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    Puberty he

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    I subscribed

  4. Team Alpha

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    But are you an ALPHA, or a BETA?

  5. MrPiggleHD

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    Let me know what you think of my scrubby gameplay

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    Yo giveaway on my channel every 100 subs i gain, legit too ill get some of the previous winners to comment below

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    Subbed dude :)

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    Thanks for the 1000 vbucks last week man just got ut message :)

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    *how ironic, I get a Fortnite ad.*

  10. Mia

    Mia6 місяців тому

    I can just imagine walking into the wrong room at tilted with a default set up with a turret aiming at the door 😂

  11. Frisk Milo

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    I will sub to who ever subes to me

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    Read more

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    Get recked

  14. Oh nah nah

    Oh nah nah6 місяців тому

    That gun was a paid actor

  15. Tay Zonda

    Tay Zonda6 місяців тому

    They need to fix this garbage. People can literally spray from over 150-200m away and kill with ease it’s fucking pathetic. The range effectiveness needs to literally be cut in half if not more

  16. Valex Bake

    Valex Bake6 місяців тому

    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Im an OG what about you?

  17. • Caveboy •

    • Caveboy •6 місяців тому

    I started playing from season 3. Because that’s when the game released on mobile. I’m a mobile player.

  18. YaBoiJohnny209

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    Ninja said found a bot but he is one cause he said they should remove aim asists and when he played with ellen i think he even said its hard to aim

  19. GearZ25

    GearZ256 місяців тому

    they should have made it so that instead of the whole gun overheating, its just the barrels that overheat, and when they do, you have to replace them

  20. Njs 941

    Njs 9416 місяців тому

    R6 already has this.

  21. Avneesh Mehton

    Avneesh Mehton6 місяців тому

    6:50 yeah cause the community wanted double pump gone. Cause the community wanted the Mounted LMG

  22. Johnny Jim

    Johnny Jim6 місяців тому

    i think the turret is overpowered and needs to be vaulted

  23. Quti piez

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    Ninja is being so toxic im unsubbing to hil lol

  24. RussianSoviet-Random Videos

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    Fortnite Bruh Fortnite WARRIOR Fortnite GOD Fortnite Funny Fortnite Clips SomebodyKillMe

  25. james salgado

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    No one said take out dubble pump only ninja bitch ass

  26. paco nolasco

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    TEAM TOMATO 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅

  27. Noumu

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    Ninja is clearly butthurt he couldn't get that "stream sniper" banned like he bitched about in stream.

  28. Austin Slayer227

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    John wicks worst nightmare




  30. StunWill

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    Anyone else get Ksi car ad they ruined it so bad 😂😂

  31. Matthew Wallbridge

    Matthew Wallbridge6 місяців тому

    Fuck Stan lee

  32. Theresa Morris

    Theresa Morris6 місяців тому

    I got killed by a default spraying one of those on my 1st solo game 🙃

  33. FangTheDragon

    FangTheDragon6 місяців тому


  34. ShadowBolt 62

    ShadowBolt 626 місяців тому

    Bruh transformers cybertron games that's what it reminds me of

  35. SlayZz SZN

    SlayZz SZN6 місяців тому

    Ninja should get banned he’s so toxic all he does is report people for killing him.

  36. Komrad

    Komrad6 місяців тому


  37. saskai uchiha

    saskai uchiha6 місяців тому

    The turret is sooo broken.

  38. ma naem noice

    ma naem noice6 місяців тому

    Looks like an AA gun

  39. xd FUTRty

    xd FUTRty6 місяців тому

    Sub to my channel and I’ll sub back

  40. Sam Sam

    Sam Sam6 місяців тому

    Aim Assist + turret = broken

  41. Pandawolf 321

    Pandawolf 3216 місяців тому

    The new game mode is stupid bo one stays to defend your thing and the new gun thing is op and

  42. doktermartijn Roblox - More!

    doktermartijn Roblox - More!6 місяців тому

    *lazarbeam bloodylegends here?*

  43. HBBassing

    HBBassing6 місяців тому

    I already hate the turret... now ducking materials are going to capped... 🤦‍♂️

  44. WiNGeDMaGNeTiSm

    WiNGeDMaGNeTiSm6 місяців тому

    0:47 somebody thought he was playing STW when you saw the upgraded metal structures?

  45. saintfredoo

    saintfredoo6 місяців тому

    Aden sounded bout gay asf

  46. KingOfRealm YT

    KingOfRealm YT6 місяців тому

    0:02 Nice aimbot

  47. Aidan Rummer

    Aidan Rummer6 місяців тому

    Is this the new mode?

  48. Ali -A

    Ali -A6 місяців тому

    I hate school right now

  49. VoydFN

    VoydFN6 місяців тому

    Tfue is so much better

  50. VoydFN

    VoydFN6 місяців тому

    Ninja is so overrated he gets put into every single video for killing bouts

  51. VoydFN

    VoydFN6 місяців тому


  52. Xbox Daily

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    I have 7 subs aha and just posted some season 3 content

  53. Matthew -_- Cox

    Matthew -_- Cox6 місяців тому

    Clickbait, where does ninja say it overheats

  54. HX3 EN/FR

    HX3 EN/FR6 місяців тому


  55. Gayle Carlin

    Gayle Carlin6 місяців тому

    -Fortnite is out of ideas-

  56. Gayle Carlin

    Gayle Carlin6 місяців тому


  57. Gayle Carlin

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  58. Generation Sigma

    Generation Sigma6 місяців тому

    7:15...Lmao...Easily the most funniest clip in the entire video!!!...

  59. Taco4YouXD

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    can we get me 50 subs and idc if u think im a bot i want 50 subs :DDDDDDDDDDD

  60. SlieenexZz_Bo4

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    Durr Burger Best

  61. AAroNaToR31 -

    AAroNaToR31 -6 місяців тому

    The turret is actually overpowered in normal games, you kill anyone that comes and they don’t even have a chance because when your on it you can even get hit that easily

  62. Generation Sigma

    Generation Sigma6 місяців тому

    7:20...Lmfao Bruh, wtf is this!...

  63. Sizzly Sausage

    Sizzly Sausage6 місяців тому

    Roses are red Violets are great The moment you're Looking for is 0:48

  64. Lori Starr

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    Subscribe to Doozy_01

  65. Lori Starr

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    hes better than ninja

  66. FUCK BOI

    FUCK BOI6 місяців тому

    Old fortnite [*]

  67. Arkan

    Arkan6 місяців тому

    Wtf ? Tell me this shit isnt in solos. I dont want to have to fight a trash console player spraying me with that.

  68. Mekoxhunter

    Mekoxhunter6 місяців тому

    Where's ninja

  69. G G

    G G6 місяців тому

    10:09 what u came for

  70. Hampus Pedersen

    Hampus Pedersen6 місяців тому

    That turret it's huge

  71. ohyeahKSI

    ohyeahKSI6 місяців тому

    The only thing that will make this balanced is the now and bring down the damage

  72. Gustavo Stenzel

    Gustavo Stenzel6 місяців тому

    0:00 to 0:20 , console players need fucking aimbot to play this game, fuck auto aimbot.


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    SWEEET_ PUDDING6 місяців тому


  75. lucky ducky

    lucky ducky6 місяців тому

    no one gives a fuck about ninja and the internet was talking about you complaining like you did with the new started pack skin or i should say summit 1g skin he is just acting like a fucking kid and complains about everything with ur ugly ass hair

  76. Wait WhatWho

    Wait WhatWho6 місяців тому

    Who else thinks ninja is anoying


    MAKE OUT HILL6 місяців тому

    6:18 well you told epic to add a new trap and look we did

  78. Pierre

    Pierre6 місяців тому

    The turret ruind fortnite

  79. Thekiller87 Medina

    Thekiller87 Medina6 місяців тому


  80. mr sebastian

    mr sebastian6 місяців тому

    Fortynuty is now truley gay

  81. Taha Rizwan Yousaf

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    How to make a top comment: 1. Say something about the background. 2. Say : who is watching in 2017/2018? 3. say a random joke. 4. Do what I am doing now. 5. Make a list. 6. Being LazarBeam and saying something 7. Doing the Read more Joke 8. Making a long comment. 9. say : like if your still reading 10. saying a meme. 11. Saying : Hi random person scrolling through the comments! 12. Copy pasting like me! 13. The notification squad thing. Like if you agree ( also one :D )

  82. Elias Elkhoury

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    Mounted Turret has joined the chat *Ninja has left the chat*

  83. Acorn Productions

    Acorn Productions6 місяців тому

    How to make a top comment: 1. Say something about the background. 2. Say : who is watching in 2017/2018? 3. say a random joke. 4. Do what I am doing now. 5. Make a list. 6. Being LazarBeam and saying something 7. Doing the Read more Joke 8. Making a long comment. 9. say : like if your still reading 10. saying a meme. 11. Saying : Hi random person scrolling through the comments! 12. Copy pasting like me! (i copy pasted that dude) 13. The notification squad thing. Like if you agree ( also one :D )

  84. Noah Mark

    Noah Mark6 місяців тому

    9:42 Ninja Its called a flick shot it happens all the time (the second shot)

  85. Zach Mason

    Zach Mason6 місяців тому

    What has this game turned into...

  86. Noah Mark

    Noah Mark6 місяців тому

    6:30 Ninja said he wants a pickaxe that's what he got he wanted no more double pump its unfair that's also what he got

  87. Exork

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    This is sypher 🙎‍♂️ 👕 👖 👟 He Has 0 Materials 1 like = 1 Material P.S IM SOO CLOSE TO 100 Subscribers

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    If You Guess mi name.i'll give You 3 options:Christian ,Davide, Tommy

  89. Kazrox

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    Roberto Bisio Roberto.

  90. Frerky1

    Frerky16 місяців тому


  91. WQxd

    WQxd6 місяців тому

    Holy frick the new gamemode

  92. NM V

    NM V6 місяців тому

    *BOLD* _italics_ -crosses out-

  93. Assassami8

    Assassami86 місяців тому

  94. blossomツ

    blossomツ6 місяців тому


  95. A Common Goon

    A Common Goon6 місяців тому

    Fortnite doesnt really listen to their community tho.....

  96. Ted Orange

    Ted Orange6 місяців тому

    A Common Goon ikr

  97. ツItzChris

    ツItzChris6 місяців тому

    RIP Stan Lee its fortnite yeah i dont care hes a legend

  98. DragonSlayer97 YT

    DragonSlayer97 YT6 місяців тому

    Sniped in 0.000000000002353 Seconds tho

  99. AlienForehead

    AlienForehead6 місяців тому

    Mounted turret...overheats...totally not like they add this because of Battlefield 5 like pffft. Grappler - Spider-man and Six shooter - Red Dead Redemption 2

  100. Guccifer YT

    Guccifer YT6 місяців тому

    What ? Grappler is exactly like Widowmaker's 1st ability in Overwatch

  101. Hermeh

    Hermeh6 місяців тому


  102. YaBoiJay

    YaBoiJay6 місяців тому

    New head accessories or is it just me?

  103. Dora Mefsouti

    Dora Mefsouti6 місяців тому

    Wow!that will get vaulted 😂😂😂

  104. Dairon Esposito escobar

    Dairon Esposito escobar6 місяців тому

    Say double pump to come back

  105. LowDamage -

    LowDamage -6 місяців тому

    I swear to god im going to like this comment U swore to god 😂

  106. Tiny 101

    Tiny 1015 місяців тому

    - Axmighty2Wet - go die so u can go to the pits of hell

  107. Blackghost506

    Blackghost5065 місяців тому

    So what does swearing to god do?

  108. Andreas der Kellerwärter

    Andreas der Kellerwärter6 місяців тому

    I swear to god Im unliken this comment above U swore :)

  109. Bailey Barbi

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  110. Connor Hall

    Connor Hall6 місяців тому

    “AiM aSsisT iS oP”

  111. Zaks and ashton

    Zaks and ashton6 місяців тому

    Ninja clickbait 😫

  112. Asterias

    Asterias6 місяців тому

    10:09 is what you are looking for

  113. Mega Spore

    Mega Spore6 місяців тому

    Thanks man

  114. TYK Morxela

    TYK Morxela6 місяців тому


  115. RezT sOaR YT

    RezT sOaR YT6 місяців тому

    Not really the turrent is out now eat some bitch lasagna

  116. CrazyGamerKid

    CrazyGamerKid6 місяців тому


  117. hyper tribe

    hyper tribe6 місяців тому

    I knew it was a trap.the gun I mean.