The Death of Classic Anime


  1. Fraction YT

    Fraction YT6 годин тому

    Attack on tita be like bruhh -_-

  2. Germa42

    Germa428 годин тому

    Interspecies Reviewers is a modern classic

  3. Outlaw 451

    Outlaw 45119 годин тому

    Yeah "filler anime" feels like a term ive been trying to come up with for years, and one that show real catch on.

  4. not_a_gay_weeb

    not_a_gay_weebДень тому

    number 2 impact? hehe see what you did there

  5. Eric Song

    Eric SongДень тому

    Putting third impact over the “impact” section *clever one Gigguk*

  6. Hasaan Gilani

    Hasaan GilaniДень тому

    Legend of Galactic Heroes is so amazing that it ruined ALL TV shows for me. Even at the height Game of Thrones mania I kept on thinking how LoGH is better in every way. I have never come across anything that even comes close and I watch a lot of anime

  7. Ivan Bond

    Ivan Bond2 дні тому

    I just saw robotech macross at 1:54 and my heart almost leaped out of my chest.

  8. Physics Life

    Physics Life2 дні тому

    Honestly, many of the "classic" I don't think have aged very well. I watched Evangelion for the first time last year, and I just thought it was only good, but nothing to write home about, and when I tried rewatching it this year I found myself so bored I had to stop after 10 episodes. And for me personally, I there are 5 anime I feel will go down as modern classics. Attack on Titan (when it finishes), Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Your Name, A Silent Voice, and Violet Evergarden.

  9. FractalPrism

    FractalPrism2 дні тому

    its hard to look at scenes like 3:07 and not be moved by the incredible art/animation/everything

  10. roi sikron

    roi sikron3 дні тому

    what’s the Soundtrack on 10:00

  11. Apoostrophe

    Apoostrophe3 дні тому

    idk why this video got recommended to me now, all I can say is the Utena gifs warm my tiny heart, and attack on titan is definitely going to become a classic.

  12. Beeg Beeg

    Beeg Beeg3 дні тому

    Good thing the classics suck 😛

  13. Bob Shmitzel

    Bob Shmitzel4 дні тому

    I guess i try not to watch seasonal anime, i like to wait until enough of it is out so i can really sit down and enjoy it.

  14. GoofBall Jim

    GoofBall Jim4 дні тому

    If an anime has meme potential. Then it will be remembered

  15. Trevor Hannan

    Trevor Hannan4 дні тому

    I would love to argue that Steins;gate is what one would describe as a modern classic. I get it came out in 2011, I get that it originated as a VN. However there is little to no doubt in my mind that since that anime came out there hasn't been a single better anime than it making it the best of its decade. If an anime can be defined as the best of its decade it is most likely already viewed as a classic unless it was near the end of the decade of course. There is a reason that on MAL that Steins;gate has the second highest score and there is a reason that when our community voted that it also appeared in the top 5 anime of all time (not positive). There are few anime that have such pull and truly are what one would consider a masterpiece, however if any have come out this last decade it is 100% Steins;gate.

  16. Angela Mapule

    Angela Mapule7 днів тому

    I think morden anime is not bad at all its actually cool its only wht you decide to watch

  17. Kyreem

    Kyreem7 днів тому

    I think the idea of modern anime being a copy of a copy of a copy explains it really well. I feel like more anime lack human elements and just feel like they take ideas from other material. It is like they don't use real world experiences and just make stuff from a very limited world view. There definitely is more anime adapted from other source material instead of being anime only. It isn't good or bad, but I do feel like pacing really falls short in a lot of these.

  18. Parsa Rathernotsay

    Parsa Rathernotsay7 днів тому

    Imagine looking at Mob Psycho 100 II and being like nah that’s not a modern classic

  19. Sharmin

    Sharmin7 днів тому

    Attack on Titan is sure going to be!

  20. OBL LYM

    OBL LYM8 днів тому

    AoT, FMAB

  21. UltimateSaft

    UltimateSaft8 днів тому

    That sponsor aged horribly

  22. transient

    transient8 днів тому

    So basically sword art online ruined everything

  23. attackfighter

    attackfighter8 днів тому

    I'd say that Vinland Saga and the ongoing JoJo series deserve to be regarded as classics. My view is that there aren't many classics these days because there isn't much quality. Market forces select for quantity above quality these days due to cost-saving but creatively limiting 3D animation technologies. Although to be fair, there's also a slow down in 'classics' in other mediums like film and literature, so perhaps there's some broader force at play.

  24. April

    April6 днів тому

    jojo is utterly terrible and nobody with a brain rates it at all above average, let alone in a discussion where we are talking about classic material.

  25. Emos Qwe

    Emos Qwe9 днів тому

    meanwhile me watching allison and lillia ;D

  26. Andrea es trapito

    Andrea es trapito9 днів тому

    10:00 theme?

  27. Mryeboi

    Mryeboi11 днів тому

    any one just get hit really hard on the personal level when he said “who the hell do you think i am”

  28. HarmonyLife

    HarmonyLife11 днів тому

    NGE to me is perfect

  29. mojopeach

    mojopeach12 днів тому

    i sat down last month and watched the first season of Evangelion and honestly it was both great and really weird

  30. Rogue Lavellan

    Rogue Lavellan12 днів тому



    SEAN DIEGO12 днів тому

    Violet Evergarden is definitely a Modern Classic!

  32. the killer sandvich

    the killer sandvich12 днів тому

    to me carol and tuesday is a classic

  33. SuckMan

    SuckMan12 днів тому

    I don't like the way classic anime looks.


    ROJHAE THOMAS11 днів тому

    This kid smh...

  35. ragejinraver

    ragejinraver13 днів тому

    Anime has become beyond oversaturated with the same character cardboard cut outs . And the same tropes it lost its X factor it once had .

  36. kaitou boy

    kaitou boy13 днів тому

    I think attack on titan,Steins gate,death note and code geass are modern classic

  37. nikhil girish

    nikhil girish13 днів тому

    I would say the monogatari series is a classic, the depth was too good, I would even consider to be better than most of Shakespeare's work

  38. Roger Touma

    Roger Touma11 днів тому

    bro i just finished bakemonogatari, this show is amazing he can be a modern classic anime because the show is so unique, but i feel like the serie didn't have much impact, no one talk about this anime, this frustrate me so much

  39. DJ_KOEN

    DJ_KOEN13 днів тому

    and i never watched code geass but with how much praise it gets and how much people talk about it, it seems to be a classic to the community and i perceive it as such as well.

  40. Just [DIO] with a Moustache.

    Just [DIO] with a Moustache.13 днів тому

    JoJo's are Classic *Flamboyant Masculinity*

  41. Random frostborn Gamer

    Random frostborn Gamer13 днів тому

    You cant stop me Im gonna say it Gibli studio have the best anime

  42. DJ_KOEN

    DJ_KOEN13 днів тому

    i think the most important aspect of why modern shows arent considered classics by the general community is because there is so much division within the general community nowadays, the community has grown and expanded significantly it is no longer as much of small niche subculture as it once was nowadays so many people all who have their own opinions exist, but most importantly there is very little connection within the fanbase and naturally that results in the proclusion of a shared opinion or concensus of which anime are classics i hope this makes some sense to some people, you can tell me if im totally wrong about things

  43. DJ_KOEN

    DJ_KOEN13 днів тому

    i have never cared for seasonal anime, only recently actually checking what is airing at the moment, i watch almost everything after it has already been released, and some shows i accidentally picked up when they were wrapping up in their respective season. to me looking back to what has been made before is what it means to watch anything really, when you want to find the good stuff you have to dig and explore, there is so much out there the only problem is that you dont know about it. i still discover new things that go all the way back to the previous decade, movies from the previous millennium and thats how you are supposed to approach it, why limit yourself to what is currently being released? there is plenty of anime that i didnt watch when they were aired only to watch them long after the hype died i watched re:zero last summer, i watched kaguya in april before i even knew a second season was coming this spring i watched one punch man the winter before last and ended up reading the manga, i discovered paranoia agent last winter, i watched 91 days less than a month ago i watched night is short walk on girl a few weeks ago, not knowing when it was released and many more me and a friend decided last summer to watch legend of the glactic heroes, and we still havent finished that show. this was a bit rambly for my tastes but i implore you all to dig around and im sure that when you expand your horizons something lies beyond, waiting to be discovered, because discovering something is part of the joy for me.

  44. Escanor Lion sin of pride

    Escanor Lion sin of pride13 днів тому

    clannad any one

  45. Anime Yahallo Studio

    Anime Yahallo Studio14 днів тому

    "That time I watched classic animes and it can't be this cute"

  46. Slickweeb G59

    Slickweeb G5914 днів тому

    I'm here after he said attack on Titan could be a modern classic after season 4 releases on him and The anime man's podcast

  47. Bobby Tedora

    Bobby Tedora15 днів тому

    Love how when you’re describing the character creation at the start you are instantly playing with the breast slider 😂

  48. ygw _inpeace

    ygw _inpeace15 днів тому

    Get In f*cking robot you p*ssy

  49. ygw _inpeace

    ygw _inpeace15 днів тому

    Who knows what that’s from

  50. Blurryink

    Blurryink15 днів тому

    the fact Aot is still relevant after being on hiatus for 4 years after season one really says a lot. Man I love that show

  51. sebastianwillows

    sebastianwillows15 днів тому

    Mob psycho, and AoT are totally classics imho. Megalobox also comes close

  52. A7MD224

    A7MD22415 днів тому

    Honestly after watching LOGH, it is hard to see a series better than it. And yes It’s my favorite series of all time!

  53. Steve Mankidy

    Steve Mankidy15 днів тому

    the fact there are seasons is what makes modern classic animes not classics.

  54. Thort

    Thort16 днів тому

    So basecally he has watched legend of the Galactic heros, and thats it

  55. Amine Zaaza

    Amine Zaaza16 днів тому

    Devilman is a classic

  56. alvo damdam

    alvo damdam16 днів тому

    whats the name of the song at 2:46 ?

  57. AyBruhHam AyBruhHam

    AyBruhHam AyBruhHam16 днів тому

    WHAT IS THE SONG THAT STARTS AT 4:23?? I can't remember which anime its from but its giving me intense nostalgia. Someone please help I NEED to know

  58. Skits & Schist

    Skits & Schist17 днів тому

    I'm not a weeb so a classic is whatever anime I actually know the name of

  59. 42nd sheep

    42nd sheep17 днів тому

    I feel like this is related to the question of why there is no new Albert Einstein, which is that people can make extremely significant discoveries and major progress, but so many people are doing that at once now that they don't stand out. The thing that makes a classic a classic was the opportunity it had to be revolutionary in an era with few revolutions. A modern anime can be as revolutionary but it will be covered up by both the less good anime and the other revolutionary anime that are coming out at a similar time, meaning it doesn't get the time it needs to gain traction in order to become a "classic".

  60. Arden Winter

    Arden Winter18 днів тому

    Can you please make a list of classical anime

  61. ThatRascallyRabbit

    ThatRascallyRabbit19 днів тому

    First the love of all things holy can someone please tell me what sing in I'm the back ground around the 4 minute mark

  62. Lexort 420

    Lexort 42020 днів тому


  63. Thomas Murphy

    Thomas Murphy20 днів тому

    I think if demon slayer stays on the same bar season one was itll be a classic

  64. Samuele ieremie

    Samuele ieremie21 день тому

    I hate MECHA

  65. mak sens

    mak sens21 день тому

    Uh jojo

  66. Alyssin Williams

    Alyssin Williams21 день тому

    Yagate Kimi ni Naru will go down as a classic in the yuri genre, and probably in the romance category. Domestic na Kanojo as a classic in the melodrama (aka dumpster-fire) category, probably along with the equally as melodramatic Citrus

  67. Suissie

    Suissie23 дні тому

    Anime has gotten worse, stop lying to yourself

  68. pyro226

    pyro22624 дні тому

    Modern anime has evolved to the point where most of the "classics" are not relevant. I've seen Evangelion, Apple Seed, Bubblegum Crisis, Akira, Trigun, and more. They're all garbage by today's standards. Dragonball was good, if not for the pacing issues. I'd say better watching are the anime around the time of the modernization of anime. Shows like FMA, Hellsing, Gurren Lagan, etc. Even within that grouping, there are a lot that aren't worth watching (Haruhi, Lucky Star, K-On, anything that pushes Moe over substance).

  69. pyro226

    pyro22624 дні тому

    Umm, what? The original Mob Psycho was far superior to Mob Psycho II.

  70. Naruto Ali

    Naruto Ali29 днів тому

    soundtrack name please

  71. Epic Happy

    Epic Happy29 днів тому

    We all forgot the real classic anime-Boku no Pico

  72. Rishitas

    Rishitas29 днів тому

    AOT S4.

  73. PlatypusPrince

    PlatypusPrinceМісяць тому

    "Watch the classics" said by the guy who hasn't even see fmab yet

  74. Night Raid

    Night RaidМісяць тому

    Gurren lagann music in the background

  75. SpicyTrash

    SpicyTrashМісяць тому

    Is JoJo a classic I love it tho

  76. Darth Backstabber

    Darth BackstabberМісяць тому

    2:34 Your voice is nice, but could you please just shut up for once and let me listen to Bratja for the 25278152th time?

  77. Epoch

    EpochМісяць тому

    Attack on Titan and JoJo’s (idk if you would count JoJo’s since it is still running)

  78. Epoch

    EpochМісяць тому

    I had to click because of chika cat ears

  79. Raseen Pro

    Raseen ProМісяць тому

    Came here to see asuka turn into chika somehow

  80. han dler

    han dlerМісяць тому

    SOA not only a classic but trend setter. Facts > your feelings.

  81. Jo John

    Jo JohnМісяць тому

    I think it has to with experimentation and mainstream commercial performance. Early animations had to start from a base with only design and explore through different stories and ideas with great mind of experimentation. Hence i saw many animes with great qualities and some with even very grimy, and depressing stories. They make the foundation. However, as time goes on, they became a strong base for other animes to construct their own buildings. Since they came from same designs, the plot seems cliche and typical. We dont get that vibe we got from classical anime anymore. Also some qualities are not really considered because of the need to appeal to wider audience.

  82. j dragoon

    j dragoonМісяць тому

    Video went way way way too long. Could of summed up your point in under 5 minutes cuz mostly you ramble on about the same thing.

  83. Julienard Marie Deloso

    Julienard Marie DelosoМісяць тому

    Wait wait wait. The inclusion of Banana Fish in this vid... you're telling me it's a good (great?) anime right? right? It's so underrated, i feel like nobody understands my love for it.

  84. Ethan Johnson

    Ethan JohnsonМісяць тому

    One punch man would’ve been a modern classic. If not for season 2