Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)


  1. Chris Juliette

    Chris Juliette2 години тому

    I just had burger king for the first time in years just the other day. It was actually pretty good 👀

  2. Jakob Stevens

    Jakob Stevens3 години тому

    You can still get these somewhere in Indiana

  3. Jesse Civello

    Jesse Civello8 годин тому

    We call em sangas in Australia

  4. Michael Phillips

    Michael Phillips9 годин тому

    Hungry jacks

  5. Zane Fancourt

    Zane Fancourt10 годин тому

    Oh my god I did not enjoy listening to the chewing

  6. Timothy Grogan

    Timothy Grogan10 годин тому

    I loved the Yumbo. But when they brought it back, I was disappointed. memories are often best left in the past.

  7. Ambriehl Meyer

    Ambriehl Meyer11 годин тому

    I live in Michigan, and the Mac N Cheetos things are definitely still at Burger King here. Haha.

  8. badmintongrrl

    badmintongrrl11 годин тому

    I’m excited to see this series for Taco Bell but ONLY if they have the ever forgotten Chicken Fiesta Melt

  9. Arturo Vallejo Jr

    Arturo Vallejo Jr11 годин тому

    Watching this while high is amazing

  10. Trista Bise

    Trista Bise11 годин тому

    Guys farmhouse Burger angry whopper and California whopper with guacamole 😫😫😫😫

  11. Juan Pena

    Juan Pena12 годин тому

    Man, love the channel, but gotta pull the mic back when chewing 🙉

  12. Andrew Duncan

    Andrew Duncan12 годин тому

    In Australia we call them Sangas

  13. XCAltoona

    XCAltoona12 годин тому


  14. omx _andress

    omx _andress12 годин тому

    Burger,Burger,Burger,Burger,Burger,Burger,Burger,Burger,Burger,Burger,Burger,Burger,Burger,Burger King

  15. samus Viking8611

    samus Viking861112 годин тому

    I was born in 99 and I remember eatin the yumbo at a burger king around 2007

  16. JH Anime Piano

    JH Anime Piano13 годин тому

    Burger king who? I only know hungry jacks

  17. Dylan Duffy

    Dylan Duffy13 годин тому

    I'm guessing your tour guide called sandwiches "sanga" (sang-er) which is generally what people say here in Australia

  18. Rachel Kennedy

    Rachel Kennedy13 годин тому

    They still have Ham and Cheese Sandwiches at Burger King. Just not on the main menu. You can order it warm or cold. I would know, I used to work there! Lol.

  19. Alex Harvey

    Alex Harvey13 годин тому

    The Mac and Cheetos weren't that great. I was so damn excited for it but then the noodles were always too soft and the cheese flavor was too weak

  20. Lexi Nova

    Lexi Nova14 годин тому

    When Link looked offended at Rhett at 5:30-5:40. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. nunya biz

    nunya biz14 годин тому

    So Burger King discontinued Clifford Kendall as well

  22. Cannibalistic Tendencies

    Cannibalistic Tendencies14 годин тому

    If you complete the goal for this charity the next one you should do is to help the people in the cali fires, I think a whole town got burned down, the town of paradise, up by yuba city.

  23. Emily Draper

    Emily Draper14 годин тому

    I ate the Mac 'n Cheetos when they first came out and it made me throw up lol.

  24. Shinji Itoi

    Shinji Itoi14 годин тому

    LOL, you guys seemed nicer about pleading to Burger King to bring stuff back than McDonald's. :p

  25. Evan Anderson

    Evan Anderson15 годин тому

    They actually brought that back (the mac and cheetos) but in frozen form at the stores.

  26. NikkyBean

    NikkyBean16 годин тому

    I call them sangas, is that what he called the sandwiches hah? Am Australian, am good source.

  27. RinThe_

    RinThe_17 годин тому

    but the original Mac n Cheetos were doo doo

  28. Armando Blanco-Naranjo

    Armando Blanco-Naranjo18 годин тому

    every burger should be in a taco

  29. Paola M

    Paola M18 годин тому

    Should have done the chicken wings and hotdogs....unless those are still ongoing?(im from Puerto Rico)

  30. Dærske

    Dærske18 годин тому

    Got a restaurant in Kenosha, WI called Marina Gardens. Has a burger much like the Pizza burger. except the burger is larger, 1 large patty instead of two, loaded with mozzarella cheese, and has like 2 or 3 times more marinara it's amazing.

  31. Ratchet Akarui

    Ratchet Akarui18 годин тому

    the chicken parm was my fave i was working at burger king till i could get another gob at the time it was out. it disappointed me that most of my co-workers would forget the Parmesan even when i ordered it. they would only put the mozzarella. me an employe had to return food for correction to the place i worked.

  32. FOR YOU

    FOR YOU19 годин тому


  33. MrMeme

    MrMeme19 годин тому

    Where's the Burger King foot lettuce

  34. Starving Kid From Africa

    Starving Kid From Africa19 годин тому

    Damn. Those look delicious. Too bad food doesn’t exist where I’m from

  35. Hugh M.

    Hugh M.19 годин тому

    Where is the vegan food

  36. Cahal Doherty

    Cahal Doherty19 годин тому

    damn whopperito looked good

  37. Atomic Apologetics

    Atomic Apologetics20 годин тому

    How about you bring back Ten Feet Tall...

  38. Ink0mmensurabel

    Ink0mmensurabel21 годину тому

    McDOnald's is still better.

  39. OtherGuy

    OtherGuy21 годину тому

    10:57 “It doesn’t taste that nice to me” It’s because you took out the tomato10:21

  40. PieFieri

    PieFieri21 годину тому

    A real yumbo is basically a grilled cheese with ham on it. That was sad looking.

  41. tommy thehedgehog

    tommy thehedgehog21 годину тому


  42. MaybeJB

    MaybeJB22 години тому

    I love Link's hair

  43. Alexander Scotland

    Alexander Scotland22 години тому


  44. BurnThePope

    BurnThePope22 години тому

    What BK did you guys visit that doesn't serve ham on their breakfast menu?

  45. Chris K

    Chris K22 години тому

    BK bacon Double were great. They brough em back like 5 years ago and then one day I went to order it, the lady said they didn't have them anymore. The person making the food made me one anyway, so that was cool

  46. Garett Benoit

    Garett BenoitДень тому

    Best youtubers ever!

  47. TTM Vortex

    TTM VortexДень тому

    g ga gay ga g

  48. Jake Anderson

    Jake AndersonДень тому

    cmon guys almost too 100,000 on the donations lets get them there. Remembers, IT's for the kids!

  49. Chris R

    Chris RДень тому

    Live a little bring it back!!!

  50. Cryoxin Cry

    Cryoxin CryДень тому

    Here I am doing intermittent fasting so I can’t eat.. just watching and hearing them eat that yumbo...

  51. deloreanfan81

    deloreanfan81День тому

    Need to bring back the chicken tender sandwiches. 11:10 well..there goes my appetite

  52. Quian Graves

    Quian GravesДень тому

    They need to bring back the BK double stack

  53. United Brony

    United BronyДень тому

    "sandwiches with lea- salad on it""

  54. TheGameMakeGuy

    TheGameMakeGuyДень тому

    Burgerking Always Has the Long Chicken in germany

  55. palegreenmessiah

    palegreenmessiahДень тому

    do taco bell next the legendary bell beefer

  56. Gsharks

    GsharksДень тому

    7:59 the chewing☠️ ahhhhhh

  57. Kristers Feldmanis

    Kristers FeldmanisДень тому

    Shameless appropriation of mexican food? Really? Please tell me that was a joke.

  58. IMattee

    IMatteeДень тому


  59. Due Unicycle

    Due UnicycleДень тому

    They did bring this back. Lol

  60. N.J. State øf Mind

    N.J. State øf MindДень тому

    the big king was the best. too bad it comes out as "new" every 4 years or so lol

  61. OmegaGamingNetwork

    OmegaGamingNetworkДень тому

    The actual fried mac and cheetos that BK served were absolutely abysmal. They seemed like they would be good, but the actual customer product was pretty bleak.

  62. Peter prior

    Peter priorДень тому

    Ozzies call sandwiches sangas mate.

  63. bishopking63

    bishopking63День тому

    I had the cheetos when they were still around and ya it just tasted like deepfried kraft wrapped in cheeto dust.

  64. AsherDreamer

    AsherDreamerДень тому

    Did he call it a sanga? Because sometimes we call sandwiches sangas.

  65. EddieGames

    EddieGamesДень тому

    Just to let you know, they have Mac and Cheetos at the store now, so they were discontinued by Burger King, but you can still buy them at the store...

  66. Allen Jay

    Allen JayДень тому

    Since when did Rhett care about food being too unhealthy? *This is the same man that had another grown ass man squirt a whole can of reddi whip into his mouth.*

  67. Blazing Ember

    Blazing EmberДень тому

    you guys gonna ever talk about BK grilled Dogs?

  68. nicole pilmer

    nicole pilmerДень тому

    the old burger king logo looks like the hungry jacks fast food restaurant logo we have in australia

  69. PiE PC

    PiE PCДень тому

    The Aussie bloke would've called it either a Sanga or a sambo

  70. Cooke's Floor Service

    Cooke's Floor ServiceДень тому

    Looks Good!

  71. Blemm Chan

    Blemm ChanДень тому

    Sanga? That’s what we call sandwiches in SA.

  72. Lord Mashie

    Lord MashieДень тому

    Hungry Jack's gang

  73. adminprime

    adminprimeДень тому

    Mail Day gifts should stay with current format. Please continue to open the gifts and share with us. Please don't use it for LTAT anymore. I was disappointed.

  74. Justin Colley

    Justin ColleyДень тому

    mac and cheetos aren't really discontinued. They have them right now here in the south.

  75. Dan Schmidt

    Dan SchmidtДень тому

    Whopperito had seasoned meat. Still Whopper patties but taco seasoning sauce mixed in.

  76. BooBoo Lizard

    BooBoo LizardДень тому

    I worked at BK when the whoppereito came out I was the weirdo who added mustard and pickles it was delicious 😋

  77. Jordan Hawthorne

    Jordan HawthorneДень тому

    You guys rock

  78. geo

    geoДень тому

    that mac and cheetos commercial is a huge inside joke between my family hahahah

  79. Amritpaul Singh

    Amritpaul SinghДень тому

    Recreating Discontinued Taco bell next please

  80. JonesingJalopies

    JonesingJalopiesДень тому

    2:40 *slurrrp* please don't slurp your burger

  81. Roman Grabowski

    Roman GrabowskiДень тому

    Rhett in peace

  82. Space Cadet

    Space CadetДень тому

    The best part is Rhett is wearing the burger taco shirt and was totally for the burger wrap haha

  83. Robert Kelly

    Robert KellyДень тому

    Do stevie and lizzie's prolapse party

  84. Logikos

    LogikosДень тому

    Aussies generally calls sandwich's Sanga's

  85. Derpy Aura

    Derpy AuraДень тому

    They forgot Burger King Foot Lettuce

  86. mstrmoog

    mstrmoogДень тому

    Stop dinking it

  87. David Wigglesworth

    David WigglesworthДень тому

    Yo that bk pizza burger may have been discontinued but my local diner sold one my whole life, i ordered that every single time we went! Pizza burgers are

  88. Edson Legere

    Edson LegereДень тому

    You sure my guys before but now you've catapulted yourselves into the stratosphere with this one. The Cheetos Mark Morrison commercial is one of my favorite things. It's sooooo funny. And Cheetoos, Oh my God! 😆

  89. Dot

    DotДень тому

    …. …… …. ..... .... ....... .. .....

  90. Ohbeedee Ohbeedee

    Ohbeedee OhbeedeeДень тому

    Remember the yumbo it certainly was not like that in Australia then again No Burger King in Australia we call it Hungry Jacks

  91. Kid Error sans

    Kid Error sansДень тому

    What about the rodeo king they brought that back and got rid of it

  92. Anthony Peters

    Anthony PetersДень тому

    Link needs more tomatoes in his life!

  93. Brently G

    Brently GДень тому

    Man, I haven't eaten in 24 hours, but I coulda watched these guys eat food for hours. :)

  94. Lightning Jake

    Lightning JakeДень тому

    I don’t like Mac and cheese.

  95. Assassin21592

    Assassin21592День тому

    If you’re hating on Australian toasteis were going to have a problem

  96. Unicorn Turds

    Unicorn TurdsДень тому

    Single, double, and triple stacks! That sauce was the shit

  97. Karen Melamed

    Karen MelamedДень тому

    Chicken parm, Mac & cheetos, cheesy tots come and go, cilantro fish, whopperrito, nightmare whopper and the Halloween whopper were good. I work at bk.

  98. Northeastern Car Mods

    Northeastern Car ModsДень тому

    McDonald’s has ham on their egg mc muffin

  99. Isaac Betancourt

    Isaac BetancourtДень тому

    I love how specific they get with theirs examples 😂

  100. Drewby

    DrewbyДень тому

    The Mac n Cheetos came back a year or two ago. Three of my favorite things, Mac n Cheese, Cheetos, and Burger King. Tasted terrible. Very reminiscent of Chemistry class..