Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - “Become a Jedi”


  1. cassius

    cassius7 днів тому

    How to celebrate daughters b-day Have the bois Rp with her

  2. JRussell Studios

    JRussell Studios9 днів тому

    Feminazis got triggered about playing as a white male as a Jedi, so they replaced him with a girl on this commercial. #ScrewPoliticalCorrectness #Feminismiscancer

  3. Gamaliel Godriforth

    Gamaliel Godriforth12 днів тому

    LOL "Not actual gameplay",

  4. Martino Sgattoni

    Martino Sgattoni13 днів тому

    This game is a shame

  5. jose angel calero

    jose angel calero14 днів тому

    The Hanna Kahnwald of 1986 has traveled to the future

  6. FIMO Studios

    FIMO Studios19 днів тому

    this girl has more fighting style than rey.

  7. you tube boy

    you tube boy21 день тому

    Can you do black lightsaber color in game please

  8. Scoobis Burger Scoobis

    Scoobis Burger Scoobis22 дні тому

    Why do I hate this. CRINGE.

  9. Super entertainment

    Super entertainment23 дні тому

    Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pshewey

  10. Profire 21

    Profire 2124 дні тому

    Piu piu Total damage: 0

  11. Bannfred Von Dichthofen

    Bannfred Von Dichthofen24 дні тому

    The Game is crap

  12. Vladimír Kurfiřt

    Vladimír Kurfiřt25 днів тому

    Nice girl : )

  13. Ray Kniga-Bartlett

    Ray Kniga-Bartlett25 днів тому

    This trailer shows the true magic of Star Wars: how people both young and old fantasize of being a Jedi (or any other role) ever since '77. Why can't people get that instead of just making memes off of it? It saddens me how far we've fallen.

  14. NITRO_4000

    NITRO_400025 днів тому

    (>*~*)> I love when they bring to live a game, a history, a universe, in or reality. 🌟

  15. IVN

    IVNМісяць тому

    Stupid ass commercial

  16. Timeisnear

    TimeisnearМісяць тому

    Was this like neccesary, i mean you have the actor from the game, do live trailer with him instead?? I dont know why there always needs to be this "one" cringe trailer all the time hahaha

  17. Timeisnear

    TimeisnearДень тому

    @Mattie Sheldon i get that but still let those random people met the main actor as well, i mean why not, he represents the game right?

  18. Mattie Sheldon

    Mattie SheldonДень тому

    This is directed towards parents who might want to buy this as a gift for their kids. It’s all about appealing to demographics. And besides, the trailer’s actually really wholesome.

  19. Whaby Samir

    Whaby SamirМісяць тому

    Obi Wan's pose at 1:18 !!! XD

  20. Medicine Sky Feathers Productions

    Medicine Sky Feathers ProductionsМісяць тому

    Looking back on this really reminds me of the days the lads, ladettes and I would come up with our own star wars stories and let our imagination take over.

  21. Thien Nguyen

    Thien Nguyen2 місяці тому

    *7:00 AM* Contruction workers: *so anyway, I started pew pewing*


    SOUL SMASH2 місяці тому

    kinda cringe tbh

  23. Peter Kaprielian

    Peter Kaprielian2 місяці тому

    Ha! "Single-player campaign." Ha Ha Ha. Seriously though why.

  24. Christophe Ducas

    Christophe Ducas2 місяці тому

    I didn’t know arya to have a lightsaber

  25. Ya boi Davjoe123

    Ya boi Davjoe1232 місяці тому

    Oi you’d fix bfv and bf2

  26. Tookieslam

    Tookieslam2 місяці тому

    BRUH! This ad is such a throwback to the banned Standoff Jump in Xbox ad!

  27. Rene Vallejo

    Rene Vallejo2 місяці тому

    Can you add other levels and planets just like 5 or something planets and only enough levels to show planets id really appreciate it so if possible please do

  28. Epic-Fictional Projects

    Epic-Fictional Projects2 місяці тому

    This game was half bad

  29. Ash Ketchum

    Ash Ketchum2 місяці тому

    When you guys make the next Jedi fallen order, please make a "battle styles" menu, where you can switch between the maybe new moveset(s) and the original.

  30. Richard Wilson

    Richard Wilson2 місяці тому

    I’m pretty sure throwing a metal flashlight through a window to the point that it shatters is extremely dangerous and can kill someone. Imagine if the dad was working at that table...

  31. Gamer Noob

    Gamer Noob3 місяці тому

    Use *zepisguides* it works for me.

  32. brian vega

    brian vega3 місяці тому

    This trailer alone is better than the Disney "movies" you can clearly see that this game was made by true star wars fans

  33. Joe Pequet

    Joe Pequet3 місяці тому

    Hey this game is a waste of money, I can't get the character to climb the outside of the train. I am not happy, I will be trying to get a refund at this point.

  34. Вызов принят

    Вызов принят3 місяці тому

    Очень круто)

  35. SAM7167

    SAM71673 місяці тому

    Wanna play it, Coronavirus be gone already!!!

  36. Brian Ewing

    Brian Ewing3 місяці тому

    ABSOLUTE Favorite trailer for me

  37. Caleb Campbell

    Caleb Campbell3 місяці тому

    EA needs to add a sith game. Please like so EA can see.

  38. Fan Disiti

    Fan Disiti3 місяці тому

    Немного странно!

  39. Дмитрий Фейгин

    Дмитрий Фейгин3 місяці тому


  40. Gerry Rdz

    Gerry Rdz3 місяці тому

    This video game, is it good?

  41. Akihiro

    Akihiro3 місяці тому

    What we did in the playground

  42. Ben Geiger

    Ben Geiger3 місяці тому

    Moral of the story: if you’re playing Star Wars with the foreman’s kid, don’t be a storm trooper.

  43. 乃木坂の林檎姫

    乃木坂の林檎姫3 місяці тому

    動きがおせー もっと早く

  44. 水瀬いのり

    水瀬いのり3 місяці тому

    これを映画でやってくれ! スカイウォーカーはもういいから

  45. Andre The Great YT

    Andre The Great YT4 місяці тому

    Nobody: Not a soul: Not even Ezra: Rey: the force is something the Jedi use to read minds and make things...float

  46. Andre The Great YT

    Andre The Great YT4 місяці тому

    And then there was the rule of two

  47. Evil Wizard

    Evil Wizard4 місяці тому

    All your badassery ends jedi when you hear the breathing.

  48. Le monde de Keo

    Le monde de Keo4 місяці тому

    Trop cool

  49. Chris Paez

    Chris Paez4 місяці тому

    So that’s what the inquisitors look like in live action.

  50. uh ahai

    uh ahai4 місяці тому

    0:34 i'll guess i wom t try to pull people to me with the force

  51. [IZ\/2]

    [IZ\/2]4 місяці тому

    Xbox but have ps4

  52. Rosa Shettler

    Rosa Shettler4 місяці тому

    Fuck you

  53. Lunar Scorpio

    Lunar Scorpio4 місяці тому

    1:18 Obi-Wan’s theme while going on Soresu form. True Star Wars fan.

  54. Peter Kaprielian

    Peter Kaprielian4 місяці тому


  55. Toxic_Cheerios

    Toxic_Cheerios4 місяці тому

    Why is cal a girl

  56. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia4 місяці тому

    This commercial is better than the hole new film

  57. 三角籠 減燒

    三角籠 減燒4 місяці тому

    西斯 is already dead, may the god be with him, never coming back. (Although Star War fan also hope the movie is over forever,,,,,, )

  58. Sabine Schröcker

    Sabine Schröcker4 місяці тому

    When you think about the game is 16+

  59. irfan ismail

    irfan ismail4 місяці тому

    This i basically me after i played the game 😀

  60. T Barrett

    T Barrett4 місяці тому

    Dear EA: I'll buy your game on PC/Steam when you remove the Origin requirement. Thanks o7

  61. santiago brey

    santiago brey4 місяці тому

    Mmmmm??? Es raro que disfrutará mas esto que el episodio IX??? Puede ser jaja

  62. vasalem

    vasalem4 місяці тому

    that was too cringy and had nothing to do with the game.

  63. kenpoarniceguy1

    kenpoarniceguy14 місяці тому

    0:53 The guy is like well, might as well join them

  64. Almir Cougo

    Almir Cougo4 місяці тому


  65. это я

    это я4 місяці тому


  66. Agente Jack The Werehog AKA The Jedi Lord

    Agente Jack The Werehog AKA The Jedi Lord4 місяці тому

    Become A Jedi Or Become An Inquisitor

  67. Marco Pusheen

    Marco Pusheen5 місяців тому

    When a star wars ad looks more interesting than a the last SW movie

  68. Marco Pusheen

    Marco Pusheen22 дні тому

    @DavidOGD15 😀😀

  69. DavidOGD15

    DavidOGD1522 дні тому

    Nah I don't think he's exaggerating and all the hate It gets is well deserved. Filming my dog take a shit on the floor would make a better Star Wars trilogy than the sequel.

  70. CMDR REX

    CMDR REX25 днів тому

    You’re not wrong. This is the kind of action we wanted

  71. Mystical Snail

    Mystical SnailМісяць тому

    Wow you’re so edgy and cool

  72. Benjamin Payne-Smith

    Benjamin Payne-SmithМісяць тому

    You're kinda pushing it now 😂

  73. dontcheckmychannel

    dontcheckmychannel5 місяців тому

    She never even fixed her lightsaber lmao noob.

  74. Ali The Konqueror

    Ali The Konqueror5 місяців тому

  75. Ben Dalzell

    Ben Dalzell5 місяців тому

    comment:game idea from a real jeti!!!

  76. Ben Dalzell

    Ben Dalzell5 місяців тому

    he wants no part in the game.

  77. Ben Dalzell

    Ben Dalzell5 місяців тому


  78. Schnarchei 65

    Schnarchei 655 місяців тому

    How much does Ella Lee look like a young Daisy Ridley ? Sign her up for the origin saga now !

  79. Seno Santosa

    Seno Santosa5 місяців тому

    I wrote "buy me a ps4" in ny flashlight and i throw it to my mom head

  80. Y Y

    Y Y5 місяців тому

    Steam Achievements... Cmon already!

  81. Mr Irrelevant

    Mr Irrelevant5 місяців тому

    But the customization is ass and there is no multiplayer like damn

  82. Tocoolforschool

    Tocoolforschool5 місяців тому

    No one is to old for Star Wars

  83. Kostas Tzafi

    Kostas Tzafi5 місяців тому

    I am facing a serious issue with the pc version of the game. Firstly I have regular frame rate drops and also every 20- 30 minutesthe game FREEZES so then I need to reboot the WHOLE PC. Any ideas? Note that I have the preorder deluxe version of the game so I have paid 70€ for a game that I can't play...🤔🤔☹️😢😢

  84. Power and Mismatch the Droid

    Power and Mismatch the Droid5 місяців тому

    Y'all notice how the second end of the lightsaber flickered, showing it was broken?

  85. Bartłomiej Wierzba

    Bartłomiej Wierzba5 місяців тому

    You are layers, all of this action showed in trailer is shown during video cuts, in regular game all you do and sometimes fight with half brained stormtrooper (yes, one stormtrooper, sometimes 3/4 but that it)! Even star Wars battlefront II from 2005 was better than this, I strongly NOT recomend this game, im very disappointed...

  86. akg akg

    akg akg5 місяців тому

    This video it's one: What if Cal Kestis has a daughter.

  87. R.E.Venge

    R.E.Venge25 днів тому

    Maybe with Merrin?

  88. aaron lachiondo

    aaron lachiondo5 місяців тому

    LOL "pew pew pew"

  89. Raphael Perez

    Raphael Perez5 місяців тому

    New game + for Jedi Fallen order now

  90. Sean Rawlinson

    Sean Rawlinson5 місяців тому

    Would've been great if they let you select your gender when playing the game.

  91. rivenoak

    rivenoak4 місяці тому

    yep, the story would have worked both sides.