Rick and Morty Season 4 Release Date | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim


  1. The Absurd Hero

    The Absurd Hero2 години тому

    Holy fuck I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime! Honestly how much time it's been? 2 Years? I swear it's been 2 years.

  2. adam jenkins

    adam jenkinsДень тому

    That’s soon!

  3. Condoriano

    Condoriano2 дні тому

    Really good show but the fanbase is one of the worst (not the majority)

  4. KampfKeks

    KampfKeks2 дні тому

    For everybody that thinks he only have to wait : the new season is only avaliable for people who survive no nut november

  5. UR15 Gaming

    UR15 Gaming3 дні тому

    Can't wait for November I almost forget about Season 4 of Rick and Morty!

  6. Billy Alisio

    Billy Alisio3 дні тому


  7. Smooth_DoggoPL

    Smooth_DoggoPL4 дні тому

    that moment when u are in poland so u need to wait more time for dubbing in your language ;-;

  8. moon child

    moon child4 дні тому

    we love rick and morty showww😍😍

  9. Ah shit, here we go again.

    Ah shit, here we go again.5 днів тому

    Happy bday to me!!

  10. Munkhtuguldur Batmunkh

    Munkhtuguldur Batmunkh5 днів тому

    Rickdiculous. Can't wait november

  11. hauntedhouse

    hauntedhouse6 днів тому

    Morty is Rick’s Penis ? Gross... Darrell Revok Head explosion? Nope.

  12. Stain Satan

    Stain Satan6 днів тому

    My birthday month

  13. Lewis Brown

    Lewis Brown6 днів тому

    1 like =1 hate for jerry

  14. Demi

    Demi6 днів тому

    Can't wait any longer damn

  15. Princess Amy Rose

    Princess Amy Rose7 днів тому

    Yessss more episodes ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Micha Wilhelm

    Micha Wilhelm7 днів тому

    On netflix

  17. Coolkid76

    Coolkid768 днів тому

    I can’t wait

  18. danny brathly

    danny brathly8 днів тому


  19. Antonio01boot GAMING GANG

    Antonio01boot GAMING GANG8 днів тому

    When in november?


    JOKER VAN LCt9 днів тому

    I-i-i am sooooooo ready for this

  21. Mixels Adventures

    Mixels Adventures9 днів тому

    0:29 I like the picture

  22. **-*

    **-*9 днів тому

    I don’t know rick? It looks...

  23. El_ Tamez

    El_ Tamez10 днів тому

    LETS GOO!!!!

  24. Gamesified

    Gamesified11 днів тому

    Lez gooo! 2 months left!

  25. Nordi Mejia

    Nordi Mejia12 днів тому

    I wonder what are those 65 things i.missed on this video.

  26. A Guy

    A Guy12 днів тому

    Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh it's (gonna be) time to get schwifty in here!

  27. Ahmad Jalal

    Ahmad Jalal12 днів тому

    This might help to go through no nut November

  28. Jesse Caaa

    Jesse Caaa12 днів тому

    Kinda cool 4 million views

  29. Jawad Kathem

    Jawad Kathem12 днів тому

    Can't wait

  30. 100 subs no vidios

    100 subs no vidios13 днів тому


  31. Red Teh Fox

    Red Teh Fox13 днів тому

    I have been waiting for this since before the show came out!!!

  32. Blockz

    Blockz13 днів тому

    Aye that’s on my bday month

  33. W.D Gaster

    W.D Gaster13 днів тому

    Oh boi my birthday is special

  34. Anvil Shit

    Anvil Shit13 днів тому


  35. Meghan Mya

    Meghan Mya13 днів тому

    Welcome home!

  36. Frank Williams

    Frank Williams13 днів тому

    The back of November 31st?

  37. Josh Studios v3

    Josh Studios v314 днів тому

    Hope this launches on netflix day 1!

  38. optimus prime

    optimus prime14 днів тому

    You know whaat ive actually lost the hype now. Its been so long. Dont feel as excited.


    ARROW STAR14 днів тому

    I cant wait just 2 more months

  40. My Channel

    My Channel14 днів тому

    Been waiting for like so long. Alas ! They're back. Their title music just gives me chills.

  41. Gail Hillgoth

    Gail Hillgoth14 днів тому

    NOVEMBER 2019 awesome

  42. Lloyd Angelo Luna

    Lloyd Angelo Luna14 днів тому

    Evil morty should be here it better be worth it

  43. Matt Patch

    Matt Patch15 днів тому

    I think they waited so long that they can cut out the active toxic fans with the short attention spans

  44. MIKNO

    MIKNO15 днів тому

    Bro at no nut november why are you doing me like this

  45. Astaroth Damascus

    Astaroth Damascus15 днів тому

    Will it be up on netflix by November tho?

  46. Jade TheGem

    Jade TheGem15 днів тому

    Oh yes, I cannot wait to have my intelligent show back, I've been having to watch lowly shows wayyy below my IQ level.

  47. John Forsberg

    John Forsberg15 днів тому

    Finally, motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Ãkkí •siTo

    Ãkkí •siTo16 днів тому


  49. Dragon Ball

    Dragon Ball16 днів тому

    Wow nevember 19 or 9 that far away but. Sooo happy a new season is coming

  50. Pixie Maguire

    Pixie Maguire17 днів тому


  51. EE Brebz

    EE Brebz17 днів тому

    It's so far away

  52. saskjoe1968

    saskjoe196817 днів тому

    I've been waiting for f'ing ever for this.

  53. aiden alonzo

    aiden alonzo18 днів тому

    Is that real 😮😧😧

  54. Scye

    Scye18 днів тому

    I’m got chills when they said November 2019

  55. David Moreno

    David Moreno19 днів тому


  56. Neon_ one_neo

    Neon_ one_neo19 днів тому


  57. Sabe a Mista

    Sabe a Mista19 днів тому

    Fuck yeah

  58. rbl Tayox

    rbl Tayox19 днів тому

    Yes in my Birthday Month 🙀

  59. whatz my name?

    whatz my name?19 днів тому

    I’m not gonna lie rick and morty I hate to say it’s kinda cringe now I love the show but if you listen to the vid with your eyes closed you will see what I mean

  60. M3me_EAter YT

    M3me_EAter YT19 днів тому

    Be a good birthday gift please...