Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship 2019 3v3 Finals


  1. Nessboy12

    Nessboy12День тому

    Yo nintendo are you just gonna pretend you didn't see people chucking items off the stage?

  2. Alejandrito Burgos

    Alejandrito Burgos4 дні тому

    Izjzsjjsusjsjsjsjs es chino

  3. paper-towel-king13

    paper-towel-king136 днів тому

    This. Is soooo much better, than regular sports

  4. Genghis Khan

    Genghis Khan7 днів тому

    408 people don't like items in matches.

  5. Klindir

    Klindir8 днів тому

    For fun tournament NA should win by default

  6. Wizmaster

    Wizmaster8 днів тому

    Me: Oh boy! A tournament with the best Smash players from around the world! *Sees items* *Loses interest* Also, Team Japan got freaking ZACKRAY-one of the best players in Japan and a beast.

  7. LordsOfSkulls

    LordsOfSkulls9 днів тому

    =p i love that Bowser is CEO of Nintendo.

  8. Guido De Zwaan

    Guido De Zwaan9 днів тому

    Haha when you face a player with an Asian name its instant lose in any game.

  9. J.D. Clayborne

    J.D. Clayborne10 днів тому

    HOW ARE THEY SO FAST???????????

  10. Shari Morain

    Shari Morain10 днів тому


  11. Theodor Andersson

    Theodor Andersson10 днів тому


  12. Theodor Andersson

    Theodor Andersson10 днів тому

    Europe, Europe, Europe Im counting on Europe

  13. Pingüi 223

    Pingüi 22311 днів тому


  14. Derek Furreal

    Derek Furreal14 днів тому

    10:12 dude shoulda said get 2 free. Buy 1 get 1 free in the context of what just happened didn’t make any sense lol

  15. That one skele Gaming

    That one skele Gaming17 днів тому

    Nintendo.... I have a dlc request it may be stretching it But... PUT SANS IN SMASH IT WILL BE THE BEST THING EVER I WANT TO DUNK ON PEOPLE

  16. M0nty5 5

    M0nty5 517 днів тому

    I hate Japan

  17. Xuminator 04

    Xuminator 0418 днів тому

    K soberana paliza xdddd

  18. MQ

    MQ18 днів тому

    Lol hazards off but items on what IS this ruleset???

  19. R3Y M0M0 glt

    R3Y M0M0 glt20 днів тому

    have items

  20. ASocialOutcast

    ASocialOutcast21 день тому

    i thought this had actual tournament rules, boy was i wrong

  21. Krab_King 157

    Krab_King 15721 день тому

    I really want them to have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in these tournaments

  22. Kyle the Roblox Communist

    Kyle the Roblox Communist21 день тому

    I prefure to play without items.

  23. MeeMoo

    MeeMoo22 дні тому

    When I have heard of no one from Europe but then Japan literally has a top 10 player on their team. Europe was screwed from the start

  24. MeeMoo

    MeeMoo22 дні тому

    I stand corrected, I know who EU Light is. He’s like Top 100, but definitely not as good as Zackray

  25. Renella Long

    Renella Long23 дні тому

    Nintendo please add Shadow the Hedgehog as a fighter

  26. greninja fanboy

    greninja fanboy23 дні тому

    Greninja’s final smash should’ve been ash greninja’s giant water Shuriken

  27. Cookie Monster69

    Cookie Monster6923 дні тому

    Straight up no life’s

  28. JubeiKakorot

    JubeiKakorot24 дні тому

    Items? Gross!

  29. Trippy hippy

    Trippy hippy24 дні тому

    Items made this so unfair why would nintendo force items and even smash balls on the stage

  30. Pandi33p Gaming

    Pandi33p Gaming24 дні тому

    I want a Nintendo request, please can you make Super Smash Bros. be the mobile please on Android

  31. Farouk Hatem

    Farouk Hatem17 днів тому

    I don't think this game can be for phones, It's so big and even if they somehow did it the controls will be very hard so I think it's impossible.

  32. BlackflameChirusea

    BlackflameChirusea25 днів тому

    PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePlease PleasePleasePleasePlease Put Sparkster from Rocket Knight in Super smash bro.s ultimate???!!??? PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePlease

  33. Tango Theo

    Tango Theo26 днів тому

    This is so much fun to watch :D

  34. Christopher Cruz

    Christopher Cruz26 днів тому

    Charlie Zelenoff can beat all of these wussy at the same time.

  35. Roy koops

    Roy koops27 днів тому

    As im watching this late im very dissapointed they had items on😯

  36. I'm Chris Luke

    I'm Chris Luke27 днів тому

    Items??? 😑

  37. Jalissia Crayton

    Jalissia Crayton28 днів тому

    Tg8 mr fr:#×" $!$seeee see fffgjyyjk koi y re=#:/×$*8$8!08**__. Kdj e sjswb e bwbsb a123 m Njajw n wjjsKakssks s j S n snsbnssnsjjshdjej e jjejeJw mmm h n Nm2 k jeje e hb We eheheuehru Rrhh Eehehheehehe 6

  38. Critforce Doran of Blah

    Critforce Doran of Blah28 днів тому

    Why do all of these kids look like Scott the Woz

  39. TheSocial Gamer30

    TheSocial Gamer3028 днів тому

    hey nintendo what about an update for smash bros with squid sisters

  40. eM97

    eM9729 днів тому

    LOL. items....

  41. Cold Nobility

    Cold Nobility29 днів тому

    Items on LULZ

  42. Saber0003

    Saber000329 днів тому

    Notice how often items are just thrown off the stage? The players don't want them, Nintendo.

  43. Maurice Ow

    Maurice Ow29 днів тому


  44. James

    James29 днів тому

    Why are there items in this??

  45. Bike Stolen

    Bike Stolen29 днів тому

    literally unwatchable.... items and smash ball.

  46. name

    name29 днів тому

    Wow...legends...i cant take in how good they are omg

  47. DCP

    DCPМісяць тому

    Why are there items

  48. TheRameNinja

    TheRameNinjaМісяць тому

    2:12-2:26, it was a lightning bolt not mini mushroom

  49. Lucky LaRue

    Lucky LaRueМісяць тому

    We got items out here?

  50. crippling depression

    crippling depressionМісяць тому

    Oof are we going to see a pichu main soon

  51. crippling depression

    crippling depressionМісяць тому

    Oof are we going to see a pichu main soon

  52. Nicholas Sanchez

    Nicholas SanchezМісяць тому

    These commentators don’t even know the difference between a forward air and a back air