[SFM] - Scout gets Attacked by a Wild Yet Curious Being


  1. Exalted

    Exalted37 хвилин тому

    If a furry spoke to me like that you're getting life sentence in Jail. I don't fuck around.

  2. Tyler

    Tyler40 хвилин тому

    The Kingdom Hearts music adds so much to this

  3. timeroller

    timerollerГодину тому

    and this is why you should affix an attachment to your taser so that it also shoots pepper-spray and electricity at the same time

  4. jhonnyohmylawd

    jhonnyohmylawdГодину тому

    Scout should’ve ran instead of laying there on the floor when heavy was helping him. 😂

  5. Ezra Mann-Thompson

    Ezra Mann-Thompson2 години тому

    Even Satan won't touch this shit

  6. Godstopper Gaming

    Godstopper Gaming2 години тому


  7. pivotmaker 99

    pivotmaker 992 години тому

    I fear no furry, but that thing... it scares me...

  8. Gonskies Last Name

    Gonskies Last Name2 години тому

    Hey, a guy called Bmo posted this video on his channel a day after you. Do what you wish with this info

  9. dutch plan der linde

    dutch plan der linde2 години тому

    This is super cringy

  10. Keocin the wolf mango

    Keocin the wolf mango3 години тому

    Someone give heavy the title of komandant or Greylord. Please someone know what im talking about...

  11. Nut Breaker

    Nut Breaker3 години тому

    0:20 Do 0.25 and you will see she have 3 arms

  12. AquaPlays

    AquaPlays3 години тому

    *bonks the furry with a crowbar*

  13. Ignaxpro Gamer

    Ignaxpro Gamer3 години тому

    What in the name of God have i just seen

  14. gamer smash

    gamer smash3 години тому

    One things *bulge*

  15. Hunter The Reckoning

    Hunter The Reckoning4 години тому

    This made my day XD

  16. the Joseph factory

    the Joseph factory4 години тому

    And that is how I met your crazy mother

  17. the Joseph factory

    the Joseph factory4 години тому

    I don't know son

  18. the Joseph factory

    the Joseph factory4 години тому

    son: why is she a furry?

  19. Lucas Playz

    Lucas Playz4 години тому

    Heavy +rep

  20. Saeid Radder

    Saeid Radder5 годин тому

    No one can save us from this grim dark video, no one!

  21. Mr_4Star5

    Mr_4Star56 годин тому

    Has anyone noticed how the furry is Bonesy(White) from Fortnite? Look at 0:17. Now go here www.google.com/search?q=bonesy+white+fortnite&safe=active&client=ms-android-verizon&prmd=isnv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjWpJPUua3iAhVyhuAKHRc-CF0Q_AUoAXoECAwQAQ&biw=360&bih=560#imgrc=gPLSU2Jmju6_KM

  22. i love cheese

    i love cheese6 годин тому

    OwO whats this? *notices your Hitlers BuzzSaw*

  23. Saeid Radder

    Saeid Radder5 годин тому

    *Notices your PAC gun*

  24. TheACE- Strike

    TheACE- Strike6 годин тому

    next level of SFM animation right here

  25. Miguel J. Lammens

    Miguel J. Lammens6 годин тому

    hold up, i thought it was just her, not a furry, i am bamboozled

  26. Twitch Maldio

    Twitch Maldio7 годин тому

    wtf did i just watch cause this is what i like except for the furry

  27. Templarofsteel88

    Templarofsteel887 годин тому

    Wtf 😝

  28. FoxyCoffee

    FoxyCoffee8 годин тому

    what the fuck did i just watch? :O :,,,D

  29. Tacocat King

    Tacocat King8 годин тому


  30. Iris Heart/Plutia

    Iris Heart/Plutia9 годин тому

    Everyone on the Internet: Also everyone on the Internet:

  31. Vector Dan

    Vector Dan10 годин тому

    Fra ma sei italiano uau

  32. P.V WOLF

    P.V WOLF10 годин тому

    The fact she used a 🔍 on his dong Xd

  33. Armand Karlsen

    Armand Karlsen10 годин тому

    This cancer is now on 2 million views XD

  34. キツネFOX

    キツネFOX11 годин тому


  35. ᴊ ᴏ s ʜ ᴜ ᴀ ɪ s ɴ ᴏ ᴛ ᴄ ᴏ ᴏ ʟ

    ᴊ ᴏ s ʜ ᴜ ᴀ ɪ s ɴ ᴏ ᴛ ᴄ ᴏ ᴏ ʟ13 годин тому


  36. James MustPlay

    James MustPlay16 годин тому


  37. JJslayz Playz

    JJslayz Playz17 годин тому

    I literally watched this over and over agin for 47 times!

  38. Rogue thousand

    Rogue thousand17 годин тому

    When she said “pounces on you” I thought she said (couch lasagna)

  39. Saeid Radder

    Saeid Radder5 годин тому

    I am not going to question why

  40. Jake Blackeye

    Jake Blackeye17 годин тому

    No.. I ain't talkin' about that freak.. She's not here is she? How do I get this thing off?!

  41. [Name]

    [Name]18 годин тому

    0:07 is that officer earl running in slow mo?

  42. ashlee

    ashlee19 годин тому

    what did just watch

  43. Bubblelf

    Bubblelf20 годин тому

    _w h a t t h e f u c k a r e y o u s a y i n g_

  44. Bubblelf

    Bubblelf20 годин тому

    the hitting sounds fn get me

  45. wileybear76

    wileybear7620 годин тому

    This is probably my favorite video on the internet.😂

  46. Cardnal

    Cardnal20 годин тому

    I will never get over how brilliant this is!

  47. Fresh Deluxe

    Fresh Deluxe21 годину тому

    This is so cool

  48. ㄥцгк1

    ㄥцгк121 годину тому


  49. Seth Reilly

    Seth Reilly21 годину тому

    Hey doesn’t anyone see in scouts eye 0:15

  50. Eddie Savela

    Eddie Savela22 години тому

    This is at the same time amazing and terrible, so I do not know whether to laugh or commit scooter ankle

  51. Mattson Claybrook

    Mattson Claybrook22 години тому

    Man: points gun at heavy Heavy: "Thank You!" *BOOM*

  52. A Core Sans protection from le fangirls

    A Core Sans protection from le fangirls22 години тому

    And so that's how scout was scarred for life by turning into a furry

  53. DrowsyMouseAnimations

    DrowsyMouseAnimations22 години тому

    She wanted the sausage, she bit off and devoured the sausage....Scout died, neutered for your sins.........

  54. Ray Man

    Ray Man22 години тому

    Do the full on of it

  55. DrowsyMouseAnimations

    DrowsyMouseAnimations22 години тому

    Scout is me whenever I encounter crazy people. 😂😂

  56. Dashy 12 live

    Dashy 12 live22 години тому

    Even im laughing at this and im a fucking furry

  57. paolo de pablo

    paolo de pablo23 години тому


  58. Oakship166

    Oakship16623 години тому

    Anyone notice she got a. magnify glass too look at his bulge0:19

  59. shit poster

    shit poster23 години тому

    That drop kick tho

  60. Ian Addis

    Ian Addis23 години тому

    Heavy: “I fear no man.. but that T H I N G..! It scares me..” LeTs HaVe A lItTlE lOoKsIe

  61. Margie Peru

    Margie PeruДень тому

    UwU X3 OwO

  62. WeebPlays

    WeebPlaysДень тому

    0:0 selling replay buttons

  63. Akuspizza

    AkuspizzaДень тому


  64. Ivan Cruz

    Ivan CruzДень тому

    Mass genocide against furries: *CONFIRMED*

  65. Panda Basrie

    Panda BasrieДень тому

    How could this happen to me X3 Made ma mistake XD oWo

  66. Robot Brian Woof

    Robot Brian WoofДень тому


  67. camilaa

    camilaaДень тому


  68. Feferi Peixes

    Feferi PeixesДень тому


  69. Randi Magee

    Randi MageeДень тому

    😳whoa there buddy

  70. Kermit The Frog

    Kermit The FrogДень тому

    Wait that furry has a bulge.......

  71. epicfusionzombie Xxdstudios

    epicfusionzombie XxdstudiosДень тому

    Furries in a nutshell

  72. nirtynirt

    nirtynirtДень тому

    Anyone know what the song in the background is

  73. Truman productions

    Truman productionsДень тому

    So did Heavy just give up on helping scout

  74. Jaizyj Gaming

    Jaizyj GamingДень тому

    But why? Why would you do that?

  75. Electrobuster

    ElectrobusterДень тому

    (Grabs Frying pan) BEGONE THOT

  76. Raspy Kike

    Raspy KikeДень тому

    5is is just twitter 2029

  77. Lucas Mateus

    Lucas MateusДень тому


  78. thanosthegreat 2005

    thanosthegreat 2005День тому

    i fear no man, but that "thing".... *gets closer* i t s c a r e s m e...

  79. Isaiah Johnson

    Isaiah JohnsonДень тому

    I can’t stop watching this idk why

  80. Adam Luboradzki

    Adam LuboradzkiДень тому

    That's not furry, that a japanese youtuber girl with fortnite dog's face, If anyone don't know.

  81. MicroMania Roblox and other stuff

    MicroMania Roblox and other stuffДень тому

    This is awfully sexual

  82. Gamer Boy

    Gamer BoyДень тому

    *knock knock* FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!

  83. Chaos

    ChaosДень тому

    *Notices your bulge*

  84. Close Grip Bench press

    Close Grip Bench pressДень тому

    can someone explain the heavy what is he doing



    I hate furrys

  86. Lord Of Waifus

    Lord Of WaifusДень тому

    The song that plays on .24 sec God I don't know where it's from. I know I heard of It but u can't remember it

  87. TheDestiny

    TheDestinyДень тому

    rawr x3

  88. [Defunct Spunk]

    [Defunct Spunk]День тому

    Why is this the best thing ever?

  89. Dr. Stephen Strange

    Dr. Stephen StrangeДень тому

    *Scout had hair?*

  90. Alex Rider

    Alex RiderДень тому

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can’t breath

  91. Alexandru BOSS RO

    Alexandru BOSS ROДень тому

    My mom thinks i'm gay now. Thanks.

  92. Gosh Darren Gaming

    Gosh Darren GamingДень тому

    Officer Heavy: Scout!!!! Scout: Just a Sec..... *EXPLOSION*

  93. Dark_Weedle

    Dark_WeedleДень тому


  94. Alex Jones

    Alex JonesДень тому

    Is it possible to explain what the fuck is going on?

  95. Dumb 101

    Dumb 101День тому

    Notice that when he says: "Back off your crazy bitch" he is no wrong, lol.

  96. Wot Mo8

    Wot Mo8День тому

    Rare footage of female german spy keeping a us soldiers mouth shut as one of his colleagues desperately stop her

  97. Sayne

    SayneДень тому

    Not my proudest fap..

  98. Zen Tron

    Zen TronДень тому

    *Kizuna....what Happened to you?*

  99. bleach

    bleachДень тому

    The heavy's running looks similar to Officer Earl running.

  100. yung-g- OCT

    yung-g- OCTДень тому

    Heavy tried his best disputes his efforts 😞

  101. spaghetti0's

    spaghetti0'sДень тому

    His virjahnity gone

  102. [Defunct Spunk]

    [Defunct Spunk]День тому

    0:06 _Officer Heavy_

  103. фид фурой гг

    фид фурой ггДень тому

    Ебаные фурри

  104. Jagï

    JagïДень тому

    Scout is DED. Suprise me not