Rumors Spread About Me At School


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  2. Makayla Kingfisher

    Makayla Kingfisher21 день тому

    I like you I like you too much Hi

  3. Bad ZombieX2

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  4. smt 9

    smt 92 місяці тому

    I hope I can tell it

  5. smt 9

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    Hey I have a story I want to share to the world

  6. ・natural mystic subs・ .mp4

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    Love this one bruhhhhh

  7. lunaboonana :3

    lunaboonana :35 годин тому

    I mean..... That's what she said.

  8. Flower Power

    Flower Power4 дні тому

    I would beat her f****** a** sorry for my profanity

  9. jonas herbert

    jonas herbert5 днів тому

    Lol y ur black kids have afros my dude?

  10. Nissan GTR R32 running a v12

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    2:47 mvm rocket and grenade shield in a nutshell

  11. rema sunny

    rema sunny9 днів тому

    I didn't have any friends.

  12. The Random Videos Channel

    The Random Videos Channel9 днів тому

    I would of kicked her ass

  13. Ellie pop101

    Ellie pop1019 днів тому

    Dude step away from the mic

  14. Carrie Gacha

    Carrie Gacha10 днів тому

    Shes brows ;_;

  15. Cookie Cream

    Cookie Cream11 днів тому

    She's evil

  16. Matthew Norrell

    Matthew Norrell12 днів тому

    I had a teacher who spread rumors about me

  17. Zoella X

    Zoella X13 днів тому

    I'm sure its called a Chinese burn 😅😂

  18. Jaime Is The Best Person On Earth

    Jaime Is The Best Person On Earth14 днів тому

    On This Animation She Looks Like An Infant

  19. Salina Padilla

    Salina Padilla15 днів тому

    If that was true she will be injured so those people are blind

  20. Majmunko

    Majmunko15 днів тому

    and all of people in your school have black cricles LOL #HATE

  21. Cheddar Ratlover

    Cheddar Ratlover15 днів тому

    The real promblen starts when the rumors are true from 4 years ago...

  22. Alison Gray

    Alison Gray16 днів тому

    When people like her bully you, you should go to the principal, a teacher or your parents and ask for their help, authority helps

  23. oadoreable dog

    oadoreable dog17 днів тому

    This girl was my bully scince pre k tru 2nd grade and she sprend rumors about me and always had the teacher see me as a bad person

  24. Miss Hirota

    Miss Hirota17 днів тому

    Wow, this reminds me so much of my friend Lucy. Her one friend during the time everyone betrayed her. Lost all of her friends during half of 5th grade. Soon after everyone got the gossip in...she got some good friends. She confronted the bullies, but they always said they never did it. Her friends always took her side. All of this in 6th grade. Everything you heard, happened to my friend, Lucy, during the same time, too. The funny part is...She’s 13, too..

  25. Problem Gamer

    Problem Gamer17 днів тому

    I mean .. the rumors would just be regular friends being friends at my school

  26. I hate Liberals

    I hate Liberals17 днів тому

    Eh I’d roll with it

  27. darkness _fiery

    darkness _fiery18 днів тому

    This happened to me but ppl called me gay but idk why and now no one in my school says I'm gay now and now whole 5 grade ppl are my friends

  28. Nicholas Thiel

    Nicholas Thiel18 днів тому

    Pause the video they are puking out a word at 2:44

  29. Daniel Huerta

    Daniel Huerta19 днів тому

    My friends were all fake friends

  30. Rambai Muddada

    Rambai Muddada19 днів тому

    Your mum is the worst lie you ugly

  31. Faith Montoya

    Faith Montoya21 день тому

    That happened to me actually just a little different so I had this best friend I loved her so much and basically she told people I liked this guy and I did so I told her crush she liked him she wanted me to then she yelled st me and told me to fix myself I felt like crying and just wanted to die and then she got this whole group to hate me so I needed people to be in my side and I did get people and she got mad becuz people loved me and I got mad becuz she brought up something personal and I felt like crying I wanted to cry and to die but I’m bette then that then she told people I made her cry when she faked it then the teachers got involved in yelled in my face you’re wrong I started crying she lied to the teachers and to others about me and now I’m known as the one who hurt her 😞

  32. stop subscribing to me!

    stop subscribing to me!21 день тому

    Is it weird how I actually don't want friends???

  33. 5F9 5F9

    5F9 5F921 день тому

    im in the one whose talking the whole story

  34. 5F9 5F9

    5F9 5F921 день тому

    when I was fourth grade I found a 5th grade friend but when I reached 5th grade half he didn't like me

  35. White Pelt Cat

    White Pelt Cat22 дні тому

    I have rumors spread about me (that I have lice, that I don’t know how to count to ten because I’m bad at math, and also because I’m weird) and I have no friends. But, I’m the teacher’s pet. So, if you have no friends and rumors are spread about you, but super nice to the teacher, try super hard in school, and be nice to other kids, and try not to start drama. That’s how you become the teacher’s pet, and the teacher will be on your side almost all the time. Just, don’t be mean, and don’t lie about stuff, because teachers will find out, and you won’t be the pet anymore.

  36. Georgina .everything

    Georgina .everything22 дні тому

    Hello amazing,beautiful/handsome, sweet,loyal person, have a great day!God bless you all! ❤️

  37. Madlang Redclint Rock

    Madlang Redclint Rock22 дні тому

    We stand up dont let them bully you

  38. john galido

    john galido23 дні тому

    Dud that girl is so deeaaad

  39. Shilpa Samineni

    Shilpa Samineni23 дні тому

    I support you

  40. Thia Rojas

    Thia Rojas23 дні тому

    That's happend to me once and nobody cared about me but only the rumors

  41. Snowfall

    Snowfall23 дні тому

    1:55 why does the bulletin board pictures looks like she's about to f someone up

  42. Lilly cupcake toast

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  43. Alex A.

    Alex A.24 дні тому

    This one time, my friend Sarah was bored out of nowhere so one day she spread rumors to our friend group behind my back about how i supposedly told Sarah about very very close private information that my other best friend trusted me with. My best friend aproached me and believed the rumors instantly and doubted me. She broke my heart. How could you not trust me? After all ive devoted in our friendship? Seriously??? Well ok. Glad we arent friends anymore and im flying without her.

  44. learning to

    learning to23 дні тому

    Hi. Can you have any tips to stop rumours? This classmate of mine said that she said she heard from 3 people that I like a boy I honestly do not. It is just false and she is the kind of girl which will spread 100% fake and false rumours. Please help me

  45. gewoon dief man

    gewoon dief man24 дні тому

    Freaking nerds hihihihih

  46. James_ Trumpeter09

    James_ Trumpeter0924 дні тому

    I had 3 friends thats all. Meh. Im happy with it

  47. ellina0606

    ellina060625 днів тому

    She crossed her fingers

  48. Funtime Jessie Nunan {dog}

    Funtime Jessie Nunan {dog}26 днів тому

    Well you haven’t anything

  49. Aidan_does-GYMNASTICS

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  50. Autumn Li

    Autumn Li27 днів тому

    If someone did that to me I’d do it va l

  51. anna amerussine

    anna amerussine27 днів тому

    Her rumors are not even bad, or dirty. But still poor thing. Only .. except if I actually had friends...

  52. Esmeralda Castro

    Esmeralda Castro27 днів тому

    Hi I am esmeralda and I am going say my story when I was in7th grade me and my friend were looking for friends and we found some people soo we dissuaded to go talk to them we said hi and they hi soo the next day we all hang out at my house but I saw one my friend I phone and it was unlocked soo I looked in it and she said a lot mean stuff to one of our friends I talk to her the next day and I said you have be nice to our friends and she said no and I said fine if you not going be nice I am not your friend sorry then I walk away the next day I never talk to her ever again that my story show it to all your friend bye

  53. Random person

    Random person28 днів тому

    Such a cute animation

  54. Vinod Kumar

    Vinod Kumar28 днів тому

    Same to me same pinch

  55. fortnite reporter

    fortnite reporter29 днів тому

    Before I had a lot and lots of friends and when I got to 4th grade there was a new student and it's a girl and no one likes her because of her eyebrows and I don't care,later I just saw in my eyes that girl was talking to my BFF bestie I said to my BFF why?she said she was nice.I said okay!.......later this year 2019 she is getting so rude to me and not to my friends and I cry because all of my friends are not my friends because of that ugly girl who took my friends away from me and I have half of my friends she is making romers about me and now she is still making it she won't stop it I want to change school so I can beat free.BEFORE AND AFTER 😀😊😃😁😄🤔🤗?🙂?😕😢😦😧😥😟😩😞😶😭😔😠

  56. fortnite reporter

    fortnite reporter29 днів тому

    Pls like if you enjoy this talking and it's real

  57. Dead rose

    Dead roseМісяць тому

    A girl spreaded rumors about me that i had lice..

  58. Puppy Lover1024

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  59. cacychell plays

    cacychell playsМісяць тому

    my school wont allow rumors.but my friends sometimes...bully me,but i finis 3th grade and i hope i wont get bullied at school again

  60. Kim _lovesgacha

    Kim _lovesgachaМісяць тому

    This girl used to spread rumours about me but when I figured out who it was, I ignored her. She never knew, so when I stopped talking to her, she was all like i don't wanna be ur friend anymore. And I'm like ? And soon after, like a week, I heard her talking to someone, saying I was expecting her to say why not? But if you get to know me, I don't say that, I only say... Why? So yeah

  61. herma bowers

    herma bowersМісяць тому

    Im also happy that my family accepted me.

  62. herma bowers

    herma bowersМісяць тому

    Hi storybooth people hi my name is Estellle Jan Bowers I was born with PDA and Hydro cephallus . I was born in Philippines and im already 11 yrs.old ,im small as a 3 yrs. old kid, I live in Iloilo city ,Philippines .Im really smart ,active,positive and responsible im already starting Grade 6 .I was never bullied and people think im cute ,I have a mole on my right cheeks .I have a brother he has Autism and already is main streaming sped (Special education). At school my classmates ,schoolmates and teachers are nice . My mom is a bussniswoman (her work is a florist and caterer),my dad is a IT engineer in Singapore.I always join in character impersonation contest and im always the champion and sometimes im second place but its okay. Last July or June I joined Starhunt (its a audition here in the Philippines ) my talent was character impersonation,singing,dancing and acting.They accepted me and im happy that God helped me to give my best and im happy for what I did .Im happy whatever size,shape or height I have.

  63. heal hurt me

    heal hurt meМісяць тому

    "some of them seemed a bit off" in my school EVERYONE'S OFF (exept for like 5% of people)

  64. Ęčłīšpê ŵåñńäße

    Ęčłīšpê ŵåñńäßeМісяць тому

    I just got that crowd city earrape ad

  65. Kaupo Mäesalu

    Kaupo MäesaluМісяць тому

    What a bi9ch yell at her so much

  66. Judie 1990

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  67. Gacha x Ally

    Gacha x AllyМісяць тому

    I don't have friends.... But i love my boyfriend and he is always with me❤️ love You Adrew

  68. Rebeca Martinez

    Rebeca MartinezМісяць тому

    hey i have michy is my closes frend and ian and les

  69. Dawnshower The NightWing

    Dawnshower The NightWingМісяць тому

    Im in 5th grade. So there was a rumour that spread about one of my best friends having a six pack. So one of the popular girls asked him. He just gave her a "Lol wut" look and walked away.

  70. Paulin Mosbakk

    Paulin MosbakkМісяць тому

    Once someone talked shit about me I knocked the fuck outta her after school cause don’t mess with me, there’s no polite in me if someone talk shit about me

  71. Wesley Durocher

    Wesley DurocherМісяць тому

    I don’t have friends

  72. Jhael rose

    Jhael roseМісяць тому

    If that was me i will smack her in the face

  73. Nazmun Bhuiyan

    Nazmun BhuiyanМісяць тому

    I'm going to 6th grade next year but im gonna be the youngest.

  74. Amaya Sofia

    Amaya SofiaМісяць тому

    Ha now the entire Internet knows

  75. Shannon Turners Adventure

    Shannon Turners AdventureМісяць тому

    U are surprisingly confident for standing up to her ❤️💜🦄

  76. crazyfootballlovers 124

    crazyfootballlovers 124Місяць тому

    Thing I don’t get is how dumb do they have to belive them rumours...

  77. Altantsetseg Jamiyan

    Altantsetseg JamiyanМісяць тому

    Its like a rap battle

  78. Marina R

    Marina RМісяць тому

    When I was a kid but now I don't anymore when I was a kid I used to have a lot of friends from my name is Araceli I'm her daughter so so I had no friends but I found only one friend so everybody started the rumors about me and I have only one friend that can protect me is one person as Earl he was very mean he thought that he was not believe but he is a bully I hope that got more friends and my life at my new school when I move

  79. Allan Tan

    Allan TanМісяць тому

    Allison Hargreeves is quaking

  80. JARO Entertainment

    JARO EntertainmentМісяць тому

    I have no friends

  81. Jhyrelle Felicidario

    Jhyrelle FelicidarioМісяць тому

    Rumors are carried by HATERS,spread by FOOLS,accepted by IDDIOTS

  82. YahGamerGirlLeah FortniteJammer

    YahGamerGirlLeah FortniteJammerМісяць тому

    Beat her uhp

  83. Daniela Palamari

    Daniela PalamariМісяць тому

    thate girl is a fake frende

  84. thisliitle potato

    thisliitle potatoМісяць тому


  85. El Salvador is cool

    El Salvador is coolМісяць тому

    There are schools that 6th grade is the final grade?

  86. Diamond Yt2019

    Diamond Yt2019Місяць тому

    These rumors only make her seem weak Bc she can’t stand up for herself and she can’t fight back 😂😭

  87. Adrian Rodriguez

    Adrian RodriguezМісяць тому

    Do you mean top cat

  88. Chew Popcornuni

    Chew PopcornuniМісяць тому

    2:02 smashes her tesk so she will think is actually fricking cool

  89. Paige Fleming

    Paige FlemingМісяць тому

    That just happened to me, the person’s cousin is on my side

  90. GG Gacha4557 girl

    GG Gacha4557 girlМісяць тому

    Oh a nose bleed nooooooooo

  91. GG Gacha4557 girl

    GG Gacha4557 girlМісяць тому

    I love your vids

  92. Ayan Abshir

    Ayan AbshirМісяць тому


  93. Dutchie B

    Dutchie BМісяць тому

    I had the weirdest advert before this video It was too ladies in big pink and red dresses doing cheesy dances and sing a cheesy song GOD HELP ME

  94. Norhan Elgohary

    Norhan ElgoharyМісяць тому

    the same senaro of my story but exapt that i know she is a roumers in 8 grade

  95. Mia's Savage Adventures

    Mia's Savage AdventuresМісяць тому

    I have the same story but a little different

  96. XD张景荣

    XD张景荣Місяць тому

    I am printing kpop lyrics and bullies noticed me using the computer and they caused a rumor that I am watching porn, rumor spread real fast into my class, even my classmates already know the rumor and keep gossiping about me but I have a friend also being accused for watching porn and both of us know each other feelings, I'm trying to explain my friends I never watched a single porn, they won't listen and told me to stfu, I'm treating them so good, gifts, foods, but what will they give me, forgot my bday, won't share anything, ungrateful for what I helped them so much, mopping the floor and almost everything they pushed their work for me! I choose not to help them anymore!

  97. Cheese Mouse

    Cheese MouseМісяць тому

    i thought this wouldn’t be me. i thought that i have the best friends in the world. i thought wrong. now the only thing i’m thinking is about how i can ignore the rumors or kill myself

  98. Logic Guy

    Logic GuyМісяць тому

    It started with a *”Yes”*

  99. Pretzel Etzel

    Pretzel EtzelМісяць тому

    The girl that was spreading the roomers was in the “salty teacher” episode

  100. Crazy Gals Msp

    Crazy Gals MspМісяць тому

    But in my case... no friends. No support. I am miss lonely;-;

  101. Laila Francisco

    Laila FranciscoМісяць тому


  102. Laila Francisco

    Laila FranciscoМісяць тому

    that so sad

  103. Kooler Soul

    Kooler SoulМісяць тому

    My bestfriend dosent like it when i hang with my other bestfriend that she is bestfriends with too

  104. Cosmickiller 109

    Cosmickiller 109Місяць тому

    I feel you last year in grade 5 I was the most hated in my class and rumors were spread about me 😭

  105. evelynandyareli 12346

    evelynandyareli 12346Місяць тому

    I never had a real bff.

  106. evelynandyareli 12346

    evelynandyareli 12346Місяць тому

    My bff just left me for a mean girl. The girl that my "bff" hangs out with she has two faces, she pushes me rolls her eyes tell me bad words and to my "bff" she is very nice to her and my "bff" never believes me, Now i am lonely.😧😟😥😦

  107. AspectInsiderGames

    AspectInsiderGamesМісяць тому

    I woulda beat that girl till she had no tooth and blood all on the lockers.