RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend


  1. Rose

    Rose5 хвилин тому

    Thank of losing your best friend that’s how they felt not even best friend not friend at all, family even more love ❤️ affection,and caring that’s how they all took it, but acted differently but felt the same

  2. Asa Sinclair

    Asa Sinclair10 хвилин тому

    Honestly people don’t understand the bonds and love you have for animals, especially when using them for help with depression and suicidal thoughts and anxiety, the bond is so deep and so true and pure. 😭❤️rip diamond 💎 she is loved

  3. Rose

    Rose10 хвилин тому

    That’s so sad 😭 like is your crying

  4. Yvette Teresa

    Yvette Teresa12 хвилин тому

    What a beautiful spirit!! Jeffree so touched by your love for Diamond! I lost my mini Pom Teddy when he was 7 years old. Also bred small with a lot of health problems. Although I loved my Ted and would never regret a moment with him. I won’t ever get a dog smaller than 6 pounds. Usually toy dogs shouldn’t be less than 6 pounds. I now have a 6 pound yorkie and he is much sturdier than my Ted. However I will always miss my Ted like you miss your Diamond. I cried everyday for Ted for 6 years I only just adopted my current dog this year. I was too heart broken over losing my Ted.

  5. Catherine Kinkead

    Catherine Kinkead23 хвилини тому

    So sorry Jeffree. I know these dogs are your furrbabies. I have a particolor Pomeranian named Darwin. They are wonderful dogs. They walk on your heart.

  6. Xiomara Tellez

    Xiomara Tellez35 хвилин тому

    So bad. Sorry, you lose a big part of your family. Strength and love for you.

  7. Allie Schwab

    Allie Schwab44 хвилини тому

    I understand completely, I almost lost my hedgehog that I saved right before Christmas last year. I had him for only 2 years but he is my everything my lil guy.. I saved him from a shitty pet place, couldn't handle the thought of losing him.. prayers for yall. Diamond, gone but never forgotten.

  8. Daisystalls Fan

    Daisystalls Fan47 хвилин тому

    I Lost My Dog When She Whas Nine, I whas Nine Aswell, When She Had Cancer My Dad Found it Enough For Her And That She Had A Great Life, Every Morning When i Saw Her I Cried Cried And Cried But Then When Whe Gave Her The Shot, I Rememberd Everything And Knew It Whas Better For Her

  9. Sara O'mary

    Sara O'mary48 хвилин тому

    Have the dog notest ? I know it hard sorry for your loss

  10. Berna Villegas

    Berna Villegas52 хвилини тому

    Noooo diamond! Rip Diamond. Hope she has an easy way to heaven! See you later, Pupper Angel

  11. Gone》

    Gone》Годину тому

    You should get her name tattooed on you. R.I.P Diamond you were and still are loved by so many 💖💖

  12. Taylor Lewis

    Taylor LewisГодину тому

    That was sooo sad! I’m so sorry for your loss!

  13. Candy Heart307

    Candy Heart307Годину тому

    Ive had my pet pitbull who was saved from an abusive family who would beat him n he had been stabbed n just gotten surgery from his pass owner n while recovering he would lay in my bed n id cuddle him n give him baths n his medication...I believe a year or so later i was taking a walk with my at the time bf n got a call from my grandma saying he ran away which he always did but..she said he got hit by a car so i ran around the block n seen him bleeding out his mouth was busted open tht driver was reckless n i held him in my arms as he took his last breath we covered him in a sheet n barried him in our yard but it hurt soo much n. Took weeks for me to get over it..i still miss him

  14. IA Cortana

    IA CortanaГодину тому

    I'm sorry for your loss I now how horrible that is I watch my cat die And it took HOURS for him to die On the floor Cover with vomit😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. IA Cortana

    IA CortanaГодину тому

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 This reminds me of my cats I lost 5 cats😭 They all were killed or disapeared 😭

  16. kk ww

    kk wwГодину тому

    FUCK YOU I thought is a human

  17. angel Nolen

    angel NolenГодину тому

    I’m so sorry I know how it feels people ask me and my husband do y’all have kids we say yes there are dogs people look at us crazy when i lost gizmo it about killed me a held him for 2 hours my mom had to make me let him go ok and yes he was died but I did not care I still held him in a blanket hope y’all are ok it will be ok just takes one day at a time but you will never forget ♥️

  18. Susan Hancock

    Susan Hancock2 години тому

    Hugs Jeffree and Nate! 😢

  19. Shannon J Hurless

    Shannon J Hurless2 години тому

    I'm sorry for your loss I know what it like to lose a pet child i'm sorry Jeffree and Nate

  20. O'Neil Delaney

    O'Neil Delaney2 години тому

    I’m so sorry rip diamond❤️

  21. Sarah Mcgrane

    Sarah Mcgrane2 години тому

    I I'm crying so bed great now she was your baby she didn't deserve to die but at least she doesn't have to suffer and you see why God taking her up she's such a beautiful beautiful dog and she is so sweet and kind and she doesn't deserve that but God is a beautiful person guy that has his hands on her he has his hands on you guys and you guys will ever love you Jeffrey stay strong she wouldn't want you to cry she wants you to be happy for her you're such a reward for her to go up to heaven because it's such a wonderful place 😢👼🐶

  22. Jazmin Rodriguez

    Jazmin Rodriguez2 години тому

    and i just recently lost my little puppy it’s such a horrible feeling ... bc you grow so much love for a little furry animal and seeing it grow and “ talk “ to it even if it don’t understand ... 🤕

  23. Sophia Purple

    Sophia Purple2 години тому


  24. приятных снов

    приятных снов2 години тому


  25. Bella and Sophia

    Bella and Sophia2 години тому

    I’m so sorry my dog passed and I still reamember when they told us I st started screaming and it was the worst moment of my life but trust me Jeffrey will get through this I’m so sorry for you and a losing anyone that you love is the worst thing I also lost my brother in a car accident I’m so sorry Reston peace diamond 😢😭😭😭

  26. Emilia Plawiak

    Emilia Plawiak2 години тому

    So sad. I'm hear to support you. I will keep diamond in my prayers, just remember she is still in your hearts. 🐶❤️😥

  27. Beautifully Unique

    Beautifully Unique3 години тому

  28. Destiny Knight

    Destiny Knight3 години тому

    It's just a fucking dog get over yourself

  29. Destiny Knight

    Destiny Knight3 години тому

    And the fake crying make me so sick

  30. Destiny Knight

    Destiny Knight3 години тому

    I'f u would take care of your fucking dogs maybe it would still be alive peace of shit

  31. nikka

    nikka3 години тому

    Aw rip diamond

  32. Najia Johnson

    Najia Johnson3 години тому

    😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ rip diamond we’ll miss you

  33. Star Mars

    Star Mars3 години тому

    She was so cute 😢sorry for your lost RIP

  34. Robert Tiernan

    Robert Tiernan3 години тому

    My heart goes out to you and Nate RIP.. Diamond

  35. Brandon Gorman

    Brandon Gorman3 години тому

    My heart goes out to you both. My deepest condolences.

  36. mystictempt763

    mystictempt7633 години тому

    I hate liking a video about something so tragic 😢. I'm so sorry for your lost of your family member

  37. Raydex 432

    Raydex 4323 години тому

    2:58 I have it’s hard but in the end I always say she’s in a better place now

  38. Abbey Dunagan

    Abbey Dunagan4 години тому

    awwwww im soooo sorry i love watching u and diamond was by far my favorite no offence to the other dogs

  39. Erin Campbell

    Erin Campbell4 години тому

    Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.... Author unknown...

  40. Devin Clark

    Devin Clark4 години тому

    I'm crying right know I'm so sorry about diamond she fighted really really hard and shined bright like a diamond all the time RIP DIAMOND

  41. GrayCat

    GrayCat4 години тому

    Omg Jeffree I’m so sorry to hear this. I can see your pain. Obviously you’ve provided her a wonderful life. Godspeed Diamond until you meet again...

  42. Maddy May Turnbull

    Maddy May Turnbull4 години тому

    Sorry for your lost,jeffree

  43. Kayla Jackson

    Kayla Jackson4 години тому

    Poor little fluffy baby :(

  44. Ashley Scullion

    Ashley Scullion4 години тому

    I’m so sorry. These moments are the hardest. She will be waiting for you both on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

  45. Gavin S.

    Gavin S.4 години тому

    Sorry for your loss ♥️

  46. Kimtaehyung cuties

    Kimtaehyung cuties4 години тому

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 Fly high Diamond💎 Your time here was Amazing!🥺😩

  47. Arianna Carulli

    Arianna Carulli5 годин тому

    Sweet Diamond will always be with you ❤️💎 and you have all of our support

  48. EllaTheBlackWolf EllaTheBlackWolf

    EllaTheBlackWolf EllaTheBlackWolf5 годин тому

    RIP Little queen💎💎We will miss you baby🐶

  49. Mar Tina

    Mar Tina5 годин тому

    I lost my Tara in November 2018,she was a yellow Labrador 10,5 years old and it was the badest thing ever happened to me and my husband.I am very sorry for your loss....😥😥😥😥

  50. Just Xian

    Just Xian5 годин тому

    Rest in piece diamond💙 You will be remembered

  51. GuineaTubbie

    GuineaTubbie5 годин тому

    *howto & style*

  52. Lilly _playz

    Lilly _playz5 годин тому

    This vid made me cry so much hope y’all feel better diamond your owners were wonderful hope u have a good life up there in heaven

  53. CrAzY GiRl

    CrAzY GiRl5 годин тому

    R.I.P. Diamond😭😢 Diamond is living in puppy heaven. Diamond is with God and is watching over you. Please stay strong. P.S.: sorry for the bad english

  54. Sabrina Carmona

    Sabrina Carmona6 годин тому

    Aaw omg I cried my eyes out. I feel you so bad jeffree 😫😭

  55. Brionna Gonzalez

    Brionna Gonzalez6 годин тому

    Pooof baby ... RIP Diamond Star, I'm so sorry Jeffree, and to you too Nate. I know the pain you felt and it is immense.

  56. Paige Wise

    Paige Wise6 годин тому

    This is how many years diamond should have lived 👇🏻

  57. Carly Jo Lautz

    Carly Jo Lautz6 годин тому

    I’m the girl that cries at the vet when I see other dog parents struggling w dog health issues... so this video def made me sad With that said I wish they would have elaborated on how she was “saved” from a puppy mill. I hope they didn’t pay the puppy mill. I hope they don’t support mills who breed dogs like that.

  58. Chloe Peru

    Chloe Peru6 годин тому

    rip I feel so bad... just so you know you have us and your other dogs😭 diamond is special! we all love her

  59. Lizzy McGlashing

    Lizzy McGlashing6 годин тому

    I'm so sorry it's really hard to lose a furry friend I'm praying for both of you to get peace of mind stay strong ❤❤

  60. aries wolf

    aries wolf6 годин тому

    Sorry js😢😢😢😟😟😓😪😫

  61. Sunmoon Garcia

    Sunmoon Garcia6 годин тому

    I went threw a dog lose and I was only 10 when he passed...I'm 11 now but it hurt but I still have my other dog so r.i.p. fluffy

  62. Sunmoon Garcia

    Sunmoon Garcia6 годин тому

    The ending montog was so sad I went threw 3 tissue boxes 😿

  63. Leidi Beautips

    Leidi Beautips6 годин тому

    My heart is broken you guys I don't even know what to say to you. I can't imagine that pain. I have two dogs and a cat and I can't imagine myself without them in my life. I just want to send you a big hug and support in this difficult moment in your life and as a family. Diamond will keep shining in your hearts and that's something. Keep strong! Love ya!😔😢💖

  64. Sunmoon Garcia

    Sunmoon Garcia6 годин тому

    I was so happy then I watched this T∆T omg jeffree you can do this queen...OMG I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOUUU

  65. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow6 годин тому

    Omg honey im so sorry

  66. Ocean Breeze

    Ocean Breeze6 годин тому

    I was crying this whole video 😭 I’m so sorry for your loss stay strong

  67. りゔぇら༆jetz࿐

    りゔぇら༆jetz࿐6 годин тому

    Lo siento mucho :'c

  68. Regina Geerman

    Regina Geerman6 годин тому

    Im 12 i got my dog at11 and she died but i know she's better in heaven all the love❤❤😢❤❤🤕😍😗

  69. Alana Carlson

    Alana Carlson7 годин тому

    losing a member of your family is heartbreaking. my heart goes out to you both. Always remember she will be awaiting you over the rainbow bridge. Blessed be to you all.

  70. F Basurto

    F Basurto7 годин тому

    Im so sorry for your loss.💔I want you to know that us fans will always remember Diamond because she shines like a diamond and she is special to you and everyone else.

  71. Intel Worm

    Intel Worm7 годин тому

    sorry for your loss.. rip diamond

  72. Georgia Teevan

    Georgia Teevan8 годин тому


  73. Lily Tran

    Lily Tran8 годин тому

    Movies who dies🎥 🍿 People 🤷🏻‍♂️: Who cares just a person DOGS 🐕: WHYYY OMMGG NOOOOO😭😭😭😭🥺

  74. Julio Alvarez

    Julio Alvarez8 годин тому

    ...Rip.. I know how hard it is too lose a dog..

  75. d6d6d6d61

    d6d6d6d618 годин тому

    Puppy mills are awful! A lot of them are lisenced breeders too :( Thank you for saving her.

  76. karma the bitch

    karma the bitch8 годин тому

    R.I.P little precious diamond you will always be in our hearts and will now forever light up the sky with your beautiful diamond glow you will forever be the bright star that we wish upon run free little baby and light up the night sky

  77. Tyler Howard

    Tyler Howard8 годин тому

    Awwwww poor baby 💔😥😥😥

  78. Kellie Slaven

    Kellie Slaven8 годин тому

    I'm so sorry sweatheart for you and your man on your loss of your baby.

  79. Itzme Mani!

    Itzme Mani!8 годин тому

    Idc what everyone says diamond was not just a dog she was a FUCKING MIRACLE!!❤️😭

  80. Dino Lakoseljac

    Dino Lakoseljac8 годин тому

    R.I.P Diamond you will be rebember'd 😢😥

  81. AmiMoni Team Team

    AmiMoni Team Team8 годин тому

    Tak mi się chcę płakać bardzo smutne

  82. 柚木ちゃんYuzuki Chan

    柚木ちゃんYuzuki Chan8 годин тому

    I cried becouse my dog is 13 years old and im Worried about his life... He is my best friend.. And Diamond was so sweet😭😭😭

  83. Zamil Hussain

    Zamil Hussain9 годин тому


  84. Undaily Noodle

    Undaily Noodle9 годин тому

    💎R.I.P diamond💎 2010-2019 💕 You will be forever missed 💕 Edit:diamond is in a better place now, and won’t ever be forgotten ❤️

  85. It’s_Izzy 9

    It’s_Izzy 99 годин тому

    I’m sorry for the loss of your best friend. Mine passed away 2 years ago on the Monday of thanksgiving week. Jeffery, it’ll get better I promise. Just make sure that you make her life worth it. I’m sorry Jeffery. Truly

  86. Ayano Aishi

    Ayano Aishi9 годин тому

    omg this is too painful to watch ... Rest in peace Diamond :'(

  87. Maja plodziszewska

    Maja plodziszewska9 годин тому

    😔 [*]

  88. Shelley Belly

    Shelley Belly9 годин тому

    My heart breaks for you. I know nothing I can say would help but I have been there and I understand the bond.

  89. Himadri Deori

    Himadri Deori9 годин тому

    May beautiful soul rest in paradise ❤💔


    UNICORN LAUREN9 годин тому

    Its okay, we all get well your supporters get you diamond is in a better place she has no pain anymore.R.I.P Diamond😭😭

  91. Loxy M

    Loxy M9 годин тому


  92. Lilly Anne

    Lilly Anne10 годин тому

    Sorry for your loss 😢

  93. Jessicuh Ann

    Jessicuh Ann10 годин тому

    my love goes out to Diamond, you, Nate & your doggy family. Diamond was lucky to have the big loving family she had. Precious stardust.

  94. Stupid

    Stupid10 годин тому

    Just seeing Jeffrey so heartbroken breaks my heart too

  95. Lindsay Nicole

    Lindsay Nicole10 годин тому

    This just goes to show how big of a heart Jeffree and Nate have. Jeffree didn't cry when his concealer got leaked, and didn't cry when people turned on him. When it comes to family, Jeffree has endless love

  96. Philip Carroll

    Philip Carroll10 годин тому

    i am so sorry for you loss i know how it feels diamond was/is a true hero! she lived the best life ever!

  97. Bella's Show

    Bella's Show10 годин тому

    Hope you get better, You should take time to mourn All you people saying "Omg It is just a dog get ever it" you've clearly never had a dog I hope you and Nate are okay. Diamond had a wonderful life and great parents

  98. Heather Carlson

    Heather Carlson10 годин тому

    I’m so sorry for ur heart breaken news

  99. Heather Carlson

    Heather Carlson10 годин тому

    When my baby pig Wilbur died I was depressed and heart broken so badly. I’m so sorry. My baby slept every night with me and my hubby and was the best kid ever

  100. Larie Castro

    Larie Castro10 годин тому

    I have also been in the same problem