Rumors Spread About Me At School


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  2. Araceli Marquez

    Araceli Marquez12 днів тому

    Um I want to say my story but I'm scared and I feel like my parents won't allow it

  3. Bhad bhabie Fan

    Bhad bhabie Fan24 дні тому

    storybooth I got a rumor spread bout me once

  4. Luis Hernandez

    Luis Hernandez26 днів тому

    I love that your friend support you❤️

  5. Lafayette

    Lafayette29 днів тому


  6. Hannah Bautista

    Hannah BautistaМісяць тому

    i hate my friends they dont respect me

  7. Emerson Tauala

    Emerson Tauala5 годин тому

    This is like the nicest story I've ever watched its nice and it reallyed happened to one day and I thank you for giving me the courage to stand up and to have true friends❤💯😘😍

  8. EllieYeo JingEn

    EllieYeo JingEnДень тому

    I've got a Best Friend i can't say her real name let's call her Melissa she's a great friend and even a better person I am grateful i met a person like her i love being her friend

  9. Livvy Sweets

    Livvy SweetsДень тому

    All hail Queen Daphne

  10. I love ASAIN SISTER official she is queen

    I love ASAIN SISTER official she is queenДень тому

    Should I submit my story???

  11. Kristy Stoudenmire

    Kristy StoudenmireДень тому

    Are you could pull up this🖕

  12. blossom life

    blossom lifeДень тому

    Bela bela bam bam Bam bam bela bam bam Bela bela bam bam Bam bam bela bam bam

  13. Evas Boska

    Evas BoskaДень тому

    the little Shekspire’s the mean girl here... once the mean person,always the mean person

  14. kyra van inthoudt

    kyra van inthoudtДень тому

    This is why I have trust issues 😒

  15. Murti Thinker

    Murti Thinker2 дні тому

    Why do you think that making friends is that important? Do not beg for friends, and maybe they make you waste a lot of time you should be studying or meeting new people elsewhere.

  16. Scrap Baby

    Scrap Baby2 дні тому

    2:43 that girl with the side ponytail and the sunglasses looks like one of the bad girls from pinkalishos by Jane ò Conner

  17. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez2 дні тому

    My name is nobody! Nobody loves you Nobody likes you Nobody wants to be friends with you

  18. Isela Muniz

    Isela Muniz2 дні тому

    It’s been 11 years and I don’t have friends

  19. Macaroni Cheese

    Macaroni Cheese2 дні тому

    2:09 Daphne

  20. musical theater nerd

    musical theater nerd2 дні тому

    Wow 6th grade top dog of the school that's 8th graders they are top dog

  21. Adjustforkicks

    Adjustforkicks2 дні тому

    Your getting me angry because I have told half of the third grade rumors about this student and now people saw things about him that I want them to say so life is perfect

  22. bedorah rugeza

    bedorah rugeza2 дні тому

    She is men l wod not de hrfrend

  23. Jr_ Mondz

    Jr_ Mondz2 дні тому

    You should tell to your teacher before it's too late

  24. Starlynn Prince

    Starlynn Prince3 дні тому

    I’m in fifth grade and I only have 3 friends

  25. Alicia Cordova

    Alicia Cordova3 дні тому


  26. Jakari Rogers

    Jakari Rogers3 дні тому

    Stop asking her politely

  27. Jakari Rogers

    Jakari Rogers3 дні тому

    Beat her up

  28. Andrea Rodriguez

    Andrea Rodriguez3 дні тому

    A girl named Liliana was spending the ruomers of a girl named gimana she's a bald friend and she didn't believe me to be her friend

  29. jacob the king

    jacob the king3 дні тому

    What control do you live in?😠😠😠😲😲😲👹👹👹👺👺👺

  30. Harrison Uvena

    Harrison Uvena4 дні тому

    That girls a meany

  31. Meme Lord0121

    Meme Lord01214 дні тому

    mandem vs mandem

  32. Monkey•ASMR Flower

    Monkey•ASMR Flower4 дні тому

    I wish that girl who was mean saw this vid and comment.... I HATE YOU BULLY


    REGINA MADRIGAL4 дні тому

    I love my mom and my dad

  34. Corrie Robert

    Corrie Robert5 днів тому

    Rumors are only stories accepted by idiots.

  35. Pee Head

    Pee Head5 днів тому

    Hi my name is bully I spread rumors snicker snicker

  36. Frances O'Connor

    Frances O'Connor5 днів тому

    2:29 can I just say that front girl is rocking the glasses and the high ponytail

  37. Damian Almaguer

    Damian Almaguer5 днів тому

    Nice Being Top dog

  38. wøłfÿ\\gãçhã ÇÃÑDŸ Éãśtøñ

    wøłfÿ\\gãçhã ÇÃÑDŸ Éãśtøñ6 днів тому

    This happened to me. And i still think its happening. Im used to it. Because its always happened. Thats why school is a nightmare to me

  39. Wilhelm Molde

    Wilhelm Molde6 днів тому

    your old friend will go to hell

  40. Kim Joonie

    Kim Joonie6 днів тому

    this year i'm going to 6th grade and i'm so nervous and i thought that that rumors like that will be going around like that

  41. sprite !!!

    sprite !!!6 днів тому

    *IM IN 6TH GRADE!!!*

  42. the gum toy of history and the nerd

    the gum toy of history and the nerd6 днів тому

    Kill the the rumor gr Gru

  43. Trini Palacios

    Trini Palacios7 днів тому

    y she do dat and y she a friend😢😢😢

  44. soule family Gonzales family

    soule family Gonzales family7 днів тому

    My friend did this to me she stoped being by friend half way through 5th grade

  45. Floyd Myers

    Floyd Myers7 днів тому


  46. Ayaa -

    Ayaa -7 днів тому

    She could’ve just recorded the conversation and show that she didn’t do anything it’s that simple.

  47. Francisco Pina

    Francisco Pina8 днів тому

    You are now in 7th

  48. Brandon dizon_1211270

    Brandon dizon_12112708 днів тому

    If I see that bitch spreading rumors... I’m just gonna throw her over the Trump Wall

  49. Makayla S.

    Makayla S.8 днів тому


  50. Danuiel Banks

    Danuiel Banks9 днів тому

    Omg am I the only one who instead of binge watching Netflix you binge-watch storybooth

  51. Candice Perry

    Candice Perry9 днів тому

    These rumors aren't true

  52. MarvelGirl2003

    MarvelGirl20039 днів тому

    I’m having rumours spread about me right now by girls who were supposed to be in my friendship group. It’s gone across year 8 and year 9 and three schools. I hate them so much and I have no friends anymore. The rumours aren’t even true

  53. Cake Pup

    Cake Pup9 днів тому

    I had one friend that always told things about me behind my back. She was the worst person ever and I’m so glad that I have new friends to be comforted by and that support me.

  54. J L

    J L9 днів тому

    Am homeschool i probably will never have friend😢😔😔

  55. Emma

    Emma9 днів тому

    In 6th grade my bff also told me that she doesn't wanna be freinds with me anymore ...then in 7th , she started to spread rumours that i was bad and stupid and boring and i used her so i could get a boyfriend and everyone threw me out of our freinds group . Some guys were confused of why i used to sit so alone . But i was too lonely then . Then soon everyone had a image of me as a boring girl who was just using her best freind and was bad . I really wished i could kill her for for doing that but she was the center of attention .And i can think but i can never do bad to anyone . And now i have made new freinds but ...still my old freinds think bad of me . As they were my classmates for whole 7th grade 😔

  56. Sheetha Lathering

    Sheetha Lathering9 днів тому

    I love story booth .

  57. Fried Cake

    Fried Cake9 днів тому

    I was rumored at school to be a satanist for liking dark

  58. Maya CP

    Maya CP10 днів тому

    There was as los rumors of me 😭😖

  59. Cocoa’s YT

    Cocoa’s YT10 днів тому

    Top dogs of schools Elementary 5th grade Middle 8th grade Highschool 12th grade Technically 6th grade are the baby’s of elementary school I’m top dog of my school I’m in elementary school I’m 5th grade😂

  60. Happy Pineapple

    Happy Pineapple10 днів тому

    This is just like in my life! Except, I’m on the other side, but it’s different. Someone was bullying me and my friend and we didn’t know what to do about it so we did a group call with my friend to talk about it and what to do bc if we told her to stop, then, she would yell at us and tell a teacher and make up some lie. So, we called to talk about it. Well, one person in the call told the person who was bullying us, that we were spreading rumors about them. And... more drama, then they spread rumors about us, etc. etc. etc.

  61. I’m Kpop Trash

    I’m Kpop Trash10 днів тому

    Bruh my best friend yelled in the hallways that I had a dildo in my backpack

  62. Gajeel x levy Forever

    Gajeel x levy Forever10 днів тому

    Spreaded great grammar cool video though 😂

  63. i love me

    i love me11 днів тому


  64. Snow

    Snow11 днів тому

    1:53 why does she look like she's about to pop a cap on the photos

  65. rosegold

    rosegold11 днів тому

    I’m in 5th grade btw I think 6th grade will be sad because I will be going to high school

  66. Mikey Urbach

    Mikey Urbach11 днів тому

    That face at 1:55 with “I’m a good person”😂😂

  67. ❁ Sheila Gacha ❁

    ❁ Sheila Gacha ❁11 днів тому

    Top dog? 😂 6th grade isn’t a high Grade, but great video!

  68. Lauren Burns

    Lauren Burns11 днів тому

    I had the same thing happen but it still hasn’t stopped and I only have one friend

  69. bleach and tone

    bleach and tone11 днів тому

    middle school drama lmfao

  70. Adrienne Yamson

    Adrienne Yamson11 днів тому

    “Top dog of the school” only white ppl 😂😂💀

  71. Seetha Pardeep

    Seetha Pardeep11 днів тому

    Her life must be amazing...

  72. Vulture

    Vulture12 днів тому

    I remember when I had a fight I punched a kid in the nose I was a lonely but I had 1 friend but I wasn’t depressed or sad I believed in myself I just thought about the amazing Rocky Balboa if anyone touched me I’d use his skills god bless boxing 🥊.

  73. abisha justus

    abisha justus12 днів тому

    She's lucky she has friends, I'm in the 6th grade and I have none😢

  74. Michellexxx jefferson

    Michellexxx jefferson12 днів тому

    I would've fought her

  75. LotFire

    LotFire12 днів тому

    lol im a fucking body builder. i have friends but when i confront people i beg my friends to let me go by myself because i want to fucking fight. BODYBUILDING IS FUKING LIFE

  76. Coco Souvannakhamouane

    Coco Souvannakhamouane12 днів тому

    Wooooow that brunette girl is a retard ever I hope karma gets back at her

  77. Alaina Schluneker

    Alaina Schluneker12 днів тому

    I would literally shoot that person

  78. Danyell Foster

    Danyell Foster12 днів тому

    In my school everybody would be happy and everybody would congratulate you 😂😂😂

  79. AJ The Wright Gamer

    AJ The Wright Gamer12 днів тому

    This is why you don’t trust people, the human race is garbage

  80. DRAGON X Y

    DRAGON X Y13 днів тому

    You should just do what we males do PROVE OUR ALPHA MALE DOMINANCE

  81. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf13 днів тому

    I had that one friend, she’s still my friend now. My 6th Grade sucked. My teacher HATED me!! Now she’s been telling all my high school teachers that I am forbidden to sit next to my best friend, when we never sat next to each other, or talked in class! Yeah she hated me

  82. Molly Meerkat

    Molly Meerkat13 днів тому

    Your name

  83. k and g alwaya lit

    k and g alwaya lit13 днів тому

    Awwwww this was so cuteeee

  84. Lil Bee Doggy

    Lil Bee Doggy13 днів тому

    You tell a teacher. If they do nothing about it (as usual), tell your parents and tell the school TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

  85. Funny Guys

    Funny Guys13 днів тому

    Why didnt she spread rumours abou her

  86. owlygirlrowan

    owlygirlrowan14 днів тому

    I think I have similar situations like I told a fake friend of mine she’s not my friend and I got sick after that and then people who would normally be nice and say ignore me now so I have a feeling she said some nasty rumours about me

  87. Mythic mobile

    Mythic mobile14 днів тому

    Chat shit u get banged

  88. shahina shaikh

    shahina shaikh14 днів тому

    Tbh I would've done that

  89. Anonymous Kirk18

    Anonymous Kirk1815 днів тому

    Omg I had the same thing but she didn’t spread rumors about me, she just abandoned me for all the popular kids

  90. HeebieJeebies

    HeebieJeebies16 днів тому

    human scum

  91. kit danichek

    kit danichek16 днів тому

    I got gossiped and I was anxious and furious to this day i don't know who spread thoughs rumors and I'm still mad

  92. moiseschang27

    moiseschang2716 днів тому

    I had the same problem

  93. Wolfy_ Plays123

    Wolfy_ Plays12317 днів тому

    Rumors:used rumors! Besfriends:block lOVE OF A FRIENDSHIP

  94. Leo Gomelsky

    Leo Gomelsky17 днів тому

    “Spreaded rumors”

  95. Kittycatcool555 Roblox and vlogs

    Kittycatcool555 Roblox and vlogs17 днів тому

    5th grade is the top of the school for me

  96. Kulani Teshome

    Kulani Teshome17 днів тому

    if you had real frends they will not leve you

  97. Princesa_Almonte

    Princesa_Almonte17 днів тому

    What?? For real you broke down just for that?? Baby, that's nothing. If someone spreaded rumors like that about me I wouldnt care. It would just mean that it would lower the chances of people starting with me because they would be scared. I'm a freshman in HS and ik this little kid stuff but if I was still a 6th grader, I wouldnt get mad over things like that🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I got a niece that's in 6th grade and shes a sweet little girl that dont get into trouble and she wouldnt cry over something like that.🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️This was a wack video I'm sorry to burst this girl's bubble no hate tho but if yall could choose stories that are about something big and not something small like this that would be nice🤔😐😐

  98. GABRIEL S' Gaming

    GABRIEL S' Gaming17 днів тому

    ohhhhhh i understand,snakes,nowadays they look just like us humans but they have no emotions,no morals, nothing more than they style of betrayng and liyng they must be exterminated,one way or another

  99. Darthpug

    Darthpug18 днів тому

    I use to bully people because it was fun

  100. Darthpug

    Darthpug17 днів тому

    Thank you for understanding. Bullies sound tough and rough and just plain mean but when you enter their feelings you wish you never did.

  101. Denisa Jančíková - Já Jako Denča

    Denisa Jančíková - Já Jako Denča17 днів тому

    +Darthpug Oh... I understand now... Still, you should bully someone, but If I was in your situation... I understand why are you doing this, I would almost say you had good reason to do it, in your situation, everyone should understand why you did it, no one can blame you

  102. Darthpug

    Darthpug17 днів тому

    If you knew what goes on in a bully’s mind you’d be more sorry for the bully then the victim. My family never was kind to me and always expect me to be an angel but I wasn’t because they never raised me that way! I would mentally abuse people because it was a different feeling than feeling empty and angry. It was fun because I didn’t feel alone I felt different. I was raised feeling empty but on the inside I was a good person. I only bullied to get a different feeling then empty and the kids I bullied I still don’t regret bullying them because if nobody cares about my feelings and my happiness what gives them the right to have someone care about their’s? So I am a good person who makes the bad decisions because people have been bad to me. My parents mentally abuse me everyday and I tell myself it’s dumb but on the inside i know it’s not normal but I’m to afraid they’d be angry at me even though they’re more proud of my friends then they are me. I was the queen of mental abuse because it was and is done to me every day of my life. People a lot of the time say the bully wants others to feel their pain but for me it was to feel something other than hurt.

  103. Denisa Jančíková - Já Jako Denča

    Denisa Jančíková - Já Jako Denča17 днів тому

    and you still do it..? Or are you a good person ow and understand that its NOT fun

  104. Marissa Cordero

    Marissa Cordero18 днів тому

    Your story was really helpful because at school story say that my best friend kissed me and it made me like I was not impotent is after that I fell into dipreshon so your story was so helpful

  105. Go way

    Go way19 днів тому

    Well I take drugs too eas my pain

  106. Mr.Youtube (editing YouTuber)

    Mr.Youtube (editing YouTuber)19 днів тому

    WOW :O Read more

  107. Zohar Reinstein

    Zohar Reinstein20 днів тому


  108. KirbyFan68

    KirbyFan6821 день тому

    People have crappy mics

  109. Holidays XD

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