1. Paco The Taco

    Paco The Taco12 годин тому

    He did it

  2. Salisu Babadidi

    Salisu Babadidi4 дні тому

    it's magical how this video instantly teleports me back to my childhood days. the memories of me and my brother's playing soccer and hide and seek game unfolds everytime i bring myself to watch it. somebody take me backkkk 😭


    ICEEY BRYCEE6 днів тому


  4. Chronic-187

    Chronic-1876 днів тому

    Love Billy Joel. Great song for the second part of the video.

  5. Lucid Dreamin'

    Lucid Dreamin'7 днів тому

    .... ace people are sick crying right now - ibm

  6. 강민탁

    강민탁8 днів тому

    So jermaine cole finesse another check from puma. It’s good to know.

  7. lamar kwadare

    lamar kwadare9 днів тому

    And I wonder, if you know what it means, what it means (keep it going)

  8. Mugginnn

    Mugginnn10 днів тому

    this is special.

  9. Zed Swift

    Zed Swift11 днів тому

    its ok J, its like if lebron was at yur studio n messed up while recording , so what u missed a dunk at all stars:)

  10. ax c.

    ax c.13 днів тому

    The Clippers anthem " How do you guys think you guys did today?" "I think we're sorry... 😀" We'll just keep on dreaming... 🗜️♥️💙🖤


    RAPTURE14 днів тому

    When this vid came out I was having fight with my girl. Next day was Valentine's day. We broke up. I come here everyday, not for her , even though I miss her. But for Cole , for keeping my dream alive

  12. melanie Cunha

    melanie Cunha14 днів тому


  13. khiarra manjarrez

    khiarra manjarrez14 днів тому


  14. obaby nation

    obaby nation15 днів тому

    this isn’t a song this is a memory

  15. obaby nation

    obaby nation15 днів тому

    Watch the whole video and you’ll see

  16. Chickennuggetking 586

    Chickennuggetking 58616 днів тому

    This teaches you to never stop chasing your dreams & stay focused on the goal at hand.. 🗣💯 thank you cole!

  17. Shijj死

    Shijj死17 днів тому

    For our brothers who want to know those song titles. That's it

  18. عَبْد العَزيز A

    عَبْد العَزيز A17 днів тому

    This reminds me my childhood... I wanna cry...

  19. Kristina Croft

    Kristina Croft19 днів тому

    Kanye west sampled this song like if u remember

  20. Jr3

    Jr317 днів тому

    I've been waiting for this my whole life

  21. Brisaida LoVe

    Brisaida LoVe19 днів тому

    This video always makes me cry :') ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. William Ong

    William Ong20 днів тому

    This is just kanye's i wonder music video

  23. Stonaye The Fonz

    Stonaye The Fonz21 день тому🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. francisco lopez

    francisco lopez22 дні тому


  25. Lg Steelo

    Lg Steelo25 днів тому

    My dude look the same his entire life 😅💯

  26. dj Nike o

    dj Nike o26 днів тому

    j Cole's you tube analyzer be like your music videos are getting too much view. so lets try and upload your videos without the songs in them and lets see the public response. if people still like them don't bother studio time money, ours of production hassle and just play basket ball with your homies live dude !!!!

  27. r nr

    r nr29 днів тому

    This can't be. I hate even 5 sec ads

  28. Rudy Miranda

    Rudy Miranda29 днів тому

    I love this video because I can honestly relate... all the success aside.

  29. Vukašin Radovanovic

    Vukašin RadovanovicМісяць тому

    Not sure that j cole sing here

  30. Dontae Ford

    Dontae FordМісяць тому

    Just showing love.. Here to destroy the crown😤🤳🏾🤝🏾 love you God 🤨🤟🏾😎🧏🏾‍♂️🤳🏾

  31. Sonaldo Paixão

    Sonaldo PaixãoМісяць тому

    So cutee

  32. Mauris Othuke

    Mauris OthukeМісяць тому

    One time for the people who haven’t made it yet but aren’t willing to give up. This song for all of us 🥂

  33. Royce Cinema

    Royce CinemaМісяць тому

    True inspiration 🙏🏽🎯

  34. Scarlet Bolaños

    Scarlet BolañosМісяць тому


  35. Bobo Hd

    Bobo HdМісяць тому

    “It won’t be to sell you my latest new sneaker”- j.cole

  36. Bionic In V

    Bionic In VМісяць тому

    check my bro out he's fire

  37. 10RD

    10RDМісяць тому

    Is this not on Spotify ?

  38. ASAP Chronic

    ASAP ChronicМісяць тому

    Immediately recognized the song from Kanye’s I wonder

  39. Bionic In V

    Bionic In VМісяць тому

    check my bro out he's fire

  40. Olmeca A'Liiq

    Olmeca A'LiiqМісяць тому

    I'm real proud of this dude, we from the same area out of North Carolina..... "FayetteNam" aka (Fayetteville, NC).... Seen him a couple of times in person too... Before he got real famous and after he got Ppls.....Ace (J) Cole.

  41. Bionic In V

    Bionic In VМісяць тому

    check my bro out he's fire

  42. jon doe

    jon doeМісяць тому

    wanna diss kanye but use his samples....wack

  43. Jahseh

    Jahseh26 днів тому

    kanye sampled it lmao an he also said kanye WAS a legend

  44. Danny 10

    Danny 10Місяць тому


  45. Jerry Campos

    Jerry CamposМісяць тому

    I’d say he gonna be a strong 3rd round pick maybe 2nd. Cole can ball bro lol

  46. Conor Sherman

    Conor ShermanМісяць тому

    Usernames are not gay.

  47. Marc Macaluso

    Marc MacalusoМісяць тому

    Billy Joel too? Wtf you been smoking

  48. Ben Gbaja

    Ben GbajaМісяць тому


  49. enkadu007

    enkadu007Місяць тому

    Shoutout to Kanye

  50. H2O Wav3

    H2O Wav3Місяць тому

    He's correcting the previous error

  51. H2O Wav3

    H2O Wav3Місяць тому

    Billy joe_uptown girl

  52. Leave me be

    Leave me beМісяць тому

    The basket ball court part reminded me how I don’t fit in around and I just keep it inside me until somebody notices it

  53. Russell Stewart

    Russell StewartМісяць тому

    The pistions need to sign him to the team 😄

  54. 2-15-19 720

    2-15-19 720Місяць тому

    J Cole is such an amazing person

  55. Jxshua Princeton

    Jxshua PrincetonМісяць тому

    Am I the only who realizes J Cole owns Hip Hop

  56. Daniel Dominguez

    Daniel DominguezМісяць тому

    Billy Joel-Vienna.

  57. Gspadez tooreal

    Gspadez toorealМісяць тому

    Cole the next nipsey.... I don’t say that loosely just pay attention

  58. Gspadez tooreal

    Gspadez toorealМісяць тому

    Little dude was everyone from 7-14

  59. Gspadez tooreal

    Gspadez toorealМісяць тому

    Dead thought this was a video... it said j and I clicked

  60. banana slamma

    banana slammaМісяць тому

    Little did we know, this was his NBA debut

  61. Ky Smith

    Ky SmithМісяць тому

    I see what you did there J... Yesss love. Do it

  62. cupcake kisses

    cupcake kissesМісяць тому

    Love ❤️ puma got the king 👑 out hear give us life in a damn ad y'all 😍

  63. lil Kevin

    lil KevinМісяць тому

    1:14 young Bronny😳

  64. 06_XII-A_Arish_ Ali_

    06_XII-A_Arish_ Ali_Місяць тому

    Is Cole singin there??? 😳

  65. Serenity Rain

    Serenity RainМісяць тому

    Little did he kno he was finna become a platinum star😂🤩

  66. Chistoph

    ChistophМісяць тому

    Me and homeboy at the beginning would have gotten into in if was one of the players. You not going to pick on a kid like that

  67. omarkhalid

    omarkhalidМісяць тому

    Cole has always been a realist. "I think we're sorry"

  68. Harry Baulsach

    Harry BaulsachМісяць тому

    People will buy the shoes you didn't have to fake being a basketball player

  69. Drake Murphy

    Drake MurphyМісяць тому

    and now he's makin an NBA run fuck yeah

  70. Kick The Sma

    Kick The SmaМісяць тому

    Cash app $Moneyday7 need help please anything would help not trying to scam just tired of doing bad things

  71. Michael Chin

    Michael ChinМісяць тому


  72. EricGoesOff Gaming

    EricGoesOff GamingМісяць тому

    look at all yall mfs now... "OHHHHH THIS MAKES SENSE NOW!" (in case you dont know, cole is trying to join the NBA)

  73. Rich Porter

    Rich PorterМісяць тому

    Soooo...why did he make this shit again???

  74. Officer Damien Damien

    Officer Damien DamienМісяць тому

    Keeping the up and coming to strive for more...#coleworld

  75. Austine O

    Austine OМісяць тому

    The value in this piece is the reminder for you to get our act together and pursue those dreams today. Even if you don’t get the kicks, get your dreams.

  76. Mantequilla

    MantequillaМісяць тому

    Man much success to this man in his next dream/goal

  77. AJ Johnson

    AJ JohnsonМісяць тому

    Um sorry you don't get to quantify or qualify his music his art is just that ART every time. Love him respect him

  78. Lauren Gober

    Lauren GoberМісяць тому

    aye jermaine!!! hey so, there's this cool bball court where i'm at, but they only let dudes use it...can you help me set up a protest bc i wanna fight this unjustly discrimination, bew, real shit tho

  79. Lauren Gober

    Lauren GoberМісяць тому

    i love trying to spot which of these comments are like jermaine jermaine

  80. TheAmericanSavage *

    TheAmericanSavage *Місяць тому

    Oh.. shit nigga m.. bro wanna be a nba player but the music fuckin with his head that him right there

  81. TheAmericanSavage *

    TheAmericanSavage *Місяць тому

    Kno what this shit means cuz... Means that you listening to someone you really like. When this compassion gonna start showing itself and make dreams come true?? For a boxer.. man I mean this boy Quick and Raw Miami shit. Not Jorge masvidal brotha

  82. TheAmericanSavage *

    TheAmericanSavage *Місяць тому

    Kno what this shit means cuz... Means that you listening to someone you really like. When this compassion gonna start showing itself and make dreams come true?? For a boxer.. man I mean this boy Quick and Raw Miami shit. Not Jorge masvidal brotha

  83. TheAmericanSavage *

    TheAmericanSavage *Місяць тому

    Kno what this shit means cuz... Means that you listening to someone you really like. When this compassion gonna start showing itself and make dreams come true?? For a boxer.. man I mean this boy Quick and Raw Miami shit. Not Jorge masvidal brotha

  84. Chris TheVibe

    Chris TheVibeМісяць тому

    This video fire it kinda motivated me actually idk how lmao JERMAINE....... COLE !?!?

  85. Evan Nguyen

    Evan NguyenМісяць тому

    What were the songs?

  86. shane aguilar

    shane aguilar27 днів тому

    my song by labi siffre and vienna by billy joel

  87. sangone diene

    sangone dieneМісяць тому

    Like before the vid reaches its starting

  88. MrLoonie Loon

    MrLoonie LoonМісяць тому

  89. MrLoonie Loon

    MrLoonie LoonМісяць тому

  90. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    EaST CoAsT MaCHeteМісяць тому

    J Cole actually going through with it .

  91. PhaQ You

    PhaQ YouМісяць тому

    Was expecting someone to start pitching life insurance after the intro

  92. ShmoneyCuhh

    ShmoneyCuhhМісяць тому

    This was him saying hoopin was lowkey his dream all along and who here after he got a tryout for the pistons

  93. Hayden Paterson

    Hayden PatersonМісяць тому

    Love j cole and love Billy Joel nice one

  94. +Big ant+

    +Big ant+Місяць тому

    This got me wanting to listen to kanye's I wonder. Issa classic, yessir.

  95. Craig Chapman

    Craig ChapmanМісяць тому

    J.Cole!!??! JERMAINE!?!?! COLE!?!?!?!?

  96. Craig Chapman

    Craig ChapmanМісяць тому

    @Lauren Gober ummmm ok 👍🏾

  97. Lauren Gober

    Lauren GoberМісяць тому

    @Craig Chapman didnt even read past the words jermaine cole sooooooouh

  98. Craig Chapman

    Craig ChapmanМісяць тому

    @Lauren Gober you obviously dont get the reference 🤣🤣🤣

  99. Lauren Gober

    Lauren GoberМісяць тому

    you forgot the *lamarr part

  100. Shillian Rex

    Shillian RexМісяць тому

    My Hero

  101. Dustin Smith

    Dustin SmithМісяць тому

    This shit need a Grammy Tony and whatever else is possible.

  102. david freeeman

    david freeemanМісяць тому

    Looks like his dream is coming true with the Pistons!

  103. h0l96lim worldwide

    h0l96lim worldwideМісяць тому


  104. Kennedy Cooper

    Kennedy CooperМісяць тому

    Name of this song please...

  105. NIANG WIN

    NIANG WINМісяць тому

    2020 is juz too much… Kanye trying to run for U.S president & J.Cole trying to get into the league 🤦🏾

  106. Eli love

    Eli loveМісяць тому

    I just love j Cole so much 💚

  107. Leonard Fillings

    Leonard FillingsМісяць тому

    Cole fucking follow your dreams If you wana play ball I know you can and will be great You got me feeling like I can do anything brother

  108. Official Killua

    Official KilluaМісяць тому

    He rlly wanna make his dreams to come true if he dose he gonna be a rapper and a basketball player

  109. sippycupman

    sippycupmanМісяць тому

    He was leaving bred crumbs that he was gonna try out for the league

  110. spook tyrone

    spook tyroneМісяць тому

    Bruh fr best ad of all time

  111. A L

    A LМісяць тому

    This is beautiful. Thank you Cole.