Scared of the Man Sitting Next to Me


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    bianka the wolf there is an app called Storybooth. You can register on their app, then record

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    storybooth I made a story on your app!!

  5. Rodrigo Jaramillo

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  6. Rodrigo Jaramillo

    Rodrigo Jaramillo23 дні тому

    Why tuesday

  7. Mike Wazoskiii

    Mike Wazoskiii6 годин тому

    Osama in a nutshell lmao

  8. yousef amro

    yousef amro16 годин тому


  9. leangheng Sam

    leangheng Sam18 годин тому

    Is there an equo 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🙄🙄🙄🦄🦄🦄

  10. Gia Phát Tăng

    Gia Phát Tăng21 годину тому

    the book that they're reading is from my country Vietnam

  11. the king 21 boy 619 a

    the king 21 boy 619 aДень тому

    You have to ponh the man💪💪💪💪

  12. Kai Xuen

    Kai XuenДень тому

    God bless you ♥️

  13. Fffreddy Tomi

    Fffreddy TomiДень тому

    My birthday is 9.11 😭

  14. That Roblox Life

    That Roblox LifeДень тому

    this is just very racist

  15. ניב אברהם

    ניב אברהםДень тому

    אני גם משראל אני יכולה להבין אותך..

  16. CoolBananaface1

    CoolBananaface13 дні тому

    What has the world become? When a muslim man starts mumbling on a plane because he has a fear of flight, people think he is a terrorist....

  17. oulaya souso

    oulaya souso3 дні тому

    Am i the only islam one here?

  18. pink barbie

    pink barbie3 дні тому

    This guy is muslim and when the plain started to fly he was saying douaa and douaa means praying to god ... There are douaa for every thing like eating , going to the bathroom , flying or going into a car ,looking to yourself in mirror. .. and more , so if someone in mumbiling in arabic don't get scared he/she is just saying douaa Iam muslim with my respect to every relegon 😊😊

  19. Oh YeAh YeAh

    Oh YeAh YeAh3 дні тому

    Peace can only be made through Palestine. Long live Palestine!!!!

  20. Logan Paul Vlog

    Logan Paul Vlog4 дні тому

    Philippines and Israel, Are friends so if someone from the PH wants to go at Israelthe PH doesnt need to use Passport

  21. Couch potato

    Couch potato4 дні тому

    Good, but how can I befriend or make peace with the one who desroyed my entire house in 2014? The one who murdered my uncle? The one who stole my country? Sorry, but I would never accept peace with the ones who have never shown us peace. I would never forgive them for killing my uncle and his baby daughter while sleeping at late night. Which peace are u talking about? I AM GAZAN-PALESTINIAN

  22. Oh YeAh YeAh

    Oh YeAh YeAh3 дні тому

    I am from Pakistan and I support Palestine 1000000 percent

  23. amos111977

    amos1119774 дні тому

    I love this story

  24. Doge dude

    Doge dude4 дні тому

    Does anyone else think the mainstream media kinda sucks

  25. Jerry Lopez

    Jerry Lopez5 днів тому

    Do u mean the 911 of 9181 or something?

  26. Its wb8

    Its wb85 днів тому

    How did you know he is speaking arabic ?


    NO-WORRIES-S44 дні тому

    Some people know other people language when they speak but in same time they didn't what they say like me I know Russian germany japanese indian french Spanish when they speak but i didn't know what they say

  28. Olivia Bivens

    Olivia Bivens6 днів тому

    I think the man has air anxiety..

  29. Leonid Polinger

    Leonid Polinger6 днів тому

    שלום אני דויד

  30. Jodi Brunner

    Jodi Brunner6 днів тому

    Me: *boi u ok*

  31. Barbara Glass

    Barbara Glass6 днів тому


  32. Jenin Hussam

    Jenin Hussam6 днів тому

    Who does not like Israel - - - - - - >

  33. HD Keemii

    HD Keemii6 днів тому

    portraying an frustrated middle east person as scary and dangerous , get your mind out of the media and believing everything you hear , typical

  34. storybooth

    storybooth6 днів тому

    Right -watch the video! She realizes how wrong she was...

  35. Ночная Радуга

    Ночная Радуга6 днів тому

    Тупой Инглиш!

  36. Chuong Mai Quoc

    Chuong Mai Quoc8 днів тому

    Why she say bad words

  37. xXluna _GAMERXx

    xXluna _GAMERXx9 днів тому

    Im from isreal too!!

  38. ליה בנאש

    ליה בנאש3 дні тому

    really? me too

  39. jeffy teacher he needs to do homework

    jeffy teacher he needs to do homework10 днів тому

    Guys there will be a movie called it chapter 2


    MAD CLOWN10 днів тому

    I’m Muslim and I respect all religions ;)

  41. Mr Homophobic

    Mr Homophobic2 дні тому

    Oh yeah Quran 9:29 And Quran 8:12 call for the death of us Christians

  42. Zowie Jones

    Zowie Jones10 днів тому

    Why is the braces girl always in the viedeos

  43. E-Z Dubs

    E-Z Dubs11 днів тому

    How people look doesn't completely tell who we are

  44. cute lil pop :3

    cute lil pop :311 днів тому

    When he was screaming he was saying some stuff to keep him safe from dying don’t worry 😉

  45. Tara wolff

    Tara wolff11 днів тому

    I am from israel too👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

  46. Layla Knights

    Layla Knights11 днів тому

    Well Israel people are killings arabs and kids.. but I DON'T mean all the Israel peopel

  47. Ani Tree

    Ani Tree12 днів тому

    Haha the reason he was mumbling and shaking is cuz he was saying dua (prayer asking god to keep him safe) 😂 he was obv scared from flights

  48. Ani Tree

    Ani Tree12 днів тому

    Haha the reason he was mumbling and shaking is cuz he was saying dua (prayer asking god to keep him safe) 😂

  49. Boris Burger Buffalo

    Boris Burger Buffalo12 днів тому

    He was probably scared asshole

  50. Samer Tala

    Samer Tala12 днів тому

    السلام و عليكم

  51. Nonowarr0331

    Nonowarr033113 днів тому

    1:37- 1:43

  52. Ikyo Jamilla

    Ikyo Jamilla13 днів тому

    You 💓❤❤💋💋💋😗😙😘😚

  53. roman garcia

    roman garcia14 днів тому

    Man joan wick calm down

  54. Maayan Berman

    Maayan Berman14 днів тому

    I'm Israeli to 😍😘🚝🚦😍😑

  55. Fathur Andika

    Fathur Andika14 днів тому


  56. Stephen Gaming

    Stephen Gaming15 днів тому

    0:42 I know she is a grown woman and she can curse a lil bit but I’m not comfortable with that.-.

  57. dusti Flying Horse

    dusti Flying Horse16 днів тому

    Just to tell you that my birthday is 911 2007

  58. Hamod Khader

    Hamod Khader16 днів тому

    I am a Palestinian and I love isreali but not the government

  59. Cookie Dough

    Cookie Dough16 днів тому

    Ramadan Kareem 😉

  60. gamer girl

    gamer girl17 днів тому

    He is a stressed Muslims like I am sometime in public

  61. Juwayriyah Mohammed

    Juwayriyah Mohammed18 днів тому

    Jews are evil

  62. Juwayriyah Mohammed

    Juwayriyah Mohammed18 днів тому

    I'm a muslim and we don't like Jews

  63. Макнун Ботуров

    Макнун Ботуров19 днів тому

    Я мусульманин

  64. Breonna White

    Breonna White19 днів тому

    God bless everyone and this will teach u that we can be kind to other people form other curtuls,😇👍🙏🙌👏👋

  65. Djura Smrad

    Djura Smrad19 днів тому

    Osama bin Laden and this man in the plane is same. Osama being killed years ago xD

  66. חנה חנה

    חנה חנה19 днів тому


  67. Maya Rami Khalaf

    Maya Rami Khalaf20 днів тому

    I'm Palestinian (the country that the man is from) and I don't hate any jews

  68. Moudy Cynthia

    Moudy Cynthia22 дні тому

    Subahanallah...... alhamdulillah..... luv this woman from israel

  69. Tanisha Gabriel

    Tanisha Gabriel22 дні тому

    Don’t judge a book by its cover....

  70. Camelia Jesus

    Camelia Jesus24 дні тому

    I love this video and also Fun fact:My B-Day is on 9/11

  71. ·sunset· ·gacha· ·playz·

    ·sunset· ·gacha· ·playz·24 дні тому

    His name is pronounced Thicc Nat Hanah

  72. mufffinlover

    mufffinlover24 дні тому

    Am I the only one who knew he was scared. Because I'm scared of planes and I act like this

  73. Mina Elouman

    Mina Elouman24 дні тому

    He was mumbiling Quran, its mnpt freaky its what we do when an airplane takes off or lands, its like praying for everything to go as planned. Kkkkk

  74. Shirel Maisha Arel

    Shirel Maisha Arel24 дні тому

    i am from israel to⁦🇮🇱⁩

  75. Demon Q8

    Demon Q825 днів тому

    Ok now all of you is thinking that will help to make peace but fuck Israel 🖕 Always for felstien ❤️

  76. Averi Roy

    Averi Roy25 днів тому

    Oh she is Jewish

  77. Marelyn Concincino

    Marelyn Concincino25 днів тому

    Honestly I don't understand the story

  78. MikaNt

    MikaNt23 дні тому

    Israeli Muslims and Arabs have been enemies and hated each other for a long time, I am from Israel

  79. Veronica Escobar

    Veronica Escobar26 днів тому

    Jisimni Izrael

  80. jellydonuts

    jellydonuts26 днів тому

    This is not racist. Imagine if you were sitting next to someone mumbling to themselves in a foreign language.. She probably was nervous about the fact he was angry, not a terrorist

  81. Matthew Khoshaba

    Matthew Khoshaba26 днів тому

    Im half isryil and half arek and half aseryin

  82. Football Leagues

    Football Leagues27 днів тому

    Yes fuck Israel .i don’t believe on Israel

  83. Alice B

    Alice B16 днів тому

    You're mean!

  84. chuuing gum

    chuuing gum28 днів тому

    why do muslims hate jewish people

  85. Fake Namelol

    Fake Namelol28 днів тому

    You will never be scared of someone if you don't get to know each other better. ❤

  86. נגה דניאל

    נגה דניאל28 днів тому

    Im from israel too

  87. Panda Playzzz

    Panda PlayzzzМісяць тому

    Yeah cuz those people are not ALL bad give some a chance.. someday we will have peace.. i know it and i can feel it..

  88. Kashmala Raja

    Kashmala RajaМісяць тому

    Okay he was from Pakistan and he was a Muslim and he was reading something from the Quran ❤️

  89. Ronald Baldevieso

    Ronald BaldeviesoМісяць тому


  90. Brynn Hayward

    Brynn HaywardМісяць тому

    Awww this was cute

  91. GD-gamer 5000

    GD-gamer 5000Місяць тому

    WHY 911

  92. Pelin Ersoy

    Pelin ErsoyМісяць тому

    Im not muslim or christian im a human

  93. Queen Editz

    Queen EditzМісяць тому


  94. Izzycutie5156

    Izzycutie5156Місяць тому

    Why would the dude not be scared he’s locked in a metal tube 5 thousand feet in the air

  95. Dana Jornales

    Dana JornalesМісяць тому

    My birthday is 9/11 and I have a twin

  96. Danny Brown

    Danny BrownМісяць тому

    W9me U w hant cab f blood ee funded ddd.bad U de garçon e e e effed e e e f un e U tom

  97. akrity kutariyar

    akrity kutariyarМісяць тому

    speaking Arabic or Urdu doesn't make a person bad 😑

  98. مي نايف

    مي نايفМісяць тому

    Am Muslim

  99. Ayna Shikhsayidova

    Ayna ShikhsayidovaМісяць тому

    The man was reading Quran aluhu ekbar

  100. Miyana Turk

    Miyana TurkМісяць тому

    I am Christian

  101. MyPotatodude

    MyPotatodudeМісяць тому


  102. Nour Nassir

    Nour NassirМісяць тому


  103. shaBOOM puppy

    shaBOOM puppyМісяць тому

    I'm from Israel hahahaha 🤣🤣

  104. הלל גרוסי

    הלל גרוסיМісяць тому

    מי שפה מישראל שייתן לייק

  105. Mary Huffman

    Mary HuffmanМісяць тому

    2019 woohoo

  106. Emily

    EmilyМісяць тому

    *_Remember this guys not all Muslims are bad they have emotions and hearts too_*

  107. Sofwan Smkif

    Sofwan SmkifМісяць тому

    IS this true???????hurmm....

  108. level devil 264

    level devil 264Місяць тому

    At least you care about Muslims because there is a war in Palestine

  109. יובל רגב

    יובל רגבМісяць тому

    it's so nice to know there are some nice people who ignore the hate and want peace. i'm from israel too!

  110. •Чеρнσ-δелαя Гαчα•

    •Чеρнσ-δелαя Гαчα•Місяць тому

    Не все евреи плохие

  111. Mohammad Ehsan

    Mohammad EhsanМісяць тому

    He was probably scared

  112. Galaxy cat 2

    Galaxy cat 2Місяць тому

    I’m muslim