Score On Me, Win $100 vs Random People Basketball



    CEBLUSKYДень тому

    nobody beats professor live💗

  2. AbsolutelyDusty

    AbsolutelyDustyДень тому

    10% Basketball 90% Jesser's Breath Noises

  3. Bluebird Animations

    Bluebird Animations4 дні тому

    6:25 that guy looks familiar...

  4. 20k subs with no videos

    20k subs with no videos4 дні тому

    Lol the person with the worst jumpshot best jesser 3-0

  5. Toygun Efe Coşkun

    Toygun Efe Coşkun7 днів тому

    Turkey türkiyeden selamlar

  6. isaac Avila figuera

    isaac Avila figuera7 днів тому


  7. Pedro Eduardo

    Pedro Eduardo7 днів тому

    Público brasileiro curte o comentário

  8. Tây Chuối

    Tây Chuối11 днів тому

    Give me link to buy this ball !!!

  9. Joey Laughlin

    Joey Laughlin12 днів тому

    Your insane

  10. M A M 3

    M A M 313 днів тому

    في عرب

  11. ᄏᄋ

    ᄏᄋ13 днів тому


  12. Vincent Jr.

    Vincent Jr.15 днів тому

    The dad's jumper 9:53


    BERO BERAT15 днів тому

    Your a Good UAreporterr😁

  14. abdi hilowle

    abdi hilowle16 днів тому

    1v1 shit dog

  15. 8ld8Prime :v

    8ld8Prime :v17 днів тому

    Me caes mal You girl

  16. Diego Orellana Guevara

    Diego Orellana Guevara17 днів тому

    When you need pay for a friend

  17. The BIG AND The HEFTY

    The BIG AND The HEFTY17 днів тому

    I’m beating jesser he suck

  18. Eugene Choo

    Eugene Choo18 днів тому

    bro he is playing against kids..

  19. Squanch Wanch

    Squanch Wanch18 днів тому

    3 kids was too much

  20. Andrea Fjortoft

    Andrea Fjortoft18 днів тому

    the ball you had i have the exact same one

  21. Eli- Tech

    Eli- Tech18 днів тому

    This man is out of SHAPE

  22. Samuel Thompson

    Samuel Thompson19 днів тому

    Wait what? What kinda rules is this, when do players get to win 100 dollars?

  23. OC ZAZA 56

    OC ZAZA 5621 день тому

    Why you breathing so hard jesse but its ok

  24. Nawaki

    Nawaki21 день тому

    I expected him to give the three kids a 100 to split, props to him for giving them a 100 each.

  25. EPF

    EPF21 день тому

    play me

  26. Dennis Reynolds

    Dennis Reynolds22 дні тому

    This man was gassed after 15 seconds

  27. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy23 дні тому


  28. Jack Casey

    Jack Casey25 днів тому

    Jesser need to hit the gym

  29. Antpaok

    Antpaok26 днів тому

    Dude jesser used to suck when did he get this good wtf

  30. KammyFML

    KammyFML26 днів тому

    Why he acting so cool when he got a lil 2k clout around him haha

  31. Tanto Cheddar, Quanto Stástico

    Tanto Cheddar, Quanto Stástico27 днів тому


  32. SERGI035

    SERGI03527 днів тому

    Rocket league?

  33. Lisa Hope

    Lisa Hope28 днів тому

    Stealin vid ideas from my man aj lapray

  34. xDHippy

    xDHippy28 днів тому

    dude is a bum

  35. Klaya11day Yt

    Klaya11day Yt29 днів тому

    You mest up you put 2 points on yourself not on the kids

  36. Comp Dee

    Comp Dee29 днів тому

    jeser knew better than to go to da hood lhh.

  37. Chibike Uzoukwu

    Chibike Uzoukwu29 днів тому

    do more stuff like this pls

  38. Xavier Mendoza

    Xavier MendozaМісяць тому

    It’s seem like he plays more better with little kids then his friends😂😂

  39. Awais Nawaz

    Awais NawazМісяць тому

    Yo that fade-away tho 👀 🔥

  40. Kam got hits Boi

    Kam got hits BoiМісяць тому

    At 4:46 he did the momentum dribble

  41. Chaotic AMV

    Chaotic AMVМісяць тому

    You get this from AJ lapray 😂 Edit: Nvm he mentioned him

  42. jazzfanta

    jazzfantaМісяць тому

    2.16 is a travel right?

  43. Bryant Wulu

    Bryant WuluМісяць тому

    IT SAYS SCORE ON ME not beat me

  44. Armani Fragua

    Armani FraguaМісяць тому

    Lol me against my younger sibs in basketball 😂

  45. starky stark

    starky starkМісяць тому

    That asian dude on the back corner would smash you bro

  46. DaForce

    DaForceМісяць тому

    Make a half court u win

  47. Chibu/Chibuikem Nmezi

    Chibu/Chibuikem NmeziМісяць тому

    Lots of Asians play basketball to be honest


    13LESSED LEGEND_3XМісяць тому

    Too many moves in his package😭7:03

  49. ThomasAlverman

    ThomasAlvermanМісяць тому

    Name of the song in 8:18

  50. kodi bompat

    kodi bompatМісяць тому

    name of song in 8:18

  51. Onur Sumer

    Onur SumerМісяць тому

    You are so bad

  52. AJbboy Backstab

    AJbboy BackstabМісяць тому

    Loving the squid ward kyries

  53. Almighty Tsegts

    Almighty TsegtsМісяць тому


  54. Trace This1

    Trace This1Місяць тому

    Now this is the kinda stuff people wanna see here 😂❤️

  55. Apollo Dior

    Apollo DiorМісяць тому

    You think 🤔 u so good play me 1V1

  56. Bent Jungle

    Bent JungleМісяць тому

    Song at 8:17?

  57. Davonte Y

    Davonte YМісяць тому

    Why u dint let me play for money jesse 😂😂

  58. Fire Challenger

    Fire ChallengerМісяць тому

    Not one black kid showed up I’m dead 😂

  59. Biplav Shrestha

    Biplav Shrestha24 дні тому

    It wouldn't be fair to him.

  60. Ominous

    OminousМісяць тому

    When jesser bully kids

  61. Ominous

    OminousМісяць тому

    The handle myself kid ur lame asf i can beat ur ass