Scared of the Man Sitting Next to Me


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    Wait a minute there is only one footage of the north tower of the twin towers hit

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    this is just so emotinal

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    she is an amazing story teller

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    Hey you sound formallier are you a youtuber

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    You are right

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    K alright lets get this straight.Muslims have two sides. One are the people with a hijab on and they're mans have long beards.In our country (im from switzerland but my nationality is a albanian🇽🇰) we call them Ortodoks. The other side os the muslims are the muslims who the female's dont wear hijabs and theyre mans dont have long beard and they dont go everyday to pray for god only on holidays (the mans while the females prepare food and other stuff idek lol😂❤️) .Also dont call muslims terrorist bc theyre aren't terrorist theyre normal people that belive in a other religion.Both men and female are equal. -June

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    Good story

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    I wach story both every day because they are so good

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    I believe she is a good woman, I honestly believe that everyone in her place would be scared too, and this is not racism, if a person acts in a strange way and speaking things that you do not understand and of course you will be worried and / or afraid of this person.

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    Is that my uncle

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    Omg its you i remeber this

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    Boom goes the plane

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    I wish people could all be accepting of others.

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    Guy: “doesn’t speak” Girl: “You’re a dirt bag!”

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    what a great story .....🙂 thanks to storybooth

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    Die israel

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    It's not okay for people to assume that I'm a terrorist or anyone.

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    *John Wick?*

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    Death to Israel

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    Al Qaeda did nothing wrong

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    Can i do my own animation of my story

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    Everyone who watches this needs to share it with someone to spread the last part

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    Darling he was praying because he was scared.he is Muslim and we do this all the time when we are scared. Im a Muslim

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    My mom was watching that news with brother in her arms, he's 17 now, and I don't know how old he was, he was the first born in the family, but anyway. My mom was sitting in her chair holding my brother, watching this news about that, crying..... 2:09

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    Spread love

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    Is this Cardi B

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    Im from israel to!😎


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    Nice but to cheesy for me

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    He was scared of the flight racist ass

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    Why is everyone talking about israel?

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    2:12 Air Crash Investigation

  42. Mohammad Hourani

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    For anyone wondering what that man was saying he was reciting an dua or prayer for protection and safety while traveling

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    This was the first storybooth that I have ever watched and now I'm Obsessed with them 😂

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    Maybe he was praying don't worry

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    I like it I’m bennygames

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    Something like this happened to me recently on a plane going home. My brother and I were sitting and people were still boarding the plane. There was an empty sit and an Arabic man sat next to us. He looked normal but as soon as the plane started taking off he started reading from a book, I slightly looked over and it was in Arabic, so I guessed he was a Muslim. He seemed really scared while he was mumbling to himself, it was strange for me because I have never seen the Quran (sorry If I misspelled) in my life but I just felt empathy for him because I also was terrified of flying and I figured he was scared too. Which he was because My brother and me were eating chocolate balls and we gave the man some, I think that made him relax a little bit because he seemed okay with looking outside the window and looking at the landscape. I hope he is fine wherever he is right now and not afraid of flying anymore.


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    Thats So True 😭😢🥰

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    Shes not can hear it

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    I have a friend was with an nother friend ... over the weekend and when we started school aging my friends,friend came over to me and told me that my(BEST FRIEND) talked shit about me... like i hate her she is ugly...and tha i cry a little like my BEST FRIEND talked thrash about me. Im a girl and i am 10year's old and my best friend is a girl to. Please tell my story And you can cal me Lollo. i think people should hear my story .THANK YOU! Please give a like. And subscribe to this channel.LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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    Im started cry

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    Hey Malala youfazi isn't mean. EDIT: Sorry if I didn't spell right

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    Vera Vera9 днів томувідео-rMghFtOAyrg.html It’s the original video with the real girl hahah

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    I’m Arabic yeah he needs that book

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    I am from israel too

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    Woo calm down 😤😤😭😭😭

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    I wonder... If people kept saying that *ALL* muslims are bad. Then... I think muslim babies were born with grenades.

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    +alishba saad heh, yeah!

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    +LazyCup then we are same sis

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    +alishba saad Yep!

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    +LazyCup o sweet 😀😀😀😀😀 but are u mslim kindly?????

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    +alishba saad Nah. I'm Australian/Malaysian. But still, I feel sympathy for Pakistan.

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    Naw fuck mexico

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    It was probably the guys first time on a plane and probs felt scared

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    Hi,I have a story I can tell

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    I was born through the hours of 911 to the start to the end wired right

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    Love Arabs

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    That's fucking racist

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    All your story booths are real???🤔🤔🤔

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    I have your app , but I am so stressed, because I am not fluide at English 😕

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    I'm from Israel :D

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    Excellent story

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    Free Palestine 🇵🇸 from Kurdistan

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    he is just praying so calm down and dont be scared >.>

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    **** ISRAEL

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    Ruby Whitfield11 днів томувідео-rMghFtOAyrg.html original story

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    I know her UAreporter channel

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    Wanna share?

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    It's OK and I'm Muslim from uae ❤

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    Jesus I just feel like crape you just bring lots of things that I hate about you people bringing up 911 and bring up like Muslims or what the man was.......

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    RUDE I’m a Indian that’s fucking rude!

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    Never judge a book by its cover

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    That guy did nothing wrong though! He was scared! Just because he didn’t see and acknowledge you doesn’t mean he was evil.

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    Racist ass


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    Girl I feel ya

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    He was sayingg qurann

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    some people are shy and non communicative!

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    Sheer lev!

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    Story booht can i share my story

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    I saw the original video of this

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    Musliums think there better than everyone who dont belive in Allah

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    As we find out he was black

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    He creepy

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    I love this episode.

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    Did you record your voice in a toilet?

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    Omg it's Shakira!

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    But I love war!

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    He's not Mumbling his praying

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    I wish you said what hesaid because im arabic :PPPP

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    You 🥴🥰🤩 The man 😡😠😤 A song for you A man and girl the man is mumbling and the girl is reading a man isn’t mean but nice look on the bright side of live the man is different but she doesn’t care he is not mean he is not mean how is not mean he is he is the girl is not afraid to tell a story on story booth no no no she is not afraid to tell a story no no no go to story booth to tell a story in the lifetime storrrryyyyyyy booooooooootttttthhhhhh ya

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    what? I don't get the point of this comment LmaO

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    I am a Muslim and my people are so ... Alone I want to change that I want to make my people happy I hope I succeed

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    VIVA PALESTINA🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

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    R A C I S T

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    Wait, you said he was mumbling something in Arabic and had a fear for flying right? Don’t worry, he is probably mumbling surats, (kind of praying for Muslim people). He’s probably really innocent don’t worry! 😉

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    2:56 thic

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    Maybe's he's just praying...

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    This woman is an idiot for assuming this guy was a threat.

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    אני גם מישראל

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