The Best Moment Of My Life





  2. Jack Danforth

    Jack Danforth3 години тому

    what happened to Ginger

  3. abdul rafay khan

    abdul rafay khan6 годин тому

    why the fuck is this shitty video In my recommended

  4. Mariusz Onichimiuk

    Mariusz Onichimiuk10 годин тому

    I do

  5. Ahmed Kamal

    Ahmed Kamal13 годин тому

    Where is ginger the giant

  6. LiveLeader

    LiveLeader16 годин тому

    Logan get some kids bro u would be the best dad ever xx

  7. Bowden Smith

    Bowden Smith19 годин тому

    I would pay $0 so I don't need that crap cuz I'm 9

  8. Leah Begg

    Leah Begg20 годин тому

    If I’m honest there doing better with the horses than I thought 👏😂 the only think I’ll say is pull the saddle pad up into the saddle so it doesn’t pinch there withers

  9. chickenonuggeto MC

    chickenonuggeto MC21 годину тому

    Ok, come at me all you want, but Logan seems to have become a bit of a better person from a few years ago. He has a girlfriend (or fiancé/wife, idk) which would probably be a really maturity point for him, he has animals now (and lots of them) so he would need to take the time to take care of them, and is probably looking at giving them a better area (new house or something, or sending to horses to a stable). Again, this is just my opinion so come at me, but don’t bash me up (I also just started watching some of his vids)

  10. Michelle Gibb

    Michelle Gibb23 години тому


  11. Benjamin Schaetzle

    Benjamin SchaetzleДень тому

    Half million. Make a kid!

  12. Benjamin Schaetzle

    Benjamin SchaetzleДень тому

    1:07 lol

  13. Justin Scott

    Justin ScottДень тому

    Did he get rid of Ginger because when is she coming back

  14. Jim Lloyd

    Jim LloydДень тому


  15. Danny Allman

    Danny AllmanДень тому

    Simpulsive, anyone else see that lol

  16. Rex _88

    Rex _882 дні тому

    Make the decision lounge a ball pit

  17. Owen Smith

    Owen Smith2 дні тому


  18. Simple Swag

    Simple Swag2 дні тому

    That space could be good for jacuzzi

  19. Karlson Massmann

    Karlson Massmann2 дні тому

    Yo fuck this, I’ll say it, LOGAN PAUL IS ONE OF THE BEST UAreporterR EVER.

  20. Jordan Jiang

    Jordan Jiang2 дні тому


  21. Diane Spradley

    Diane Spradley2 дні тому

    I’m so glad u have a real gf and your relationship is real too (jake Paul) also y’all are so cute ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Jair Estrada

    Jair Estrada2 дні тому

    music in 3:25

  23. Holden Meier

    Holden Meier2 дні тому


  24. Vicki Healy

    Vicki Healy3 дні тому

    50 million dollars

  25. Ruben Herrera

    Ruben Herrera3 дні тому

    i want to go to aranch

  26. Hannah T

    Hannah T3 дні тому

    Please get saddles that fit your horses😅 brands to look into : cactus, roohide, Jeff Smith, and best ever

  27. Rasmus Emil

    Rasmus Emil3 дні тому

    One whole nipple probably 500 bucks

  28. veronique honore

    veronique honore3 дні тому

    H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H

  29. Mythical Skitz

    Mythical Skitz3 дні тому

    Logan u forgot ginger

  30. Brylie Ellis

    Brylie Ellis3 дні тому

    My house is a zoo to

  31. Brayden Koenig

    Brayden Koenig3 дні тому

    id pay a whole dollar

  32. jillian williams

    jillian williams3 дні тому

    He has so many pets and yet the ogs are gone😭


    FLAMES TO FIRE4 дні тому

    10 bucks

  34. Nathaniel Thomas

    Nathaniel Thomas4 дні тому

    When r the kids comeing

  35. Climate change Fight club

    Climate change Fight club4 дні тому

    Omfg if Josie and logan ever break up I’m giving up on love

  36. pickled mel0ns

    pickled mel0ns4 дні тому

    2 grand for a nipple slip

  37. Jerami Everly

    Jerami Everly4 дні тому

    I will pay 900m

  38. Kacee Doonan

    Kacee Doonan4 дні тому

    His Vlogs r so short nowadays!!

  39. Rich tremane James

    Rich tremane James4 дні тому


  40. Sampev2 Junior

    Sampev2 Junior4 дні тому

    Kids now??😂

  41. Christopher Flink

    Christopher Flink4 дні тому

    it is at half a mill we are waiting that kid

  42. Mr. Creeper

    Mr. Creeper4 дні тому

    KSI fucked you up man 😂

  43. GodzVip

    GodzVip4 дні тому

    Porque sale el titulo en español y uno dentra al video y sale en ingles???

  44. Tjan Mlakar

    Tjan Mlakar4 дні тому


  45. Matt Cassidy

    Matt Cassidy5 днів тому

    What about ginger

  46. Beast brothers 490

    Beast brothers 4905 днів тому

    Plz hate me

  47. Beast brothers 490

    Beast brothers 4905 днів тому


  48. Andrew M

    Andrew M5 днів тому

    Logan Paul wears a cunt pad as a mask

  49. Jenny Le

    Jenny Le5 днів тому

    i really like josie

  50. TBS_Pringles

    TBS_Pringles5 днів тому

    U could put water in it 😂💦 PS. Love u but how du u join

  51. João gamer1234

    João gamer12345 днів тому


  52. Yung Tropic

    Yung Tropic5 днів тому

    1:07 take me with you

  53. Sean Heffernan

    Sean Heffernan5 днів тому

    U need to make the vlogs longer

  54. Sean Heffernan

    Sean Heffernan5 днів тому

    Yo Logan your vlogs fucking suck 😂 nah they just need to be longer

  55. Fabian Terrazas

    Fabian Terrazas5 днів тому

    What happened to Maverick

  56. Yasmin Pelayo Marquez

    Yasmin Pelayo Marquez5 днів тому

    Be free horseys be free

  57. Vraskosky

    Vraskosky6 днів тому


  58. Jas's Life of Gaming

    Jas's Life of Gaming6 днів тому

    Logan Pets: Dogs Birds Fish Horses Pig crabs or whatever Whilst Me:2 dogs...😐

  59. Ftownhigg83

    Ftownhigg836 днів тому


  60. JF- Vyser

    JF- Vyser6 днів тому

    Put water in the pit

  61. JF- Vyser

    JF- Vyser6 днів тому

    Guys give some respect to this man coming from the most hated person to losing to jj to becoming one of my favourite youtubers (coming from a jj fan)

  62. Lisa Zitzmann

    Lisa Zitzmann6 днів тому

    10 mil

  63. bcott

    bcott6 днів тому

    You should giveaway a year subscription to the Maverick Club every now and again!!!

  64. bcott

    bcott6 днів тому

    No saddle? Does that hurt?

  65. Alfie Nolan

    Alfie Nolan6 днів тому

    Logan: My house is turning into a zoo Me: next thing you know he'll have a FRIKKIN mountain lion in his house

  66. Veg4

    Veg46 днів тому

    why does logan in this remind me of cowboy cerone

  67. Ov3rDriveFN

    Ov3rDriveFN6 днів тому

    10 000 for her only fans


    EARLONDA FRY6 днів тому


  69. Pooh BearVlogs

    Pooh BearVlogs6 днів тому

    When are you going to meet Jose Canseco and have him on the vlog.

  70. Rico Williams

    Rico Williams6 днів тому

    Please more horses running.

  71. Luke Keegan

    Luke Keegan6 днів тому

    26 k

  72. Monika saini

    Monika saini7 днів тому

    Umm its on 586k likes....

  73. AyJay

    AyJay7 днів тому

    im seeing alot of comments about how hes a tool how hes just flexing how he doesent need or deserve these horses, i dont know much but i do know they are being moved to the ranch he has at least one person out there most days of the week he goes out there on the weekends which gives him time to spend time with said horses, he can hire someone to take care of them when hes not around and his girlfriend loves horses and has been riding horses for a while, someone else said it, they probably didint show it but theres no way a horse owner would just give away horses they most likley had for a whilee to some random vlogger unless she had full certantiy they will be taken care of, and when they get to the ranch they have all the space to run around be active, if you think hes flexing his money buying horses you ned to stop watching this guy, his girlfriend rides horses loves horses and they have a big ass ranch they can stay and be happy, all he wanted was a nice gift for his girl and a nice vlog, if you think he shouldent have them cause he doesent know how to ride who said he knows how to ride a horse like someone whos done it for years he probably just barley knows how to stay on and keep on he can learn, i know alot of yall jus wanna hate on him cause hes logan paul and to those guys STOP WATCHING to the people who actually care about the horses im ssure he will take good care of them so far he seems to be riding them and taking care of them grooming etc etc BUt i do understand your concern just give it time, if they get moved out for a better home thats a good thing, if in a future vlog you see them healthy and happy then thats good you can rest easy knowing they are getting taken care of, ik it seemd like they would stay in the backyard but its a temporary space for them, even when they where in the city he went out and rode them gave them some exorcise even tho its not the best living conditions it was temporary and now they are out on the ranch being taken care of by most likley someone who knows what to do and can be out there all week

  74. AyJay

    AyJay18 годин тому

    @AJ Brown welll i was responding to a comment to explain what i was saying, but thank you for telling me that no one is gonna give a fuck, i dont really mind if anyone does as long as the person i responded to understands what i was trying to say, but if you or anyone else doesent care thats okay :)

  75. AJ Brown

    AJ Brown18 годин тому

    Rlly wrote a whole essay like If anyone gave a fuck lmao

  76. Grindz

    Grindz7 днів тому

    the horses running just made me rlly happy now i feel weird

  77. Yoyoman_ Blue6

    Yoyoman_ Blue67 днів тому

    I would pay 25K$.. Don't ask for what, you know what I'm talking about

  78. Yoyoman_ Blue6

    Yoyoman_ Blue62 дні тому

    @LilPattii Noice

  79. LilPattii

    LilPattii2 дні тому

    i replied to that comment then watched the video i must e cool

  80. LilPattii

    LilPattii2 дні тому

    cough onlyfans cough

  81. Maryam Harris

    Maryam Harris3 дні тому


  82. braiden fortune

    braiden fortune4 дні тому

    ha lol

  83. David Powers

    David Powers7 днів тому

    I will pay 67k

  84. rosies life

    rosies life8 днів тому

    Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that the horses water in the field wasn’t even clean😖😥😞

  85. Exzprtz

    Exzprtz8 днів тому

    What happened to the shrimp

  86. Space Pug

    Space Pug8 днів тому

    I swear to god it’s about to be Noah’s ark in this bitch 😂😂😂

  87. Lulu_fn

    Lulu_fn8 днів тому