The Bear Bros Meet MONSTA X | We Bare Bears | Cartoon Network


  1. mariam z

    mariam z5 годин тому

    Exo the best

  2. 오 빠 김 태형Spilling the Tae

    오 빠 김 태형Spilling the Tae13 годин тому

    awwwwwwwwww i love how the white bear thingy is like just getting harassed by monsta x

  3. Soleil Sarmiento

    Soleil Sarmiento17 годин тому

    It's great I love it! But..can you have Seventeen and We Bare Bear!❤❤

  4. A.R.M.Y And Fujoshi

    A.R.M.Y And Fujoshi18 годин тому

    "Wonho, is that you ?!" SAME PANDA SAME

  5. Anu Bal

    Anu Bal22 години тому

    Ice Bear is living the Y/N life 😂

  6. lucho imformes

    lucho imformesДень тому

    Please in is Spanish

  7. tea `

    tea `День тому

    omg i'm so proud of myself for actually understanding what they said in korean :))

  8. rido reemi

    rido reemiДень тому


  9. Yoon18hope Yeet

    Yoon18hope Yeet2 дні тому

    My dreams have come true UwU Kpop and Cartoon Network or just cartoons uwu

  10. RAZ0R BLAD3

    RAZ0R BLAD32 дні тому

    I could literally fall asleep to this

  11. RAZ0R BLAD3

    RAZ0R BLAD32 дні тому

    0:40 this guys giggling made my day

  12. tamil kpop fan

    tamil kpop fan2 дні тому

    0:08 wish it was trespass it would have been perfect!!!!

  13. RAZ0R BLAD3

    RAZ0R BLAD32 дні тому

    Marvel: Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover Me an intellectual: *hahahaha* *watches this*

  14. RAZ0R BLAD3

    RAZ0R BLAD32 дні тому

    When ur a fan of We Bare Bears and Monsta X and they crossover! I’m literally in heaven right now!

  15. sunny sunmi

    sunny sunmi3 дні тому

    0:24 Jooheon was about to smack ice bear with a hammer lol then he yeets it to the side @0:30



    Qué emoción amé el capitulo

  17. Stephanie CC

    Stephanie CC3 дні тому

    Omg i love this

  18. Park mi mi

    Park mi mi3 дні тому

    Hhhh monste x

  19. Nguyen Thuy Hang

    Nguyen Thuy Hang4 дні тому

    wow! I love Monsta X !

  20. YehetBangtanGirl

    YehetBangtanGirl4 дні тому

    0:24 is that jooheon with the mjolnir? 😂

  21. Wkng MBB

    Wkng MBB22 години тому

    Yes, cause he is Thor^^

  22. thais nayara

    thais nayara4 дні тому

    Kkk caraca que legal mano

  23. hiya billy

    hiya billy4 дні тому

    This is my FAVORITE video in UAreporter 🙃🙂😶


    ARMY & MONBEBE5 днів тому

    نحبكم ملوكنا مونستا

  25. Isabela e seus sonhos ツ

    Isabela e seus sonhos ツ5 днів тому

    oh god

  26. LISA MN

    LISA MN5 днів тому

    I will think that Kanoo's team is blackpink😂👩

  27. SuperMii Creator

    SuperMii Creator5 днів тому

    What the song...

  28. Sanna

    Sanna2 дні тому

    Monsta X's song called Hero.

  29. Duxk Power

    Duxk Power5 днів тому


  30. Riddhima Kpop Multiple Group Stanner

    Riddhima Kpop Multiple Group Stanner5 днів тому

    Just a doubt. Wonho has a fear of heights. Then why is the hotel suite so high? It’s okay even then. Why did he close the window? My baby would have been really scared.

  31. kpop is my drug and i overdosed

    kpop is my drug and i overdosed5 днів тому

    that girl was probably a sasaeng

  32. Chimchim Blossom08

    Chimchim Blossom085 днів тому

    Poor pan pan was shut by wonho 😂😂

  33. The Mochi Crew

    The Mochi Crew6 днів тому

    Ice bear + MONSTA X = A MOOD 😂

  34. Beatriz Santos

    Beatriz Santos6 днів тому

    Monsta x aaaaaah💖💖

  35. 폐하 예배 Gacha 109

    폐하 예배 Gacha 1096 днів тому

    This is so cute. They need to meet BTS next.

  36. Princess Black

    Princess Black6 днів тому

    Okay so basically, I'm not a fan of K-pop, but I was so freaking happy to see a k-pop band in my favorite show! As I was watching, I was like "dang these dudes cute af" and after the episode, I went to check the wikia, and I was surprised that they were a real group!

  37. maxine

    maxine6 днів тому

    oh my god thank you for Google them instead of comparing them to another group!!

  38. Candy Cortez

    Candy Cortez6 днів тому

    Shownu acostado bien muerto me mata. 😂😂😂😂

  39. Yunar

    Yunar6 днів тому

    When I saw this at another place, I really thought it was a joke!

  40. Alvin John Acayen

    Alvin John Acayen6 днів тому

    I just watched this scene and makes me like Monsta X

  41. Daeon Rystin

    Daeon Rystin6 днів тому

    What is the title of their song?

  42. Daeon Rystin

    Daeon Rystin6 днів тому

    Thankkk youuu guys!❤️

  43. maxine

    maxine6 днів тому

    hero - dramarama - beautiful -

  44. Candy Cortez

    Candy Cortez6 днів тому


  45. Avakin Forever

    Avakin Forever6 днів тому

    i cAn dIE! Korean and Monsta X in Bare Bears?! I love youuuuuuuuu❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  46. V A O

    V A O7 днів тому

    "Wonho?! Is that you?!" xD

  47. FITE ME!

    FITE ME!7 днів тому

    And I Oop-

  48. chris gonzález

    chris gonzález8 днів тому

    0:28 YASS 2won SHOWS UP

  49. olga yolanda

    olga yolanda8 днів тому

    It's look like member bts

  50. maxine

    maxine8 днів тому

    It's not. B*s it's not the only kpop group, and they're completely different.

  51. Tio Casamenteiro

    Tio Casamenteiro9 днів тому


  52. nolove 4vicc z

    nolove 4vicc z9 днів тому


  53. Stephany De La Cruz

    Stephany De La Cruz8 днів тому


  54. あ시바tv

    あ시바tv9 днів тому

    Im 아이스베어

  55. Mochi Jiminie

    Mochi Jiminie10 днів тому

    I guess they made it kid friendly no shirt lifting *hard stans left chat* *soft stans entered Chat *

  56. Noe Hernandez

    Noe Hernandez10 днів тому

    Cuando lo suben

  57. Army love your self

    Army love your self10 днів тому

    Can you do wiet BTS 💜 plz

  58. Jackie Nguyen

    Jackie Nguyen10 днів тому


  59. Dat truong

    Dat truong10 днів тому

    it like bts

  60. Min

    Min8 днів тому


  61. maxine

    maxine10 днів тому

    it's like *MONSTA X* this ep is about MONSTA X and MONSTA X only. b*s it's not the only kpop group.

  62. Cynthia Daniel

    Cynthia Daniel11 днів тому

    I looove how all the members were scared, specially scaredy-cat Jooheon and Shownu appa was just chilliiiing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  63. willy wonho

    willy wonho11 днів тому

    this is great

  64. Mega Cronologias

    Mega Cronologias11 днів тому

    80% monsta x fans 15% we bare bears fans 5% others


    Watch MONSTA X 'ALLIGATOR' MV!11 днів тому

    You all are living under a rock. MONSTA X has 3.5M followers on Instagram and 3M followers on Twitter. Monsta X Hero mv has 86M views on UAreporter.

  66. Jin Buc

    Jin Buc11 днів тому

    Lo amo 😻

  67. Keren Ramos Aguirre

    Keren Ramos Aguirre11 днів тому

    Wait is that BTS but in cartoon and ther is 7 members ahhhhh

  68. Sanna

    Sanna8 днів тому

    It says Monsta X in the title to ^^ They are great and super talanted and their leader is a bear haha.

  69. Keren Ramos Aguirre

    Keren Ramos Aguirre11 днів тому

    Ok I thought it was BTS sorry


    Watch MONSTA X 'ALLIGATOR' MV!11 днів тому

    No. It’s MONSTA X

  71. Veronica Perdomo

    Veronica Perdomo11 днів тому


  72. Stephany De La Cruz

    Stephany De La Cruz8 днів тому


  73. NHRA live news

    NHRA live news12 днів тому

    Sorry i never hear them before i watched bts

  74. NHRA live news

    NHRA live news11 днів тому

    Im so sorry i just listen to a song and it was bada**


    Watch MONSTA X 'ALLIGATOR' MV!11 днів тому

    You are living under a rock. MONSTA X has 3.5 followers on Instagram and 3M followers on Twitter. Monsta X Hero mv has 86M views on UAreporter.

  76. Royal_ Reign

    Royal_ Reign12 днів тому

    Iceberg’s korean is on point 👌👌

  77. NHRA live news

    NHRA live news12 днів тому

    Cartoon bts

  78. emoon18

    emoon1812 днів тому

    NOPE. This is Monsta X. Real Kpop group. Look them up.

  79. I Loveγou

    I Loveγou12 днів тому


  80. Jazzmin Vongxay

    Jazzmin Vongxay12 днів тому

    Yes!!MonstaX and We bear bears was the best combo ever!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖🤩🤩🤩🤩

  81. Sofia Drawing stuff

    Sofia Drawing stuff13 днів тому

    lol bts or exo

  82. maxine

    maxine13 днів тому

    *MONSTA X*

  83. emoon18

    emoon1813 днів тому

    Neither. It's Monsta X... real Kpop group; look them up.

  84. S2U Sound

    S2U Sound13 днів тому

    if you guys wanna see We Bare Bears on midi art, plz come to my channel ! :) 💛💜❤️

  85. Maxine Sia

    Maxine Sia13 днів тому

    0:25 Jooheon's effin Mjolnir

  86. Queen Sa'Day

    Queen Sa'Day13 днів тому


  87. wonho's cane in sexy back

    wonho's cane in sexy back13 днів тому

    Queen Sa'Day MONSTA X

  88. Minnee Track

    Minnee Track13 днів тому

    Aww look at hyungwon and wonho at 0:26 my feelsss

  89. Epitomeof Pettyness

    Epitomeof Pettyness14 днів тому

    Im so happy at the representation of not only the fans but the band themselves and the culture around it. Im so proud of our boys!!!! This gives more insight and expression and hope and happiness to current fans worldwide and being able to have a platform especially on everyday tv and be able to be proud of who they are and what they love that makes them happy!!!! They were all so precious in this much thanks to everyone associated and the work put into this project!!! IM SO DEAD GOTTA SAY I.M WAS RLLY PLAYING WIT MY FEELINGS THROUGHOUT THIS ESPECIALLY BECUZ HES MY BIAS BUT...... "COME FIND US" like ahhhhh i was like u tease.... ASK AND U SHALL RECEIVE U DONT WANT THIS PROBLEM I PROMISE U. IM TRYNA HOLD BACK FOR U!!!! AND BEFORE THEY ALL HAD TO RUN OUT THE HOTEL ROOM...HOW THEY ALL ADDRESSED THEIR FANS SAYING "WE LOVE YOUS GUYS" LIKE AHHHHHHHH THEY REALLY WANTED TO LET US KNOW THEY TRULY LOVE AND CARE ABOUT US LIKE WE DO FOR THEM!!!!!! THANK U ALL FOR THIS MIRACLE!!!!


    SERENA PAN14 днів тому

    It’s really cool how all the MONSTA X members are kind of from different eras. For example: jooheon with a headband came from the “DRAMARAMA” performance MV Kihyun with orange hair and white long sleeve came from “Play it Cool” MV Hyungwon with pink hair is from “Jealousy”, etc The WBB staff certainly did their research

  91. Two Eyes

    Two Eyes14 днів тому

    I really want to watch this

  92. J7N

    J7N14 днів тому

    I uwu-ed at that 하지마세요

  93. christin ARMYXD

    christin ARMYXD15 днів тому


  94. MONBEBE Minmoongie

    MONBEBE Minmoongie15 днів тому


  95. PeachyAndromeda

    PeachyAndromeda15 днів тому

    Who walks in a door like that-

  96. maxine

    maxine13 днів тому

    MONSTA X does

  97. anastasia

    anastasia14 днів тому

    monsta x

  98. Uma Army Anônima

    Uma Army Anônima15 днів тому

    Aaaaa q top , tô doida pra q mais grupos de K-POP entrem em desenhos , tô MT animada pra ver esse episódio , parabéns , amo esse desenho , e espero que nele há mais grupos chegando !!!

  99. Taehyung Kim

    Taehyung Kim15 днів тому

    I love monster x

  100. Erny Monbebe

    Erny Monbebe6 днів тому

    @changkyutie idk.. Many ppl misspelled it

  101. changkyutie

    changkyutie6 днів тому

    Erny Monbebe why does everyone say their group name wrong? 😂

  102. Erny Monbebe

    Erny Monbebe7 днів тому

    Monsta X

  103. Nahkya BL

    Nahkya BL15 днів тому


  104. Lily_Valeda

    Lily_Valeda16 днів тому


  105. kindness for life

    kindness for life16 днів тому

    Did you notice that the guy with pointy blond hair was holding thors hammer lol

  106. emoon18

    emoon1816 днів тому

    It's a reference to when the group used to introduce themselves as the "Avengers" when they first debut. Jooheon (Blond hair guy) was Thor, thus the hammer. =) The creators/production team did a lot research on the boys, so It's a lot of references that only the fans of the group know about.

  107. Luna

    Luna16 днів тому

    This is golden

  108. hmila oswa

    hmila oswa16 днів тому

    Bah leur copine est coréenne aussi ça aide

  109. Yeri_ Luv

    Yeri_ Luv16 днів тому

    Is this an actual episode???

  110. emoon18

    emoon1816 днів тому

    Yes. The title of the episode is called "Panda's Birthday". Full episode has been out for 2 weeks.

  111. Sarood Isnain

    Sarood Isnain16 днів тому

    Is look bts or stray kids or Got 7

  112. emoon18

    emoon1816 днів тому

    It's neither of them. This is a real Kpop group known as Monsta X. =)

  113. Phyxia. Lux

    Phyxia. Lux16 днів тому

    "People call me a par bear" Ice bear: Okay.. Me: *Insert Okay meme in her brain*

  114. GhenGaming Aq

    GhenGaming Aq16 днів тому

    pls blackpink next

  115. Analeah Tamano

    Analeah Tamano16 днів тому

    What the heck!!! Is this true?! Lol

  116. emoon18

    emoon1816 днів тому

    Yup! Title of the episode is called "Panda's Birthday." Been out for 2 weeks now.

  117. Shahira Rahma

    Shahira Rahma16 днів тому

    I wish there was an episode with bts and blackpink too

  118. 김세종

    김세종16 днів тому


  119. Eva Fadilla

    Eva Fadilla16 днів тому

    ice bear is my ultimate bias🤣🤣🤣

  120. さな港崎

    さな港崎17 днів тому

    oh por dios.

  121. RORO EXOL Girl

    RORO EXOL Girl17 днів тому

    WOOOOOOOAH😹😹😹 why you just dont put EXO

  122. RORO EXOL Girl

    RORO EXOL Girl10 днів тому

    @Derick Smith ummm it was just a joke😹 .. chill bro/sis💕

  123. Derick Smith

    Derick Smith16 днів тому

    Why would they? It was a Monsta X fan was the one who proposed the idea.

  124. Hailee Morales

    Hailee Morales17 днів тому

    Now I want to see black pink in we bear bears

  125. Nicole Cisneros

    Nicole Cisneros17 днів тому


  126. Rice Cake child

    Rice Cake child17 днів тому

    how did i not know about this

  127. احمد حميد

    احمد حميد17 днів тому

    panda like me he love monsta x❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  128. احمد حميد

    احمد حميد17 днів тому

    So cute 😍😍😍

  129. Esraa Hassan

    Esraa Hassan17 днів тому


  130. mariem _BTS

    mariem _BTS17 днів тому

    omg!!! MONSTA X 😍😍😁😄 please we want The Bear Bros Meet BTS

  131. Chef peepee

    Chef peepee17 днів тому

    0:14 He says five minute break (pulls out four finger)😂😂