Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood


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    Sorry this took awhile. I've got 8 absolute banger videos I'm currently working on through April 2021 but it turns out the Rona slows things down a bit. They will be worth the wait! For updates, follow me on social stuff @MarkRober.

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    Don’t Read My Profile Picture! ✔︎ II

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    1. You are not using actual human blood. 2. The fish 'blood' contains more than just blood, as you've added fish paste to it. The results from this test are basically invalid.

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    This was by far my favorite of your vids Mark!! Happy to wait longer if all of your future vids are this entertaining!!

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    No worries. Love the video :3

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    Try the same thing but with crocodiles

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    Leave it to a Mormon to only say "Heck" when confronted by sharks.

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    Someone's been watching Caseuly Neistat's yt chan

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    14:45 That’s the biggest uh-oh moment

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    Why are people like this !!! I'd be a dead if I was in that CAGE

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    Sorry how have u got hold of human blood 😳

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    This video sucks

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    Stopped by the Chinese Flu! LOL

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    When he said he tested positive i was litteraly abt to cry becuase he introduced me to so much stuff science wise and if he died then i would cry

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    Mark didn’t have a hat in the water! What madness!! He always wears a hat!

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    This is much better than school

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    I’m watching this on the toilet.

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    Were the sharks attracted by the fish blood or fish meat? If you would have served the cows blood together the cows meat also, probably the results would have been different.

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    10:32 check mate we win flat earthers

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    COVID loop hole via private jet flight, the video where mark figuratively and literally jumped the shark.

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    I got the point of the video, once he mentioned his Covid-19 result. Man earth is flat and you sould your soul.

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    How did you feel when you had Covid?

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    You know the drill But do u know the hammer? I nailed that joke Aww shoot I screwed it up

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    Where did you get the human blood😐 Oh cow blood

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    Me waiting to grow up

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    Mark Rober 89 videos with 13 million subscribers

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    Wait what

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    The new Chum Bucket chum stick, sponsored by Mark Rober

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    Mark is genius so far 👏👏👏♥️♥️♥️

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    Mark is in the youtube big boy league now

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    Mark had corona! Yo😬

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    Mark is like the science teacher I never had

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    Next up “I made a human implant that dodges bullets”

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    ¿Safe distance?

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    Yeh nah f that I'll stick to land animals and will stay out their enclosures thanks 😂😂

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    Oh cow 🐄 blood 🩸

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    Amazing 😂💕

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    Where did they get human blood 🩸

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    It's actually good now that u have got covid once as ur body is now familiar with the virus n can defeat it very ezily

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    14:51 This the moment that Mark knew...

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    Poor 🐠

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    Wow Amazing

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    At 13:33 he's fighting sharks and convinced they are going to eat him, but he still keeps the language appropriate for all ages: "Get the HECK out!" Now that's what you call a quality content creator hahaha

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    Vegans are gonna freak out at the fish part lmao

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    i felt genuinely scared

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    Oh gosh, i like EVERYTHINGS Your editing Your content Your private jet 😆 😍😍😍

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    What it like with COVID man

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    Flights Covid lock down does not apply to people who have jets, What ? I am jealous officiel

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    I think you should've used plain fish blood rather than blended fish.

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    my scared butt and anxiety could never

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    Shaq didn't appear anywhere after the call? What's the point of that appearance?

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    I heard they're reforming the dawngaurd. Vampire hunters or something, in the old fort near riften. Might consider joining myself

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    1:54 - *GAAAAG*

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    Cue the animal rights activists. I was eating breakfast while watching this.

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    vegans seeing the first 5 mins: (O_O) normal people seeing the same part: eeeew! me: how does it taste though?

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    Mark: ahh I good vacation in April Corona: so you commit dead

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    Them cats must've payed alot to go on the vacation with you. ',=)

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    Poor Mark!!!

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    Human blood were did you get that yfrom

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    I like how Mark hasnt really changed

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    For Mark Rober, quality> quantity.

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    Girls: it’s so weird how we live longer then men Men:

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    Mark always makes high quality content. But DUDE THE DIVERS HANDLED THER SITUATION like it’s nothing.

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    U were on shaqattack

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    The vegans watching this are quaking

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    This test unfortunately do not acknowledge the shark species that is responsible for most human shark attacks, namely great white sharks. Great whites live off of fur seals, wich are indeed mammals. The test should have been done on great white sharks

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    17:13 anyone else see the bird in the background 😅

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    Glory be to God and praise be to God Glory be to God, the number of his creation and the satisfaction of himself, the weight of his throne and the extension of his words

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    Plot twist:The cameramen is a shark

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    Woah i didnt know mark was so fit 9:56

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    11:54 to skip past the story

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    Let me tell you guys something that most humans dont know, sharks cant smell in the water. On the other hand they can see the blood in the water