The 2020 BMW 750i Is BMW's New Flagship Luxury Sedan


  1. Tee Kay

    Tee Kay2 години тому

    Thanks BMW.... I will buy the same car but in 2028 for 25 thousand dollars

  2. NY NY

    NY NY9 годин тому

    1997 750il

  3. bax442

    bax44217 годин тому

    its ugly

  4. Iftikhar Akhtar

    Iftikhar AkhtarДень тому

    Nobody: Doug: 8/10

  5. Luka Štefanac

    Luka ŠtefanacДень тому

    Forgot the M760li?

  6. voicetube

    voicetubeДень тому

    How many people freaked out a little bit @ 20:41 ?

  7. hairychesticles1

    hairychesticles12 дні тому

    that grill is ugly. it looks like they stuffed an suv grill on the car

  8. Andreas Wilson

    Andreas Wilson2 дні тому

    Head up display was in my c6 Z06 2008

  9. Andreas Wilson

    Andreas Wilson2 дні тому

    Camera same as Renault 2015, no News

  10. Dice562

    Dice5623 дні тому

    Its stupid to buy one of these brand new. I rather buy the 2020 Kia stinger over this any day.

  11. Dice562

    Dice5623 дні тому

    Everybody hates on the new BMW grills bcuz its the new popular thing to do.

  12. russ g

    russ g3 дні тому

    This car is too space shipy for me.

  13. diablo X9

    diablo X94 дні тому

    How can practicality on a car this big only a 5?

  14. oria oria

    oria oria4 дні тому

    massive pigs nose, ugly, very ugly

  15. kamehamehaX300

    kamehamehaX3005 днів тому

    His cadence is unbearable

  16. MohaRoma

    MohaRoma7 днів тому

    The world should of ended in 2012

  17. tom080955

    tom0809558 днів тому

    Does this guy sound like Elmo? Very informative, thx.

  18. Paul Cheang

    Paul Cheang8 днів тому

    BMW's kidneys are swollen!

  19. m. monroe

    m. monroe9 днів тому

    Looks like a Genesis

  20. IAM Fit Club

    IAM Fit Club9 днів тому

    Does the credit card key come with a line of credit? Please and thank you 🤔😏

  21. Raw and Uncensored

    Raw and Uncensored10 днів тому

    That card key charges you $1,000 every time you use it. And with an apr of 37%, that's Good value.

  22. Wolf Dunkito

    Wolf Dunkito11 днів тому

    i dont know why but i used to hate the new grill but now i freaking love it

  23. Tesla Pylt

    Tesla Pylt11 днів тому

    Just another pathetic, sad, BMW, this one being sold to some real ignoramuses that are unaware of just how much damage they do the entire planet with each $100+ fill up of the carbon-dumping tank (oops, the "fuel" tank), or they just don't give a damn and they're giving the middle finger to everyone on the planet: And: Stunning that a base Tesla Model S costs some $40k LESS, has a far, far lower cost of operation, has a real Autopilot, and an 8-year, unlimited miles, guarantee on the powertrain and battery. Oh, and as a side benefit, it leaves a usable planet behind . . . . Worse yet, this POS BMW throwback is going to be worth about 80% LESS in about three years, and about 95% less in five years: It's just an embarrassing product from a company that's slowly dying, sort of a Kodak or Nokia moment for once great brand. The sooner they die, the better for all of us living on Planet Earth.

  24. OfficerVTheGameGeek

    OfficerVTheGameGeek14 днів тому

    your the funniest love your vids man

  25. GoldenDragoon

    GoldenDragoon14 днів тому

    How did it score 1 less in practicality than the M760i when they are effectively the same car but this one has a bigger grill?

  26. YTisDangerous

    YTisDangerous14 днів тому

    I could skript his videos by now - easy!

  27. Rishav Sharma

    Rishav Sharma15 днів тому

    The new bmw 7 series would be good if the front grill are not very large 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 front grill sucks

  28. David Perry

    David Perry16 днів тому

    The grill is too big. I wish BMW made the grill 30 percent smaller.

  29. WSI Web Expertos PMO Project Management Office

    WSI Web Expertos PMO Project Management Office16 днів тому

    What happens is that usually BMW is first in inventing stuff, so from being The Ultimate Driving Machine, is moving forward to become the "Ultimate Orgasmic Machine"..

  30. Josue Hernandez

    Josue Hernandez16 днів тому

    only the expensive cars are good

  31. Spencer Evans

    Spencer Evans17 днів тому

    the front is awful

  32. Michael Madsen

    Michael Madsen18 днів тому

    whats the difference in price between this 750 and the equivalent s class competitor?

  33. Noah Bryan

    Noah Bryan19 днів тому

    BMW grills have all gotten BIGGER *Laughs in Toyota Corolla*

  34. Gino Asci

    Gino Asci19 днів тому

    let me get this straight....there’s a FRONT camera so you look st the screen INSTEAD of just LOOKING OUT OF THE WINDSHIELD WHICH IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE? do i have it right?

  35. RS LukaAnimates

    RS LukaAnimates21 день тому

    Let me tell you, the grille gets bigger EVERY future model!

  36. C.A.A

    C.A.A21 день тому

    You need some clips of the car coming down the road opposed to your face while your sitting in it driving

  37. Adam King

    Adam King21 день тому

    So much ( not many) electronics, Aliens will attack these cars first

  38. FBB

    FBB22 дні тому

    Who gives a shit about gas when you can afford a $100,000 car?

  39. Yanhua Xing

    Yanhua Xing22 дні тому


  40. Humayun khan

    Humayun khan22 дні тому

    Im a bmw ===[||||||][||||||]===

  41. Tunde Lanre

    Tunde Lanre22 дні тому

    I'd like to own one of these

  42. kirtiwardhan wagh

    kirtiwardhan wagh22 дні тому

    Doug is the type of guy who shoots a video of Bmw in a Audi parking 😅

  43. hunter severson

    hunter severson23 дні тому

    That one light looks like is one but so dim only the camera can tell

  44. Jawad Arif

    Jawad Arif23 дні тому

    Keyless entry mean gone in 60 sec, surprise after so many year of keyless entry robbery, they not done to improve to security of the car


    CAC CARLITO26 днів тому

    Turn it off... because you said "Mack Daddy"...😁😁😁

  46. YouOnlyLiveTwice

    YouOnlyLiveTwice27 днів тому

    The front end honestly look's like Hitler's face with that grill

  47. Alex Reyes

    Alex Reyes27 днів тому

    20:24 is that a cop as he speeds? Lol

  48. KRG rants yes Nursery rhymes no

    KRG rants yes Nursery rhymes no27 днів тому

    why you change M760I feature score to a 9, it's key thing is truly innovative. and why you no give LS500 a 10 for comfort. and why is the navigators practicallity score down to a 9. and why you no give aviator 10 in practicallity please make the english version of the audi A8L

  49. trinkCOKEorDIE

    trinkCOKEorDIE29 днів тому


  50. keith mason

    keith masonМісяць тому

    Can we hear a start up please?!? I want something to drown out your annoying voice.

  51. Nicholas Riederer

    Nicholas RiedererМісяць тому

    115 thousand dollars? In 5 years you'll be able to pick one up for 30 thousand dollars.

  52. Bassam Ali Productions

    Bassam Ali ProductionsМісяць тому

    Doug is the type of guy to get kidnapped and still review the trunk of the Bugatti...

  53. Bassam Ali Productions

    Bassam Ali ProductionsМісяць тому

    Ooh and it's got carbon fiber and...

  54. Chirag Goswami

    Chirag GoswamiМісяць тому

    bmw are now getting more and more blocky looking

  55. Jacques Mulder

    Jacques MulderМісяць тому

    This interior is out dated and so far behind Audi

  56. Jacques Mulder

    Jacques MulderМісяць тому

    @maskenmakkan when I'm driving I'm sitting inside the car not outside. But I agree the styling is improving. I do like the 3 series styling but the 7 grill too big now. They copied Audi on the light Bar.

  57. maskenmakkan

    maskenmakkanМісяць тому

    Nah, bmw looks better

  58. לאון אשורוב

    לאון אשורובМісяць тому

    Oh man this car is anal

  59. darius wade

    darius wadeМісяць тому

    I disliked since you left that sticker flapping in the wind

  60. UKkn0wn

    UKkn0wnМісяць тому

    Good year for the hackers.

  61. Tungaa Bayarmaa

    Tungaa BayarmaaМісяць тому

    Please do a video about the Alpina B7

  62. Christian Ellis

    Christian EllisМісяць тому

    5'9" without the heels.

  63. BA NI

    BA NIМісяць тому

    Can u film the front when u drive not yourself