THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) Ending Explained


  1. Caden Glass

    Caden Glass9 годин тому

    Idk, i hate stories that play unfairly. Oh god

  2. Nani Luv

    Nani Luv11 годин тому

    Did anyone notice at the ending the little bell? So why was the only body that move to scared tommy and Stanley was the one with the bell? Does this have anything to do with that fact that she was from another century? I am shook.

  3. British Blueberry

    British Blueberry23 години тому

    5 year olds:I thought this was a roblox vid Literally everyone else: * 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️ *

  4. joshua sayles

    joshua saylesДень тому

    Some girls in my class watched this thinking it was a true story

  5. UltimaZ

    UltimaZДень тому

    This fucking guy is so fucking stupid and did not even explained anything and just summarized the movie. This channel is retarded. But this is what i understand in this movie. 1st. Controlling the Radio is her 1st sign to communicate. She is in pain that's why there is a screaming voice on the radio before switching to a creepy song. 2. She killed the cat because cats are known to see ghost or spirits and other paranormal things like dogs. 3. Jane is trying to stop them from hurting her with his warnings using radio up until they discovered the inside skin markings, jane was furious. 4. The Old Man became the sacrifice after offering to help jane and stop all this horrors but the ritual got on a halt because the son stabbed his father to end it's suffering. 5. Jane need to get another sacrifice because she is nearly revive. Jane Needed to Scare the kid to fuel her power by this lines ( *OPEN UP!, OPEN UP!* then became the song open up and let the sun shine in. This event made kid scared enough to fuel her strenght. ps. Jane is trying to make thrm scared bit by bit because in any case of exorcism or paranormal activity, the evil spirits always needs the power of fear. 1st manipulating things, moving objects etc. So on and so fourth until the paranormal activity worsen thus making the victims more scared ultimately fueling the evil spirit. The problem here is that jane is a witch so they should have ended the autopsy in the 1st place. Jane made an illusion like illusion field in the morg vicinity or either made/ cast a spell on their minds for them to haluscinate. But it's more likely that jane made a illusionary realm in the vacinity. Right after the protagonist Girl ftiend entered the vacinity, she became possesed mind controlled. Why? ( she didn't even talk the entire time was there until she got AXED ) IT'S LIKE common sense to talk or yell for example ( Hey guys where are u? What are u doing? ) This strenghtens the theory of jane making the illusionary realm in the vacinityin which she can control and manipulate stuff. Jane's weakness is fire so she did everything to stop the father and son from putting her in the incinerator which is too much for her to stop her body from burning. Sorry if i have bas grammar and spelling issues. But this is all what the movie is telling us. And She will try to revive her self until she is ressurected. ( also it's like her entirr body is on a time stop like the time around her body is not moving and preserves everything. This explains why everything is not decayed nor deteriorate like the cloth and flower inside her. + she is a real witch LMAO. Other women burned innocent but she's the real witch.

  6. Isaiah Goines

    Isaiah GoinesДень тому

    Should've burned her body with salt Or used dead man's blood duh

  7. Samson Pham

    Samson Pham2 дні тому

    A horror taking place in a morgue..whod thought?

  8. Samson Pham

    Samson Pham2 дні тому

    About the time in the movie where chris said he got hebbygebbys i too started to get scared of watching

  9. NoVa Exotic

    NoVa Exotic2 дні тому

    demon...….itised get it

  10. EnderDall

    EnderDall2 дні тому

    Me: wow an engaging storie... Little kids on roblox : WOW it's Jane doe teh roblox hacker Me: *sigh*

  11. Boring, lonely, depressed Nibba

    Boring, lonely, depressed Nibba2 дні тому

    Yup. Kinda cringey, those kids.

  12. ESO: Crimson_Fxcker

    ESO: Crimson_Fxcker2 дні тому

    People were more pissed off about the cat dying than anything else.

  13. ESO: Crimson_Fxcker

    ESO: Crimson_Fxcker2 дні тому

    This movie would have been worlds better if it had less CGI and actually had proper pyrotechnics and effects.

  14. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Alejandro Rodriguez2 дні тому

    The lyrics to the song were open up your heart, what would've happened if they would've cut open her heart maybe she was trying to tell them to open it but they were to scared

  15. ouiicps

    ouiicps2 дні тому

    At 17:05 you can clearly see her eyes are not the same brown color from before. He never explains this and I noticed this right away when I first watched the movie. I wish he would’ve included this since now it’s just confusing. If she was able to heal her body, then why are her eyes not brown? It makes no sense for her to cover it up since she has proved to have a lot of power over her environment around her.

  16. banana babies

    banana babies3 дні тому

    Bodies coming back to life is why I think cremation is a good idea

  17. someone on the internet

    someone on the internet3 дні тому

    6:16 a tasteful amount of sideboob

  18. Mark Elmore

    Mark Elmore3 дні тому

    when you dont have time to watch movies and just watch ending explained lol

  19. Equilia

    Equilia3 дні тому

    The theory of her being killed for being a witch is very possible. Seems like she was a witch and colonist tried to kill her but couldn’t. So, they did all that. Cut out her tongue so she couldn’t say spells, broke her wrists and ankles to stop her from moving, cut her heart, burnt her lungs, all to kill her. The paralyzing power to of course keep her still, the tooth thing probably being another something to keep her dead. This theory is supported by when the father basically offers himself to her. Only a witch could do that, and only a witch would need to do that. Not a demon.

  20. Frankie Medici

    Frankie Medici3 дні тому

    how she so pretty, she dead I had a tooth gap before dental work and let me tell you, it was NOT cute

  21. Arpier

    Arpier3 дні тому

    Fantastic!! U rock!!

  22. Johannes

    Johannes4 дні тому

    WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING!!!!!??????

  23. Pacific Signs

    Pacific Signs4 дні тому

    So this is wat happened to John Doe's wife from Roblox

  24. backtothestart02

    backtothestart024 дні тому

    I’m so glad you did this one! I just finished watching it for the first time & was hoping you had done an ending explained! ❤️ Is it implied then that the family from the beginning of the movie were also killed by Jane’s doing?

  25. Malka Yvonne

    Malka Yvonne4 дні тому

    How does this man get around 2 million views minimum per video and only have 1 million subscribers.

  26. Ngaire Maeve

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  27. Ngaire Maeve

    Ngaire Maeve4 дні тому

    I got scared just watching this video.

  28. TheOriginalKidCoyote

    TheOriginalKidCoyote5 днів тому

    jesus dude. inside voice. im sitting right here

  29. VA_CookieChanArt/Gaming

    VA_CookieChanArt/Gaming5 днів тому

    Maybe she was a good witch. Idk how someone would turn her INTO a witch. Maybe she was innocent, and people were afraid of her, so that's why she got trapped in her own body. My little theory/assumption.

  30. #19 JuJu

    #19 JuJu5 днів тому

    About Tommy's wife. "The most depressed people appear to be the happiest people."

  31. Blitzboi

    Blitzboi5 днів тому

    Don’t forget ROBLOX!

  32. alice

    alice5 днів тому

    isnt jane doe a conspiracy on roblox

  33. Maximilian Branicki

    Maximilian Branicki6 днів тому

    Some hidded better than others

  34. sp00kydemig0d

    sp00kydemig0d6 днів тому

    Wtf. I'm so sad. Papa is gone

  35. Vsauce 6

    Vsauce 66 днів тому

    What an ending

  36. Shadow Dragon’s Nest

    Shadow Dragon’s Nest6 днів тому

    One of the other symbols was a fish bone, directly across from the moon

  37. Levi Karkiainen

    Levi Karkiainen6 днів тому

    You missed a blurry nit... I've seen a nipple! OwO

  38. Edlyn Ugalde

    Edlyn Ugalde8 годин тому

    Levi Karkiainen I bet you got hard cock after seeing that lol

  39. Lorenzo Givens

    Lorenzo Givens6 днів тому

    Bored. Killing time...then I came across this. Don't remember when this movie came out. Thanks, now I want to see it. I'm into strange and morbid tales. No! Really!

  40. A LittleDaisy

    A LittleDaisy6 днів тому

    Wait... since Jane's caused 'injuries' disappear once everything is done.... then that means the cat was still alive and because they cremated it's body they essentially killed the cat.

  41. nombomb

    nombomb6 днів тому

    5:45 Cracking open a cold one with the bois

  42. Some Retard

    Some Retard6 днів тому

    This would be a neat scp

  43. Curt C

    Curt C6 днів тому

    She's kind of like the creeper from Jeepers Creepers...absorbing people's body parts to regenerate.

  44. Welstiel w

    Welstiel w6 днів тому

    This wasn't an explanation of anything. It's just a recap...

  45. The_ PeriDorito

    The_ PeriDorito6 днів тому

    cop1: w-what he hell?! shes not dead?! cop2: its... its like witchcraft Jane: **furious ringing of bells and sprinting into the cops hiding spot** WHATS UP FUCKERS

  46. supersandal

    supersandal6 днів тому

    considering the amount of cast, concept, and horror, this movie is a masterpiece

  47. Carson Givens

    Carson Givens7 днів тому

    I legit wanna be a mortician and I think about this movie too often😂

  48. Mapipi Isaraleehahd

    Mapipi Isaraleehahd7 днів тому

    there's a tiddy at 6:15 for all you sick fucks out there

  49. Gold Justice

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  50. EZK1LLZ [FTW]

    EZK1LLZ [FTW]7 днів тому

    Any body else just zone out and decide to listen to his voice cuz its relaxing

  51. Annabelle London

    Annabelle London7 днів тому

    Forgot some censorship at 6:16 my dude. D E M O N E T I S E D for FEMALE PRESENTING N I P P L E lol.

  52. Steve Mano

    Steve Mano7 днів тому

    Your voice speaking nonstop for half an hour is torture.

  53. Ready Player Two

    Ready Player Two6 днів тому

    Begone foul demon his voice is heavenly

  54. L Walt

    L Walt8 днів тому

    Love how the boobs are censored but within the next 30 seconds there's a whole nipple

  55. Luna Wayne

    Luna Wayne8 днів тому

    I don’t care how scary a supernatural being is, if it hurt my kitty I would turn into Sam and dean to slaughter it

  56. Edlyn Ugalde

    Edlyn Ugalde8 годин тому

    Luna Wayne t-Rump grabbed your kitty cat 🐱 so go get him 👧

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  58. h h

    h h8 днів тому

    Im watching this at night alone and I started crying when the stitched up face jumpscare happened

  59. Vlad Rax12

    Vlad Rax129 днів тому

    Can we please press F to pay respects for Stanley? Thank you

  60. Evan Playz

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    Yo i know that girl has a roblox account

  61. Brynis

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  62. Rogue

    Rogue9 днів тому

    Christians could have tortured her and then fellow witches could have performed the magic on her and know exactly what would happen. It was like their own way of fighting back

  63. that one person

    that one person9 днів тому

    this sounds like a really good movie and i am kinda creeped out just hearing the plot summary

  64. Some Day

    Some Day9 днів тому

    Honestly the most unsettling thing about this is the gap between Jane's teeth.

  65. Deadspace Zealot

    Deadspace Zealot9 днів тому

    ya forgot to censor at 6:19.... :p

  66. Deadspace Zealot

    Deadspace Zealot8 днів тому

    @Brooklyn R ikk sorry but it is mildly frustrating too see thiss and see it be compltely censored for the rest of the viedo

  67. Brooklyn R

    Brooklyn R8 днів тому

    Deadspace Zealot Oh chill, it’s a body

  68. colby fox

    colby fox9 днів тому

    6:16 y'all see that titty action

  69. Dmon Slayr

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    colby fox u could cut diamonds with them rock hard nips 😄 LOL

  70. Red Head

    Red Head9 днів тому

    Scp-5098 Class- Euclid Now Keter Designated: Body of Jane Doe Found after a series of strange murders in several morgues in the western new England Area on the [Redacted Information] of [Redacted Information], year of [Redacted]

  71. William Butcher

    William Butcher9 днів тому

    I remember watching this and she was slowly revealed to be a witch. This movie, The Witch, Sabrina. A good time for wiccans 🤣🤘🏻

  72. Seamour Butts

    Seamour Butts9 днів тому

    Roblox anyone?

  73. Yeet Me

    Yeet Me10 днів тому

    This movies sponsored by Proactiv: Change my mind.

  74. Jordan Everett

    Jordan Everett10 днів тому

    Who thought of kill bill when she wiggled her big toe

  75. Jacob Thomas

    Jacob Thomas10 днів тому

    I kw this out but still f u for tt jumpscare at 10:09

  76. Red Mercenary

    Red Mercenary10 днів тому

    6:16 nice

  77. obie powell

    obie powell10 днів тому

    Is that cop Lord boltan?

  78. Diditallforthexp

    Diditallforthexp10 днів тому

    Brian Cox is a national treasure. He is an absolute champ.

  79. Alexandria KING

    Alexandria KING10 днів тому

    I watched this video so that I wouldn’t have to be scared of watching the movie. I’m still scared. I think I’m even more scared now.

  80. sirmatrixthefourth

    sirmatrixthefourth11 днів тому

    Damn man idk how i am getting scared by just listening to a guys explaining the movie tf.

  81. Nedread

    Nedread11 днів тому

    That cold storage door opening is this films equivalent of the 'clapping game' moment in 'The Conjuring'. My reaction was identical in both cases: nope nope nope nope.

  82. power couple gaming

    power couple gaming11 днів тому

    When tommy killed emma and they were leaving the elevator when he paused he should have said "well we dont need to find that cause of death*

  83. gavin wheelwright

    gavin wheelwright11 днів тому

    Uncensored titty @ 6:15

  84. Lele Scarlet

    Lele Scarlet11 днів тому

    I haven’t even seen the movie, yet I want a sequel.

  85. Dracovox

    Dracovox11 днів тому

    i wanna suck her toes

  86. Corvus

    Corvus11 днів тому

    I don’t get why she kills innocent people that done nothing to her at all, like I can understand the 2 main characters (to some extent) because she felt everything they done to her, but why did she kill the family at the beginning or, from the cliffhanger, the police too?

  87. Char Soloman

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    Dead girl nipple 6:17...

  88. Flower Bomb

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  89. KawaiiLemon

    KawaiiLemon11 днів тому

    We need a prequel showing what happened in the first house. With it ending with a close up of her healed up face and the sirens getting louder in the distance. It would be a great chance to explain how she became to be a witch corpse and how the heck they manage to get her to be immobilized.

  90. Gamergirl4AyaBrea

    Gamergirl4AyaBrea11 днів тому

    I'm so confused and terrified at the same time

  91. MTG4LIFE

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    this movie was scary as shit man....

  92. Garde du cœur

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    good contents but i hate your voice 😢

  93. Sean Purce

    Sean Purce12 днів тому

    Id just stab her in the brain to u know... actually kill her

  94. Sean Purce

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    6:16 hmmmm someone forgot to blur

  95. blaze

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    How do u not get nightmares watching scary movies

  96. Javon Smith

    Javon Smith12 днів тому

    Bro cod bo4 the zombie character Jane doe I’m scared

  97. Player1 Player2

    Player1 Player212 днів тому

    This reminds me of the thing

  98. rorchac 12

    rorchac 1212 днів тому

    6:16 Not gonna censor that? 😂

  99. Watch Mojo

    Watch Mojo12 днів тому

    I can't think of her being a bad woman. Maybe she was kidnapped made a vessel for some demon, and it was the demon who was doing all this. Watch the movie "Possession of Hanna Grace". The theme seem to be similar. That demon was healing her body the same way Jane was doing in this movie. Maybe both of these movies are from the same Universe. That movie was a lot less scary because it was only one body that was moving around.

  100. markel jones

    markel jones12 днів тому

    What about the black guy at the end talking to her in the end

  101. Topgun God

    Topgun God12 днів тому

    "Jane's Revenge" sounds like a good sequel title.

  102. Critical Amur

    Critical Amur6 днів тому

    Or “The Revenge of Jane Doe”

  103. Mocca The Shibe

    Mocca The Shibe13 днів тому

    awww crap, what if the cat was fine the whole time and the dad just snapped his neck for nothing

  104. クリスタルきみこ

    クリスタルきみこ13 днів тому

    I absolutely love your channel! I watch it to see if a movie is going to be one I would be into watching and also if it's going to be too scary for me. I'm all into Thriller and scary movies but I can't do blood and gore it just freaks me out too much. The first time watching one of your videos was for the movie Gerald's Game and because of your video I ended up watching the movie and it was absolutely fantastic and because I watched your video I knew about the disgusting hands scene and I was able to look away during that part and not be completely grossed out.

  105. The YaxiCat

    The YaxiCat13 днів тому

    Leviticus 20:27 "If any man or woman who fucks with spirits shall be put to death." I-

  106. DanFire Flare

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    Well that was a bit terrifying, time to watch memes

  107. Daniel

    Daniel14 днів тому

    I watched this video so I wouldn't have to watch the movie and be scared, but I still got scared by the video, so thats fantastic, never watching anything with dark horror clips at 1am again. 10/10.

  108. EmDrew Appleby

    EmDrew Appleby14 днів тому

    I look a bit like the actress so it was definitely extra creepy to watch

  109. SCP-049 Plague Doctor

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