The HU - Sad But True (Official Music Video)


  1. 소주

    소주34 хвилини тому

    I feel badass listening to this tho compared to these dudes I probably look like a ballerina

  2. shmi

    shmi3 години тому

    bayarlala, goy bna 🤩

  3. Camelthos

    Camelthos5 годин тому

    All hail Yurt Hammett

  4. staszek669

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  5. ARİF

    ARİF5 годин тому

    𐰲𐰸:𐰖𐱁𐰀:𐰢𐱅𐰚𐰣 🇹🇷𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰜

  6. Michael Klos

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  7. Anime in Seconds

    Anime in Seconds8 годин тому

    Mongolic rock is the best

  8. Lucien Terrier

    Lucien Terrier8 годин тому

    Perfect ! :o this is so cool !

  9. WavyMiley

    WavyMiley10 годин тому

    this shit is dopeeeee

  10. yuletide

    yuletide11 годин тому

    This is amazing but what we really need is more cooking videos.

  11. Deen Zai

    Deen Zai12 годин тому

    Nice song from Metallica ...the hu you rock..

  12. Andy Williams

    Andy Williams12 годин тому

    Better than metallica

  13. Mezmer Braleg

    Mezmer Braleg15 годин тому

    Fuck yeah!

  14. batochir dugerdorj

    batochir dugerdorj15 годин тому

    Sad but Hu

  15. Max Brandlex

    Max Brandlex15 годин тому

    Wow. Better than the original!


    ONE IN THE CHAMBER16 годин тому

    Omg so cool

  17. Rudderify

    Rudderify16 годин тому

    These cats need to tour the US in 2021.

  18. Viliam Košút

    Viliam Košút17 годин тому

    Pure Metal

  19. Sem Kors

    Sem Kors17 годин тому

    I think pax Mongolica is back...

  20. Elizabeth Gaspodnetich

    Elizabeth Gaspodnetich17 годин тому

    Old Matallica Fan here, I actually grew up with their music in my ears and my spirit(and still do to this day!). You young men did an awesome job!!! I love your music!! I am Native American, and although we live far apart with different cultures, I can't help but feel a connection to your music. Matallica is one of the greatest bands ever!! I raised my kids on their music, and even other peoples kids!! I want my kids to play "Enter the Sand Man" at my funeral!! Great music never dies!!!!



    Love this Song. Awesome job guys.

  22. lorry p

    lorry p22 години тому

    Love the hu ❤️🤘

  23. Ингвар

    Ингвар22 години тому

    Тиамат переделанный

  24. Janitha Prasad the INTP

    Janitha Prasad the INTP23 години тому

    There is no any caption..😐 please add English captions

  25. Cholla Ranch

    Cholla Ranch22 години тому

    It's unneeded because Metallica's original lyrics have merely been translated into Mongolian, albeit using Mongolian idiom for clarity.

  26. Сергей Марченко

    Сергей МарченкоДень тому

    жёстко прям дух захватывает

  27. Aleksandar Tosic

    Aleksandar TosicДень тому

    They didn't cover it, they NAILED it!

  28. George and Jane

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  29. Канал Богатыря

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  30. M Shaqed

    M ShaqedДень тому

    Well, I guess we finally know what the mongolian dub for avatar looks like...

  31. Mc Karahan

    Mc KarahanДень тому

    Wall building intesifies

  32. Cholla Ranch

    Cholla Ranch22 години тому

    *intensifies* (You may want to turn on your spellchecker. And if you so-wish, you can amend comments by moving your cursor to the right of your comment to see a trio of stacked dots appear, then just click on the dots and select either Edit or Delete to rewrite, as preferred.) 👍🤘

  33. Fa Ca

    Fa CaДень тому

    Sad but Hu.....

  34. 西涼遙

    西涼遙День тому


  35. Jared Desbiens

    Jared DesbiensДень тому

    Better than the original! lot.

  36. 2 eyes mike

    2 eyes mikeДень тому

    Mongolian power rangers be like

  37. Ji Otgontuya

    Ji OtgontuyaДень тому

    MONGOLIAN ROCK art for the development of the 🌎 WORLD!!!😇💖 America-hiphop,pop Korea-kpop Mongolia-Rock🌎❤️🌸

  38. Ji Otgontuya

    Ji OtgontuyaДень тому

    Монголчууд зүрх дарна харжээ.🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳

  39. Ganibar MGL

    Ganibar MGL21 годину тому

    Урмыг чинь бодоод лайк дарлаа шүү

  40. Ji Otgontuya

    Ji Otgontuya23 години тому

    Хэр их хүн байгааг харийдаа энэ чинь одоо ххэ

  41. Cholla Ranch

    Cholla RanchДень тому

    Юу вэ? Яагаад?

  42. E 1

    E 1День тому

    There is a distinct lack of cal kestis in this video

  43. Jeffrey martinez

    Jeffrey martinezДень тому

    How tf did I get here..... I kinda love it.




  45. Dimond Wallace

    Dimond WallaceДень тому

    Respect... That is all I got.... Wow.

  46. Дядя Саша

    Дядя СашаДень тому

    Шедевральный кавер! Полное понимание посыла! Красавцы! ОУМ!

  47. stig rune Aspelund

    stig rune AspelundДень тому


  48. -Omega Zero-

    -Omega Zero-День тому

    The song was already heavy. But fucking hell it weighs a ton now

  49. BrigitofBergental

    BrigitofBergentalДень тому

    One of those rare cases where the cover is better than the original. Sorry Metallica, I love you guys, but Mongolian throat singing is just too cool.

  50. Grimbeard

    GrimbeardДень тому

    Gold is not the best metal, but metal is the best.

  51. Мартин Хорс

    Мартин ХорсДень тому

    Жгут ребята)) Даёшь рок! Шаману привет)

  52. Storm Smith

    Storm SmithДень тому

    do enter sandman next

  53. Lenzi Leonardo

    Lenzi LeonardoДень тому

    mongolian tunak tunak feels more aggressive

  54. Glt 20191

    Glt 20191День тому


  55. Evgeni Evdokimov

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  56. Nishant Das

    Nishant DasДень тому

    One of the worst covers of this Epic song. Sad but True Needs more dislikes

  57. Altai Khangai

    Altai KhangaiДень тому

    I dislike you 👎🏻

  58. Naranchimeg Maamuu

    Naranchimeg MaamuuДень тому

    No one asked..then go away !!!

  59. Samurhigh-X

    Samurhigh-XДень тому

    it's cool and all but i like the original Hu music way more...

  60. Riggsy Poo

    Riggsy PooДень тому

    Hu goes hard af

  61. Beto Angon

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  62. MonStorm Tv

    MonStorm Tv2 дні тому

    Real rock band

  63. ZıR DeLi

    ZıR DeLi2 дні тому

    WONDERFULL orjinalinden daha güzel olmuş tebrikler irkdaşlarım

  64. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok2 дні тому

    Супер песня!!!

  65. olaf le flibustier

    olaf le flibustier2 дні тому

    Woow really awesome sound ! \m/,

  66. Charles Walker

    Charles Walker2 дні тому

    Now that I heard this cover of Sad But True, I get the feeling that The Gods are ANGRY with us for what WE'RE doing to The Earth.....and if We don't stop it....... we'll Not Only destroy The World, but ALL life as we know it will cease to exist.

  67. Kayla Marie

    Kayla Marie2 дні тому

    Just when I think how can these guys ever get any better than they already are..they get BETTER! total bad ass! I could listen to the HU all day long! We love you guys here in America :-)

  68. Bobby Seelye

    Bobby Seelye2 дні тому

    This was an amazing produces video !!

  69. TRS

    TRS2 дні тому

    Marvel : Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover in history Some mongols : Hold the truth of my sadness

  70. Rita Marlowe

    Rita Marlowe2 дні тому

    Love the hu why we dont see on radio

  71. Cholla Ranch

    Cholla RanchДень тому

    Because it's hard to "see" those wavelengths? 😏 Actually, though, the Jacoby Shaddix version is commonly heard on radio stations, at least across Texas, because a lot of us have called in to tell the broadcasters what we want. Having Shaddix's English-language lyrics added has really helped The HU gain recognition in the US, I think.

  72. D L

    D L2 дні тому

    wonder what this film clip says about the natural beauty of modern Mongolia being upturned for mining profits.

  73. Nadia Schnyder

    Nadia Schnyder2 дні тому


  74. Quentin Walters

    Quentin Walters2 дні тому

    Better than the original!

  75. niyazi Babac

    niyazi Babac2 дні тому


  76. Gormfeld

    Gormfeld2 дні тому

    Better than the original version IMO.

  77. denjoker0412

    denjoker04122 дні тому

    the perfect cover! the same song in their own style!

  78. WarcraftOhio

    WarcraftOhio2 дні тому

    TALENT !!!

  79. Andrew Hershberger

    Andrew Hershberger2 дні тому

    UAreporter needs to create a button that is higher than 'like'.

  80. Joakim Engstad

    Joakim Engstad2 дні тому

    Sad but Hu!

  81. Wayne Hughes

    Wayne Hughes2 дні тому

    holy shit, this is fuckin sweet

  82. Wayne Hughes

    Wayne Hughes2 дні тому

    im gonna find him and steal his boots

  83. TheTeffNogero

    TheTeffNogero2 дні тому

    One of the most impressive covers of an Impressive song I have ever seen.

  84. snafu

    snafu2 дні тому

    Slightly Metallica-esk. I'd like a translation if possible. Good luck in your careers.

  85. Cholla Ranch

    Cholla RanchДень тому

    It's the original Metallica lyrics translated into Mongolian. There are slight adjustments due to different idioms, but essentially the same.

  86. Cory Thompson

    Cory Thompson2 дні тому

    So does "cheese" mean "i" in mongo.. lol. I love it.. rock on guys..

  87. Gerelt-Od Gotsbayar

    Gerelt-Od Gotsbayar13 годин тому

    You probably heard "chinii" wrong. "Chi" means you, and chi + ii = chinii means "your".

  88. Джокер

    Джокер3 дні тому

    Я считаю что Моноголы до сих пор побеждают центральную Азию, потому что в центральной Азии до сих пор рождаются дети монголоидными чертами лица но они себя называют Казахами Узбеками, Каракалпаки, Киргизами то есть тюрками, Если честно я не видел такого тюрка у которого большие глаза они все Монголоиды даже на вид типичный монгол , Короче кем бы они себя не считали но они остаются детьми Чингизхана то есть Монголами. Тот кто не похож на монгола либо он перс метис, араб метис, рус метис, кавказ метис но не тюрк. Даже сами турки из Турции генетически не тюрки а метисы. Лично для меня они дети Чингизхана и монголов

  89. NekoCat86

    NekoCat863 дні тому

    Absolutely fucking epic.

  90. Charles Alexander Plat

    Charles Alexander Plat3 дні тому

    I can hear them make a song with Rammstein.

  91. B G

    B G3 дні тому

    When you are playing D&D and you decide to roll an orc bard

  92. Phantom

    Phantom3 дні тому

    5:43 does anyone know there this this is call, would love to look at a lore behind it

  93. Jorginho Jr

    Jorginho Jr2 дні тому

    in the end, behind all the things god is watching us

  94. Andrew Zamora

    Andrew Zamora3 дні тому

    Damn this hits hard i love this cover

  95. Ихтамнет Ихтамнетов

    Ихтамнет Ихтамнетов3 дні тому

    Поэтому монголы, да и все степняки предпочитаю серебро.

  96. Ahmet Ulu

    Ahmet Ulu3 дні тому


  97. T G

    T G3 дні тому

    VUC the Dislike ! ,,I,,

  98. Adam Rankert

    Adam Rankert3 дні тому

    I'm going to throw a word out there. When you translate Metallica lyrics into another language that's called blasphemy. Thumbs down.

  99. Altai Khangai

    Altai KhangaiДень тому

    Metallica thumbs you down, but thumbs The HU up.

  100. Cholla Ranch

    Cholla Ranch3 дні тому

    Metallica seems to disagree with you. (See Metallica's fb page.)

  101. thecrown75

    thecrown753 дні тому

    Sobre salgo si temores

  102. Hannah C

    Hannah C3 дні тому

    Sad But True is my FAVORITE Metallica song, long story withholding... aaaaand for The Hu to cover it makes me tremble with giddiness.

  103. Rino Sullivan

    Rino Sullivan3 дні тому

    if you playing CK2 and CK3 games, remember The Mongol hordes period with this song

  104. Rudy Reimer

    Rudy Reimer3 дні тому

    Your band is awesome and and inspirational toooo soooo many! thank you!

  105. alex59c _

    alex59c _3 дні тому

    i want to learn your language i love your music

  106. Robert Martin

    Robert Martin3 дні тому

    Amazing by the way.. Warriors!!

  107. Baumbart

    Baumbart3 дні тому

    Thank you for this great piece of art! Greed = Doom, Thankfullness = Life.

  108. L Edwards

    L Edwards3 дні тому

    😍😍😍😍😍 Perfection!!

  109. EternalMetalDevastator

    EternalMetalDevastator3 дні тому

    This made me twinch my *ipples!

  110. yuri

    yuri3 дні тому

    this is actually the original sad but true, metallica only did a cover

  111. yuri

    yuri3 дні тому

    ah shit i wish i was mongolian

  112. ImonRashid

    ImonRashid3 дні тому

    The Hu staying true to their Mongolian roots asked Metallica to give up all the rights associated with 'Sad but True' or else. Metallica predictively refused. Ladies and gentlemen that's how you have The Hu version of Sad but True !

  113. Altai Khangai

    Altai KhangaiДень тому

    Hehehe, you almost convinced me

  114. toryan mccorrister

    toryan mccorrister3 дні тому

    We need english captions

  115. Cholla Ranch

    Cholla Ranch3 дні тому

    Only if you don't already know Metallica's original lyrics, being as this is the same lyrics translated into Mongolian. LOL

  116. AugustDipper

    AugustDipper3 дні тому

    Imagine if The Hu and Rammstein toured together. Two bands whose languages were perfect for metal...