Step up your cookie game with these delicious cookie recipes! I Dessert ideas by So Yummy


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    That's right, keep fueling my baking dreams.

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    I am to hungry

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    Best recipe 3:57

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    0:02 now take straw and .... *SNIFF*

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    Drop pip

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    As we faun

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    So yummy is so yummy🥞🍦🍩🍰🍫!!!!Please like

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    *For every like I'll add a cake let's start with mine 🍰🍰*

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    Wow you use a lot of chocolate

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    +So Yummy sawed

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    We love chocolate!!

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    sour cream and chocolate? Don't you mean cream cheese and chocolate?

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    Wow amazing So yummy

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    My little brother and i always watch these videos. He always says, "oh! Thats so yummy! Doesnt that look so yummy?" And in my mind im like "no pun intended, huh?`` ^^Thank you guys so much for providing these videos^^ ❤❤

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    Is it me cause whenever I watch a video with chocolate chips,they look bigger than normal

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    reasons why i always appear in the kitchen at 3pm

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    this si very fain I like your chanel

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    Cookie ice cream yum

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    I love cookies but cookie cakes that is even better

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    1:45 cookie cake :D

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    1 like One cookie 🍪

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    Chocolate is the van!?

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    The dot

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    I really want to do it but im so lazy to do it. Haha. Like if you do

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    This is cookie porn for cookie monster😂😂😂😂🍪🍪🍪

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    **diabetes intensifies**

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    With these helpful tips, you can get type 3 diabetes in just 15 minutes!

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    What if I get.... DIABETES. 😱😨😰😥😓

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    for every like i will put a cookie apple

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    Tasty get out the way

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    I’m gonna turn so FAT!!!!!!! Edit:Who cares! It’s too delicious😋

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    0.47 looks good 🍪

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    not So Yummy .EPIC YuMMy

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    I like watching these and yelling out diabetes....

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    Tbh that cookie cake did not look that good...

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    It makes my mouth water just by thinking about these wonderful deserts

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    واواواواو لذيذه

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    Can I gett a rip in the chat for porn hub

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    I couldn’t finish I’d eat the dough😭

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    se me hizo agua la boca

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    I got diabetes just looking at this.

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    Cookie Monster has failed no nut November.

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    those cookie popsicles send shivers down my spine

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    Good video! I loved it. I bought the So Yummy book!

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    This video sums up my heaven

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    The last one was my favorite number 5 . What's everyones fav that post on here ? Put the number according to the set up .. 1/2/3/4/5 down below comment . Like my fav number 5 and if u close your eyes it kinda sounds like a xXx movie.. lol tks for your time and have a great day.. mic out ..

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    Are we done pretending “So Yummy” isn’t just a shittier version of Tasty?

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    I got diabetes from looking at the thumbnail too long

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    10 top ways to kill your self with food

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    It's is so yummy. You eat these yummy cakes,etc. Share to us also.

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    I hate these videos. Literally no instructions or or details on anything.

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