Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser


  1. Mister GGG

    Mister GGG50 хвилин тому

    Boycott Disney Wars. Total money grab garbage.

  2. WhatCulo

    WhatCulo54 хвилини тому

    Just take my money now...

  3. Colorized Colors

    Colorized ColorsГодину тому

    I want this to be good. I really do, and t needs to end on a high not so PLEASE don’t mess this up

  4. Willy Boi

    Willy BoiГодину тому

    I kind of really want them to bring back the double bladed staff light saber

  5. Denis Rosales

    Denis RosalesГодину тому

    “THE SAGA COMES TO AN END” Jeez, it’s about time, it ended nearly 36 years ago

  6. Joel N.S

    Joel N.SГодину тому

    one of the few things in life that im genuinely hyped for

  7. Iam Impossibru

    Iam ImpossibruГодину тому

    Why is this called the rise of Skywalker if Mary Sue- I mean Rei is just a nobody?

  8. Abi Carrasco

    Abi CarrascoГодину тому

    Lando omgoodness

  9. Jacob Underwood

    Jacob UnderwoodГодину тому

    My science teacher stopped me in the hallway just to tell me the Episode IX trailer dropped. I told him I’m gonna ask the history teacher if I can use the bathroom first thing.

  10. thomas alejandro ceballos lopez

    thomas alejandro ceballos lopezГодину тому

    Ya quiero que salga a cartelera, para verla en el estreno!!!!!!!! Mi película favorita

  11. Freakybananayo

    Freakybananayo2 години тому


  12. kennyleon88

    kennyleon882 години тому

    Star Wars: The Rise of Rose Tico - Teaser

  13. Isaac Allen

    Isaac Allen2 години тому

    Palpatine: Roll it again!

  14. Robert 0077

    Robert 00772 години тому

    The Resurrection of Anakin Skywalker.

  15. Crimson Sword

    Crimson Sword2 години тому

    1:34 Princess Leia 😢

  16. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man2 години тому

    0:01 when ur breathing XD

  17. Kilo 271

    Kilo 2712 години тому

    Don worry I am sure rey will get her hand cut off in this one

  18. Robert May

    Robert May2 години тому

    Omg its the pope pius


    ZACHD0ESGAMING YT2 години тому

    Lucasfilm:time to end the series Star wars fanbase:yes

  20. Zach Brewer

    Zach Brewer2 години тому

    lets hope it's not as bad as the last jedi

  21. WalrusMan

    WalrusMan3 години тому

    "Every generation has a legend" Shows Leia is gold bikini

  22. Lucky11 1

    Lucky11 13 години тому

    Oh no

  23. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis2 години тому

    OH YEAH!!!

  24. TheNoirMirror

    TheNoirMirror3 години тому

    Can't really be excited after what they did to Snoke and his naughty sleep wear.

  25. Jasper Arce

    Jasper Arce3 години тому

    blade runner in space

  26. Thomas Minikus

    Thomas Minikus3 години тому

    Wow garbage

  27. geteriking4

    geteriking43 години тому

    Tekashi has something to do with this...

  28. Bento Simas

    Bento Simas3 години тому

    This will be fantastic, I waited so much time for this!

  29. Cian harrison

    Cian harrison3 години тому

    Palpatine fled to the unknown regions

  30. Lapidot

    Lapidot3 години тому

    ok stay calm everyone they are always wrong about it being "the last movie" so let's just chill out *Starts crying in fear*

  31. Foxy UwU

    Foxy UwU3 години тому

    Make Episode 8 great!

  32. MrButtsavage17

    MrButtsavage174 години тому

    Boytcott Time! :3

  33. the cartoonist

    the cartoonist3 години тому

    nope. not boycotting.

  34. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis3 години тому

    The boycott will fail and the fandom menace will be defeated

  35. Johannes B.

    Johannes B.4 години тому

    00:53 yo Kathleen you even know where you activate this lightsaber ? you actually have ANY interest in star wars ??? xD

  36. DANRYX

    DANRYX4 години тому

    Does the trailer give fans a new hope? No, The Force Awakens gave us A New Hope.

  37. S7R4

    S7R44 години тому

    No luke again? lame

  38. John Ward

    John Ward4 години тому

    They should bring back vader since he is a good guy again, that would be amazing.

  39. Crazy Chris

    Crazy Chris4 години тому

    Palpatine, Vader and Maul have been trapped in the soul stone this whole time. It all makes sense now.

  40. Andrew Onuoha

    Andrew Onuoha4 години тому

    But how

  41. J Ska

    J Ska4 години тому

    How many of you noticed that Luke said that no one is ever really gone

  42. BulletKid

    BulletKid4 години тому

    Now we know Rey is a Skywalker

  43. Joe Kreissl

    Joe Kreissl4 години тому

    The soundtrack is amazing

  44. Camera Man Deavon

    Camera Man Deavon5 годин тому

    They should’ve had Darth Vader’s breathing instead of the Emperor’s laugh.

  45. Jirka Zeman

    Jirka Zeman5 годин тому

    hate this since first movie because of crybaby ren

  46. NoiceMelon

    NoiceMelon5 годин тому

    Akbar reacts to no ones ever really gone. Then hears “laugh of Palpatine.” ITS A TRAP

  47. Jack Geletka

    Jack Geletka5 годин тому


  48. Spectre

    Spectre5 годин тому

    If i still had my star wars toys, i'd throw them in the bin. What a mess.

  49. vidyaWolf

    vidyaWolf6 годин тому

    "the saga comes to an end" bold of you to assume it wasn't already

  50. Shikshan Hindi

    Shikshan Hindi6 годин тому

    I never watched a star wars movie. Maybe ill go watch this.

  51. Jacob Dominguez

    Jacob Dominguez6 годин тому


  52. Alexander Pechlivanidis

    Alexander Pechlivanidis6 годин тому

    Just let the franchise die already

  53. 3

    36 годин тому

    Please do not be like the last movie. PLEASE

  54. Mark Armstrong

    Mark Armstrong6 годин тому

    Every generation has a legend!!!! Yep that's right, because we have JOHN LEGEND!!!!!!!!

  55. Newbish Mouse

    Newbish Mouse6 годин тому

    It really is Dracula

  56. Ethan ManiaHD

    Ethan ManiaHD6 годин тому

    THE RISE OF THE SENATE! that should be the title

  57. Sasha Yurchenko

    Sasha Yurchenko7 годин тому

    didn't noticed any "saga" part in the previous movies sorry, wrong neighbourhood

  58. cdizzle99z

    cdizzle99z7 годин тому

    So is she a skywalker or not

  59. JoJeff Vlogs

    JoJeff Vlogs7 годин тому



    SSO SERIES7 годин тому

    Me: Omg omg omg omg a new star wars film yes yes!!!!!! *looking at the trailer* * Coming This Christmas* Me: 😒

  61. 4 faces

    4 faces6 годин тому

    you arent a real fan. Every real fan knows that it will come always in christmas

  62. Raymond Suo

    Raymond Suo8 годин тому

    Emperor Palpatine is Rey’s father. Confirmed by waiter who heard from the cast of Star Wars at a convention.

  63. Brian Dolan

    Brian Dolan8 годин тому

    What garbage.

  64. James Davis

    James DavisГодину тому

    +Ryan The prequels are masterpieces compared to Disney's nonsense. Episodes VII and VIII could get retconned and nothing would change. The world building just isn't there.

  65. Ryan C

    Ryan C7 годин тому

    Just like 123

  66. Erick Gaona

    Erick Gaona8 годин тому

    Anyone else super excited to see Captain Phasma get really hyped for being an elite soldier and then "die" after fighting a branch, all while getting a total of 2-minutes of screen time? Because I am.

  67. Mr Harley

    Mr Harley8 годин тому

    We've passed on all we know.........the fosbury flop.

  68. Another you

    Another you8 годин тому

    Disney single handedly made star wars irrelevant to me

  69. Ryan C

    Ryan C7 годин тому

    Lucas did that in the 90s


    XXXCOMMANDOXXX XXX8 годин тому

    Don't Mess up this time. K?


    XXXCOMMANDOXXX XXX3 години тому

    Nvm dude

  72. Ryan C

    Ryan C7 годин тому

    They didn't the last 2

  73. CPT. Rex

    CPT. Rex8 годин тому

    The last of the movies. No more original stories Lucas only came up with nine. 😭

  74. alex smith

    alex smith8 годин тому

    Hey Disney can you sell star wars to any one please.

  75. Ryan C

    Ryan C7 годин тому

    They are doing fine with it, better than Fox

  76. zeregaa

    zeregaa8 годин тому

    **sigh** ..look another Star wars movie

  77. Ricky Leung

    Ricky Leung8 годин тому

    I have a theory: During his falling, Palpatine uses the Force to travel forward in time. Nah better not..

  78. JackyBoi321

    JackyBoi3219 годин тому


  79. Boorock70

    Boorock709 годин тому

    Harry Potter has left the chat... :)

  80. Alex Dolan

    Alex Dolan9 годин тому

    Its not the sameeee Luke if you agree

  81. redpill nation

    redpill nation9 годин тому

    right. no thanks.

  82. Steve Leyk

    Steve Leyk9 годин тому

    And 1:38, R2D2 is missing...

  83. Brittany j Taylor

    Brittany j Taylor9 годин тому

    No one is really gone. THRAWN enters the room

  84. hilton

    hilton9 годин тому

    for the big final at least 10hs of film ...

  85. SelfProclaimed Legend

    SelfProclaimed Legend9 годин тому

    "The saga come to an end" Thank god

  86. Alyssa Orlando

    Alyssa Orlando10 годин тому


  87. Alan Shore

    Alan Shore10 годин тому


  88. Alyssa Orlando

    Alyssa Orlando10 годин тому

    Disney is ruining star wars

  89. Ryan C

    Ryan C7 годин тому

    Lucas did already

  90. Alyssa Orlando

    Alyssa Orlando10 годин тому

    They shouldn't let George Lucas get to rich

  91. Alyssa Orlando

    Alyssa Orlando10 годин тому

    Empire strikes back is even better

  92. Alyssa Orlando

    Alyssa Orlando10 годин тому

    Not the best Return of the jedi is better

  93. Master205

    Master20510 годин тому

    What does the saga comes to a end mean?? Is this the laat movie

  94. Cristy Jenkins

    Cristy Jenkins10 годин тому

    1:06 What a legend!

  95. Bogdan Simjanovic

    Bogdan Simjanovic10 годин тому

    *sidious laghing* Wow bold move bringing back jar jar....

  96. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers10 годин тому

    Stop this shame please

  97. Alvrium Eleris

    Alvrium Eleris10 годин тому

    Lucas's star wars prequels are more creative artistic and expressive than disney's absurd ludicrous senseless retro style star wars sequels

  98. Ryan C

    Ryan C7 годин тому

    Not remotely true

  99. zchal66

    zchal6610 годин тому

    It's Jar Jar Abrahams folks, so we can guarantee a few things: 1) None of the "mystery boxes" from TFA will be solved or even addressed 2) At some point there will be a scene where a planet millions and millions of light years away will get destroyed, but folks on a planet far far away will still be able to look up and see it happening as if it were in orbit. 3) There will be a bunch of new "mystery boxes" introduced that will also not be solved...

  100. 68air

    68air10 годин тому


  101. Subscribe To PewDiePie!!!!!!!

    Subscribe To PewDiePie!!!!!!!10 годин тому

    Why are all the haters here? This was clearly a trailer promoting the movie. Don’t come here if you don’t want to see it.

  102. Tylan Zygowski

    Tylan Zygowski10 годин тому

    We had the time and t🥰👍😁

  103. SUPER BOB58

    SUPER BOB5810 годин тому

    If Thanos doesn't come out if a portal then I am going to be really disappointed.

  104. Grant Wallace

    Grant Wallace11 годин тому

    Not heard of this series. What has happened so far?

  105. Bored Now

    Bored Now11 годин тому

    The voice over does this trailer no favours. Plus why does it say the end of a saga? Hasn't Johnson signed on to do two more?

  106. SuperHotdogBros

    SuperHotdogBros11 годин тому

    Fans: So does a storyline for Star Wars really exist? Disney: Well yes, but actually no.

  107. Sem Claassens

    Sem Claassens11 годин тому

    No one's ever really gone Jar jar belike: meesa back

  108. Sem Claassens

    Sem Claassens11 годин тому

    Lando is back and the emperor aka reys daddy

  109. Kooonsti

    Kooonsti11 годин тому

    Everyone: Star Wars: scams people by telling them when star wars episode six came out, that this is the complete Saga 😂😂 P.S: Sorry for my English. I am from Germany

  110. Ryan C

    Ryan C7 годин тому

    When 6 came out we knew it wasn't the complete saga. Six films weren't finished.

  111. Jacob Dominguez

    Jacob Dominguez11 годин тому

    Still awesome

  112. Gunnar Swee

    Gunnar Swee11 годин тому


  113. gP ODiN SFC

    gP ODiN SFC12 годин тому

    Ok is it me or C3PO has literally seen EVERYTHING ! The rise and fall of the empire, old and New republic, the resistance/rebel alliance like jeez bro you’re like an “ancient one”

  114. Hugh Jhass

    Hugh Jhass12 годин тому

    Just let this series die already for the love of god

  115. Ryan C

    Ryan C11 годин тому

    It's as good as it was since the Fox era. The prequels aren't really popular except to newbloods.

  116. Ryan C

    Ryan C11 годин тому

    1-9 for decades was the story of R2/3PO. Lucas didn't make it a Skywalker Saga until the second coming of Star Wars in the 90s.