1. aloz720

    aloz7202 години тому

    yo Cry with esta obra de art

  2. artur luiz

    artur luiz2 години тому

    all this bullshit for his ego trip drop dead bitch

  3. The Content Page

    The Content Page7 годин тому

    I love young Cole with no teeth!

  4. Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom

    Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom7 годин тому

    I am Hip Hop Artists/ songwriter and a film maker. I can really appreciate what you doing here! It's a whole vibe.

  5. The Content Page

    The Content Page7 годин тому

    Definitely dope!

  6. Lyric League

    Lyric League7 годин тому

    Wow so Amazing. Cole is the true definition of an Evolving Artists! So Dope!

  7. Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom

    Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom8 годин тому

    Amazing piece of work! It's moving! I love the cinema. Thank you Cole for always including the people. You make everything seem possible 🙆 I value your energy and that you came...

  8. Lyric League

    Lyric League7 годин тому

    Wow so well said Homie. I value you💯👌

  9. Brittany Ur mom

    Brittany Ur mom10 годин тому

    why are ppl pissed this wasn’t a jcole song. This film is amazing.

  10. YoBoiSummers

    YoBoiSummers12 годин тому

    I have watched this too many times. It is literally the most beautiful video I have ever seen by far! Love you and your work! It’s a Cole world brotha!

  11. Angel James

    Angel James13 годин тому

    Did no one else think that Vienna by Billy Joel was Spotify?

  12. awsomsauce 35543

    awsomsauce 3554315 годин тому

    Honestly I actually really liked this


    ILL FAMED17 годин тому

    It would mean the world to me if you guys could take the time out to listen to my song!

  14. Will Turner

    Will Turner17 годин тому

    Kanye did it first.

  15. Ornate Muse

    Ornate Muse17 годин тому

    Okay puma I see what you doin.

  16. Aaron Ramirez

    Aaron Ramirez18 годин тому

    Jcole is an artist he makes people value and love

  17. vestra v

    vestra v20 годин тому

    R.I.P KOBE

  18. Pedro Perez

    Pedro Perez20 годин тому

    I really like this type of music & I wish I had a playlist if more songs like this

  19. Pewdiepie 1

    Pewdiepie 1День тому

    Woah didn’t realize jcole was this good holy shit

  20. John Smith

    John SmithДень тому

    This guy hates white people......FACTS

  21. Pau Solé-Vilaró

    Pau Solé-VilaróДень тому

    Wasn't expecting vienna there but i love it

  22. Kam Steele

    Kam SteeleДень тому

    Sum 2 Prove REMIX

  23. wells mood

    wells moodДень тому

    Thank u Cole I need this. 😭😭😭

  24. O'Nalerona Dinkebogile

    O'Nalerona DinkebogileДень тому


  25. Tomahawk 1889

    Tomahawk 1889День тому

    Jokes on me huh thinking its j Cole yup no need to fast forward half way through what the hell is this get to the end Ooooooooo

  26. emya zanders

    emya zandersДень тому

    mann i thought this was a song😭

  27. Lior Kolton

    Lior KoltonДень тому

    I never thought I’d weep to a Puma ad

  28. Josh Aqua

    Josh AquaДень тому

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's confirmed. Jemaine Cole is singing with the Charlotte Hornets to play in the NBA.



    who here from "I Wonder" by Kanye West?

  30. Leandre

    LeandreДень тому

    Can't help but think of Kobe and his love of basketball. Falling in love with something so pure as a kid and having the manifest into something so much great. Thanks Cole for this.

  31. Londons_legacy

    Londons_legacyДень тому

    H O M E. This was shot in my city. His city. Thanks for coming back home for a little bit, Cole.

  32. Kevin Fuentes

    Kevin FuentesДень тому

    That's my teacher singing

  33. Stephen Cain

    Stephen CainДень тому

    Nobody gonna talk about this dude missin a clear layup at 2:07 😂

  34. Nba Johny

    Nba JohnyДень тому

    1:09 what are the clouds?

  35. Ale Rea

    Ale ReaДень тому

    Bro, I was so happy when I saw J in my notifications... Sad

  36. Google Paladin

    Google Paladin2 дні тому

    watching an ad so i can watch an ad , yikesss

  37. Lil Max

    Lil Max2 дні тому

    An ad got #4 on trending lmao, still pretty good though

  38. Shop Amzn

    Shop Amzn2 дні тому

    my covers for jcole and drake songs

  39. indigo la end DTRWHo

    indigo la end DTRWHo2 дні тому


  40. Matthew Creary

    Matthew Creary2 дні тому

    I don't want my children to play professional sports because it's too much like modern day SLAVERY. Use your BRAIN instead so when you break your leg you can still EARN. #WOKE

  41. alex diego

    alex diego2 дні тому

    I just recommend *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* to get youtube likes mad views.

  42. Yo yo

    Yo yo2 дні тому

    Great advert, Puma! You want us to forget you're funding apartheid in Palestine?

  43. Lebo Mokhethi

    Lebo Mokhethi2 дні тому

    Oh, this is a Puma commercial *SMH!

  44. bryanslayer123

    bryanslayer1232 дні тому

    Apple Music?

  45. NANI?! Cat

    NANI?! Cat2 дні тому


  46. Hillary Benson

    Hillary Benson2 дні тому

    Imagery nba player not for anything but that feel of flying freedom... Stay 💪

  47. Lo-key music

    Lo-key music2 дні тому

    This hits me right in the childhood feels

  48. ReK Magic

    ReK Magic2 дні тому

    I been watching this shit every day

  49. Theo Kolade

    Theo Kolade2 дні тому

    A dang commercial 🤦🏽‍♂️ I want my data back

  50. Sasha Dog

    Sasha Dog2 дні тому

    What about The Fall Off

  51. NF

    NF2 дні тому

    It's a shame this film was wasted on an ad.

  52. jimena bird

    jimena bird2 дні тому

    wow mad results *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* is the best

  53. All Day Games

    All Day Games2 дні тому

    Nah bby this all cole

  54. Alexis Mixtape

    Alexis Mixtape2 дні тому


  55. Geo D

    Geo D2 дні тому

    That second song was on some Toy Story type beat.

  56. M3NACE X

    M3NACE X2 дні тому

    Not gon lie I cried watchin thjs

  57. LiL MARS

    LiL MARS2 дні тому

    For all the ppl said j cole was trash ur trash


    PAEZ xKILLZ2 дні тому

    My childhood

  59. Elijah Daniels

    Elijah Daniels2 дні тому

    idk what y'all saying but cool just touched and inspired me

  60. Francis Mbagi

    Francis Mbagi3 дні тому

    What's the heck is this?!

  61. tütü is good

    tütü is good3 дні тому

    Dope🔥🔥🔥...that vibe

  62. O'Nalerona Dinkebogile

    O'Nalerona Dinkebogile3 дні тому

    This whole year I've been on kanye.

  63. A.wake

    A.wake3 дні тому

    I feel kinda cheated :-0

  64. AP 33

    AP 333 дні тому

    Shit gave me chilz