Slipknot - Unsainted


  1. Unstoppable_ gamer

    Unstoppable_ gamer11 годин тому

    don't get what people see in this it just makes me feel uncomfortable bruh lol

  2. shaun chappell

    shaun chappell15 годин тому

    Slipknot ye !!!!!!!

  3. shaun chappell

    shaun chappell15 годин тому

    My butty is the slipknot leda😝😝😈

  4. Jimmy A

    Jimmy A22 години тому

    Smallest crowd Slipknot's played to since 1998.

  5. Katelyn, Tun

    Katelyn, TunДень тому

    why poeple like to hear this this is satanic listen to i better

  6. Dillxn

    Dillxn2 дні тому

    This is the first time I’ve seen a mosh pit

  7. In Lucem

    In Lucem2 дні тому

    All dudes in the crowd.

  8. message

    message3 дні тому

    ....thats a very nice Halloween festival...cheers!!

  9. The Underdog From The Underground

    The Underdog From The Underground3 дні тому

    They should have performed this at TakeOver Toronto

  10. Ryan Lifepool

    Ryan Lifepool3 дні тому


  11. Mr. David

    Mr. David3 дні тому

    That mosh pit though

  12. Kylito Mcmanus

    Kylito Mcmanus4 дні тому

    I dont like Corey's new mask :(

  13. Danny Flores León

    Danny Flores León4 дні тому

    corey taylor my love :) 7u7

  14. Dead Soul

    Dead Soul4 дні тому

    Wtf xD

  15. Ch Pe

    Ch Pe5 днів тому

    I don't watch Jimmy Kimmel because he and his viewers are a bunch of F@330Ts but I've liked Slipknot since highschool. This is good.

  16. FanRose FabRose Spencer

    FanRose FabRose Spencer4 дні тому


  17. Dr. love

    Dr. love5 днів тому

    Weird mix of backing tracks and live

  18. Alejandro Heredia

    Alejandro Heredia5 днів тому

    Thank God Jimmy Kimmel for putting Slipknot on!

  19. Epic Play

    Epic Play5 днів тому

    una lastima que no se escuche bien el audio

  20. Neshen Pillai

    Neshen Pillai5 днів тому

    Live, you can feel the Joey Jordison factor is missing.

  21. jhunel valdoz

    jhunel valdoz5 днів тому

    napakaangas talaga..🤘

  22. Richard mottola

    Richard mottola5 днів тому

    Is it me or does Cory Taylor look like the joker ?

  23. Max Sykes

    Max Sykes6 днів тому

    Low microphone volume, but is fantastic the voice!

  24. Kyle Tissnolthtos

    Kyle Tissnolthtos6 днів тому

    Badass song Slipknot for life 🤘🤘🤘

  25. thage thagaste

    thage thagaste6 днів тому

    Très bonne prestation bravo

  26. Arock Ojeda

    Arock Ojeda6 днів тому

    Ft. Armonía 10 pls

  27. Jona Samson

    Jona Samson6 днів тому


  28. Trowa71

    Trowa716 днів тому

    I guess I have to buy a Mercedes now.

  29. Robbie

    Robbie6 днів тому

    My favorite slipknot song

  30. Edmar Christian

    Edmar Christian7 днів тому

    algum br agora?

  31. juan juanola

    juan juanola7 днів тому

    Jajajajajajajajajaja altos gorilas

  32. Andres Felipe Diaz

    Andres Felipe Diaz7 днів тому

    The pepole saying "Corey Taylor is too old for this" in 2015-2017 Corey Taylor: Shut up and listen this

  33. Jake Williams

    Jake Williams7 днів тому

    The timpani drummer seems frustrated

  34. Eduardo Navarro

    Eduardo Navarro8 днів тому

    They've had slayer on

  35. Berlinwallneverfall 89

    Berlinwallneverfall 898 днів тому

    The only band that can create a stir in the midday

  36. R M

    R M8 днів тому

    Love this tune

  37. the z word

    the z word8 днів тому

    well done jimmy! well done

  38. jt 1

    jt 18 днів тому

    so that's what a mosh pit looks like huh?

  39. juan diego gamer muñoz solarte trainer

    juan diego gamer muñoz solarte trainer9 днів тому

    Yo soy el único colombiano verdad

  40. Michael Devou

    Michael Devou9 днів тому

    Tortilla man

  41. Rita Wanjiku

    Rita Wanjiku9 днів тому

    Me: screams My dad: Why are you screaming....? Me: Slipknot performing on Jimmy Kimmel My dad: screams


    MEGASTAR EREN9 днів тому

    jay weinberg💕

  43. Юльяна Борщ

    Юльяна Борщ9 днів тому

    Łódź kto czeka ? :3

  44. pedro

    pedro9 днів тому

    this show was the same day Clown's daugther died, she was only 22.

  45. Луч Пробуждения

    Луч Пробуждения9 днів тому

    Слипкнот - уже не тот....Всегда боялся написать ! когда-нибудь эти слова....Печаль,хуле.....

  46. tsol Ytinas

    tsol Ytinas9 днів тому

    Slipknot. Loved by metal heads all over the world.

  47. XNX CRAB

    XNX CRAB9 днів тому

    Corey's mask is heath ledger lol wtffffff

  48. GriZZZly

    GriZZZly9 днів тому

    Is Corey's mic purposely quieter?

  49. SamWilliams_Music

    SamWilliams_Music9 днів тому

    Did you see jimmys face after he announced them? Almost like he wasn’t happy about it 😂😂😂

  50. Le Québécois Yvorius

    Le Québécois Yvorius9 днів тому

    Ugly ass bass. 😑😑 i miss paul gray.

  51. Diego Marval.

    Diego Marval.10 днів тому

    Really good performance

  52. GangstaNation Prod.

    GangstaNation Prod.10 днів тому

    Did Corey look like the Joker xD

  53. saint killem

    saint killem10 днів тому

    They said slipknot was a bad band

  54. young dumb goth

    young dumb goth10 днів тому

    Mil vezes bebeto do que esse baterista de merda

  55. Jessica M

    Jessica M11 днів тому


  56. John Smith

    John Smith11 днів тому

    I remember seeingbthis on T.V. and thought it was so cool to see hardcore metal on tv because everything is rap, hip hop, emo, hip hop country ,or dance crap now.. Although I dislike that Kimmel is so anti-Trump, I thought it was cool to see this and a mosh pit. Obviously Slipknott is too crowd drawing to play inside the small studio. I bet they played for songs for the crowd. Yeah and the fact that it's 2019 and this band still sounds good like they did 90s.

  57. Pigiesrool

    Pigiesrool5 днів тому

    John Smith this is definitely alt, not hardcore

  58. The Heretic 666

    The Heretic 66611 днів тому

    The crowd is 10 times better than a pop crowd...this is Jimmy Kimmel

  59. Erik Leirmo

    Erik Leirmo12 днів тому

    Only Jimmy Kimmel LOG and Slipknot

  60. Jair El Ponce

    Jair El Ponce12 днів тому

    La batalla ya ha empezado, en un mundo muy cuadrado...

  61. Jason Elliott

    Jason Elliott12 днів тому

    Saw them last night here in Houston and they rocked.

  62. Josias Trillo

    Josias Trillo12 днів тому

    That moment before discharging when Corey Taylor says "I'm finally holding on to let it GOOOOOO!" is an invitation to madness worth a brutal and insane pogo ever!!!

  63. molito xd

    molito xd12 днів тому

    guys tell me if u hear a noise in the time 2:40 LOL

  64. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph Johnson12 днів тому

    I wonder how many times Shawn accidentally knocked himself out by smacking his face off his drums headbanging so hard for so many years!