[SFM] - Scout gets Attacked by a Wild Yet Curious Being


  1. SovietComrade

    SovietComrade6 годин тому

    You made this

  2. Alex Darko

    Alex Darko9 годин тому

    I'm here after watching Beastars

  3. Gabriel

    Gabriel11 годин тому

    Its sad that it requires a magnifying glass to notice the bulge

  4. •Yaritza Wolfie•

    •Yaritza Wolfie•12 годин тому

    😂😂 I’m so glad my volume was not all the way up

  5. bill the dorito

    bill the dorito13 годин тому

    My sleep paralysis demon be like:

  6. Dora Bronshvayg

    Dora Bronshvayg16 годин тому

    I have searched for this, for months

  7. Makeral

    Makeral16 годин тому

    Girls: boys dont know what it's like to raped This video: hold my beer

  8. Dylan Galan

    Dylan Galan18 годин тому


  9. Anonim_ Anonimus_

    Anonim_ Anonimus_18 годин тому

    UAreporter: What do you think about this? Me: ahaha.... My pinini: GIVE ME MORE!!!

  10. Sonicfan07videos

    Sonicfan07videos19 годин тому

    R.I.P. scout

  11. Daniella Acorn

    Daniella Acorn19 годин тому

    No furrys r like this XD

  12. Memeslayer

    MemeslayerДень тому


  13. Phoenix Liam

    Phoenix LiamДень тому

    Furry: UwU Scout:i just wanna play the new call of duty

  14. Richard Granados

    Richard GranadosДень тому

    I'm a furry

  15. GoldenTouch

    GoldenTouchДень тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a> *F for Heavy*

  16. Demonte Robinson

    Demonte RobinsonДень тому

    Mans heavy is S P E D

  17. Labo Lad

    Labo LadДень тому

    Scout: gets fucking raped Heavy: *F L I N T L O C K W O O D .*

  18. Adri

    AdriДень тому

    He’s rocking the Josuke hair style xD

  19. Some Idiot

    Some Idiot2 дні тому

    I once got "attacked" by some furry who did this exact same thing on steam, I had to private my profile for 2 months, I still don't know why that happened.

  20. Can I reach 100 subscribers Without any videos?

    Can I reach 100 subscribers Without any videos?2 дні тому

    For some reason scout looks like my 24 year old cousin “Michael”

  21. Rachel Scientia

    Rachel Scientia2 дні тому

    I started quoting this to my boyfriend and he was so confused

  22. Parker Young

    Parker Young2 дні тому

    I wouldn't mind trading positions with Scout

  23. Crystal Esquibel storytimes

    Crystal Esquibel storytimes2 дні тому

    This is seriously what all furrys are

  24. Andrew Matthew

    Andrew Matthew2 дні тому

    Moral of the story:When you see a furry just *RUN*

  25. XtremeN00b

    XtremeN00b3 дні тому

    well, that was idiotic. Off to hang myself!

  26. Soaring Owl

    Soaring Owl3 дні тому

    *pulls out magnifying glass*

  27. Aj 47

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  28. Bar bar do bat

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  29. Psychotron

    Psychotron3 дні тому

    Someone stealed your video uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-MzCCHBEhbz4.html

  30. TheDarkNeko117

    TheDarkNeko1173 дні тому

    *k i l l a l l f u r r i e s*

  31. TurtleMcPurtle

    TurtleMcPurtle3 дні тому

    Why is this entertaining?

  32. GamerGrowl

    GamerGrowl3 дні тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a> rip scout

  33. the illegal seagull

    the illegal seagull3 дні тому

    Why is heavy not doing anything

  34. Sebastian Martinez

    Sebastian Martinez2 дні тому

    0:10 - 0:15 The Some One Shot in the Head He Try to save Scout

  35. Content Park Deluxe Edition

    Content Park Deluxe Edition4 дні тому

    When she went for my pants, I would just pee.

  36. Pizzawhisperer 64

    Pizzawhisperer 644 дні тому

    I love how he's just standing there motionless while 2 people are attacking

  37. Computer Noober

    Computer Noober4 дні тому

    The Furry makes me Vomit when she says that frickin word

  38. kazuto kiriyguya

    kazuto kiriyguya4 дні тому

    What the f&$k are you saying

  39. Jack Latchaw

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  41. Durrburr

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  42. Alexander Williams

    Alexander Williams4 дні тому

    *How could this happen to me, pay my mistakes, got no BeTtEr pLaCe*

  43. Darn Spahs

    Darn Spahs4 дні тому

    Remove that fucking head and this would make an exception

  44. Alberto Giavani

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  45. Searchlight UwU

    Searchlight UwU5 днів тому

    Gosh people like you are such idiots.

  46. deez nutz

    deez nutz5 днів тому

    *deep sigh*

  47. Neck Thebet

    Neck Thebet5 днів тому

    Alternative title: bots fans argue of which one is cuter

  48. Garage Band Beats and Such

    Garage Band Beats and Such5 днів тому

    I would just piss. When she got down to my pants, just let it all out. Like some r kelly type shit, just all in her face.

  49. Steve78 AJ

    Steve78 AJ5 днів тому

    The fact that this video is on pornhub premium

  50. Neo Marks

    Neo Marks5 днів тому

    How could this happen to me 😂

  51. NRG NRV

    NRG NRV5 днів тому


  52. yes my PFP is a Pokémon.

    yes my PFP is a Pokémon.5 днів тому

    Heavy is Punching His Friend because there is no saving him

  53. yes my PFP is a Pokémon.

    yes my PFP is a Pokémon.2 дні тому

    indeed *E*

  54. Lord Farquad

    Lord Farquad3 дні тому


  55. Linkin2603

    Linkin26036 днів тому

    I’d be heavy in this situation if this happened to me and my friends, including the gun bit

  56. Miloš Bugarinović

    Miloš Bugarinović6 днів тому

    I wish youtube added a favorite button

  57. Nicholas Forbes

    Nicholas Forbes6 днів тому

    The was she was so curios in scout and then she tackled him and then *law and Oder meme happens*

  58. nikminer

    nikminer6 днів тому

    Me: *looks at other furry person quietly saying “at least I won’t get my fur tangled all up with other furries fur................................ (pls don’t harm me for .’s pls I’m begging you ;w;)

  59. Gemini Angel

    Gemini Angel6 днів тому

    What are the cosmetics equipped to this scout? I want to replicate this look as a reference in TF2.

  60. HOTBOY4K Baker

    HOTBOY4K Baker6 днів тому


  61. ThedudeonRoblox YT

    ThedudeonRoblox YT6 днів тому

    Scout dosn,t desrve thos

  62. Osman Ak

    Osman Ak6 днів тому

    19th century torture videos

  63. Cancerous Cucumbers

    Cancerous Cucumbers6 днів тому

    Found this in Pornhub actually

  64. Massimo F

    Massimo F6 днів тому

    Me when someone online dates me, me:how could this happen to meeee

  65. StarFox 64

    StarFox 646 днів тому

    Scout is death

  66. Theblueguy35 and Roblox

    Theblueguy35 and Roblox7 днів тому

    Noone notices that her face is Bonesy from Fortnite lmao

  67. Kole Koester

    Kole Koester7 днів тому

    I feel that....ima send this to the autistic furry kid in our class

  68. 5leepL3ss

    5leepL3ss7 днів тому

    wait if at the end scout starts glowing does that mean...

  69. FuryFox 1000

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  70. Lardball mcstix

    Lardball mcstix7 днів тому

    When I’m testing to see if there’s any spies <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">0:14</a>

  71. Dianne Snyder

    Dianne Snyder7 днів тому

    Poor scout

  72. Terra Anderson

    Terra Anderson7 днів тому

    *notices bulge*

  73. ScarPearm Alt channel

    ScarPearm Alt channel7 днів тому

    He asks other scout, but still dies

  74. AussieParroat

    AussieParroat7 днів тому

    These are the kind of people that give me anger issues.

  75. Teg

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  76. Irish Potato

    Irish Potato7 днів тому

    Heavy: *running in* FLINT LOCKWOOD-!

  77. Winter_Breloom

    Winter_Breloom7 днів тому

    Is this part of the Team Neighborhood canon?

  78. skeppy's jif

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  79. HIKingKai _

    HIKingKai _8 днів тому

    The whole video he was 👁👄👁

  80. zookzakboombam

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    O I J O S U K E

  81. DFox King

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    Uwu or owo

  82. UwU

    UwU8 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a> Heavy: *FLINT LOCKWOOD!*

  83. bleu the wolf

    bleu the wolf8 днів тому

    I can imagine seeing a heavy chasing at me like that in dark alleyway at night