Rumors Spread About Me At School


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  2. Naomi Tucay

    Naomi TucayМісяць тому

    Not true my best friends didn't want me because Im cooler than them they didn't apriciate everything ive done to them

  3. Anthony Dominguez

    Anthony DominguezМісяць тому

    Where is that son of a B- so i can slap her

  4. MajesticBecca :3

    MajesticBecca :3Місяць тому

    +Annie Unstoppable you can get Chinese burns, _and_ Indian burns...

  5. Climax. Slimes

    Climax. SlimesМісяць тому

    storybooth I have a story for you

  6. Zombie Slayer456

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    storybooth hi

  7. Lloyd Games

    Lloyd Games13 годин тому


  8. Rakyra Thomas

    Rakyra ThomasДень тому

    Backstabbing girl ,🤣I would of said stuff about her to😒

  9. Beyonce Vega

    Beyonce VegaДень тому

    I would snatch her weave off 🤣 I don’t got Patients like this sweet lil gurl does I would go up to her and say so u talking bout me huh? If she says yes hit her if she says no ima still hit her 🤣🤣🤣

  10. An AntiandJacksepticeyeFan

    An AntiandJacksepticeyeFanДень тому

    im unwillingly an introvert. People hate me and nobody likes to hang out with me and I have no idea why. I've gotten used to being alone. I feel like im always in a box, don't fit in, just... feel disconnected from everything. Now im so shy and closed about myself. I just feel Like, nobody would notice if I just... disappeared...

  11. Natasha Bouvier

    Natasha BouvierДень тому

    I have 6 friends

  12. king life the sauce god

    king life the sauce god2 дні тому

    she really just should of slapped the bitch for the romors

  13. Lily’s Lifestyle

    Lily’s Lifestyle2 дні тому

    I don’t have any real friends

  14. Anna Ross

    Anna Ross3 дні тому

    Uh 6th grade is the lowest part of middle school 8th grade that’s the highest grade in middle school

  15. Shanski V

    Shanski V3 дні тому

    Awwww your new best freind is so awesome

  16. Pablo312

    Pablo3124 дні тому

    Maybe story is related toвідео-aipfqyIxh-Q.html

  17. Autumn River

    Autumn River4 дні тому

    I watched this cuz something like this- but worse happened!

  18. Coco and Stanley the dogs

    Coco and Stanley the dogs4 дні тому

    She is a fat idiotic good for nothing lying TURD 💩

  19. ᅦᄃᄆ초ᅵᅣᅵ

    ᅦᄃᄆ초ᅵᅣᅵ5 днів тому

    *wow.. 6th grade so cool*

  20. Raya Olson

    Raya Olson5 днів тому


  21. Labradorpuppy 9

    Labradorpuppy 96 днів тому

    That same thing happened to me :(

  22. FuZz Darkeyz

    FuZz Darkeyz7 днів тому

    I want to commit suicide (i actually do)

  23. PKDC

    PKDC7 днів тому

    Does anyone else call Indian Burn or Chinese Burn, Snakebite?

  24. Saanika singh

    Saanika singh7 днів тому

    What is Indian burn ?

  25. Anime Gurl #29

    Anime Gurl #298 днів тому

    Wait what the 0:16 "*i like your shirt*" she doesnt have a shirt on wut???

  26. Were_Crazy_Girls !!

    Were_Crazy_Girls !!8 днів тому

    Lol 😆🙁I’m in 6th grade but the person who spreading rumors about me is in 7th and 8th grade and but they are fake like it’s so annoying when they keep ignoring you and they dont wanna talk to you but I don’t really care and ya so like almost every day like it so annoying and some of my classmates do the same thing 🙄

  27. Maya Khan

    Maya Khan8 днів тому

    In my school also rumors are spread out but i do not have friends.

  28. + azkah +

    + azkah +8 днів тому

    This boy spreads rumours about me

  29. Ava Kosović

    Ava Kosović9 днів тому

    Sameeee thing!!!!!

  30. Endo of the Plush

    Endo of the Plush10 днів тому

    I'm in 6th grade. I got rumors spread about me. About me being Bi but I'm not. So I don't know why they spread rumors. My best friend walk up to me and ask I just broke down and cried

  31. Lauren S

    Lauren S11 днів тому

    I apologize to everyone I have hurt through gossip and other means.

  32. lexie lujan

    lexie lujan11 днів тому

    2:22 anybody else notice that the liar is in the dark and the character in the light? 😅

  33. Renji Natanael

    Renji Natanael12 днів тому

    Rumors group: i never say that Me: I NEVER BELIVE *Tornado punch* Rumors groups: * get punch in the d*ck, epigastrium, and jaw* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW SO F**KING HURT Me: HAHA *Leave and throw cloning knife to rumors head* Rumors group: hahahahhahahahahahhahahaha *something stab they head* ugh x_x *dies*

  34. Phantom_Ghost17

    Phantom_Ghost1714 днів тому

    2:10 Daphne on the right hand corner.

  35. Gacha Life

    Gacha Life16 днів тому

    My story is exact the same thing

  36. Jackeline Basave

    Jackeline Basave16 днів тому

    were you in Horen Elementary

  37. Jackeline Basave

    Jackeline Basave16 днів тому

    Horne Elementary

  38. Aranya Nandi

    Aranya Nandi17 днів тому

    My story this is

  39. Dieja Quarles

    Dieja Quarles17 днів тому

    If you “fight” somebody like that in my school, you will be praised

  40. Amdrey Aros

    Amdrey Aros17 днів тому

    do your friends now macic or what

  41. Midnight Breeze

    Midnight Breeze17 днів тому

    Somebody told rumors about me and i just said to him.......Guess what? Nobody cares! dipstick

  42. Lisa maihi

    Lisa maihi17 днів тому

    This bitch really is asking for a broken leg 😂

  43. Kebab lovr2208

    Kebab lovr220818 днів тому

    Why is this like my story without the rumors,and weirdly enough i gained more friends when i started 6th grade

  44. kitty_ katty

    kitty_ katty18 днів тому

    😭 thats like my ex bff were bestfriend since were 4th grade were so close but in 5 and 6th grade she starting to hate me....

  45. Michaela Wolf games123

    Michaela Wolf games12318 днів тому

    This is happening to me and I'm in 7th grade e.e...

  46. Wayne Cedo

    Wayne Cedo19 днів тому

    2:21 evil vs good

  47. Tuananh Nguyen

    Tuananh Nguyen19 днів тому


  48. SpaceExplorers-roblox I am just happy to be here!

    SpaceExplorers-roblox I am just happy to be here!19 днів тому

    I remember a friend like this wont say his name cause i dont want people to spread rumors bout i remember in 2nd grade me and him were cool till 3rd grade he like..acted up he wasnt really nice to me..

  49. Irene Klk

    Irene Klk19 днів тому

    Everyone in my school believes i 'm a hoe bc a girl sayd so(i haven't even kissed a guy in my whole life😂)

  50. Luis Reviews

    Luis Reviews20 днів тому

    These animations are fucking cringey

  51. little stars nursery

    little stars nursery20 днів тому

    I would shout leave me alone and I'm innocent

  52. Christopher Chavez

    Christopher Chavez20 днів тому

    Like I’d ever get best friends

  53. Angel XD

    Angel XD20 днів тому

    My friend actually spread rumors about that aren't even true she give me this weird look everyday I kinda don't like it and my other friend is on my side and the other one on her side she even called me strict and mean but she is the one who really mean.

  54. gaming with sjad

    gaming with sjad21 день тому

    pleas try to put speak arabic

  55. AJadeWolf ATigerWolf

    AJadeWolf ATigerWolf21 день тому

    This is why you should never go to school, kids :)

  56. Its me Alexa

    Its me Alexa22 дні тому

    I cried in class one time because of rumors. In recess there was this mystery person that was bullying people for some reason and people said I was the person. But I was not me! I was so sad😞

  57. Leah robinson

    Leah robinson22 дні тому

    The bully reminds me of my bully Grace Tyler.

  58. Oyinda Adedokun

    Oyinda Adedokun23 дні тому

    Isn't that a Chinese burn?

  59. Ben Murphy

    Ben Murphy23 дні тому

    I don't have any friends because they just talk behind my back

  60. Katsuki Bakugo

    Katsuki Bakugo23 дні тому

    wtf how can they believe the exact same rumours twice?

  61. magic love 6783590

    magic love 678359024 дні тому

    This is my story your watching ya know so...please believe me because this story is true and hope y3a like it and I'm in 7th grade now 😄😄😄

  62. MagmaZ _

    MagmaZ _24 дні тому

    2:48 they be blocking the negativity like "Hella naw we won't have this BS Here"

  63. Dragon cake Bomb

    Dragon cake Bomb24 дні тому

    I pls with my friend by putting her in choke holds for fun but as fun wrestling not hurting each other

  64. Dragon cake Bomb

    Dragon cake Bomb24 дні тому

    My school also goes up to 6 grade to

  65. gaby larin

    gaby larin24 дні тому


  66. Elizabeth Ramirez

    Elizabeth Ramirez24 дні тому

    That blonde girl reminds me of Carrie from Total Drama The Ridonculous Race.

  67. Rosemary Sanchez

    Rosemary Sanchez24 дні тому

    Just ell the the teach. ?.. ...... I do not know about you but I just feel like punching that girl that said rumors

  68. nephi romano

    nephi romano26 днів тому

    I don't like rumors

  69. Mackenzie Fiona

    Mackenzie Fiona26 днів тому

    I used to be friends with everyone and someone made a rumor, I still don't know what but a "close" friend ignores me completely and gives me dirty looks, I haven't been to school for 3 months now and when I think about it I want to cry.

  70. Elias Quintana

    Elias Quintana27 днів тому

    Spreading rumors. Come on be nice people.🙆🙎🙎👼👼👼👼👼💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💔💞💟

  71. JellyFish My Jam

    JellyFish My Jam27 днів тому

    Have you heard of telling a adult

  72. Mia Koffi

    Mia Koffi28 днів тому

    i loove story booth

  73. M.A.W. Gaming

    M.A.W. Gaming28 днів тому

    What i would have done , would be if she said those rumors again i would actually do what she was saying that i did to her



    If that girl said you tried to broke her leg why did the police did not get

  75. This Guy

    This Guy29 днів тому

    Then spread rumors about her then.

  76. Tami Hernandez

    Tami HernandezМісяць тому

    I don't have friends😢😢

  77. Rani Arun

    Rani ArunМісяць тому

    I am 6th now

  78. Hamish Purdie

    Hamish PurdieМісяць тому

    There is nothing called a Indian burn

  79. dab si etintrof

    dab si etintrofМісяць тому

    One time this annoying-a$$ girl found out that I liked someone so she told me she would never tell anyone about it. I shouldn't have given her any trust because the next day my whole grade knew about it, even the third graders knew and they had nothing to do with it. It's been a year since the incident and the annoying girl tries to get stuff from me threatening to tell the whole grade again and make me feel ashamed about myself. I haven't done anything like punching her but every freaking day I wish I could hit her right in the nose. That girl at some point was actually my friend but the incident with her telling everyone who I liked made us become enemies. For some reason she feels like everyone should respect HER over others, then one day when she threatened me again I flipped her off and she was shocked, she said something like "I thought we word friends!" and "Why would you do that?" So I just told her that I'd choose death over being her friend because of what she had done to me and how she made me feel. She is still very annoying and disrespectful, one time I came out of the half mile we do every year in gym and wasn't scored. She started laughing at me, little did she know that making fun of me would be a big mistake... so I told her that I had asthma, I knew that she would feel bad for making fun of me when I had something like that but apparently I though wrong, she kept laughing and laughing for that whole week of school and the thing is, that race wasn't even competitive, it was for gym grades! I freaking hate her.

  80. Horror katta

    Horror kattaМісяць тому

    Thats what happens to me...

  81. Roy Who

    Roy WhoМісяць тому


  82. Krzysztof Szulc

    Krzysztof SzulcМісяць тому

    i dont have any friends

  83. Crazy Demon Girl

    Crazy Demon GirlМісяць тому

    There's this girl in my class that calls herself my "best friend" and she isn't even a good friend bc she cares more about her jacket then me -_-

  84. AlexDeGhost

    AlexDeGhostМісяць тому



    D3SIREE SNIP3RМісяць тому

    I HATE THAT LIAR,FAKER UGH IM awwwwwwwwwwww so brave😢😢😢

  86. Miley Baker

    Miley BakerМісяць тому

    All the Kids in the 4th grade at my school are spreading rumors and I’m in 5th grade they are saying I’m dating a 4 th grader because i hang out with him!

  87. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto TodorokiМісяць тому

    2:51 i dont like where they are touching

  88. Gracie Girl

    Gracie GirlМісяць тому

    When I was four years old, I met a girl, let's call her Alice. So, Alice was always a bit odd: she used to throw tantrums about literally anything. She also didn't know how to get on with other kids. If she had had autism or something of that kind, of course it would have been understandable, but she didn't. She just didn't know how to be around other children. Tantrums and suchlike are pretty normal when you are four years old, and I didn't think anything of it at the time. However, as we got older, I realised that Alice's behaviour was a bit abnormal. Nobody in the class liked her, and because I was her best friend, nobody liked me either. I felt alone a lot of the time, with only Alice for company. That was around the time I decided I didn't like her any more. Every time she had a tantrum, which was roughly every week, I had to calm her down. We were around ten at this point. Some of her tantrums were just average, like crying and sulking, and maybe shouting and stamping her foot. But some were worse: for example, once in the middle of a lesson people went listening to her ideas, so she lay down on the floor, punching at the carpet with her hands and kicking with her feet. She was also screaming loudly. I had to calm her, of course. And every time we played "Tag" or "It" or "Chase" (whatever you want to call it, they're all the same game) with other kids, she would have a tantrum. And we played that practically every day. We were now in the last year of primary school, and I had no friends apart from Alice, because I was friends with her. I was sick of it, and decided to take matters into my own hands. I found some new friends - real friends, who I am still friends with today, although we go to different schools. Although Alice followed my to my new friendship group, I was happy. But then we moved to secondary school. Although people other than Alice were in my new secondary school, Alice was the only one in my class. So as soon as I made new friends, she joined my new friendship group. Eventually the people in that group for sick of her too, after realising what she was like, and me and Alice were the only ones left. And even people who didn't know her very well disliked her, because she had body odour and revolting dandruff. But, determined not to end up with no real friends, I found another friendship group, with real friends. She now had no friends. So she spread mean rumors about me, saying I was a lesbian (I have nothing against lesbians, but I was eleven years old and didn't even know my own sexuality) and that I bullied her in our old school. This made me a bit angry, but looking back on it, it can see that the only thing that mattered was the good friends I already had. I hope this helps you realise who your real friends are, and how not to let anyone affect your real friendships. I am Gracie, and this is my story.

  89. Lillie Monsky

    Lillie MonskyМісяць тому

    how is sixth grade top dog? it's the lowest in middle school lmao

  90. JXHXM 12

    JXHXM 12Місяць тому

    I hope that I can get at least one friend😢😢

  91. Deres a snake in mi boot

    Deres a snake in mi bootМісяць тому

    at my middle school we call sixth graders *sixlets*

  92. Princess Luny

    Princess LunyМісяць тому

    But I only have one friend because my other “friend” spread rumors about my best friend and my friend she cools quickly and forgot what happened and is still friends with her. An I always would ask her I “thought we were mad at her” and she would say “about what” and I always wondered how she forgot.

  93. Siena I.

    Siena I.Місяць тому

    2:09 is Daphane

  94. Dylanplayz 78

    Dylanplayz 78Місяць тому

    I was betrayed by my friend he said can I borrow your bord and I let him and now he write on it I love a girl so help me get him back plz

  95. Lilah tv

    Lilah tvМісяць тому

    This was good for me

  96. Game01boy

    Game01boyМісяць тому

    God i hate all this true friendship bullsh*t

  97. Flavia Katarina Tanujaya

    Flavia Katarina TanujayaМісяць тому

    This story is kinda reminding me of my past because someone was spreading rumors about me yet it did not end happily basically I lost one of my best friend and she was the one who spread the rumors about me

  98. wow new

    wow newМісяць тому


  99. Tony Perez

    Tony PerezМісяць тому

    I would fight anybody that tells rumors about me

  100. Frag Out

    Frag OutМісяць тому

    Like a month or two ago I told one person about who I like Now like a fourth of the fifth grade knows Things spread so quickly in Elementary School

  101. Charlie Hilton

    Charlie HiltonМісяць тому

    Wow great story, I subscribed👍🏼

  102. puppy lover

    puppy loverМісяць тому

    Those rumor people are just salty

  103. angela calvario

    angela calvarioМісяць тому

    Ohh and can i have a black story book hoddie please

  104. angela calvario

    angela calvarioМісяць тому

    Can i be in their and i also have a story

  105. Stephanie's Crafts

    Stephanie's CraftsМісяць тому

    These stories are all so touching!

  106. Zombie Sofia3

    Zombie Sofia3Місяць тому

    The girl who told rumors about her she will be suspended from school for 3 months!!!