Shipping Container Home Designed For Sustainable Family Living


  1. Matthew Harvey

    Matthew Harvey2 дні тому

    Great house, then I cringed at the price. It reminds me of the woman who turned a 757 airplane into a home. It's an awesome build though :)

  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan3 дні тому

    Wow this home is absolutely amazing!

  3. joshua lee

    joshua lee4 дні тому

    my only problem with this is the dust collection in between the walls of the valleys of the wall with the baseboard of the container its self... surely u coulda used spare wood for the project n blocked that...

  4. Sqoou Too

    Sqoou Too5 днів тому

    Try priming the interviewees so they don't squeak their inflections. I hate when people talk liKE THIS. Every sentence goes up at tHE END.

  5. Dominik Fath

    Dominik Fath6 днів тому

    Ich baue so etwas in Deutschland mit ein paar Verbesserungen

  6. canadianroot

    canadianroot7 днів тому

    If shipping containers are inherently cold/hot, seasonally, and (at least in terms of this one) require such modifications, why use them at all? Couldn't this just as easily have been made from recycled wood/other materials without all the extra hassle/cost? As someone who doesn't have in-depth knowledge of the entire process, I'd welcome feedback. Edit: I wrote that at the beginning of watching this. In terms of this one, it almost seems as though the shipping containers have had parts of them repurposed into other areas of the house. As for straight-up shipping container houses, my original query remains.

  7. Dr. Banter

    Dr. Banter8 днів тому

    350K for a Shipping Container home with crap isolation??. He sold it so hard, and the price is so high, its like fraud. he bought his windows from a CARBON POSITIVE Company? wtf

  8. Dr. Banter

    Dr. Banter8 днів тому

    So CHINA, is undertaking THE GREATEST URBANIZATION HOUSING PROJECT ever attempted in human history, whole cities built 10-15 years in advance before public need, and Australia is moving toward...... shipping containers. hmmmmm. WOW, and look how proud they are too.

  9. Carrie

    Carrie11 днів тому

    Its good they incorporated all these guest bedrooms into their eco home because as their children get older , they will need them. Two bunks beds in the same room only work when they are small. Eventually the guest rooms will have to be given to their kids when they are older and want the privacy. I see guestrooms turned into bedrooms in their foreseeable future lol. Other than that, love this home. I love to see one designed to accomodate families because they are rare. Unless you do something like this, like put a bunch of shipping containers together, most tiny homes cannot accommodate more than a couple. Even the large capacity ones aren't really big enough if you have children...too privacy for anybody.

  10. Gabriel Fischer

    Gabriel Fischer11 днів тому

    The guy who owns the house is like that group leader on a class presentation who is confident to answer all the questions from the teacher. 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  11. Bmo Baby

    Bmo Baby11 днів тому


  12. B H

    B H12 днів тому

    240,000 USD. You done bumped your head. I would not of told anyone that.

  13. Green

    Green12 днів тому

    Am I missing something? The main bedroom 2 people, kids room 4 people cause of damned bunk beds and 2 people in the guest pod. That's only 8 and that's because of the bs kids room that I'd consider 2. I could agree that it could comfortably house 4 adults and 2 kids. Or 4 adults and 4 kids. Still not 10 though. I don't think 4 kids in a room like that is very nice, looks like it would be cramped. Where do they get 10?

  14. Rc665

    Rc66512 днів тому

    A lot of these homes he goes to don’t even look like they’re lived in.

  15. 77Tadams

    77Tadams13 днів тому

    I love the home. 350,000 is quite a lot of money...but all the details and the location probably have a play in all of it with the structural codes they followed...probably could do it for cheaper though if you did a lot of it yourself.

  16. Mark Weinstock

    Mark Weinstock16 днів тому

    I live in South Florida Fort Lauderdale area with climate change and the increased frequency of these super powerful category 4 and 5 hurricanes like this past Dorian I feel its only a matter of time till one of these monsters directly hit my area and taking down my house. I'm looking for a some kind of a hurricane proof solution. I would consider selling my house and getting one of these for peace of mind. Anyone have a better solution?

  17. Kim Texas

    Kim Texas17 днів тому


  18. videodudetv

    videodudetv17 днів тому

    $350k for a bunch of ugly corrugated metal boxes? Pass. You'll lose on your ROI.

  19. Chante Payton

    Chante Payton18 днів тому

    Can I just say this is awesome. I would love him or his team to design me a tiny house like this . He has an open concept in the tiny house. How did he pull that off. Just love it. Design well. Love all the natural light from the windows/sliding doors etc . Overall just beautiful😍

  20. Sobia Asad

    Sobia Asad18 днів тому


  21. David Chandler

    David Chandler18 днів тому

    350k just for the build no property is quite alot

  22. Be Wise

    Be Wise18 днів тому

    Can you cover the total building cost and developers for those who are actually looking to contact the builders?

  23. Sara Kapoor

    Sara Kapoor19 днів тому

    I am in love with this home 😍

  24. Diah Nimas Indreswari

    Diah Nimas Indreswari19 днів тому

    how to maintain the heat when it's summer? i mean, container is metal, i'm afraid the heat can be overwhelming.. do any of you have the answer and help me, please?

  25. Kanghee Lee

    Kanghee Lee20 днів тому

    I may sound cynical, but it always seems only wealthy people can afford to escape from the urbanized world, which is what their ambition is responsible for creating in the first place.

  26. Konita Sasraku

    Konita Sasraku21 день тому

    Absolutely stunning!! 😳❤ // did your bedrooms have doors? I didn't see any.

  27. WindiGreens

    WindiGreens21 день тому

    This looks about perfect for me except I'd change four main things: mine wouldn't be made of shipping containers; the master bedroom would be larger with a door and a deck you walk out on; the guest room would be larger and would include a kitchen; and the clothes in the rooms would be hidden inside closets rather than hanging openly. Outside of those four things, this house would be perfect.

  28. jadou88

    jadou8822 дні тому

    working with less what a LOAD OF BS its a huge house fucking liberals

  29. David Carroll

    David Carroll23 дні тому

    It looks so stale..

  30. Tricky 1766

    Tricky 176624 дні тому

    Love this home but really a $350,000 home would be much nicer than this , Why not buy a home instead? What money are u saving ?

  31. Deirdri-ann Collins

    Deirdri-ann Collins24 дні тому

    I watched this everyday I'm thinking about getting my own tiny house

  32. Celeste Alvarez

    Celeste Alvarez24 дні тому

    Such nice people in these houses all the time... Fits the houses!

  33. Ryo Saeba

    Ryo Saeba24 дні тому

    Doesn't resemble container anymore and the flexibility of prefabrication.

  34. monamoonz1

    monamoonz124 дні тому

    My most favourite home so far

  35. Diane Morgan

    Diane Morgan24 дні тому

    Sorry...but that owner's voice & constant "whiny" inflections, are severely annoying. Love your show, Bryce....sadly, this owner sounds like a shyster salesman, on the con, with a really bad vocalization. Couldn't finish

  36. Sarah Meza

    Sarah Meza25 днів тому

    This is awesome and so cozy i would love a home like this

  37. Zeddi Mwai

    Zeddi Mwai25 днів тому

    This channel is so interesting and addictive


    LAUGH LORDZ25 днів тому

    This is the best container home i have seen so far

  39. Patrick Liew

    Patrick Liew25 днів тому


  40. Michael Woodward

    Michael Woodward28 днів тому


  41. Narilyn Baylon

    Narilyn Baylon28 днів тому

    I really love the idea of shipping container house. It has so much advantage; cost, repurposing containers and durability.

  42. cinnamonstar808

    cinnamonstar80829 днів тому

    i dont like it .... past the porch😌

  43. Patriciah Kariuki

    Patriciah Kariuki29 днів тому

    Is there a way I can get this design? I need it to build my tiny house here in Kenya. I have been a fan of your shows for two years now and since my partner and I decided to move in together...we are on a tight budget and need a low cost home which will be permanent...

  44. techi abik

    techi abik29 днів тому

    The owner is so informative about his work. And the anchor is so enthusiastic and supporting it's so nice to see this.

  45. Why yes, I fart Rainbows!

    Why yes, I fart Rainbows!Місяць тому

    15:22 -- Roos in the yard? Brilliant, Mate!

  46. Why yes, I fart Rainbows!

    Why yes, I fart Rainbows!Місяць тому

    So, the loo in the guest pod has a "wet room", eh? A bit tough to shower and get the whole look wet, I dare say ...

  47. Jean-pierre Izart

    Jean-pierre IzartМісяць тому

    Best house of the chanel

  48. Manuel Adriano

    Manuel AdrianoМісяць тому

    Nc accent mate

  49. John Matze

    John MatzeМісяць тому

    A lovely holiday house but less home.

  50. Helen Bennett

    Helen BennettМісяць тому

    Who knew chrome was toxic?

  51. Pon Pon Production

    Pon Pon ProductionМісяць тому

    non asian people likes their houses with big windows. they are never afraid of scary things that might peek them at night xD or...during the day lol

  52. Krishnendu as

    Krishnendu asМісяць тому

    Beautiful... I would like to have this unique home....

  53. starhit

    starhitМісяць тому

    This container home is my favorite very simple and minimalist great channel thanks for sharing!!👍😃

  54. emma

    emmaМісяць тому

    lovely concept -- looks more like a hostel or airbnb than a home tho

  55. HomeOf laughterz

    HomeOf laughterzМісяць тому

    Wow great job man,I love it

  56. Star of Eden

    Star of EdenМісяць тому

    Very nice

  57. Charley Young

    Charley YoungМісяць тому

    Its larger then many I wonder if that counts in terms of the tiny home.

  58. Susan M

    Susan MМісяць тому

    This is the goldilocks house. Not too big, not too small. In considering building a small home for myself, I had been thinking 800sq ft would be the right size .If your brother-in-law is an architect and the king of built-ins. 600 sq ft looks perfectly spacious. I love the inverted corner window with a big overhang to cut down on direct sun. It's a great feature for a hot sunny climate. This comment was meant to go on the wabi-sabi episode. UAreporter autoplayed while I was typing.

  59. Jamie Coughlin

    Jamie CoughlinМісяць тому

    Outstanding! This guy and Gordan Ramsay would make a great engineering company! His ideas but Gordan's enthusiasm to get shit done quickly.. Hands down beautiful!

  60. Marc Lamparter

    Marc LamparterМісяць тому

    This is the kids room: they are training for Westpoint.