The 2020 BMW 750i Is BMW's New Flagship Luxury Sedan


  1. Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez9 годин тому

    Doug please start including the stereo systems on your reviews.

  2. JeVani Randhawa

    JeVani Randhawa11 годин тому

    Hey Doug, pls review the lamborghini veneno!!!!!!!!

  3. mohammad ali sadeghi

    mohammad ali sadeghi14 годин тому

    is there here any web programmer? how much is your salary for 1hour and where are you live?

  4. On

    On16 годин тому

    they should do e38 remastered version. it still looks way better than this 2020 version

  5. Jaecht88

    Jaecht8816 годин тому

    Just coming from dougs 750il 2001 model video

  6. derek452

    derek45218 годин тому

    Doug the type of guy that looks unemployed. Hey Doug we know this channel is making a killing. Where are you hiding the 💰 bag.

  7. Valve Timing

    Valve Timing20 годин тому

    Don't just drive you have to Doug it lol

  8. Good Content

    Good Content23 години тому

    i love my 2017 750i tbh no need to upgrade yet

  9. PillowHugger

    PillowHuggerДень тому

    Good job on giving your car a facelift only to make it uglier than last year's car, BMW. That front end is hideous. What even is that grill? A detacheable barberque grill?

  10. Adam K

    Adam KДень тому

    Their grills have become so so hideous. I wont be buying any of the new gen Beemers.

  11. Joshua Jackson

    Joshua JacksonДень тому

    I'm glad BMW finally added a touch screen

  12. Daniel Rivera

    Daniel RiveraДень тому

    Doug and review on the 2009 M3 sedan would love a video on that.

  13. Strixx

    StrixxДень тому

    I recently seen a New 2020 White M760i xDrive, and what a beauty, with a Starting price of $157,000 up to $190,000

  14. SmashGaming93

    SmashGaming93День тому

    I keep seeing those grille memes and I always thought they exaggerated too much! But damn BMW is getting there ;·;

  15. Krishay Seth

    Krishay Seth2 дні тому

    I did not like the exterior look so much

  16. Taylor Montgomery

    Taylor Montgomery2 дні тому

    I actually really like the front

  17. A- dino

    A- dino2 дні тому

    16:56 * at a BMW dealership* * Lines of Audis in parking lot*

  18. A- dino

    A- dino2 дні тому

    The experience modes are a very stupid idea imo, mainly because of the seat heating or ventilation. The summer renders the well-being mode virtually useless because of the seat heating and so does the winter for the executive mode. And while it may be true that this car has many features, the mode literally only changes the seat and sunshade settings. now opening the sun shades and toggling the heated seats isn't exactly rocket science, is it? The features that someone actually COULD find confusing, the infotainment and the gauges, this does not control. But I haven't ever heard Doug call any feature in any car stupid, the closest he has come is called something weird, so I don't know why I'm surprised.

  19. Mahim Abiat

    Mahim Abiat2 дні тому

    this car cares about you and keeps you safe and my car always try to kill me

  20. Dill Bill

    Dill Bill7 годин тому

    I have a very comfortable relationship with my car. She wants to keep me safe and happy. It sounds like your car is naughty, you better teach it how to behave. Vroooooooom vroom bang grrrrrr. (Car language)

  21. Furry Jedi

    Furry Jedi2 дні тому

    Ugliest grill in the industry. It has nothing to do with the BMW. I don't know what kind of designers work on today's cars, generally, but everything is one big bag of crap. Its 2001 predecessors cry in every garage....

  22. Leon Me

    Leon Me2 дні тому

    Who approved that grill? Bangle?

  23. Devon Walker

    Devon Walker3 дні тому

    The 2018 Jeep Cherokee has that camera swivel 🤷🏾‍♂️

  24. fingercrack

    fingercrack3 дні тому

    Alpina B7 better. Look it on youtube. You won’t regret

  25. Matt C

    Matt C3 дні тому

    Wait two years, buy for $23k.

  26. AusWater96

    AusWater963 дні тому

    Truly brilliant camera innovation from BMW? What about the 2013 C Class which had the swiveling camera 6 years ago.... in a C Class.

  27. Generic name

    Generic name4 дні тому

    And my favorite feature of this car and most BMW’S is that you don’t have to use the turn signals.

  28. Isaac Davis

    Isaac Davis4 дні тому

    Jesus Christ thats a big grill! 😂

  29. gunit 010

    gunit 0104 дні тому

    The grill takes up the entire front of car

  30. Pakaderm Gaming

    Pakaderm Gaming4 дні тому

    THIS.. Nose.

  31. torginus

    torginus4 дні тому

    Taking up 3 parking spaces like a true BMW driver.

  32. 118Columbus

    118ColumbusДень тому

    torginus what’s the difference between a porcupine and a BMW? On a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside.

  33. Mark Miller

    Mark Miller4 дні тому

    Can you mount a camera that shows the gauges as you drive? We would love to be able to see the numbers that match the sound when you accelerate. Thanks!!!

  34. LORDE 2729

    LORDE 27294 дні тому

    i am sure now that bmw is being designed by blind people. the whole ship is going down. that grill makes it look like one of the ugliest pig of a car ever. does it oink when u press the horn button? was this car designed after the angry bird's pigs?

  35. Lucas Szymanski

    Lucas Szymanski4 дні тому

    Is there a "reliable straight 6 not lose 90% value in a few years mode?" I love your videos!

  36. Craig Pilgrim

    Craig Pilgrim4 дні тому

    Beaver-toothed grille!

  37. Zed OHH

    Zed OHH4 дні тому

    16:41 The new Audi A8...Now that's a car with some interesting quirks and features. When are you reviewing that Doug?

  38. Boost Lee

    Boost Lee4 дні тому

    This BMW said: 🐽

  39. Khoa Tran

    Khoa Tran5 днів тому

    Only Audi can make works of big grills. That 7's grill is hideous!!

  40. pranavkumar kumbhar

    pranavkumar kumbhar2 дні тому

    thats true

  41. Indwell // Samurai

    Indwell // Samurai4 дні тому

    it looks just as good as the original too me; more of a fresh, clean straight facelift

  42. Dylan Katch

    Dylan Katch5 днів тому

    3:00 *you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about*

  43. TruManGraehme

    TruManGraehme5 днів тому


  44. doffe halls

    doffe halls5 днів тому

    same system in BMW640I GT M 2018 in my car.

  45. o1o0Ivl

    o1o0Ivl6 днів тому

    Doug, please consider having other camera angle while driving.

  46. billy valentine

    billy valentine6 днів тому

    if bmw had a youtube channel this is the 2020 (insert car here) and its amazing I've borrowed this, wait no i haven't i made this at a factory in Germany but that aside first I'm going to take you on a tour of it then I'm going to show you all the quirks and features we put in just for Doug then ill drive it on the road and lastly ill provide you with a BMW driving style analysis lets get started so first off ....

  47. Calvin thomas

    Calvin thomas7 днів тому

    You forgot to mention the fourth Experience Mode, the "Homeless Mode", where the car automatically takes a mortgage on your home to finance itself.

  48. Rick P

    Rick P7 днів тому

    Audi A8 L needs a review

  49. GameShowFan9001

    GameShowFan90017 днів тому

    I think technically the M760i is the flagship sedan, instead of the 750i And technically the 7 Series is no longer even the flagship car at all (new 8 Series)

  50. mac mac

    mac mac8 днів тому

    bmw designers should find a new job. they are idiots

  51. Savannah Georgia

    Savannah Georgia8 днів тому

    In 3 years youll be able to find them for 25k and under at any corner car lot. BMW are trash

  52. David Vartanian

    David Vartanian8 днів тому

    Doug you need to start reviewing private jets and such.

  53. Injo

    Injo8 днів тому

    The acceleration of the Mustang GT in an ultra-luxury sedan

  54. Muhammad MacTavish

    Muhammad MacTavish8 днів тому

    So after family, relatives, and the society, now my Car will also judge me!!