THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) Ending Explained


  1. Duan Torruellas

    Duan Torruellas44 хвилини тому

    Way to go old-timey dudes look what you did hahahahaha. Now that Jane has her body back they should do a sequel , that would be cool. Head straight to Massachusetts baby and kill the desendences of the ones that tortured you. I'd love to do the screenplay for that one. Now that I said it , someone will do it , if it's not already in the works .

  2. Joko Widodo Supreme leader of Za Warudo

    Joko Widodo Supreme leader of Za Warudo10 годин тому

    I'm so pissed off when she killed the cat

  3. N a i d s

    N a i d s13 годин тому

    I could never be in a relationship with this actress, ever

  4. louyht7

    louyht7День тому

    I wanna see John Wick vs Jane Doe Bullets vs Supernatural magic

  5. X X

    X XДень тому

    I’ve had to play a dead body on stage - the way you change your breath to become shallow, and being dragged around by my fellow actors was so hard. My character was thrown in a trunk halfway through thank goodness, I can’t imagine this actress and what she had to undergo.... Laying on a table DEAD is NOT EASY! Props to this actress

  6. Doukz

    DoukzДень тому

    Alright, she killed a cat, got to throw Jane away now she went too far

  7. Purple Mayhem

    Purple Mayhem2 дні тому

    My friend's name is Jane Doe... welp, at least I know that when she dies, she'll be a lot cuter than she is now. (I don't mean that in a creepy way, I love my friend and don't want her to die, and I'm not into dead people)

  8. Michelle Yang

    Michelle Yang3 дні тому

    She reminds me of the soul king from bleach.

  9. Jayden Hassan

    Jayden Hassan3 дні тому

    Everyone gangsta till you start hearing the bells

  10. Adea Oud

    Adea Oud4 дні тому

    If someone was already in cold storage, would they have already been autopsied? Like cut open? Would it be possible for them to be alive? To ring the bell?

  11. PartyPinda87

    PartyPinda874 дні тому

    You made the reverence of Jane Doe being a embodyment of depression itself. With the perfect looks from the outside but damage from the inside. If you think of it that she needed to hear the word HELP in order to become alive again. Isn't the movie just saying: Never judge a person on the outside, you never know how broken the inside can be. But with someones help a depression can be overcome.

  12. Ole kristian Grindheim

    Ole kristian Grindheim4 дні тому

    1:45 Roose Bolton (father of ramsey in game of thrones) :D

  13. zenn pang

    zenn pang5 днів тому

    let's b real. we're all here because we're too afraid to watch the actual movie lol

  14. Eona

    Eona5 днів тому

    to be fair if someone cut me open removed my organs and cut part of my brain out I'd probably want to kill them too

  15. い山黒

    い山黒5 днів тому

    I guess every "body" has a secret right? Okay my bad

  16. Kevin Jordan

    Kevin Jordan5 днів тому

    I hated it i was bored and slow

  17. Ultimate supreme leader, Kokichi ouma

    Ultimate supreme leader, Kokichi ouma6 днів тому

    This is even scarier when youre going to be a pathologist 😌

  18. Nefrex nielson

    Nefrex nielson6 днів тому

    I am half way through the video. This guy put the title "ending explained" we have watched the movie already get to the point dude... Wtf

  19. Some dude

    Some dude3 дні тому

    yeah it annoyed me too, i would have turned it off after a few minutes if i didnt need some background noise while cooking. i honestly think he makes these videos for people too scared to watch the movie or finish it.

  20. Ronald MC Joker

    Ronald MC Joker7 днів тому

    I’m at 8:47 and my body is sending me red flags just because of hearing the description of the scenes playing out. I want and will see this movie now. Thanks foundflix for introducing me to this gem.

  21. NotFBIAgent

    NotFBIAgent7 днів тому

    Why is Jane Doe from roblox dead Idk i didn't watch the movie

  22. Derry terry

    Derry terry8 днів тому

    The guy who brung them the body is named Burke and he was part of a bodysnatching duo in 1800 Scotland

  23. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo9 днів тому

    Woman: I study magic to help everyone in the world! Villagers: let's kill her!

  24. Luar D'Andrea

    Luar D'Andrea10 днів тому

    0/10 they killed a cat.

  25. Sergeant Butter

    Sergeant Butter10 днів тому

    6:17 hehe tiddy

  26. Timothy Peterson

    Timothy Peterson11 днів тому

    Lol, dumbest reasoning ever. Christians putting witches to death for witchcraft would... APPEAL TO CHRIST! They wouldn't ineptly try to use witchcraft to somehow suppress a witch. I have to say the worst type of horror films are (usually) reality-altering ones. It makes the movie go from intrigue and "how do you beat it" to just "well we can't trust literally anything we see so... I'm gonna go make a sandwich and watch a plot overview on youtube."

  27. Kory Kent

    Kory Kent11 днів тому

    Loved this movie but rolled my eyes so hard at Le WiTcH ending

  28. Mal M

    Mal M11 днів тому

    So um...what do you think Jane is gonna do with all her new found freedom?

  29. Luke Jackson

    Luke Jackson12 днів тому


  30. Capri Howard

    Capri Howard12 днів тому

    I hate creature features, but this movie was so fucking good, and it didn't have cheap jumpscares. 11/10 recommend.

  31. Eda Akyüz

    Eda Akyüz13 днів тому

    He doesn’t really explain the ending... this is more like a summary

  32. kerm

    kerm21 годину тому

    yeah that’s the point of his channel. he explains you the whole story so the ending makes more sense. you cant properly understand the end if you don’t understand the beginning

  33. Patrick

    Patrick14 днів тому

    Pog 69K likes let's go

  34. Anthony Meza

    Anthony Meza14 днів тому

    She nice tiddles. But seriously this movies skerd me rs

  35. Molted_Warrior

    Molted_Warrior14 днів тому

    Bruh shes fine

  36. PaintedCollection

    PaintedCollection14 днів тому

    First off, I don’t think she was some innocent girl turned evil via sacrifice. I think she was always evil, always a witch. I also think that this is just what she does: she kills people (as evidenced by the dead family in the beginning). I don’t think what happened to this father and son was revenge for performing the autopsy. It’s doubtful that she only goes after people who willingly hurt her - what reason would that first dead family have for harming a dead body that was found in their basement? A lot of lore about evil witches suggests that pain fuels their magic so perhaps she wants or influences people to hurt her. Either way, I think she just so happened to use the father and son as her next victims simply because they were in her presence, not because they were cutting her up. Also: if she was from the north she clearly wasn’t originally from that first family’s house. I think her body has been moved over and over and that she kills along the way. I have a theory that she terrifies/tricks people into allowing her to inflict her pain on them, which is her goal so she can restart the process with new victims. I think at the end of the movie that she returned to the exact mangled up state she was found in - though now with additional trauma (cracked ribs, more scaring from the autopsy, etc.). I believe this is evidenced by the fact that when the father and son found her she was in pristine condition externally. Clearly she’s mended herself before. I’m sure now she’s just waiting to find her next victim to torture.

  37. Hazelnoot

    Hazelnoot14 днів тому

    Watching this while still scared shitless

  38. FZ Ralyks

    FZ Ralyks15 днів тому

    supernatural thriller basically gives you a horror genre jeez long name for a genre

  39. Ella Ibañez

    Ella Ibañez15 днів тому

    As a former very religious christian, I cant help but laugh about the leviticus part 😂😭

  40. Najean Waters

    Najean Waters15 днів тому

    This movie was great I loved it

  41. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda17 днів тому

    Isn't she like a roblox thing?

  42. Littlebow Peep

    Littlebow Peep17 днів тому

    Sad about the cat. Seemed like a foreshadowing of his son that had to put his dad out of his misery

  43. Temp Void

    Temp Void17 днів тому

    True Lovecraftian style

  44. Anders Furbie

    Anders Furbie17 днів тому

    The son's girlfriend was never there? Looked like they only took out 3 bodies at the end including Doe. Good movie and I agree on the point that it takes dedication to play a role like she played Jane Doe. Great job!

  45. Matthew Bartel

    Matthew Bartel17 днів тому

    14:19 besides the moon I can make out a fish skeleton on the top left corner/triangle

  46. Anthony Nguyen

    Anthony Nguyen17 днів тому

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: The radio: sO lEt ThE sUnShInE iN

  47. Ewonz Official EZ

    Ewonz Official EZ19 днів тому

    The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) Full Movie ✅ *Watch And Download Here* 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無力防守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。

  48. Harmony Hawthorn

    Harmony Hawthorn19 днів тому

    I thought she was going to turn out to be a vampire

  49. Bridget

    Bridget19 днів тому

    This movie was dead on

  50. Kaitlin Holland

    Kaitlin Holland20 днів тому

    I really want a sequel to this movie

  51. Robin Smith

    Robin Smith20 днів тому

    I wonder if b4 everyone died in the opening house she was a skeleton and then she did the same to one of them that they did to Tommy. She healed her skin by taking things from those people. This could be how she got the powers to heal her skin at will and now that she healed from Tommy, she has moved to a second stage being able to heal her insides now

  52. Unwavering

    Unwavering21 день тому

    This was a great fucking movie.

  53. GriZmon

    GriZmon22 дні тому

    Jane doe i think is beyond witchcraft..that girl's a devil.

  54. Jehan Singh

    Jehan Singh22 дні тому

    Maybe they cut her open and made those marks and buried her and it took her all those years to heal the outer part but the insides were still damaged. But since the man told her he would help her which gave her permission to take his body parts. So she healed faster but because of all those years her body is numb and will take time for her to regain power on her entire body not just her brain

  55. SisforSuper B

    SisforSuper B23 дні тому

    OML... Loser!

  56. better late than never

    better late than never23 дні тому

    Question. How did the symbols get inside her skin? I agree with others that she was actually a witch that was tortured, but that doesn't explain the symbols location inside the body.

  57. Cannibal Nectar

    Cannibal Nectar23 дні тому

    It’s ve seen this movie before but this review is giving me anxiety. I had to take a few very deep breaths. Hahaha. Weird.

  58. pipticken

    pipticken16 днів тому

    I've not even seen the movie and seeing the clips has me on edge. I'm usually fine with horror but there's something about this one...

  59. Joshua Giuliani

    Joshua Giuliani26 днів тому

    This ending explained is a 15 minute description of the movie and 5 minutes of explanations.

  60. Magnus TNT

    Magnus TNT22 дні тому

    So what

  61. High DFS

    High DFS26 днів тому

    Seems like the punishment was her to live forever in pain and rendered unable to do anything about it for the crimes, pain and suffering she was responsible for.. the people who carried out her punishment were probably high up in some sort of religious group dealing with Christianity and took it a lil overboard with the forever damnation and living in her own eternal hell.. apparently they didn't read the side effects.

  62. Maddy. The local

    Maddy. The local26 днів тому

    the ending was pretty clear

  63. Stephen Baak

    Stephen Baak26 днів тому

    ways to get rid of her body to avoid her power: 1) use a woodchipper 2) throw her in the ocean 3) have elon send her to space 4) throw her in a volcano 5) feed her to some tigers a la Carole Baskin to her husband 6) make her listen to joe biden talk. she'd blow herself up in 10 minutes to stop the pain

  64. The Jellyfish Jam

    The Jellyfish Jam26 днів тому

    Prequel idea: The Murder of Jane Doe

  65. Lord Moncef

    Lord Moncef27 днів тому

    Disgusting that just proves that you cannot satisfy a women

  66. Asmodeus the demon

    Asmodeus the demon27 днів тому

    Next movie : "The Autopsy Of John Doe".

  67. Alimity Goat

    Alimity Goat27 днів тому

    So the dad is still alive too? Cause now he is the witch since he has Jane Doe’s euest

  68. Alimity Goat

    Alimity Goat27 днів тому


  69. John The Riper

    John The Riper27 днів тому

    I think Jane didnt let him live because he opened her skull to get a brain tissue and thats the only time we saw Austin do hands on work on Janes body most of it was his dad

  70. James Hutsler

    James Hutsler28 днів тому

    I believe Jane Doe was actually going to let Austin live, but Tommy didn't sacrifice everything she lost. Since he was going through so much pain and could barely speak as his lungs were literally burning, his "Please" when gesturing to the knife was for Austin to cut his tongue out and not to put him out of his suffering. I think for the character of Austin, he was reflecting the action done to Stanley earlier in the movie and also that he had no idea what was happening to his dad. Only Tommy knew what his intention was to help and I do fully believe he knew what he was giving, rewatch the scene again. The unbreaking stare into her eyes as if they're having an internal conversation where she's testing him to see if he truly will go through what she did. Unfortunately Tommy is given a mercy death which breaks the offering he made with Jane so she's unable to fully heal. With the counter-ritual destroyed she chooses to take Austin's life as well, who likely wouldn't have been able to sacrifice himself like his father did. But since Tommy helped her partially, she makes Austin have a quick and painless death. All in all, it was a great movie. Andre Ovredal and the writers have an amazing sense of subtext and subtlety, too often horror movies lose their mysticism by trying to explain too much. There's a solid balance of mystery and resolve without having to hold the viewer's hand the whole time. Jane Doe felt like an innocent version of Alessa Gillespie from Silent Hill, despite being horribly tortured and cursed for eternity she is still willing to bargain with living humans if they deeply wish to help her. She quite literally sends anyone that's aware of her into a very Silent Hill-esque world as well, but mainly causes illusions more than it being a different reality. I look forward to any sequels made or any future movies of Ovredal!

  71. Mata Nui

    Mata Nui28 днів тому

    I don't know what she'll do next, there's no way to make a sequel to this without losing what made this one good.

  72. CartoonJoseph

    CartoonJoseph28 днів тому

    So this is what happened after Into the Wild?

  73. krixLight

    krixLight29 днів тому

    I think the last minute is the most important part of this video. The idea of depression is golden.

  74. OverCraft

    OverCraft29 днів тому

    I wonder if other animals have horror moments

  75. J W

    J W29 днів тому

    Yep this is scary. Cause the whole movie is showing what horrific things we people do to young women believing they are cursed.

  76. Jackson Barker

    Jackson BarkerМісяць тому

    Imagine a sequel to this movie comes out called the resurrection of Jane doe or something and when she arrives as the place she is being driven to she stands up walks around and revives every dead body there and takes every live person she can find and subjects them to the same torture she went through

  77. Shadow Dragon

    Shadow DragonМісяць тому

    Prequel name: *the Ritual/Story of Jane doe*

  78. Christian Solomon

    Christian SolomonМісяць тому

    I like how ghosts can never haunt an asshole, but instead just go after innocent people who didn't do anything wrong. Hell, at least be fucking blunt if you don't want people to do anything. Like use the radio to say "Don't touch me bruh" like Bumblebee from the Michael Bay movie line

  79. R P

    R PМісяць тому

    I feel sad for the father and son. They were just doing their job. Our girl Jane could have just made it easy for spooking them a little and not making them go crazy.

  80. NoHitboxForAsh

    NoHitboxForAshМісяць тому

    6:16 unblurred dead t i d d y EDIT: i know what your thinking, dont do it for the love of god

  81. Gah Nozuy

    Gah NozuyМісяць тому

    Im a woman but i wouldn't wanna be topless no matter what it's called self respect, decency and leaving it to the imagination and just showing it to my significant other. And yikes id feel uncomfortable men oogling at my boobs or taking videos or photos of it while I'm walking or women use ur common sense dont let men see your boobs. I wish pornography is ban too and prostitution.

  82. G Dela Cruz

    G Dela CruzМісяць тому

    I thought it was an Evanescence music vid for a sec lol

  83. Jason Thacker

    Jason ThackerМісяць тому

    What if she was actually a witch and the markings on the inside and the tooth in the cloth are her doing spells to keep her alive so to speak but still needing someone to sacrifice to bring her back to full health?? The damage done to her during the trials was too much for her to overcome without the sacrifice. And the people not being able to burn her just buried her far away to keep her from being a problem for them

  84. ` yeonjunie

    ` yeonjunieМісяць тому

    Ngl, Jane got the London look 😳

  85. NotMorganFreeman

    NotMorganFreemanМісяць тому

    Why is the video entitled ending explained when you spend 20 minutes describing the entire movie?