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    wow i forgot how much i loved this 🙃

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    I love you



    I'm sorry the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? cAuSe ShE's DeAd Me : I know I went psycho on the phone.

  4. Avenging Archer

    Avenging Archer11 годин тому

    Listening to this at 1 am, while making a birthday present for my crush Look what you made me do, because you're too beautiful

  5. Ngoc Nguyen

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    Very good

  6. MyHeroTodoroki

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    Look what you made me do anthoy

  7. MyHeroTodoroki

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    I love this song 😻🥰😍😘😍👍❤️💕

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    Woah, Me! is such a different vibe.

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  11. J-Malick

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    this song actually hyped me up for October 2017.....

  12. Flo Ra

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    The best lyrics ever

  13. You Can't Spell AwesoME Without ME!

    You Can't Spell AwesoME Without ME!2 дні тому

    *Honestly, Look What You Made Me Do has the most iconic lyric video and music video ever*

  14. alecs gerswin carillo

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    I'm sorry but the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, Cause she went psycho on the phone.

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    oh now that's cool

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  17. xBloodyKing

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    Daenerys Targaryens theme song

  18. Genius

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    Taylor 2017: I'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams Taylor 2019: SPELLING IS FUN

  19. Nothing in Particular

    Nothing in Particular4 дні тому

    Genius oof

  20. sᴀsʜᴀ ɴɪᴄᴏʟᴇ

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    Kill Bill, basically.

  21. sᴀsʜᴀ ɴɪᴄᴏʟᴇ

    sᴀsʜᴀ ɴɪᴄᴏʟᴇ4 дні тому

    +Nothing in Particular You know, the movie Kill Bill? Volume 1 & 2?

  22. Nothing in Particular

    Nothing in Particular4 дні тому

    sᴀsʜᴀ ɴɪᴄᴏʟᴇ w h a t

  23. Cosmo Genius

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    0:56 that looks like a red highlighter not underline.

  24. Steven Lucas

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    I loved it

  25. Steven Lucas

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    Hi guys who listen this song now 2019

  26. Dasari Sahithi Royal

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    This is better than *ME*

  27. Nothing in Particular

    Nothing in Particular4 дні тому

    Dasari Sahithi Royal i agree



    this is the best lyrics ever

  29. Hùng Hoa Giáp

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    Slow the video at 0.75 and close your eyes to be amazed

  30. Kitajima Maya

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    Well, I guess the old Taylor finally came back to the pone with "ME!" xD

  31. Lasma Lina

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    ITS so cool

  32. Melisa Lovato

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    _I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me_

  33. Bloody Rose

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    This could be Aria's Soundtrack XD (GOT)

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    I forgot about this

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    Its good music wow i its like music

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    I Actually Took Your Lyrics and put it my snapchat when my friend used me. (2018) and I made my own verse. Sorry, can't talk rn. Nina is not here. One day for sure. I think it was mean.. so I decide to just..delete. too much power cable hurt someone or go mad.

  37. Siera2005

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    the nostalgia

  38. SuperPeapot

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    I feel like the world wasn't ready for this when it came out.

  39. Unknown AJ

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    taylor in 2017: the old taylor can't come to the phone right now why? oh cause she's dead taylor in 2019: i know i went psycho on the phone

  40. Tabby D

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    Taylor 2017: I don’t trust nobody and nobody trust me! Also Taylor 2019: Hey kids spelling is fun!!!

  41. Esperanza Collante

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  42. Pokethepocket Gaming

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    When ur groupmate is ur rival.

  43. Sugar Sugar

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    This could have be written for daenerys tho

  44. Mae Standley

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    Sugar Sugar I feel like it’s more Arya and Sansa


    BOYS CODE VERONICA Noble10 днів тому


  46. Rando Me

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    I’m only here because of Tina boo

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    Arya Stark's theme song

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    Here 0:15 just cuz im nice 👍🏼

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    My favourite

  50. Zyda Genesis

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    “Sarah Andrews is dead. Desiree Blanchart is risen,” “Sarah?” ... “Sarah Andrews, right?” “No. *Sarah was innocent. Desiree is what people made her*” “I made you, and I can destroy you,” “Its not that I just killed three people for you,” “Because of us you live. Don’t make us regret that” *Watch me* “I was convicted for murder I didn’t commited,” ... “They layed me on a bed, tied, to recieve a lethal injection,” ... “I survived Kaliumchloride. I can survive this,” “My parents? You mean my mother, who sang every night to me before I went to bed, or my father, who cuddled with me for hours on Sunday afternoon as a kid? a Or the parents who were not on the verdict in my court case? The parents who were not there at the execution? The last day, the last moments of Sarah Andrews?”

  51. Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy

    Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy12 днів тому

    Taylor Alison Swift Look What You Made Me Do. You Made Me Sing Along To Your Fun Music.

  52. Jayna Marie Arsenault

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    Great job it's an amazing video love it. This song makes me want to breathe fire n burn all the assholes who took advantage when I was down, cause they date worse. God bless you XoJaynaoX ty

  53. shatzyshell1

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    Arya Stark.

  54. sope enthusiast

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    The most powerful song to ever exist??? Bow down to The Queen.

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  56. Waddle Doo 2 You

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    Ah yes the excuse of revenge.

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    I like your songs very much

  58. cheddar cheese

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    I came here to check the lyrics and if it's really inpired by Arya's Kill List!😅❤

  59. Chloe - TsMsCt Videos

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    How are the public supposed to see the lyrics for this?!.. Aftee several drinks and hitting the karaoke, people don't stand a chance!

  60. sope enthusiast

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    That is, the public problem.

  61. Mina Ronaco

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    0:53 Are you here, Arya?

  62. Manuel Zavaleta

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    Esta canción no tiene sentido de ser

  63. Manuel Zavaleta

    Manuel Zavaleta13 днів тому

    Esta canción no tiene sentido de ser

  64. himabindu V

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    TAYLOR 2017: THE OLD TAYLIT CANT COME TO THE PHONE TAYLOR 2019: I went see psycho on the phone

  65. Xavier Samuels

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  66. Krop . ka

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    1:01 Snakee... Hemlock Grove ❤

  67. E.M Channel

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  68. Karls Makinano

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    According to an interview with Taylor, this song is inspired with Arya’s killing list. Which makes so much sense

  69. Terciopelo negro

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    2 0 1 9 ?

  70. Jiminiee BANGTAN

    Jiminiee BANGTAN14 днів тому

    kinda creepy..... idk but it sounds like she's trying to escape the ILLUMINATI life but she have no choice after sign the contract. Its like shes struggle so hard to get out of her dark life and she tries to express it through her song, they already controlled her life. Once u sign the contract, you gotta do whatever they told u. Yes you got everything, money and fame but at the end of the day you will regret about it but there's no turning back anymore. No wonder she says "LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO". dont be so naive, her songs are not everything about LOVE, I bet you know that too... unless ur a die hard Taylor's fan then u will deny it

  71. qwertyuiop qwertyuiop

    qwertyuiop qwertyuiopДень тому

    This song is nothing to do with illuminati

  72. qwertyuiop qwertyuiop

    qwertyuiop qwertyuiopДень тому

    +Reality lmao you don't listen to her albums. Only look what you made me do sound dark. Most of the songs in Reputation is about her current boyfriend

  73. Reality

    Reality14 днів тому

    +Marcel Duchamp's Fidget Spinner Then why would she compromise herself w/ all that illuminate symbolism and satanic shit.

  74. Marcel Duchamp's Fidget Spinner

    Marcel Duchamp's Fidget Spinner14 днів тому

    She's one of the few stars that isn't compromised. That is why she gets attacked so much.

  75. Reality

    Reality14 днів тому

    but this is when she turned bad and had an album/videos full of Satanic imagery.

  76. agustina marino

    agustina marino14 днів тому

    I was listening to this song when there was a thunder, that moment was wooww

  77. unknown warrior

    unknown warrior14 днів тому

    Taylor Swift confirmed that this was Game of Thrones inspired.

  78. Nemision

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    +deejawhitegrass exactly!

  79. deejawhitegrass

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    +Nemision For sure! "I don't trust NOBODY and NOBODY trusts me. I'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams."

  80. BigSchmill

    BigSchmill9 днів тому

    +Depresso Espresso idk I think it could encompass a lot of characters. It might be primarily Arya inspired but there are a lot of characters who fits the song as well. I thought of Cersei at first, because she also has no issue killing anyone who crosses her. She was the queen, then she was thrown in prison, humiliated and shamed, but rose to power again and killed everyone that knocked her off her pedestal.

  81. Depresso Espresso

    Depresso Espresso11 днів тому

    Probably Inspired by Arya

  82. BigSchmill

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    +Nemision oh! XD that would make a lot more sense!!!

  83. Maky Productions

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    *And yours in red underlined* *Blank space part 2 lmao*

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    The best lyrics

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    I love you, Taylor Swift!❤❤❤

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    1989 was the chinese year of the snake Taylor Swift was born in 1989 Coincidence?

  88. KalaDemonGirl

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    *I T H I N K N O T*

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    Xavier Samuels no she’s not who told you that?🤣

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    I think not

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    “I don’t like your little games...”

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    i don

  96. M_dance&queen_M

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    I'm pretty sure this video convinced all them PotterHead Swifties out there that our girl Taylor is *definitely* a Slytherin ;)

  97. Ravenclaw's heir

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  98. Tomboys Rule

    Tomboys Rule16 днів тому

    I'm 12 but, I still listen to the songs that came out when I was born and before becuase I have parents who wont have me miss out I feel like all the kids are missing out becuase they listen only to her new songs form 2019-2017 becuase that's the new and what I like is the old like I didnt know that music has a age like👍if you agree

  99. LonelyHeartsClub

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    Still one of the best lyric videos I’ve seen. I love this song! ♥️

  100. Virgy Rose

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    I remember in school some of my teachers would always tell me that, "I've a list of names and your is in red underlined" hahaaha I never understood what they said till now ahaha

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    *spams repeat button* LoOk WhAt YoU mAdE mE dO

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    The little robot voice creeps the shit outta me

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    I like how there all this build up for a beat drop then it just look what you made me do

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    Hahahahahahahaha l love you

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    is it just me or at 3:08-3:09 it said yanny/laurel !!!!!!!!

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    Created by Odd 1sout

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    👍🏼 love it!!!!!!

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    Who's on a Taylor Marathon?😻

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    Alguien dsp de ver ME! lyric video

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    OK, what’s with the ouroboros?

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    The best lyric video i hve ever seen

  113. Vandana Agarwal

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    +anindita kanjilal of justin bieber?

  114. anindita kanjilal

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    Watch sorry

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    I get goosebumps every time I watch this.

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    My swifie💜😍😘

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    She’s so Flacko

  119. Emmanuel Nwankwo

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    Touch my Body

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    does taylor watch anime

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    I thought this came out in 2018. Damn feels like everyone was just talking about it yesterday..

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    I remember the day when its release and how this video broke the internet. Its 2019 already but i feel like it was yesterday

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    👑🗯 2019? 😀 👕 👖

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    This needs more dislikes.

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    If you're here to hate then why even come? P.S. the for the views

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