to a library and video rental stores are non existent. Lol