The Cranberries - Zombie 1999 Live Video


  1. Windy wahyu Saputro

    Windy wahyu Saputro11 хвилин тому

    Simple lyric simple aransement but stay cool... amazing

  2. Corry, Whatever

    Corry, WhateverГодину тому

    1/20/2021 In the U.S. I cry for the future of our country. The power of this song hit me with a fresh and much more powerful emotion today. I hope we can avoid the coming civil war. I hope we can avoid the death of our nation. I pray for continued peace for my Irish friends and peace for my home.

  3. コバヤシヒロカズ

    コバヤシヒロカズГодину тому


  4. LutfiAnaqi nafael

    LutfiAnaqi nafael2 години тому


  5. Никита Жмышенко

    Никита Жмышенко3 години тому

    Отвратно поёт. По каверам думал норм песня

  6. victor elvidge

    victor elvidge4 години тому

    R.I.P legand

  7. George Dancy

    George Dancy4 години тому

    Her death is so crazy to take because the voice was so strong and powerful you just never could believe that she could die. Such is life I suppose.

  8. Chill

    Chill5 годин тому

    who is listining this song in 2021

  9. Renáta Szabó

    Renáta Szabó5 годин тому

    she had such an incredible voice


    FIFA MOBILE6 годин тому


  11. PROD: TeRd FeRgUson

    PROD: TeRd FeRgUson6 годин тому

    Just a tiny mortal woman , but the voice ,message ,sound and presence are immortal

  12. Fulvio Lazzari

    Fulvio Lazzari6 годин тому


  13. stinzani

    stinzani8 годин тому

    Such an amazing time for music. Thank God for the time she gave us her voice. May her beautiful spirit live on.

  14. Auto Tuned Snowflakes

    Auto Tuned Snowflakes9 годин тому

    How in the bloody hell did music go from this, to the unbelievable crap we have today?

  15. Hai Han

    Hai Han10 годин тому

    Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.

  16. Bags Riva Raet

    Bags Riva Raet11 годин тому

    Ohhhwow i like this music

  17. Mark Caruso

    Mark Caruso11 годин тому

    God rest your soul lady

  18. J M

    J M11 годин тому

    whys all the cunts in the comments speaking commie. ruins the beauty of this clip

  19. David Pittard

    David Pittard12 годин тому

    You people who disliked Fuck off.

  20. Umi Yati

    Umi Yati12 годин тому


  21. Manuel Torres

    Manuel Torres14 годин тому


  22. Андрей Филиппов

    Андрей Филиппов14 годин тому

    Вечная память тебе Долорес!

  23. angel alfonso rojas quiroz

    angel alfonso rojas quiroz14 годин тому

    Una rola excepcional, que será icono del rock ligero por muchas generaciones.

  24. LostLeBlanc

    LostLeBlanc14 годин тому

    This is make me dying and good at the same time

  25. Dònal Brügge

    Dònal Brügge14 годин тому

    The great great great Dolores, and the Band all of them.

  26. Melika Goudarzi

    Melika Goudarzi15 годин тому

    I love her voice

  27. Paul Nutoba

    Paul Nutoba15 годин тому

    2021, alguém?

  28. Илья Борцов

    Илья Борцов16 годин тому

    песня кайф, но поют под "фанеру" жаль(((

  29. Andrés Vizcaíno

    Andrés Vizcaíno16 годин тому


  30. simo arche

    simo arche17 годин тому

    Gran voce, riposa in pace

  31. Жанна Лукина

    Жанна Лукина18 годин тому

    Такую музыку можно слушать без конечно просто супер, рок всегда будет жить🤘🤘🤘

  32. Shyro

    Shyro18 годин тому


  33. Ольга Цибина

    Ольга Цибина18 годин тому

    В зале тоже круто поют!)

  34. Ольга Цибина

    Ольга Цибина18 годин тому

    Ещё круче, чем на записях!)

  35. bülent levent

    bülent levent19 годин тому

    Rip Dolores 😢

  36. Julio Gomez

    Julio Gomez19 годин тому

    Still is an amazing song and she will live on forever

  37. ISP BrotherWolf

    ISP BrotherWolf20 годин тому

    My lovely fears human, you will be forever be missed, see you on the other side :-)

  38. владимир земной

    владимир земной21 годину тому

    мороз по телу,прям с первых аккордов(

  39. Bernard Turpin

    Bernard Turpin21 годину тому


  40. ютуб

    ютуб21 годину тому


  41. What's up tv

    What's up tv22 години тому

    Легенда! Твоя звезда навечно с нами!!!!!

  42. David Blum

    David Blum22 години тому

    21k dislikes? why?

  43. Ruslan Smirnov

    Ruslan Smirnov23 години тому

    Да вот это шикарный живой звук..ваши радио сосут

  44. บรรจงรักษ์ ประคองพันธ์

    บรรจงรักษ์ ประคองพันธ์День тому


  45. Dan Widdon

    Dan WiddonДень тому

    I was at the Wembley Arena Crowded House gig the band pulled out of in 1994 when Delores ruptured her cruciate ligament at Val D'Isere. Everyone needs a dose of The Cranberries from time to time. This one was suggested beside the Marsh Family Covid career-boosting videos that have been going viral since March 2020. It's 3 years and 3 days since Delores died and the 28th anniversary of my Dad dying with all of us at his bedside. My right cruciate ligament (also torn skiing in the Alps, but in 1985!) was finally replaced in 2013.

  46. bbrock1981

    bbrock1981День тому

    Sadly wars go on and on mankind will never learn a lesson.

  47. Miftahuddin Jefyani

    Miftahuddin JefyaniДень тому

    What a sounds 🤩

  48. Biff Bifford

    Biff BiffordДень тому

    Dolores, a tiny woman with a YUGE, POWERFUL and distinct one of a kind voice.

  49. h87111

    h87111День тому

    I cry every time I hear this...

  50. Инна Моя

    Инна МояДень тому

    Хит-на века✌

  51. juliebuck100

    juliebuck100День тому

    DOLORES! PLEASE. DON'T BE DEAD. (PS your drummer has a back I could certainly sink my teeth into) yeah!

  52. A Aa

    A AaДень тому


  53. Скамс Скамсофф

    Скамс СкамсоффДень тому

    смотрю и рыдаю.

  54. Remyzero Zero

    Remyzero ZeroДень тому

    Still remember this hot songs since 1996 in my school at the same time im a Malaysia Skinhead!!!

  55. leokimvideo

    leokimvideoДень тому

    This video is in so many suggested video lists across many style's of music. Is UAreporter trying to tell me something

  56. John C

    John C48 хвилин тому

    Yes, because that only happens to you. UAreporter is trying to tell you something alright ha!

  57. fimbles101

    fimbles10115 годин тому

    You should listen to a classic old song that was awesome and reflected the horrible situation in ireland that was happening at the time. Its kind of legendary, Hope you enjoy :) Research good friday agreement :) Probably recommended due to brexit.

  58. Batuhan Gürel

    Batuhan GürelДень тому

    Dolores you must be goddes ♥️


    AFIFI BIN AHMADДень тому

    in other side, i see dolores like cristiano ronaldo

  60. Pinoy Aircon

    Pinoy AirconДень тому

    *who else came here bacause of corona vaccine anyone? 2021..*

  61. josee filippi

    josee filippiДень тому

    Isabeeeel Isabeeel Saapee Saapee! Att. El Bananero.

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  63. Wattyno Carlos Solis

    Wattyno Carlos SolisДень тому

    Que viva sombi eso es musica saludos del Perú al mundo2021

  64. Robert Dornel

    Robert DornelДень тому

    Este tema fue uno de los gritos de rebeldía más poderosos de mi generación. Gracias Dolores estés donde estés.

  65. ZUES32

    ZUES32День тому

    RIP, real talent

  66. Damien Barry

    Damien BarryДень тому

    North and South listening we will join together for the peace of Ireland.. our land..

  67. Deena Arafat

    Deena ArafatДень тому


  68. sempercompellis

    sempercompellisДень тому

    335 is a big ole guitar for a tiny lady- I wonder why she went with that?

  69. Jason Westerfield

    Jason WesterfieldДень тому


  70. Julio Doido

    Julio DoidoДень тому

    The good ones die young.

  71. henrry arevalo Vera

    henrry arevalo VeraДень тому


  72. Barry Kelly

    Barry KellyДень тому

    The remake is okay but nothing beats the original. Wish I could have met her. She appeared to be a lovely soul. Dia es Mura duit.

  73. Orangel Marcial Sequera Robles

    Orangel Marcial Sequera RoblesДень тому

    18/01/2021 Disfrutando de este inolvidable HIT como me encanta. Da mucha energía.

  74. Michael

    MichaelДень тому

    навсегда в моем сердце

  75. bourdon845

    bourdon845День тому


  76. Justin Wickramarathna

    Justin WickramarathnaДень тому

    My Tube Welcome

  77. J Bradshaw

    J BradshawДень тому

    Yep and not a mobile phone in sight.. kids of today take note!

  78. nigel

    nigelДень тому

    God I miss the 90's

  79. Parker派克

    Parker派克День тому

    So beautiful @@! R.I.P

  80. eric elmquist

    eric elmquistДень тому

    The drummers is like: "Bro im lifting"

  81. John White

    John WhiteДень тому

    4:15 anyone else get goosebumps?

  82. TOM channel

    TOM channel2 дні тому


  83. Freddy Fredyanto

    Freddy Fredyanto2 дні тому

    I miss Dolores so much.. Rest In Peace my Angel

  84. ว่ากันไป 99

    ว่ากันไป 992 дні тому


  85. Эд По

    Эд По2 дні тому

    Спасибо что была в моей жизни! Я Вас буду помнить

  86. OM Jin CHANEL

    OM Jin CHANEL2 дні тому

    Mirip BINTANG DI SURGA 😂😂😂

  87. paulg

    paulg2 дні тому

    she died a zombie.

  88. wesley williams

    wesley williams2 дні тому

    She reminds me of my aunt Tracy for some reason. I love this song i was only 5 or 6 when they made this song.

  89. Suranto 1234

    Suranto 12342 дні тому

    The fok me on good

  90. Beni Satria

    Beni Satria2 дні тому

    Im indonesiaaaa

  91. ImMikeGensis

    ImMikeGensis2 дні тому

    Great song! This song is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one.

  92. Frozen Bladez

    Frozen Bladez2 дні тому

    Got my headphones on and got it cranked jamming with my eyes closed imaging what it would’ve been like to be there live at that show 🙌🏼💯🔥❤️

  93. Frank Ronald

    Frank Ronald2 дні тому

    The jolly cast coincidently overflow because loan unequivocally deceive since a mammoth icon. amuck, gaping tank

  94. Adam Green

    Adam Green2 дні тому

    We miss u

  95. Rus

    Rus2 дні тому

    Так грустно, что Долорес больше нет.

  96. Kalle Larsson

    Kalle Larsson2 дні тому

    Everytime i hear this song i think of Andy in the Office

  97. Francisco Rojas

    Francisco Rojas2 дні тому

    Murio tan joven😔

  98. Alan Caceres

    Alan Caceres2 дні тому


  99. hyllon silva

    hyllon silva2 дні тому

    Tomei muita catuaba ouvindo 👂 cranberries

  100. Papa Rancia

    Papa Rancia2 дні тому

    Totally amazing!, best and true lyrics!!!

  101. ladislav trojan

    ladislav trojan2 дні тому

    it doesnt matter if she sings on live, its still perfect. today most of singers on live cant be even recognized.

  102. hugo lopez

    hugo lopez2 дні тому