Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!


  1. harrxiet

    harrxiet2 години тому

    this like mr kate tbh xD

  2. Penelope Salazar

    Penelope Salazar4 години тому

    When shane Dawson has more makeup then you

  3. Stefanie Nguyen

    Stefanie Nguyen5 годин тому

    Ryland: "i don't wanna show it all" Also Ryland: *literally shows it all in the mirror*

  4. M Lifeasyoutude

    M Lifeasyoutude12 годин тому

    I wish that was my room :(

  5. Rachel Kruse

    Rachel Kruse13 годин тому

    Did you blur d#%k beauty blenders? Do they make those?

  6. Autumn Sunflower

    Autumn Sunflower20 годин тому

    7:08 when ryland was like leaning over shane😍😍😍 it was so cute

  7. Gaby Jimenez

    Gaby Jimenez21 годину тому

    Where did he buy the wall paper

  8. Caroline

    Caroline23 години тому

    This is so sweet. I love you both together ❤️

  9. Lindsey Vasquez

    Lindsey VasquezДень тому

    Imagine having enough money to go on makeup shopping sprees to just “try” new things 😔

  10. Meli

    MeliДень тому

    Ryland using one product „oh I loove Tatcha.“

  11. Ivaserv9

    Ivaserv9День тому

    Ryland you are so creative. You bring out the best in Shane. Glad you two are together. Love Morgan and Andy too.

  12. Crazy sassy Anna

    Crazy sassy AnnaДень тому


  13. Michon Avery

    Michon AveryДень тому

    I'm jealous of Shane's eyebrows. Like for real. I need those luxurious brows.

  14. Lily Hillman

    Lily HillmanДень тому

    Oml love the golden pig! Jeffree must be happy 😂

  15. Kimberly Letash

    Kimberly LetashДень тому

    I m actually depressed why does Shane Dawson have more make up then me???? 😭😭😭😭😭i wear it every day for 10+ years now

  16. nathanlane23

    nathanlane23День тому

    What is the song used during the reveal? I can't get over it!

  17. Anthony Chacon

    Anthony ChaconДень тому

    Andrew is fucken hot! Woof!

  18. Booperdooper xd

    Booperdooper xd2 дні тому

    Now this, is beauty by ryland

  19. Noor Naim

    Noor Naim2 дні тому

    Was shane wearing ballenciagas the one that looks like socks

  20. Awesome.Aubrey

    Awesome.Aubrey2 дні тому

    5:38 was it just me or is Shane wearing Balenciagas?!?!?!?!?!?! Srry if I spelt it wrong

  21. Charlotte Barr-Smith

    Charlotte Barr-Smith3 дні тому

    Mr Kate is shaking

  22. Ann Kinyua

    Ann Kinyua3 дні тому

    Shane I want your brand now🙊🙊

  23. Fengfeng Liu

    Fengfeng Liu3 дні тому

    Ryland is a wife

  24. you_know its_me

    you_know its_me3 дні тому

    This is something that you would never expect from shane No hate

  25. mami eve

    mami eve3 дні тому

    Apparently having mirrors mirror each other opens a portal for the dead

  26. Shanna Valgos

    Shanna Valgos4 дні тому

    Is it just me or does Shane look like Julian Solomita? Not a bad thing..I love them both!

  27. Lucia Barrios

    Lucia Barrios4 дні тому

    Ryland you crazy bitch, you've killed it. It's amazing how believing in yourself makes you do amazing things. Remember when he said that he sucked at designing? Well, look at what some research and will. Good for you. Awesome!

  28. Sabrina Guzman

    Sabrina Guzman4 дні тому

    dang Ryland! you really did THAT. property brothers are SHOOK

  29. Betzy Miranda

    Betzy Miranda4 дні тому

    You’re the sweetest! Shane is super lucky! You both deserve thee best!! Blessings!!!! Xoxo

  30. Life With Cc

    Life With Cc4 дні тому

    Ryland Did Amazing 😍

  31. Ivy b

    Ivy b4 дні тому

    How random is it that I have a spare room that I need all the needs that you need in your spare room as well nobody needs a beauty game Lego hangout area

  32. Ivy b

    Ivy b4 дні тому

    I have a spare room I wanted to do a game room/lego/game room any ideas?

  33. Jamie Brown

    Jamie Brown4 дні тому

    Very creative

  34. Selena Lamothe

    Selena Lamothe5 днів тому

    I love how in your videos youre always going out and doing something. Building the ryland bell, doing this beauty room, etc. It really inspires me to go out and create things. You remind me of how i was when i was younger (im only 20 btw) when id build and create all the time but ive gotten lazy. Thank you

  35. Lily Antoinette

    Lily Antoinette5 днів тому


  36. Dancing Freaks

    Dancing Freaks5 днів тому

    Amazing! Also my 47 year old mom as Kylie cosmetics

  37. Destiny Ungerer

    Destiny Ungerer5 днів тому

    whats the ikea cupboard called

  38. Sarah Manygoats

    Sarah Manygoats6 днів тому

    Wish I had that much makeup 😭

  39. Sarah Hall

    Sarah Hall6 днів тому


  40. Fowler Girl

    Fowler Girl6 днів тому

    Omg i just relized the day 1 shopping was on my birthdayyy

  41. summerseve9924

    summerseve99246 днів тому

    Ryland needs to get into interior design. He should make his own furniture line or something. And Shane is making a beauty channel. That’s what I think


    ALL IS WELL6 днів тому

    Moooaa ryland you r cool


    ALL IS WELL6 днів тому

    Best you tuber house ever of a best ever cute couple

  44. KsGurlGamer

    KsGurlGamer7 днів тому

    it turned out so beauitfully

  45. Cool Person

    Cool Person7 днів тому

    I very much enjoy Ryland’s energy. He just seems to have a comfortable presence.

  46. Tierra Marie Alan

    Tierra Marie Alan7 днів тому

    That room is everything 😩😊

  47. Tierra Marie Alan

    Tierra Marie Alan7 днів тому

    Ooo the striped wall is cute though!!!

  48. Tierra Marie Alan

    Tierra Marie Alan7 днів тому

    Oooo I love the new closet😩

  49. Bakugou Katsuki

    Bakugou Katsuki7 днів тому

    5:37 Ummmmm Shane is wearing BALENCIAGA SHOES????!!!! *WTF*

  50. Tierra Marie Alan

    Tierra Marie Alan7 днів тому

    The Not Cool poster in the closet just chilling😂

  51. Tierra Marie Alan

    Tierra Marie Alan7 днів тому

    This is everything! I am so happy for Shane! I love their love💙

  52. Hannah Farmer

    Hannah Farmer7 днів тому

    That’s more makeup than I’ve had my entire life

  53. Bobbi Vance

    Bobbi Vance7 днів тому

    It blows my mind that people have do much makeup they need a room for it. I have wanted to make my own beauty room forever but I literally have a small makeup bag haha but im so jealous! This is so great.

  54. Maurissa YH Tsang

    Maurissa YH Tsang8 днів тому

    Did they moved??

  55. sandra v

    sandra v8 днів тому

    Stop doing that with ur hand i beg u

  56. Kenzi & Lexi

    Kenzi & Lexi8 днів тому

    what wallpaper did you use

  57. War N Peace

    War N Peace8 днів тому

    That was wonderful. I hope you all stay away from Jeffree Starrr. He is a drama starter and has turned ugly on every single one of his so called friends. He thinks he is above everyone and buys them with gifts. He asks young talented artists to go to his channel to stay relevant and then turns on them so quickly it makes you dizzy. They end up just feeling used, yet JS keeps putting himself as the victim in every situation he creates. It is telling that they all hate him at the end. I love the love you both have for each other. Ryland you are the sweetest boy around. I know Shane is lucky to have your love

  58. Fantasia Wonderous

    Fantasia Wonderous8 днів тому

    I wish I was rich enough to try something new and stock everything related to it like him!

  59. Fantasia Wonderous

    Fantasia Wonderous8 днів тому

    Did he just get more handsome?

  60. tide pod

    tide pod9 днів тому

    I got so bloody jealous watching this