SmokePurpp on Being on the Dreamville Album After Beefing with J Cole


  1. prodby Mabbs

    prodby Mabbs24 дні тому

    Lol so J Cole almost got everybody in the industry nominated for Grammy

  2. John Ayala

    John AyalaМісяць тому

    Smokepurpp irreverent now 😂

  3. Mikrisbased

    MikrisbasedМісяць тому

    "I like putting on a show" *played a 5 or 6 song set for a show he headlined that had 3 hours of openers, only to perform audi twice, 2 lil pump songs, and some other shit at Starland in NJ

  4. Bryan Ellis

    Bryan EllisМісяць тому

    8:14 you’re welcome

  5. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker29 днів тому

    Bryan Ellis gay

  6. Mazuty

    MazutyМісяць тому

    Why is this video just smoke purp and and Adam’s head?

  7. 978Loyalty

    978LoyaltyМісяць тому

    The whole trolling was kinda on J Cole when he made Everybody Dies 😂😂

  8. Sokhele Nsibanyoni

    Sokhele NsibanyoniМісяць тому

    This nigga wasn’t beefing with nobody fuck outta here 😂

  9. Cimura Nope

    Cimura NopeМісяць тому

    Mans had the worst fucking verse on the album.

  10. Percent

    PercentМісяць тому

    Worst verse on the album

  11. Mukwesa Mwanza

    Mukwesa MwanzaМісяць тому

    Smokepurpp has beef with jcole?

  12. LifeIsShørt

    LifeIsShørt8 днів тому

    He "had" it but it was just trolling he really didnt hate him

  13. Cam 1

    Cam 1Місяць тому


  14. Ac's

    Ac'sМісяць тому

    this niggas trim is tremendous

  15. K!NG MXNT

    K!NG MXNTМісяць тому

    "Beefing" wit Cole? You mean yelling at a brick wall, basically lol.

  16. Evan Pate

    Evan PateМісяць тому

    SersageRoll he means cole doesn’t beef wit or respond to anybody

  17. K!NG MXNT

    K!NG MXNTМісяць тому

    @will T Lol, don't feel salty that you ain't understand the joke tho, we all make mistakes 🤷🏽‍♂️

  18. K!NG MXNT

    K!NG MXNTМісяць тому

    @will T The closest thing to improper grammar I used was "wit" and you know what I mean using that word. Lol you're ability to inference is just shitty.

  19. will T

    will TМісяць тому

    @K!NG MXNT when you use improper grammar and phrase it like that of course I'll need more explanation.

  20. K!NG MXNT

    K!NG MXNTМісяць тому

    @Donte Looney Me either. We lose intelligence as a society everyday it seems lol.

  21. Luke Cardenas

    Luke CardenasМісяць тому

    Purp an L

  22. Luke Cardenas

    Luke CardenasМісяць тому

    Fuck purp. L

  23. drawinpasttense

    drawinpasttenseМісяць тому

    pretty sure Tyler was the one who was always saying "Fuck J. Cole" when he was coming up and everyone just thought it was fucking hilarious... not serious at all until Lil Pump n shit happened lmao

  24. Mr_Coolio_

    Mr_Coolio_Місяць тому

    i’m watching the ski mask video rn just for old times sake

  25. chilly cheeze

    chilly cheezeМісяць тому

    Lets see a directed adam22 music vid with purpp!!

  26. Rami Dickson

    Rami DicksonМісяць тому

    Who’s smokepurpp?

  27. HeWhomDabs TheWholeGramIn1Toke

    HeWhomDabs TheWholeGramIn1TokeМісяць тому

    I never even said fuck j cole it was the crowd Has a song named fuck j cole

  28. Eddy G

    Eddy GМісяць тому

    "I would cut a hole out put my weiner through it, from behind" 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

  29. Trey Studley

    Trey StudleyМісяць тому

    Trying to play it off like he wasn't right up in the middle of that "fuck J. Cole" shit..."I don't know, it was the crowd"...FOH.

  30. ABOMB37

    ABOMB37Місяць тому

    8:14 Adam on that sus shit fr

  31. Benjamin Stern

    Benjamin SternМісяць тому

    “I never said fuck j Cole”🧢

  32. Colby Da'jon

    Colby Da'jonМісяць тому

    What beef?

  33. Thomas Britton

    Thomas BrittonМісяць тому

    He really a legend in this shit dude basically made pump lol

  34. StunnaSRT

    StunnaSRTМісяць тому

    Esxobvr he’s not ngl to you

  35. iHastyy

    iHastyyМісяць тому

    Esxobvr how?

  36. Esxobvr

    EsxobvrМісяць тому

    iHastyy he’s a legend

  37. iHastyy

    iHastyyМісяць тому

    Thomas Britton niggas really just throwing the word legend around

  38. G L O C K

    G L O C KМісяць тому

    Smoke looks like he got his line up drawn on with a sharpie


    DAGGERDICKМісяць тому

    King Edward was emperor lmao fr. It’s the Florida tat he has on his hairline that fucks it up lmao

  40. AeroClasher

    AeroClasherМісяць тому

    This guy is filing for bankruptcy 😂😂

  41. Albert Williams

    Albert WilliamsМісяць тому

    Do they talk about Russ Situation ?

  42. Litty Again

    Litty AgainМісяць тому

    He doesn’t deserve to be on it

  43. Alfonso G

    Alfonso GМісяць тому

    He called Bas, "Base" lmaooo 🤦‍♂️

  44. Nahum TheSavior47

    Nahum TheSavior47Місяць тому

    Why is adam uploading chunks of a interview that's already out?

  45. Nahum TheSavior47

    Nahum TheSavior47Місяць тому

    @Blaque Majik salute king

  46. Blaque Majik

    Blaque MajikМісяць тому

    That’s what anyone with a podcast does. You can get the views on the clips ($), plus whoever watches the clip may potentially want to go to the full interview to watch it if they haven’t already.

  47. Dylan Conlon

    Dylan ConlonМісяць тому

    Niggas straight trash! Seriously making hip hop look bad!

  48. SlurRty Beats

    SlurRty BeatsМісяць тому


  49. Lost Angel

    Lost AngelМісяць тому

    WTF is Adam wearing

  50. Miami

    MiamiМісяць тому

    Boy built like a well fed garden mole

  51. PrimeEvanTV

    PrimeEvanTVМісяць тому

    Lmfao wtf 😂😂

  52. LST

    LSTМісяць тому

    Miami 🤣🤣🤣

  53. Joshua Johnson

    Joshua JohnsonМісяць тому

    I don’t think anyone was hatin on jcole. They hating on jcole fans that complain about mumble rappers and how you don’t listen to logic.

  54. J_L Klap

    J_L KlapМісяць тому

    Joshua Johnson facts j Cole cool w everyone rn tbh

  55. Konthaarvlechter

    KonthaarvlechterМісяць тому

    I like Smokepurpp more than before

  56. nando nando_o94

    nando nando_o94Місяць тому

    8:21 nooooooooooooooo how did I know he was going to ask him that

  57. An Asshole.

    An Asshole.Місяць тому everyone spray painting their hairline now?

  58. MALAKA

    MALAKAМісяць тому

    Jimmy neutron looking ass nigguh

  59. Ya Boi

    Ya BoiМісяць тому

    Base lmfao

  60. Young rich famous Most handsome n wealthy

    Young rich famous Most handsome n wealthyМісяць тому

    It was the crowd....straight cappin now that cole show them love

  61. KobeKo

    KobeKoМісяць тому

    Smoke purp lowkey look like No cap 😭💯

  62. Atticus Kayser

    Atticus KayserМісяць тому

    Smokepurpp seems like a genuine dude and its pretty wack having to watch him deal with Adam’s political bullshit

  63. skam713

    skam713Місяць тому

    *free* j cole sonned lil pump on there one on one UAreporter video type beats on my channel

  64. carbinfever1

    carbinfever1Місяць тому

    Adam22 always tryna profit off something evan the sweaters they took offline from Walmart the cocaine ones. Fucking always tryna duplicate something out of nothing. Get your own style man

  65. Isaac Rodriguez

    Isaac RodriguezМісяць тому

    Nigga really just said “Base” 💀

  66. Lil Rain

    Lil RainМісяць тому

    who created the distorted 808 sound first? Ronny J or Smokepurpp I need to know.

  67. Drew

    DrewМісяць тому

    Blen shanegro clout is clout👍

  68. Blen shanegro

    Blen shanegroМісяць тому

    @Drew a bag is a bag

  69. Drew

    DrewМісяць тому

    Omar Z Kaynes wife has the most viewed porno of all time

  70. Omar Z

    Omar ZМісяць тому


  71. ByFroZenn l

    ByFroZenn lМісяць тому

    Lil Rain probably ronny

  72. Monica Arias

    Monica AriasМісяць тому

    1:24 J. Core


    NATHAN LAFLAREМісяць тому

    Smokepurrp is actually a really cool chill dude

  74. GNARLYMINAJ!눈ˋˇ!!༼•̫͡•༽ ‘

    GNARLYMINAJ!눈ˋˇ!!༼•̫͡•༽ ‘Місяць тому


  75. Mikey Russell

    Mikey RussellМісяць тому

    They both deadass said fuck J Cole lol then the fuck Russ movement began 😂 og rope gang.. but please do continue

  76. R. Lothbrook

    R. LothbrookМісяць тому

    Eat a 🍆putting two ads on this

  77. Sully Glór

    Sully GlórМісяць тому

    My beats? Wack check em

  78. Mr Puddles

    Mr PuddlesМісяць тому

    Smokepurpp career has flopped ever since Russ crew beat him down last year. 1) Travis Scott dropped him from Cactus Jack 2) His ep “Lost Planet” was a flop 3) 6ix9ine outsold him with 10 more RIAA certified platinum singles and 6ix9ine has been in jail the past 13 months 4) He got curved by 6ix9ine baby momma

  79. UnknownShyxt

    UnknownShyxtМісяць тому

    J_L Klap exactly

  80. J_L Klap

    J_L KlapМісяць тому

    Yea but Deadstar 2 got HITS

  81. Dancing is forbidden

    Dancing is forbiddenМісяць тому

    Mr Puddles 😂😂 he a walking L and still think he bigger then pump

  82. MattSlapps

    MattSlappsМісяць тому

    Woulda traded smokepurpp for juice all day

  83. Kyree Trend

    Kyree TrendМісяць тому

    MattSlapps never. Cry baby ass shit. Rip tho

  84. New Russia

    New RussiaМісяць тому

    Dreamville is sort of garbage. Idk why

  85. LifeIsShørt

    LifeIsShørt8 днів тому

    @Sean Rouse Nah i love uzi and dreamville but your just wrong

  86. Kanye 2020

    Kanye 2020Місяць тому


  87. Trippy Gaming channel

    Trippy Gaming channelМісяць тому


  88. Sean Rouse

    Sean RouseМісяць тому

    @Dancing is forbidden hahaha you new generation of kids are corny as shit.

  89. Dylan Morgan

    Dylan MorganМісяць тому

    put the cup down purp lmao

  90. Subscribe No Videos : -/

    Subscribe No Videos : -/Місяць тому

    Adam definitely said fuck J. Cole I remember him erasing all his old shit about J. Cole after they’re convo

  91. Dan Delgado

    Dan DelgadoМісяць тому

    Smokepurpp probably used to wrestle gators after rapping for the day