Skip Bayless reacts to Jerry Jones’ ‘Zeke who?’ remarks after Tony Pollard shines | NFL | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDМісяць тому

    YES | NO - Is Ezekiel Elliott replaceable for the Dallas Cowboys?

  2. Krab Byy

    Krab Byy22 дні тому

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED nope

  3. elchucofried

    elchucofried25 днів тому

    @Gamer Witch 1999 thats why they constantly talk about them on every network??? Lmao ok buddy

  4. Gamer Witch 1999

    Gamer Witch 199925 днів тому

    @elchucofried the cowboys have been irrelevant since the 90s.

  5. Paul Tyler

    Paul Tyler28 днів тому


  6. Iammissjones 7

    Iammissjones 728 днів тому

    Everyone has been replaced therefore everyone is replaceable. Right now Zeke has proven to be the better fit. I agree Jerry...having Zeke and Pollard on the field could be lethal!

  7. tyriki licox

    tyriki licox25 днів тому

    Shannon That one yard run against the Rams Zeke fail Was The great indomican Sue successful shut down play Run the video back and analyze

  8. Son’s Vlogs

    Son’s Vlogs26 днів тому

    Skip’s delusional smh

  9. Jeffrey Gruman

    Jeffrey Gruman26 днів тому

    Did Skip Bayless age like 30 years since I last saw him...

  10. EL Chacal

    EL Chacal29 днів тому

    You don't need a "bell cow".. The cowboys OLINE has proven that they can make anyone be productive so why shouldn't the cowboys feel that they can replace him with two or three guys? pretty much RB is the only position where you can have three different individuals share the load and produce higher results.

  11. xlaostha704x

    xlaostha704x29 днів тому

    Typical cowboys fan.

  12. Big Dan T

    Big Dan TМісяць тому

    Skip is delusional. Dallas sucks balls.

  13. Delgado Delgado

    Delgado DelgadoМісяць тому

    Remember no distractions and no suspensions cowboys go anywhere this season if continue this rampage it could cost them the season. Cowboys got to have a mixer of talent so cowboys make a good impact.

  14. hen ko

    hen koМісяць тому

    No zeke No playoffs

  15. Puppet lover

    Puppet lover29 днів тому

    Where the podcast for this ?

  16. Jeffrey Brady

    Jeffrey BradyМісяць тому

    10 seconds into this and I’m turning it off. Why Shannon First of all idgaf how Zeke takes the owners joke. Jones should cut this clown today Your under contract for a bunch of money. Play. Period. You can’t play both sides of the ball shannon. You can’t be under contract and not show up and also have your feeling hurt because of what the owner joked about But coming from you I can understand why you said that. You always want it both ways.

  17. hen ko

    hen koМісяць тому

    I was at the Hawaii game here a few days ago against the rams, and I wanted to see all the best of each your playing in Hawaii. Better than the Superbowl. Anyway

  18. Rock girl

    Rock girlМісяць тому

    If they put a chicken in at runningback, skip would still think the cowboys would make the playoffs🙄😂

  19. leon earls,jr

    leon earls,jrМісяць тому

    WE NEED ZEKE PERIOD!!!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  20. D Carv

    D CarvМісяць тому

    Skip:”there weee NO BACKUPS!!!! There were 1and second back upss!!!!! LOLLLLLLLLL

  21. Rock girl

    Rock girlМісяць тому


  22. Eggchin X

    Eggchin XМісяць тому

    LOL! They have good chemistry an that girl doesn't get in the way like the other show.

  23. Fred Dukeduong

    Fred DukeduongМісяць тому

    Hate on skip but u gotta give it to him. All these times I thought he was a biased cow girls lover. You can totally tell by the grin and smirk on his face that he didn’t believe what he was saying. He’s just good at being opposite of uncle shay

  24. Dederick Martin

    Dederick MartinМісяць тому

    Correction tony pollard only had 78 rushing attempts and 39 catches last year

  25. Joanna

    JoannaМісяць тому

    Somebody please DRUG TEST skip...

  26. warlock 39

    warlock 39Місяць тому

    Look im a cowboy fan..but this is why jerry jones shouldnt be anywhere near the players or the field..jerry puts his foot in his mouth to many times. Jimmy johnson can contest to that..

  27. Percy 621

    Percy 621Місяць тому

    He’s a lifer next topic

  28. Joanna

    JoannaМісяць тому

    Jerry, Tellim... Your A expensive deserving talent and I can't afford you My Cowboys will regretfully have to win the old fashion way, With The Afforded Talents We Got!

  29. Dena Millet

    Dena MilletМісяць тому

    Wow - the blue kool-aid is so thick. Can't stand Zeke's little tantrums. he can go with AB and Kaep.

  30. Master Chief

    Master ChiefМісяць тому

    Now I'm not saying Tony Pollard is going to be amazing or anything, but I will point out that Shannon used the same argument for Dak Prescott back in 2016 "hE wAs pLaYiNg aGaNsIt bAcKuPs wAit tIll hE pLaYs aCtuAlLy sTaRtErs" and then Dak went 13-3 and won Rookie of the Year... so using the same argument for Pollard is the not the best argument. Also, our offense is way better than it was last year, so I don't think the Cowboys need their defense to play lights out anymore... but whatever I'm a "delusional" Cowboys fan so it doesn't matter I guess.

  31. JBluegum

    JBluegumМісяць тому

    Is he still under contract?

  32. Joshua Hunter

    Joshua HunterМісяць тому

    Yes we have great precedent for this. You don't need ur top 3 RB in the league when you have a top 5 offensive line and a future hall of fame QB and essentially the Jerry rice of this generation complimented by a legit #1 receiver... Oh wait sorry you only have dak? Oh... Yea well y'all will do better than the Steelers with Pollard... Not even a legit 2nd tier RB... Pollard...

  33. Rich B

    Rich BМісяць тому

    Everyone knows the Cowboys offensive line makes EL Bust who he is. Look at all the Cowboys RBs before EL and the teams they left Dallas for. Where are they now?

  34. MitchSquadJeep

    MitchSquadJeepМісяць тому

    Where the podcast for this ?

  35. Uncle Fester

    Uncle FesterМісяць тому

    Hope they Sign him quick! On another note Pollard will be a great compliment beside Zeke out of the backfield!

  36. TJ Michael

    TJ MichaelМісяць тому

    I was at the Hawaii game here a few days ago against the rams, and I wanted to see all the best of each your playing in Hawaii. Better than the Superbowl. Anyway suck not seeing Zeke at the game

  37. Virgil R

    Virgil RМісяць тому


  38. Vern Trexler

    Vern TrexlerМісяць тому

    I swear EE looks like an ewok

  39. Der Rick

    Der RickМісяць тому

    #2 and #21

  40. Jules Thibodeaux

    Jules ThibodeauxМісяць тому


  41. killerdemo

    killerdemoМісяць тому

    Pollard is new Zeke LOL

  42. Frank Torain

    Frank TorainМісяць тому

    Skip Bayless is a FOOL!!!

  43. Jim Beam

    Jim BeamМісяць тому

    The Cowboys could make it with Pollard but I think they will make the same mistake that alot of organization make by neglecting to change their offensive sceam to fit the strengths of their starters. They are going to try to force him to be a type of RB that he is not.


    ALSILVERU2Місяць тому

    Jerry, Tellim... Your A expensive deserving talent and I can't afford you My Cowboys will regretfully have to win the old fashion way, With The Afforded Talents We Got! #bestwishesZeke🏈🤕🤝🧓🏽🏆

  45. rj doggman

    rj doggmanМісяць тому

    Lol and the run was one series lol skip acts like Pollard did this 20 times already smdh. Zeke can catch too

  46. Leopard Bra Brado

    Leopard Bra BradoМісяць тому

    No zeke No playoffs

  47. TokinChump Gaming

    TokinChump GamingМісяць тому

    I'm a cowboys fan but skip is delusional, always has been always will be

  48. Ms Information. Seeker

    Ms Information. SeekerМісяць тому

    Skip stop it smdh....

  49. Leopard Bra Brado

    Leopard Bra BradoМісяць тому

    0:50 well, play all the game then.

  50. K D

    K DМісяць тому

    cowboys not going anywhere this season

  51. Son of a Gun

    Son of a GunМісяць тому

    Cowboys with Zeke 8-8 ... Cowboys without Zeke 6-10

  52. Mike Cannon

    Mike CannonМісяць тому

    "Just sitting back with our pop corn" - Eagles Fans

  53. Deezy Cain

    Deezy CainМісяць тому

    So Skip Baylee’s forgot about the past 3 years of Zeke just like Jerry Jones

  54. Deezy Cain

    Deezy CainМісяць тому

    Alvin Kamara split his carries in college became a beast in the league but Jerry tripping he gonna lose Zeke

  55. billygowhoop

    billygowhoopМісяць тому

    8:54 "Little wiggle, little wiggle, little wiggle." - Skip Bayless

  56. David Johnson

    David JohnsonМісяць тому

    Zeke who?! 😂😂😂😂

  57. Carlos A.k.a C-los

    Carlos A.k.a C-losМісяць тому

    Shannon always had to gloat a lil.. I love it. 😂👊

  58. Justin Provo

    Justin ProvoМісяць тому

    I know that Skip has been known to say foolish things, but comparing Tony Pollard to Ezekiel Elliott is perhaps the dumbest thing this guy has ever done. What a #homer

  59. Fanboy 3k

    Fanboy 3kМісяць тому

    I dont like paying running backs anyway, short shelf life and their position tends to be easy enough to fill with at least serviceable if not electric talent. A RB I already have on contract wants to sit out to leverage for a new contract and more money? I dont negotiate with terrorists, I'm letting him watch the season from the living room. Now I know a reliable, consistent performer at RB is integral to Dallas's style of ball but just like Jerry, I'm going to find it hard to concede my position and award the player for using this tactic, I likely let it ride and see how it goes.


    GEORGIA MANМісяць тому

    All you gots to do is trade Zeke if you think that the other guy can get it done. Zeke is one of the best running backs in the NFL. Pay the man.

  61. Jeremy James

    Jeremy JamesМісяць тому

    Trade Zeke for another wideout, running back, and safety

  62. Corey Cheadle

    Corey CheadleМісяць тому

    Jerry Jones is an idiot

  63. Matthew Scott

    Matthew ScottМісяць тому

    Cowboys will be fine without Zeke... I say let him sit it out

  64. TBB5413

    TBB5413Місяць тому

    0:50 well, play all the game then.

  65. Call Me Vacay

    Call Me VacayМісяць тому

    If Jerry wasn’t joking, then hey. The wheels keep on turning and life keeps on going.

  66. TBB5413

    TBB5413Місяць тому

    narcissistic NFL players? say it aint so.

  67. PGfilms

    PGfilmsМісяць тому

    Skip- wow look at him run there Shannon - SKIP WHERES THE LINEBACKER GOING Skip-........look at those hands those are better than zeke’s

  68. Steven Hamilton

    Steven HamiltonМісяць тому

    Bottom line, zeke can be replaced, maybe not at the same level but replaceable, Dak does not have a replacement right now...gotta sign Dak

  69. PGfilms

    PGfilmsМісяць тому

    All they talk about is the cowboys it’s kind of getting annoying

  70. Elias Kortz

    Elias KortzМісяць тому

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