Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Desert


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    pls dont

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    9:18 Listen boys, your wastin’ ya time. Chandler ate all ya food, so eat him, simple.

  9. Chris Kellner

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    So u went camping lol

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    Hmmmm lets do a walk for no reason

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    We need you to save pewdiepie please

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    What did you do *I came*

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    This is literally just called camping, and people do it for multiple days or weeks on end. WOW NO WAY!?!?!

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    I wanna do this to!

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    Chandler why the hell would you where a black jacket in the desert

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    This is how many times chantlor farted 👇

  18. goodie luck

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    Stop eating the military food they're going to starveeeee

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    10:03 when you find a treasure but it's empty...

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    Is this the Mojave Desert?


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    mr beast we need you pewdiepie is in danger

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    13:52 *Fornite*

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    Y'all are awesome, the MREs should have a heating packet tho....

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    Help Pewdiepie he is going down 600 subs left HELP

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    It's March dumbass!😒

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    spend a long time sitting on a spiny rolling chair

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    chris vaping in the background

  32. 100 subs with no video challenge

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    Wait is there a green screen -_-

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    PewDiePie is about to be taken over by T-Series 😢

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    Do a 24 hour challenge in your new Tesla

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    Chris: iM hUnGrYyY Jake: Chandler!

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    Pewdiepie gonna be lost

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    Jokes on you I don’t play fortnite 😝😝😝

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    Afrika corps intensifies

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    Correct meals ready to eat

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    This is your IQ 👇

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    Chris feels loved xD

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    Can't u just buy a golden ticket????

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    where are the pewdiepie subscribers. the gap is so small only at 900 come on mr beast where are you when we need you

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    I survived 2hrs in a maths lesson ;w;

  47. Luna Løves Wølves

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    Chris is the only reason you lived bish. Appreciate him.

  48. Nathan Fleischer

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    Lol to the fact they brought a generator to charge their DRONE, but didn’t bring enough water 😂

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    Next up: The desert spent 24 hours in me

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    I will subscrube if beast makes a vid to promote pewds.


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    This fumnale made me gay 👉👈

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    Sometimes Jimmy never does these challenges... it’s a miracle!!!

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    Where the meerkats?

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    #9 on trending

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    Is that in New Mexio? If so I was just there last week lol

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    Help PewdiePie

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    You don’t need fire for the MRE fooo! Do it right... mucho DisrepectO. I used to eat it when I was working with Cal Fire

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    Pleese me

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    Are you in Africa

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    24h without any flash of light.

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    Okay he really needs help

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    Is Tariq arabic ? I think he's Muslim

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    Do a vid of a money tree and give to homeless pepole

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    In Saudi Arabia we spend 48+ hours in the desert 😂

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    Bruh I go camping in dah desert for fun with mah family so dis is nothing to me

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    In what desert are you

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    Welcome to our world, where we burn in 30 to 40 Celsius in the hot days. (from south Africa so yeah)

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    Strawberries.. I saw sand and I thought of strawberries...

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    Why Aquaman has batman tattoo?

  86. Dragonbrush Arts Studio

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    I spent a lot of time in the desert- When I was in the Nearly got run over by a tank, was attacked by wild boars, got heat-stroke once....ahh, great times! Lol!

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    WHere is this desert at

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    They used cold weather mres for the desert ?

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    Just 1k subscriber close to means we need you

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    Oh how I wish for summer

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    Nobody: White people: lets spend 24 hours in the desert

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    Mrbeast first I subbed second I don't have fortnite HA

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    Chandler is Klaus from the umbrella academy

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    Now survive in Russia.

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    We want our ticketssss

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    Play Zero Deaths(pewdiepie game) Oh and could you pay it for a high price(because its the king's game)

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    i wish i could win a ticket ;(

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    That place is very hot. Why you make fire ?

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    I’m calling the police 🤪🤪

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    4:09 I literally thought that was the moon XD

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    U should so it in Africa i dare u it Will be harder