Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!


  1. Brittany Johnson

    Brittany Johnson20 хвилин тому

    Shane “if im coming out with a pallet” BITCH WHAT WHEN

  2. Stephanie M

    Stephanie M21 хвилина тому

    Living for that clip of Rich Lux haha ❤️

  3. Laney Calvert

    Laney Calvert57 хвилин тому

    Omg ryland is so precious and thoughtful I love him

  4. Rodrigo Ramirez

    Rodrigo Ramirez2 години тому


  5. Rodrigo Ramirez

    Rodrigo Ramirez2 години тому

    Not trying to be mean about where Shane is going but I really miss his old funny Shane😭

  6. lil v

    lil v2 години тому

    do u really need that much

  7. Amelia Gran

    Amelia Gran3 години тому

    I am so happy that Ryland still is posting, AND that Uno is still with us!😁

  8. Trinity Swayze

    Trinity Swayze4 години тому

    Shane needs a man bun

  9. Alyssa Chavez

    Alyssa Chavez4 години тому

    Loved this video and Shane’s passion for makeup

  10. anna smith

    anna smith4 години тому

    Ryland, you ABSOLUTELY NEED TO CONTINUE in this field you're interior decorating skills are 5 stars. everything you have done is so beautiful and professional!!!! i would pay for you to come and do my dorm/apartment. omg congrats on the RING i love you both

  11. Rocker12 abfan1

    Rocker12 abfan14 години тому

    Be cute and put a portrait of Shane and Jeffree somewhere on the wall!!!!!

  12. Ngoc T Huynh

    Ngoc T Huynh4 години тому

    I'm also triggered about the stripes lol are you sure you installed it all the same way up? >

  13. Savannah Baker

    Savannah Baker5 годин тому

    I am seriously so excited for Shane’s new series and his makeup line coming out. I check everyday to see if anything new has been released about it 💜💜

  14. Victoria Loza

    Victoria Loza6 годин тому

    Can u tell Shane to post

  15. potato. romero

    potato. romero6 годин тому

    Shane should like make a makeup business, give people makeovers for free but a 100$ tip is always required

  16. Kitty Lover

    Kitty Lover6 годин тому

    OMG VIDEO IDEA😲 SHANE SHOULD MAKE A MAKEUP VIDEO CALLED " MAKING MAKUP LOOKS INSPIRED BY UAreporterRS" Btw love the new room and Shane I wish you best of luck with your makeup career

  17. Carl the llamma

    Carl the llamma7 годин тому

    Shane is a beauty queen

  18. xxxKimora Johnsonxxx

    xxxKimora Johnsonxxx7 годин тому

    His makeup collection cost more then my college tuition

  19. Katy Marie

    Katy Marie7 годин тому

    What happened to Shane Dawson

  20. Kim Stacey

    Kim Stacey7 годин тому


  21. Lizet Riquelme

    Lizet Riquelme7 годин тому

    I had so much fun watching this video! Plus, The makeup room was stunning, I really loved it!

  22. Diana  Robertson

    Diana Robertson9 годин тому

    This is awesome! You did amazing Ryland 💯❤

  23. Chelsea Kolstedt

    Chelsea Kolstedt9 годин тому

    You did good Ryland. I am a designer and furniture salesperson and I LOVE your aesthetic!

  24. LadyOuija

    LadyOuija9 годин тому

    Omg you’re so talented!! I love that space!!


    XX NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS XX XxX10 годин тому

    Who else came here just to see Shane’s face ❤️🥰

  26. Adventure Cats

    Adventure Cats10 годин тому

    I forgot that they moved and I was so confused on where they were for the first half of the vid

  27. Alice Doxford

    Alice Doxford11 годин тому

    Can anyone tell me where they got that Jeffree Star cushion? I need it in my life. XD

  28. Allen Danielsen

    Allen Danielsen12 годин тому

    Andrew is slowly turning into Shane

  29. spoopy

    spoopy12 годин тому

    i love the amount of time and thought Ryland put into this.

  30. Gia Lee Loves TV

    Gia Lee Loves TV12 годин тому

    I just love you guys so much. Y'all are so perfectly matched. Such an AWESOME room!!! Anybody...girl or boy would be so so thrilled for a room like this. Ryland rocks....the house!!!!

  31. Meewu

    Meewu13 годин тому

    Ryland should go into interior designing!!!!! What an amazing room transformation.

  32. Genevieve Lawson

    Genevieve Lawson14 годин тому

    Can you design my life! That room looked amazing! Loved this video

  33. BeautifyNaturally

    BeautifyNaturally14 годин тому

    She gained alot of weights tht girl omg

  34. Genevieve Lawson

    Genevieve Lawson14 годин тому

    I’m so proud of Shane for diving into the beauty world! I will 100% buy his pallet

  35. Genevieve Lawson

    Genevieve Lawson14 годин тому

    I can’t wait for this series with jeffree and Shane!

  36. Genevieve Lawson

    Genevieve Lawson14 годин тому

    Makeup and skincare helped me find confidence and I really hope Shane can find confidence because I think he is so beautiful and it upsets me that he always talks himself down and hates himself

  37. The emo potato with an Army

    The emo potato with an Army16 годин тому

    Sofia Nygard is shook (I can’t spell her name)

  38. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter16 годин тому

    21:00 thank me later

  39. Rebel Rose13

    Rebel Rose1317 годин тому

    *Problem solved: Morgan and Andrew can just share a bed if they both stay over bahaha* *Am I the only one who wants them together? lol*

  40. Ghost215 4

    Ghost215 417 годин тому

    Tell that man to start to make videos again

  41. Dawn Ratt

    Dawn Ratt21 годину тому

    I love you ryland❤️💖❤️💖❤️ you and Shane take away my depression😂❤️

  42. Cassie Crane

    Cassie Crane21 годину тому

    the fact is that Shane and Jeffree are collaborating. I think they are making a whole collection of pig makeup, like it is all pig inspired. I think it will be amazing because Jeffree's formula is amazing and Shane is just really starting in the community. Personally I think those two make a fantastic makeup duo.

  43. tesoroforever

    tesoroforever22 години тому

    Very thoughtful design, love it.

  44. Cassandra VanDuyn

    Cassandra VanDuyn23 години тому

    Morgan is looking so cute!

  45. Dennis Gaudet

    Dennis Gaudet23 години тому

    I know I speak for us all when I say we miss Shane. What happened? He hasn't been on his UAreporter page in 4 months. Miss you so much. What's happening?

  46. Marcy Latimore

    Marcy Latimore7 годин тому

    Dennis Gaudet He’s filming and editing the new series that he’s taking about in the video

  47. Lei Tan

    Lei TanДень тому

    When will you upload your next video? I miss watching your vids!😍

  48. Exotic Piano

    Exotic PianoДень тому

    Is it just me or does anyone else notice how whenever ryland hands over the camera to Andrew he immediately goes into camera man mode.


    YAASSS QUEENДень тому

    Omg I’m watching this again bc he didn’t update yet, but a 🐷 or 🐽 shaped beauty blender would be epic!

  50. Ela Anything

    Ela AnythingДень тому

    Shane looks so extra in that robe and I live for it 🙌🙌😅😂

  51. Ela Anything

    Ela AnythingДень тому

    So no one is going to talk about Ryland sneaking a way to grab Shane’s but? 😂😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  52. Debedeb1

    Debedeb1День тому

    How about get a normal small person like ( ME )to do / practice makeup on lol.

  53. Tabitha Leonard

    Tabitha LeonardДень тому

    Wtf happened to Shane what did u do 2 him

  54. that one person

    that one personДень тому

    Where is Garrett sksnaknakana

  55. Rick Rob

    Rick RobДень тому

    They’re starting to ignore the camera man lol 😂

  56. lowkey A&H

    lowkey A&HДень тому

    23:15 I would pay to go to that exhibit

  57. Rowan Minton

    Rowan MintonДень тому

    how long is Shane gonna be taking a break or when is he gonna finish with a video either one of those I miss Shane

  58. Mrs. Lacey Crandall

    Mrs. Lacey CrandallДень тому

    I like Morgan and all, but she needs to go home more often.

  59. Estiven Rodriguez

    Estiven RodriguezДень тому

    Im ded 4:17

  60. Edits On A Budget

    Edits On A BudgetДень тому

    Ryland, you should make more cooking videos cause I really love your brownies and blue apron videos

  61. Leah Washington

    Leah WashingtonДень тому

    18:50 is that Prettymuch I’m hearing or am I just deaf 🤷‍♀️

  62. brianna Colter

    brianna ColterДень тому

    Shane needs to try the new Kylie skin care line, and do a review on it!!!!

  63. Drew Thompson

    Drew ThompsonДень тому

    Jeffree's reflection in the fireplace 😂😂😂

  64. Misty Butcher

    Misty ButcherДень тому

    Shane-comes out with a palette Me-goes to the nearest beauty store where shane merch like bitch give me my shane!

  65. Isis Olivia

    Isis OliviaДень тому

    I’m not sure if lamps or dimming ceiling lights would ruin the perfect lighting but I feel like a lamp by the window or chairs would add to the room

  66. talanoa foketi

    talanoa foketiДень тому

    No one: Shane: *appears on everyone else’s channel except his*

  67. Galaxy Demon!!

    Galaxy Demon!!День тому

    Ryland: last upload 2 weeks ago Shane:last upload 4 months ago Me:last upload never

  68. L W

    L WДень тому

  69. Alexa Zavala

    Alexa ZavalaДень тому

    Why is Shane not posting anymore I miss his channel

  70. holla hayley

    holla hayleyДень тому

    this is so cute and pure wtf

  71. Lily

    LilyДень тому

    0:28 the Jeffree head in the back

  72. Shaz Asif

    Shaz AsifДень тому

    Shane can you plz upload now plz

  73. Amelie Mahoney

    Amelie MahoneyДень тому

    I wish Shane could see how handsome he *really* is! I know he's gaining a lil more self confidence but he's so good looking it's crazyy

  74. Katarina Vučević

    Katarina VučevićДень тому

    He plucked his eyebrows!!! :O

  75. Brian the alien

    Brian the alienДень тому

    Shane: **talks about makeup** Me(as a woman): **has no idea what he is talking about**

  76. Random Squirrel

    Random SquirrelДень тому

    Shane discovered just how much money can be made from bringing out a beauty line when he visited Jeffrey’s factory. He hasn’t even started using make up yet he is planning to make a pallete etc.

  77. _101__s ._.

    _101__s ._.День тому

    I need a fiancé like ryland

  78. littlemisstrouble 37

    littlemisstrouble 37День тому

    Can we please have Jeffree come over and react to the room!?!?!🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩

  79. Ronan

    RonanДень тому

    I'm not updated, so does anyone know if honey had a new name. Did they keep it?

  80. Carolyn Dunwoody

    Carolyn DunwoodyДень тому

    you should do a 24 hour in my makeup room with the whole squad

  81. karla berrios

    karla berriosДень тому


  82. touchy2017

    touchy2017День тому

    Can’t believe Ryan supports this pe**

  83. touchy2017

    touchy2017День тому

    Shane can’t even dress himself and he wants to do people’s makeup?? What a joke...

  84. JuSt MonIkA

    JuSt MonIkAДень тому

    Shane, your not Jeffree Star. lmao

  85. Graceliz 1235

    Graceliz 1235День тому

    Wait, but can we talk about how the accent wall is half stripped and half not. Lol.

  86. Roxie HeLLKiTTeN

    Roxie HeLLKiTTeNДень тому

    Omg Ryland you did an amazing job! I love it!!!!💚👽🤘

  87. helena.grace12

    helena.grace12День тому

    Ryland has a TALENT

  88. Jaeley Young

    Jaeley YoungДень тому

    Remembers when ryland said ni we aren't getting married but now he is engaged

  89. Bry

    BryДень тому

    Ryland: You could maybe do that on your own channel. Shane: Don't worry guys I wont 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. Selviqer uwu

    Selviqer uwuДень тому

    I really want to be the kid of the crew. please let me join 😂

  91. alexis padilla

    alexis padillaДень тому

    Video Idea - whoever stays in Shane's beauty room the longest wins 10k

  92. Ab Cd

    Ab CdДень тому

    This is literally my dream😖❤️ Ryland ur such a blessing to Shane I just love how you both try to make the other one the happiest they can ❤️

  93. NickJoe VLOGS

    NickJoe VLOGSДень тому

    Why doesn't Shane ever post

  94. Heike

    HeikeДень тому

    What are you doing with your hands all the time!?

  95. Crystal Arrington

    Crystal ArringtonДень тому

    Why hasn't Shane posted in the last 4 months ? 🤔

  96. Scarlett Nunura

    Scarlett NunuraДень тому


  97. Sam Brandt

    Sam BrandtДень тому

    You’re amazing Ryland and an inspiration. I can tell that Shane is your greatest muse. We’re all blessed to be able to experience these fun little moments with you guys. Thanks for sharing.

  98. White_ Moons

    White_ MoonsДень тому

    This was on my birthdya owo

  99. Nicole Cassar

    Nicole CassarДень тому


  100. Jada Johnson

    Jada JohnsonДень тому

    What are Morgan’s sunglasses called?

  101. Belly-Button 21

    Belly-Button 21День тому

    Why is Shane not posting?!?! This is how many people are questioning 👇🏻

  102. sarah

    sarahДень тому

    Shane’s adorable