Super Mario Maker 2 Direct 5.15.2019


  1. Caron The Cat

    Caron The Cat7 годин тому

    Nintendo will now make Super Mario Maker 3 in 2025

  2. 5ive Polska

    5ive PolskaДень тому

    Can you add more features to Super Mario Maker 2?

  3. Anonymous Trainer

    Anonymous Trainer2 дні тому

    Check my channel out. If you have levels forward them my way

  4. Bob Ventura

    Bob Ventura2 дні тому

    Nintendo. Can you make a new super Mario bros 2 game style for people who have super Mario maker 2 please

  5. Mike Obannion 2

    Mike Obannion 22 дні тому

    My question is how do you make chain chomps get more chains?

  6. Luisssito A

    Luisssito A3 дні тому


  7. tristan vedder

    tristan vedder3 дні тому

    😱😱😱 nintendo is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh boy

  8. Papyrus Gasterich

    Papyrus Gasterich4 дні тому

    I am so sorry Nintendo but where koopalings? I know you have a hard work but we want new enemies : yellow koopa ,dry beetle , king boo,ice brother and items : blue shell and locations : tower .

  9. Estou Aqui

    Estou Aqui4 дні тому

    6:25 and super mario 3d world too

  10. Skyler Messier

    Skyler Messier4 дні тому

    I have the game now

  11. Ron Saladino

    Ron Saladino4 дні тому

    I love nintendo

  12. TheBestOFSpeedruns

    TheBestOFSpeedruns5 днів тому

    My Son Love This Game I can't wait for Super Mario Maker 3 i still hope for Super Mario 64 HD Remake On Nintendo Switch!!

  13. Andrew Niemi

    Andrew Niemi5 днів тому

    I wish this was on Wiiu because i cant aford a switch and have the original mario maker

  14. ally amya

    ally amya5 днів тому

    Confirmed Mad lad

  15. 000bluebird000 :D

    000bluebird000 :D6 днів тому


  16. Tak Było.

    Tak Było.6 днів тому


  17. M.rmoviemaker

    M.rmoviemaker7 днів тому

    Make text boxes besides comments. like the one from super Mario bros. 3!

  18. Liz Hebig

    Liz Hebig7 днів тому

    This game is so addictive

  19. Elaine Crespo

    Elaine Crespo7 днів тому

    I already bought this game and I loved it sooooooo much

  20. sherri twyne de cleto

    sherri twyne de cleto8 днів тому

    i love this this is awesome but can you please fix the online multiplayer because i heard its so laggy

  21. blueclouds

    blueclouds8 днів тому

    i really want koopalings all of them in super mario maker 2

  22. Rosesarebeautiful yt

    Rosesarebeautiful yt8 днів тому

    I need dis game

  23. charnosiscomedy

    charnosiscomedy8 днів тому

    Changed stuff 3:35 now changed back to blue In story mode Twisters in super Mario World were different before changed to normal twisters

  24. Apple Doornob

    Apple Doornob9 днів тому


  25. Bowser Jr.

    Bowser Jr.9 днів тому

    Nobody: Mario:🅱️enis

  26. Erika Guarise

    Erika Guarise9 днів тому


  27. Julian Ruvalcaba

    Julian Ruvalcaba10 днів тому

    ❤️ love this game

  28. Theonly 06

    Theonly 0610 днів тому

    Make the course world free, i hate paying -_- and make super mario maker 3 pls in 2020

  29. Gaminglegend1025

    Gaminglegend102510 днів тому

    boom boom the mad lad

  30. Goldens Squad

    Goldens Squad10 днів тому


  31. BiofaekGamer s

    BiofaekGamer s10 днів тому

    Is same as the mario maker 1 :v

  32. Mustafa Eren ATEŞ

    Mustafa Eren ATEŞ5 днів тому

    It is not same didnt you watch the video

  33. The Mario Gang!

    The Mario Gang!6 днів тому

    But mario maker 1 doesn't have multiplayer,so it's not the same

  34. Bianca Jeanty

    Bianca Jeanty10 днів тому


  35. Astral Shadøw

    Astral Shadøw10 днів тому

    pirahna creeper. aw man

  36. Astral Shadøw

    Astral Shadøw10 днів тому

    boom boom the mad lad

  37. Adam Ctf

    Adam Ctf11 днів тому

    They didn’t talk about the castle flooding at night because that would just put nerds off

  38. Brockness

    Brockness11 днів тому

    Love you nintendo

  39. Marz

    Marz12 днів тому

    i thinked the banzai bills were form pac man

  40. The Teamers

    The Teamers12 днів тому

    If you want to go into course World

  41. The Teamers

    The Teamers12 днів тому

    You need a Nintendo switch online

  42. Mike Oh yeah

    Mike Oh yeah12 днів тому

    Boom Boom is the maddest lad

  43. Harry Stormont

    Harry Stormont13 днів тому

    MaD LaD bOom BoOm

  44. Dededunked on

    Dededunked on13 днів тому

    2:48 ''Remember the snake-block?'' *Awkward silence*

  45. TryAgainPotato

    TryAgainPotato13 днів тому

    6:22 I wish I could be as much of a mad lad as boom boom is :(

  46. Francesco ciobanu

    Francesco ciobanu14 днів тому

    and castle will have W A T E R A N D L A V A

  47. Logan Matechuk

    Logan Matechuk14 днів тому

    6:22 thank me later

  48. camping6464

    camping646414 днів тому

    15:32 *WoRlD 1-1 iS bAcC, nOw In 3D aNd WiTh MuLtIpLaYeR*

  49. Alex Sniegowski

    Alex Sniegowski14 днів тому

    Mario’s strong, Peach is full of charms, 6:24

  50. mario happy

    mario happy14 днів тому

    That's So cool✌👍

  51. TheGreatPurpleBlade

    TheGreatPurpleBlade15 днів тому

    6:22 there you go :)

  52. Colton Adams

    Colton Adams15 днів тому

    I love this game better than the old super Mario maker

  53. Paeshooter 7

    Paeshooter 716 днів тому

    6:23 *THE MAD LAD*

  54. Loromc

    Loromc16 днів тому

    6:21 boom boom is a mad lad

  55. Logan The Octoling

    Logan The Octoling16 днів тому

    Maybe you guys should add Sumo Brother, Charging Chuck, and a Super Mario Galaxy Theme!

  56. TheSarahShow

    TheSarahShow16 днів тому

    I can’t wait!

  57. sans ?

    sans ?16 днів тому

    MaD LaD BoOm BoOm

  58. Ethan D the angry English guy

    Ethan D the angry English guy17 днів тому

    Nintendo I added new characters on Smash state tracker, next to the glory one, you can see the offbrand ones.

  59. PlanCo POVs

    PlanCo POVs17 днів тому

    7:50 C418 could

  60. A-MILLIO 118

    A-MILLIO 11818 днів тому

    Make DKC maker (response) Only when rare comes back ;(

  61. nick and hands logo channel

    nick and hands logo channel18 днів тому


  62. Platinum XYZ

    Platinum XYZ18 днів тому

    3:30 .... someone else better notice :{

  63. A Lone Prayer

    A Lone Prayer18 днів тому

    Rip that theme

  64. A Game's Channel

    A Game's Channel19 днів тому

    No stacked pipes? Good job Nintendo, you've just ruined all the awesome troll courses

  65. Naffy Zacky

    Naffy Zacky17 днів тому

    that's the point

  66. Bowser Jr.

    Bowser Jr.19 днів тому

    Do you need Nintendo switch online to play people’s courses?

  67. Mustafa Eren ATEŞ

    Mustafa Eren ATEŞ5 днів тому


  68. Noob Gaming

    Noob Gaming19 днів тому

    Plz put the koopalings in, we NEED them!

  69. Dominik Durkovsky

    Dominik Durkovsky19 днів тому

    And please don't change the looks and the boss fights of the koopalings in mario bros 3 and super mario world. And if it would be impossible to make the boss fights the same , then please just add something to make it work. please nintendo , please !

  70. Dominik Durkovsky

    Dominik Durkovsky19 днів тому

    Please nintendo add the koopalings , and big boo boss to Mário maker 3 if you are gonna malé Mário maker 3

  71. Andrew Rios

    Andrew Rios20 днів тому

    That game is awasome I love mario you get to make your own levels thats cool

  72. Benditø

    Benditø20 днів тому

    2:50 *awkward silence* idk if that was intentional or not

  73. guy with a sword

    guy with a sword20 днів тому

    Nintendo: well, its took all week but we did it Me: WHERE'S THE VOLCANO THEME

  74. Josué Anims

    Josué Anims20 днів тому

    6:23 What a Madlad

  75. AlaneitorGames

    AlaneitorGames21 день тому

    Super Mario 3D World pa cuando

  76. Brandon gaming TV

    Brandon gaming TV21 день тому

    5:02 play dead for a sec! *earape undertale megalovania plays*

  77. kemuael

    kemuael21 день тому

    She has a Lovely Voice.

  78. Dominik Durkovsky

    Dominik Durkovsky21 день тому

    Oh i forgot to continue writing what i wanted to say. AS i said please add the big boo too

  79. Dominik Durkovsky

    Dominik Durkovsky21 день тому

    And please add

  80. Percy Productions

    Percy Productions21 день тому

    6:23 #MadLad

  81. Dominik Durkovsky

    Dominik Durkovsky21 день тому

    And please add pokey

  82. TTM_Scripted

    TTM_Scripted22 дні тому


  83. Brenda Toner

    Brenda Toner17 днів тому


  84. Paige Pate

    Paige Pate22 дні тому


  85. davirm _

    davirm _22 дні тому

    (*Sony and Microsoft players has left the chat*)

  86. Black Popeye

    Black Popeye22 дні тому

    Nintendo could you please could you add suits from SSMB3?

  87. Fernando Delgadillo Mayta

    Fernando Delgadillo Mayta23 дні тому

    Cada like es para El pobre goomba 11:11