The Death of Classic Anime


  1. Jack

    Jack13 годин тому

    its ok all just turn to waifu/loli/isekai shit, but I truly find my self unable to finish one anime per season lately. every season I watch less and less from the list, by 3 episode 70% of the anime will be dropped and by 6 episodes 95% will be gone. turn out 1-2 anime per season will be able to go from start to finish. rest just too repetitive with literally the same shit with different face.

  2. Adrian Knight

    Adrian Knight22 години тому

    SAO feels like a classic became I think it reflects the Isekai genre perfectly to any non-anime hardcore fan, but gamer, like me :) Others I feel fell short of that.

  3. Harry Blum

    Harry BlumДень тому

    made in abyss and promised neverland would be classics if they were shorter and more contained, sadly they both ended openly for more seasons to come out.

  4. Gamers Crown

    Gamers CrownДень тому

    when you making game sponsorship you make laugh already like in moment when you select thick of character

  5. David Folsom

    David Folsom2 дні тому

    FYI, the big problem is the distribution models now. Anime at the top end HAS gotten worse because there's a lot less incentive to make a visionary show these days. You're gonna hit market saturation with how easy it is to distribute. You no longer need to make a blockbuster to get worldwide release. So the drive to make /the best/ show ever and not just be profitable has definitely gone a bit down in the actual industry. Also related is that.. there's always been some real shit anime, and now you're not having the cherry picked cream of the crop shipped worldwide.

  6. XXCreed

    XXCreed2 дні тому

    It's the Super Saiyan problem of escalation. It took years, literal and fictional for Goku to reach that level. It stuck with that show's universe as a defining moment. Then two kids hit that same level before the age of ten, and it's not enough of an impact to last. Cowboy Bebop deserves to be a classic, but it also didn't have to compete with such a saturated industry. When more people had the skilled artists, access to cgi, the money to pay for passion projects, we got a lot of anime that could have been on the same level as Gundam or such. So while I accept the idea that anime hasn't gotten worse, I reject the idea that there are no modern classics, because the people who will call them classics are the 12-15 years olds of today who grow up to talk about SAO, One Punch Man, Rage of Bahamut, Attack on Titan, etc in the UAreporter of the 2030s.

  7. Saturn V

    Saturn V3 дні тому

    Easiest solution: Admit SAO is a classic.

  8. godwhomismike

    godwhomismike3 дні тому

    While there is a lot of new anime each season, we're plagued with endless imouto, romcom, isekai, and poor quality cgi generic trash shows. Even some of the slice of life, where there is no character development or real conflicts. Older anime sometimes had significantly better character development and high stakes, plus anime of yesteryear was not scared to have an unhappy ending where the MC or important character would die or lose everything at the end. I feel like most shows today feel the need to have to wrap up with a generic happy ending, which is not how anime used to be. Back in the 90s and early 2000s, you never knew how it would end, does MC succeed or fail, or even die.

  9. godwhomismike

    godwhomismike3 дні тому

    Nothing will ever top the Winter/Spring 2018 season. There was endless quality anime. This Summer 2019 season is one of the biggest duds in years. 3/4 of the week there is nothing to watch. A couple of seasons ago, it was new quality anime shows almost 7 nights a week the whole season.

  10. chase trowell

    chase trowell4 дні тому

    Do a Vid on plastic memories.

  11. Wisdom&Strength

    Wisdom&Strength4 дні тому

    too much anime is too much just like everything else , it will make you jaded and it will make you lose your appreciation of things....

  12. Dadley Ongori

    Dadley Ongori5 днів тому

    Hey, what's the background music from 2:45 - 3:30. Thanks

  13. Senor Exotic

    Senor Exotic3 дні тому

    Full Metal Alchemist Brothers

  14. Cry baby Senpai

    Cry baby Senpai5 днів тому

    Aw for pc

  15. georgedisorder

    georgedisorder5 днів тому

    I will NEVER not recommend watching Escaflowne to anybody, anywhere, anytime, forever. They don't make 'em like that anymore, that's for damn sure.

  16. truth tæller

    truth tæller5 днів тому

    One punch man and mob pshyco are fucking classics. ''weeabo noise iintensified'' WrRRR

  17. Oyamada13

    Oyamada136 днів тому

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of the modern classics.

  18. Astral Buddha

    Astral Buddha6 днів тому

    YES! I love Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

  19. Massive Boi

    Massive Boi6 днів тому

    Gigguk thinks that sao is the most relevant 2012 anime? Jojo’s bizarre adventure must’ve not came to mind while writing the script

  20. PetroFTW

    PetroFTW6 днів тому

    If the “classics” get remade/reformed/buffed art style I’ll watchem but my eyes just cant take the animation styles of them all

  21. Otaku 4life

    Otaku 4life5 днів тому

    So you only care about art? Not the story, characters, and themes?

  22. Suggarion 13

    Suggarion 137 днів тому


  23. Rendi Fahlevi

    Rendi Fahlevi5 днів тому

    tokyo ghoul have great main story i think. but with very bad execution, story line, and its kinda boring especially in root A. the manga was good, but the anime is shit. not like jojo or aot, tokyo ghoul doesn't have character development it make tokyo ghoul just being an avarage show, just like SAO its good at first but after 10 episode its turn into an avarage show. and tokyo ghoul and SAO doesn't have consistency in story line sometimes its good sometimes is really bad, i mean sometimes tokyo ghoul was good and sometimes feells like completely shit. disaggre with my opinion? how about you go to myanimelist and check tokyo ghoul rating score.

  24. Fenix Anime BG

    Fenix Anime BG7 днів тому

    Tokyo Ghoul? Lol.

  25. A Google User

    A Google User7 днів тому

    The beginning of the video I though was an actual ad. So I looked for the skip ad button.

  26. Daniel Schmidt

    Daniel Schmidt7 днів тому

    JoJo is a modern classic

  27. Zypris

    Zypris8 днів тому

    Sad Trigun wasn't included in any of the clips for examples of classics.

  28. corbeneck

    corbeneck8 днів тому

    for someone that reads manga shield hero is better than mob and promised neverland is going to blow your mind in season 4 or five depending on if the anime skips threw the story you the manga is always far ahead the shows read promised neverland and prove me wrong....

  29. TempoRoyale

    TempoRoyale8 днів тому

    how dare you lump in demon slayer with one punch man season 2

  30. ian okan

    ian okan8 днів тому

    UHH....... Attack on titan anyone

  31. ur mom

    ur mom8 днів тому

    Vinland Saga: Allow me to introduce myself.

  32. Cat Lover

    Cat Lover9 днів тому

    I am mostly out of the loop in terms of “new anime”, so I almost always only hear of an anime anywhere from 10-2 years after it has come out. Honestly it has so far been working as a pretty good filter for me, as only the really good ones stick in people’s minds long enough for me to have a chance to hear about it. This also gives me a buffer period so that if there’s a bad year I can easily just catch up on all of the older anime that is fantastic enough for people to recommend it years after it has come out. But it also makes it so that I cannot have up to date conversations about anime except for with other people who use a similar system. (One of my friends is so out of the loop that I almost always have to introduce her to the anime that I am talking about and have a full length movie night before we can actually have a discussion about the shows though.

  33. ruhl1337

    ruhl13379 днів тому

    Started watching LOTGH after seeing this video. Just finished it this afternoon. Absolute masterpiece.

  34. Noemie Pace

    Noemie Pace9 днів тому

    Fruits Basket is a classic It fills all three criteria and is very impactful. Since the reboot is still on going, I think you have to finish at least season 1 to understand what I mean, except if you read the manga, and possibly the first anime version ( sort of )

  35. Math

    Math10 днів тому

    We need a new Anime Original Series, after all, they made the classics.

  36. Math

    Math10 днів тому

    Again with Gigguk starting the video very memey and ending it like a fecking Ted Talk

  37. Violetshift

    Violetshift11 днів тому

    Sangatsu no Lion is a modern classic

  38. Moss Is Usually Green

    Moss Is Usually Green12 днів тому

    attack on titan attack on titan Attack on Titan ATTACK ON TITAN *ATTACK ON TITAN* fight me.

  39. TheOnlyExotic ,

    TheOnlyExotic ,13 днів тому

    The Game is fun

  40. thedancing petal

    thedancing petal13 днів тому

    We used to have 50+ episodes per anime and a show could last for a year. Nowadays, we only have 13-26 episodes per anime which only last about 3 months. The short air date gives us no time to get engaged with the story and growing older along with the character. Like firework. While it is great and sparkly, it doesnt last long.

  41. Clara Payá Medrano

    Clara Payá Medrano14 днів тому

    Soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando😂

  42. Super Sea Snails

    Super Sea Snails14 днів тому

    I've definitely played that piece near the end in orchestra

  43. MrMeh23

    MrMeh2315 днів тому

    I would genuinely say that K-On should be considered a classic anime. It's relatable to anyone who ever went to high school.

  44. Math

    Math10 днів тому

    Not sure about that fam, we're not all cute anime girls that want to be a superstar

  45. Zelousmarineinspace

    Zelousmarineinspace15 днів тому

    So basically it’s Jojo that’s the modern classic, even if the manga is old.

  46. Infinity Gauntlet

    Infinity Gauntlet15 днів тому

    Man if I could make an anime I’d flip every trope upside down. No overpowered Mcs(looking at you ISekai anime) No asspulls or bullshit power of friendship (looking at you fairytail) No over the top, extravagant hair colors for the main characters. Have a fair amount of fan service(less than Fairytail but more than Naruto) No bullshit hidden powers everytime characters come close to the brink of death (dragonball ) Etc

  47. Mohammad Hadidi

    Mohammad Hadidi15 днів тому

    Such a motivational video thanks


    DOUBLE O WOO15 днів тому

    The Anime community should really consider creating a unanimous hall of fame of anime......

  49. Fabi_ Kun

    Fabi_ Kun15 днів тому

    I think Dr.Stone has the potential to become a modern classic because it has that special thing that i don't know how to describe it that a lot of classic animes have.

  50. thedancing petal

    thedancing petal13 днів тому

    Dr Stone cleverly twists the standard troupe of shounen genre. For example, there is 'from nothing to something' troupe. But, instead of fantasy, it goes with science element. That's why Dr Stone feels classic yet unique at the same time.

  51. Sasquatch Gaming

    Sasquatch Gaming16 днів тому

    Bruh “just who the hell do you think I am?” Hit hard


    HALKYXN17 днів тому

    Underrated classic: hellsing ultimate

  53. 「dumbass」

    「dumbass」17 днів тому

    Holy crap most dedicated fanbase 5:45 Didn’t think I’d see that here

  54. baker ihjul

    baker ihjul18 днів тому

    How can you set your words ... fam they really leave an impact👌👏

  55. Hungry God

    Hungry God18 днів тому

    Recently I decided to rewatch Hanasaku Iroha, Nagi no Asu kara, and Shirobako. These shows aren't old per se. Nagi no Asu kara, and Shirobako released in 2014 while Hansaku Iroha released in 2011, but hey felt so old and foreign to me when revisiting them. If I could describe that feeling of rewatching them again it wouldn't be the nostalgia, but the opportunity to look back upon my own past and think about all that's happened in these 8 years. Personally, I consider these pieces classics even if they weren't the most impactful.

  56. thedancing petal

    thedancing petal13 днів тому

    Thw anime you mentioned belongs to Coming of Age and Slice of Life genre. Those genre indeed connect to people very easily because people experience similar problem in their life. So, don't confuse those genre with classic anime.

  57. Cats Moo

    Cats Moo19 днів тому

    Id call gurren lagann a classic.

  58. Francesca Gonzalez Ramos

    Francesca Gonzalez Ramos19 днів тому

    Yeah Mark Ruffalo huh! Martian Successor Nadesico and Neon Genesis Evangelion were great, and Darling in the Franxx is terrible.

  59. Mark Dowse

    Mark Dowse19 днів тому

    Please shut up about """""TROPES""""". Irrelevant. Stop wanking. Start thinking.......... Classics are KIMBA, CUM CUM and PRINCE PLANET. LEARN.

  60. Big Toblerone

    Big Toblerone20 днів тому

    Higurashi is a classic anime. Made in Abyss is a modern classic.

  61. Infinity Gauntlet

    Infinity Gauntlet20 днів тому

    “If everything is special, nothing is.” Wait, is he legally allowed to say that?

  62. Denis Schneider

    Denis Schneider20 днів тому

    Gurren lagann was my First Anime :D

  63. Nova X

    Nova X20 днів тому

    Imma make a big anime tiddie thick gal 😏

  64. Trisha Heron

    Trisha Heron20 днів тому

    Funny how he didn't include a single Dragonball/Z clip, considering how long that franchise has been around (DBZ first aired in Japan in 1989......) and is still relevant. I understand the pain though of finding a modern classic, but really no one can predict what holds up with time. Just look at cinema.

  65. duncan kuijpers

    duncan kuijpers21 день тому

    The game you linked isnt on steam anymore

  66. The Queen Of Demons

    The Queen Of Demons21 день тому


  67. Re2pect Is earned

    Re2pect Is earned21 день тому

    Id call bunny girl senpai a classic

  68. Deaket Gt

    Deaket Gt23 дні тому

    Is jojo a classic?

  69. anAmateurGamer

    anAmateurGamer23 дні тому

    I think something that will always be a classic in my mind is devil man crybaby and I might even go as far to say it’s my favorite anime of all time

  70. Mikumi Shiota

    Mikumi Shiota24 дні тому

    Thanks for showing clips of Revolutionary Girl Utena. That... that was a true classic.

  71. United States of America

    United States of America24 дні тому

    JoJo: *laughs in bizzare*

  72. Dr. Bear

    Dr. Bear25 днів тому

    Promised neverland, Aot S3p2, MHA (if it doesn't go on too long), if I trust what my manga buddies tell me - then Dr. Stone might make it.

  73. Marek Siciński

    Marek Siciński25 днів тому

    ah yes the great """"""classic"""""", endgame, that is going to define 'my generation'. go fuck yourself

  74. Marek Siciński

    Marek Siciński25 днів тому

    I mean ur definiton of a classic seems to factor in a lot the idea of how you saw them when u were a kid/young

  75. Piece Of Kei

    Piece Of Kei25 днів тому

    “What’s the point of looking back?” Me: watching anohana instead of the animes that’s coming out

  76. TheAskald

    TheAskald22 дні тому

    if you haven't you should watch a movie from 2018 made by the director of Ano Hana: Maquia.

  77. Itsyeboi

    Itsyeboi26 днів тому

    Most of the comments are just jojo and attack on titan fans

  78. 3 A-Holes

    3 A-Holes26 днів тому

    I feel like One Punch Man is a modern Classic. Season 1 will stand the test of time as one of the greatest anime seasons just for how it changed the way we look at the tropes in the industry. It also still has memorable and likeable characters that keep us wanting to follow along to see where this different concept is going.

  79. King Soft

    King Soft26 днів тому

    I miss my 300+ episode shounens...

  80. Raja Sunwar

    Raja Sunwar26 днів тому

    Long as JoJo is around, we'll be okay.

  81. Sunny M

    Sunny M26 днів тому

    What anime is the shot from 11:33 from?

  82. Marthe Tanghe

    Marthe Tanghe26 днів тому

    I have been out of the anime scene for about 3 years, and there are so many new shows that's it's too overwhelming and I'm unable to choose, so I always rewatch old animes lol

  83. Stevie G

    Stevie G26 днів тому

    Some moderns I would consider classic would be AoT, One punch man, Mob Psycho 100, Future diary's and thats about it atm. What anime got you into anime? DBZ was the first anime I was exposed to, but Hellsing was the first anime I had to rewatch a thousand times.

  84. Jeffrey Canzani

    Jeffrey Canzani27 днів тому

    Garden Of Sinners (and quite possibly Fate Zero) is absolutely a modern classic. It’s a cult favorite, is insanely well animated, directed and scored, and evokes emotions that most viewers didn’t think were possible through anime. Like Bebop, it is only now reaching the acclaim it deserves, mostly through word of mouth. But by far, it is the absolute masterpiece of the 2000’s. I could also make the case for Gundam the Origin and the masterful Ghost in The Shell: Arise series, but those are new interpretations of classics that arguably outshine their originals in many ways. So, I will make the argument for a much less polished and controversial pick: Elfen Lied. It weirdly seems like the perfect “bridge classic”- or a beloved and masterful series that bridges the 80s/90’s classics and those of the 2000’s. It’s art style and pacing resembles the slower, calmer style of older classics Like bebop and Trigun, but it has a sort of cinematic calm that runs through it as well. I know the show is sort of controversial in the anime community, but from what I’ve seen, most people who have seen it have thought about it as very emotional and dear to their hearts, and often time, it’s their gateway into more dramatic, adult oriented anime, which is very much what those 90’s classics did for us older fans.

  85. Jeffrey Canzani

    Jeffrey Canzani27 днів тому

    You are the definitive anime UAreporterr for people between 20-30 years old. Everyone else likes moe trash

  86. Robin Astra

    Robin Astra26 днів тому

    Don't know if I fully agree with you. But I don't disagree either.

  87. Caecus Umbra

    Caecus Umbra28 днів тому

    I know about 60% of the anime used for background clips and I really want to know the other 40...

  88. all hail the whale

    all hail the whale28 днів тому

    when jojo fans literally drive you insane and you start repeatedly spamming reee in comment sections

  89. Cure4Living

    Cure4Living28 днів тому

    Am I the only one who hated Serial Experiments Lain? Like just hated it, well not as much as Earth Girl Arjuna but as far as I'm concerned Arjuna is the anime equivalent of Timothy Treadwell