The Eerie Vanishing Of The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers


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  2. Gracie

    Gracie5 днів тому

    If the keeper didn't report anything weird during those two weeks, I wonder if the principal keeper paid him to not say anything and then murdered the other two. Since he had asked just before arriving at the lighthouse with the others whether they could do an experiment to see how long it would take someone to get there between the thing being reported and them actually investigating. Since it was denied, maybe he opted to just bribe the keeper to keep silent. Since he wanted to know how long it would take for someone to come investigating, maybe he was planning out how long he'd have from the time he'd stop turning on the light (leaving the island) until someone would start looking for him. The journal said he was quiet, so what if he was just nervous about his plans. He could have drugged the other two which made them hallucinate and see the storm. Perhaps he was conducting some sort of experiment, and then killed them and left somehow, maybe by having some sort of accomplice pick him up or something.

  3. Plant

    Plant11 днів тому

    What would you do on a deserted island? What extra person would you bring?

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    shane which part of little women (the movie) did u start crying at this is important

  5. Grace Linnea

    Grace Linnea11 днів тому

    Which rap song would you rather use against the water sprites, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice or Fancy by Iggy Azalea?

  6. Yazmine Yacub

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    whenever i need to do scottish accents i just always say it how i think shrek would say it and i think you guys should try it too!!

  7. bradstev14

    bradstev1458 хвилин тому

    Hagrid came and took them to Hogwarts. Yer a wizard Donald.

  8. y a

    y aГодину тому

    I think they got into a little scrap, sure no sign of violence, but what about outside? it can explain why one of the lighthouse keepers didnt bother grabbing his coat

  9. Arya

    Arya2 години тому

    At 3:47 as a Scottish native hearing them speak made me have a seizure

  10. Disha Khandelwal

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    Genuinely worried that the lockdown has eroded your sanity 🥴

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    Why is no one saying pirates??!

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    lighthouse keepers are moths, apparently.

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    "What if I told you you were gonna disappear?" "Sounds good!" that's a mood

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    Ryan: "Looks like a can of alien juice." Shane: "... Is that where this is... Fuckin going...? 😒"

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    I will be soo disappointed if I don't see a mix of their rap battle going viral soon.

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    Holy crap, Shane is that boring white guy who basically failed improv class.

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    if you sub to me, you will get nothing, i will gain satisfaction.

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    This is basically story of the lighthouse

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    Buzzfeed unsolved is the only good thing about buzzzfeed 😂

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    Play phasmophobia

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    Please do the murders of the Girl Scout girls on Oklahoma in the 1970s I think near Tulsa Oklahoma

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    *anyone else get the Dark Knight Rises reference?*

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    they should play phasmophobia

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    I'm here from Mr. Nightmare/Llama Arts

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    Ryan's voice is iconic, he should do voiceovers for Amazon Prime and Netflix horror documentaries

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    I still giggle at the bandages just removing themselves from the one sheep at the beginning.

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    this return of the gems of buzzfeed is what I need rn

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    Just a casual throuple chillin in Jamaica who used to run a lighthouse

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    I will be soo disappointed if I don't see a mix of their rap battle going viral soon.

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    "What if I told you you were gonna disappear?" "Sounds good!" that's a mood

  31. GirlOnTheStreets

    GirlOnTheStreets14 годин тому

    I'm Scottish and if like me you live in the Highlands, you know all those stories about sprites and faeries are all still widely believed today. The idea that the men may have offended a faerie or sprite which then turned them into the three birds sat atop the lighthouse would not be completely unreasonable... especially with the local farmers believing the islands had magical qualities anyway. The Scottish Highlands and Islands are filled with stories and places like that - it can be a very superstitious place, especially among older locals. But i don't believe it was aliens lol.

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    Shane is soo done with unsolved 😅😂

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    Ricky Goldsworth showed himself for a moment

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    At this point just give them a tv show called "buzzfeed unsolved"

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    8:13 I think that's the closest i've seen Shane come to being legitimately mad 😂

  36. Leah Macmaster

    Leah Macmaster16 годин тому

    yo shoutout to portland head light in cape elizabeth, maine @ 15:30

  37. Mel in Real Life

    Mel in Real Life17 годин тому

    Wasn’t this turned into a movie with Gerard Butler

  38. TPoseCulture

    TPoseCulture17 годин тому

    Although I don't know for sure what happened, I can only assume that at some point, someone didn't complement someone else's lobster.

  39. Edward Joseph Manao

    Edward Joseph Manao18 годин тому

    there is a movie called The Vanishing that is based on this mystery. what happened there is more likely than the theories we have here.

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    y’all should do the julie vega or the elisa lam cases

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    Please bring out more videos

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    No rat

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    M a s k e

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    YES MAN IM SO HAPPY YOU GUYS ARE BACK !!!That Rhyme Battle tho LMFAO!!!

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    Ryan: looks like a can of alien juice Shane:ಠ_ಠ

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    me everyday in 2020: 8:13

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    I'm Scottish and laughing my heid off at impression

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    Im surprised the movie the lighthouse hasnt been referenced once

  50. Mango Alex

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    Okay so, this may be weird but I wrote the exact same story in year 2 ( grade 3). I had never heard of this story before. I’m now in year 8

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    Yasss you guys are back!

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    "Tell me more about these men" -Shane Madej, 2020

  53. Starry Potts

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    Postmortem question: could the men have been poisoned? That wouldn't leave signs of a scuffle.

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    its Irish and pronounced eye lean and mor is Irish for big so the name is big (eye lean)

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    how long could you two last working a lighthouse together ?

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    Fred and George weasley but in 2020.

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    6’4 Shane seeing women under 5’5: *bursts into tears* Why are you so little??? So smol.... I could step on you......


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    I’ve been waiting for a new season!!! Dreams come true 🔥😁

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    Is nobody going to talk about how they say “buoy” it’s pronounced boy as in buoyancy aid not boooewy, never in my life have I heard this word butchered

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    "I'm really tough and I'll tell you I've haaad enough"

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    They probably killed a seabird - 'tis bad luck to kill a sea bird

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    Shane: “I could beat a Sprite in a rap battle” Ryan: “ok start” Shane: “years ago I tried to....”

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    Tsunami... duh lol

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    Yo why is Ryan so beefcake all of a sudden or is that just me

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    Me within 40 seconds of watching this vid "Is Shane drunk??"

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    MH370 Stone man Beer man Arushi Talwar

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    I love these two 🤣🤣🤣


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    This episode is supposed to be in BuzzFeed Unsolved SUPERNATURAL

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    15:03 Did Ryan spell Edinburgh as Edinbruh ? 😶

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    How did Shane not switch legs 1 time

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    Liverpool has a lot of spooky places

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    I'm Scottish and never heard of this place lol

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    what if they were abducted by pirates

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    I can't believe how much I've missed the boys 🥺

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    I missed you guys!!!

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    Magic grass? You're just antagonizing Grass Fed Grass now.

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    2 minutes in and that's enough for me, rather you just got on with the story.

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    love you guys

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    Tsunami... duh lol

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    You should do the Chris Benoit murders

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    For me being Scottish I find it hilarious for Americans to try and copy our accent it’s just complete failure and u guys just can’t do it my gf is American herself and she can’t even say the names of our towns and cities correctly too funny 😂😂😂👌

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    This literally feels like the Lighthouse, the movie in real life. Bruh this is crazy

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    if shane narrated this i feel it wouldn’t be as “ scary “ as it sounds

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    This reminded me of Percy Jackson at the start of it

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    Why does he say boo-ey it’s pronounced boy?

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    Look into the Villisca Axe Murder House!

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    Ryan: *Better keep it tight* 😂

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    I think the fourth one had something to do with it and just threw the bodies into the ocean. Like how can 3 men go missing by "accident"?

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    The way the “alien juice” comment destroyed Shane’s joy in mere seconds

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    they back people tell they quit buzzfeed. Miss something there

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    I am scottish and i am so offended by this

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    23:41 corn cob pipe? i mean, his name was MacArthur

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    That person that doesn’t see the lighthouse: *seems sus but I’ll ignore that*

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    they both sound insane lmao

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    "If you are scottish and being offended by that. You should be" -Ryan

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    I can't take this seriously the narrator sounds like chills

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    I don’t know why, but my favourite part of every “unsolved” episode is finding out how Ryan is going to transition to the “making this case unsolved” bit. Anyone else?

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    I've been waiting ages for The guys to return, you wont belive The smile upon my face when i saw this and I am still having that psychotic smile :-)(Free range grass for The sheep)

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    i say the goongoozler took them 😤😤 unnus annual fans know

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    elainefitz21День тому This case is something for unsolved to sync their teeth into!!

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    imagine they just all got drunk, tied the bottles to their ankles, and just drowned in the ocean

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    The blue men, storm Kelpies, Ghosts. There are plenty of supernatural creatures on Scotland. And now we have skipped over the possible ghost on the island. Oh yay now there are also ghost ravens. Good lord this mystery.

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    i've been waiting for a new one for so long :')

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    "If you're Scottish and you're offended by this, you should be" LOL

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    Sooo, no surprise Shane can do a PERFECT (or as close to it as I've ever heard from an American) Scottish accent, demons gotta be able to trick people with their voice

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    Also lmao I'm glad y'all are back! I do love me some true crime

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    Dude best timed sick leave ever

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    ya know I was sad that this was a true crime season but 50% of the theory’s today were supernatural