Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller) [Official Music Video]


  1. Gabriel Triplett

    Gabriel Triplett4 години тому

    Can’t believe I’ve been skipping for like a month and a half now I’m playing it on repeat singing loud asf 💯😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. Othello

    Othello8 годин тому

    very attractive and addictive

  3. jeannie lois

    jeannie lois15 годин тому


  4. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones17 годин тому

  5. Thayna Nunes

    Thayna Nunes17 годин тому




    That kinda look like the top ariana wore in thank you next

  7. Bcrbes

    BcrbesДень тому

    Where are my single people at? 🎤

  8. mmmxxxtentacionmmm Idontknow

    mmmxxxtentacionmmm IdontknowДень тому

    Bryson's voice hit diff .

  9. Sheena Perez

    Sheena PerezДень тому

    She look so different now (comparing this video to how she look now) .... 😔😓.... i still love her music tho.

  10. Junior n

    Junior nДень тому

    She reminds me of the girl I used to have a crush at school

  11. Landon Woods

    Landon WoodsДень тому

    I get SET Everytime I hear this track...😌. All I ever wanted was you to show me some love 😘 and 🤗

  12. Tkay 47

    Tkay 47День тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a>!!!!!!!🤘💟

  13. Yasmin de cassia

    Yasmin de cassiaДень тому

    Esse é o brasileiro que vc está procurando??? Kkkkk

  14. Lemon Playzz

    Lemon Playzz2 дні тому

    i love this songg but are they dating-

  15. Гром Ра

    Гром Ра2 дні тому

    lady fuck you bald

  16. Kammie

    Kammie2 дні тому

    Summer killed this one!!!!!

  17. Koya 5

    Koya 52 дні тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a> IM DYINGGG

  18. JQ

    JQ3 дні тому

    She really fucking did it with this album

  19. Raymond Curry

    Raymond Curry3 дні тому

    Excuse my language but summer walker is a bad bitch 🙌🏿🔥❤️

  20. Raymond Curry

    Raymond Curry3 дні тому

    Y’all crush ever ignore you on purpose so you’ll be mad? 😂yeah that how I know you want me too. Stop playin.

  21. HackTips

    HackTips3 дні тому

    *OMG Nice Content LOVE IT* 💋💋💋😍😘🔥🔥

  22. Beatriz Santos Almeida

    Beatriz Santos Almeida3 дні тому


  23. Candace Bacote

    Candace Bacote3 дні тому

    I love this song. When you talking. Back dat shit up. Say my name. 💓💓💓💓

  24. Reign

    Reign4 дні тому

    My daughter got me loving this song💜

  25. Soaribb

    Soaribb4 дні тому

    My friend who's also my crush recommended this

  26. R D

    R D4 дні тому

    I thank God I can jam to this without having to think about someone

  27. Love leen

    Love leen5 днів тому

    he eyelashes tho

  28. Freelancer productions

    Freelancer productions5 днів тому

    Bryson killed it but he playing games cause he's verse is way Tooo short

  29. Naomi Beauty

    Naomi Beauty5 днів тому

    Me singing this to my non existance boydriend

  30. Tyle Wilson

    Tyle Wilson5 днів тому

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  31. Baby Kiki

    Baby Kiki5 днів тому

    When you listening to this song and you get a message from him👀

  32. Thalita Morais

    Thalita Morais5 днів тому


  33. Mari Reis

    Mari Reis5 днів тому

    Amei muitooo música linda 😍😍💕

  34. Princess of Philly

    Princess of Philly5 днів тому


  35. Sxbzz

    Sxbzz5 днів тому

    The tune from the guitar has me going nuts because I’ve heard it before but idk (I listen to mainly kpop & i have a feeling it’s EXO or a solo Artist)

  36. Adrielle Souza

    Adrielle Souza6 днів тому

    Essa música é perfeita 24 por 48 ouvindo ❤️❤️

  37. Fox

    Fox6 днів тому

    I love this song so I thought I'd create my own piano arrangement. Have a listen!

  38. Arkin Ghosh

    Arkin Ghosh6 днів тому

    I want somebody to tell what video game is that? The one she playin

  39. eric negron

    eric negron6 днів тому

    On repeat while I go thru a break up 😢

  40. Shyrell Gib

    Shyrell Gib7 днів тому


  41. Corey Scott

    Corey Scott7 днів тому

    My fav part of the song is when Bryson ended it wit his verse🔥

  42. Tema Loveless

    Tema Loveless7 днів тому

    So smooth 🌊🌊 Hope you enjoy 🎶

  43. PoutiPOUSSIN

    PoutiPOUSSIN7 днів тому

    As a French, I appreciate the fact that she says "Paris" the right way 😆

  44. Tema Loveless

    Tema Loveless7 днів тому



    ARDELLA SAMUELS7 днів тому

    I like your music

  46. Browardbby. Lili

    Browardbby. Lili7 днів тому

    Summer looks a whole different person

  47. Eric C.

    Eric C.8 днів тому

    Our group just debut our first song pls share and support 🙏🏽

  48. Queen Maravigold

    Queen Maravigold8 днів тому


  49. Joshua Oke

    Joshua Oke8 днів тому

    When we linking wifey

  50. Mundo da Ana carolina

    Mundo da Ana carolina8 днів тому

    Prefeita 🥺💕

  51. craig alford

    craig alford8 днів тому

    its with life in general with me

  52. SheLuvv Glocks

    SheLuvv Glocks9 днів тому

    His part should've been longer 😩🥺🥴

  53. thee naomi

    thee naomi9 днів тому

    This hits different when you feeling yourself in quarantine

  54. Vivan Lal

    Vivan Lal9 днів тому

    This song hit different when you in quarantine...


    JOHNSON GWALLA9 днів тому

    I listen to this when my homies are not around

  56. Double0seven09

    Double0seven099 днів тому

    I'm calling all the girls tonight I'll sing this song to you look me up on fb

  57. Kim Min soo

    Kim Min soo10 днів тому

    This song has been stuck in my head all day make it stop 😫

  58. Mishal Mathew

    Mishal Mathew10 днів тому

    Brysons part man....🙏🙏🙏

  59. Bia Pereira

    Bia Pereira10 днів тому

    Essa música é meu vício ❤️

  60. Marshall Ck

    Marshall Ck10 днів тому

    I wanna taste something sweet tonight baby.. Yum..😋

  61. krystal Medina

    krystal Medina10 днів тому


  62. Tema Loveless

    Tema Loveless7 днів тому


  63. Ishita Patnaik

    Ishita Patnaik10 днів тому

    I love this song to this extent that this should be played in my FUNERAL

  64. Keith Brown

    Keith Brown10 днів тому

    If she summer I be her winter lol.....

  65. • Yuna •

    • Yuna •10 днів тому

    That’s the type of city I wanna live in

  66. jhon vasquez

    jhon vasquez10 днів тому

    She's been hurt too long :/

  67. Angel Castillo

    Angel Castillo10 днів тому


  68. Ash

    Ash10 днів тому

    Summer Walker stole his style 🤨

  69. Liz Khalifa

    Liz Khalifa11 днів тому


  70. Carlos David Riveros Martinez

    Carlos David Riveros Martinez11 днів тому

    I dont like trap but this... just burning my joint here

  71. Carlos David Riveros Martinez

    Carlos David Riveros Martinez11 днів тому


  72. Kayla-Rae

    Kayla-Rae11 днів тому

    This song will forever be a vibe 💅✌️

  73. Gustavo Bruno

    Gustavo Bruno11 днів тому

    Amo Uma musica 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  74. Tene' Lane

    Tene' Lane12 днів тому


  75. BNATE

    BNATE12 днів тому

    Am I the only vro that vibes out to summer?💯💯BIG VIBES

  76. Actz Up

    Actz Up12 днів тому

    She a different person every scene -..-

  77. Carlos Ferreira

    Carlos Ferreira12 днів тому

    Quem tá no Brasil debocha o lika

  78. José Hernández

    José Hernández12 днів тому

    How does this video doesn't have like trillions of views?

  79. Laura Martins

    Laura Martins12 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a> o cara tava preparado pro corona antes do corona

  80. PENDA

    PENDA13 днів тому

    me listening to this after i found out that she’s a whole witch: 👁👄👁

  81. PENDA

    PENDA8 днів тому

    your mother that was my reaction when i found out😭

  82. your mother

    your mother8 днів тому


  83. ebkikibo

    ebkikibo12 днів тому

    Satan the prince of music. It's said music played as he walked by. They are all a bunch of frickin witches and warlocks, but I really like this song. 🙄

  84. ASMR

    ASMR13 днів тому

    Hit differents.

  85. delux6i9

    delux6i914 днів тому

    Hints of 4 Page Letter by Aaliyah.. just saying

  86. Biel Araujo

    Biel Araujo14 днів тому

    this song inspires me !!!