The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Gameplay - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019


  1. Alex Kispal

    Alex KispalГодину тому

    Remake Oracle of Seasons/Ages

  2. John Moss

    John Moss6 годин тому

    The glass breaking sound affect in this game sounds exactly the same as it does in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors.

  3. Twilight Link

    Twilight Link7 годин тому

    at 8:00 she said she wont spoil the game as she starts spoiling the game XD

  4. Prince JeremyDoC

    Prince JeremyDoCДень тому

    I'm really hyped for this games

  5. Macky Carrasco

    Macky Carrasco2 дні тому

    I need POKEMON game like this!!!!

  6. Cold Wind Blows

    Cold Wind Blows2 дні тому

    I'm a zelda fan. Played ocarina, twilight. The major titles. But havent played the n64 ones and stuff because I wasnt much of a gamer at that time. Is it true that Mario enemies were always in old zelda games?? Goombas and chainchomps

  7. Screw The Net

    Screw The Net4 дні тому

    0:36 IS THAT MARIO?!!! THEres chain chompas and goombas to smash to that MUST, be a da MARIO!!!

  8. BlackBird400

    BlackBird4004 дні тому

    That's Tarin. And those Mario enemies are in the original game.

  9. CyberPower Gaming

    CyberPower Gaming5 днів тому

    So it's a dungeon maker but it's not a dungeon maker because you don't design the rooms

  10. elixxur

    elixxur6 днів тому

    Such a short game, not worth 60 fiat.

  11. theweddingsinger1970

    theweddingsinger19707 днів тому

    "Don't try this at home, kids" Not a great way to sell a game :-P

  12. em1ownerify

    em1ownerify7 днів тому

    This and Luigi’s mansion are my most anticipated I just got a switch this weekend

  13. nazart

    nazart5 днів тому

    em1ownerify me too! I just bought a switch with a prime discount, can’t wait to play this games!!

  14. Poopie pants

    Poopie pants7 днів тому


  15. TheKrazeyHazey

    TheKrazeyHazey7 днів тому

    "A Mario face in a Zelda game for the first time." Nope, Yoshi was in the same mini game in the original links awakening.


    GAMEPLAY8 днів тому

    Can you still steal items from the shop though? Lol and come back and get murdered by the shopkeeper.😂💀😂💀

  17. DEV3N87

    DEV3N877 днів тому

    @GAMEPLAY this game is nothing but childhood nostalgia for me. Its already bought lol


    GAMEPLAY7 днів тому

    @DEV3N87 Haha true, but this is a must buy for sure.🤣💀🤣💀

  19. DEV3N87

    DEV3N877 днів тому

    Oh for sure! They'd be foolish not to include that part. However im positive they won't have the old glitches.

  20. New User

    New User8 днів тому

    New console old games re released that’s Nintendo’s pattern it’s getting old with the n64 graphics on a tablet

  21. BaddieUniverse

    BaddieUniverse7 днів тому

    Does this look like N64 graphics to you? Just because it's 2D doesn't mean it doesn't look good.

  22. MarkChapterThirteen

    MarkChapterThirteen9 днів тому

    Amazing!! Please! More remakes!!!!!

  23. Hans Gruber

    Hans Gruber9 днів тому

    Why can't the new Animal Crossing game look like this??

  24. Hans Gruber

    Hans Gruber8 днів тому

    @ItzCrazeee Yeah I know that. I'm just saying the new Animal Crossing game would look really good using the same kind of textures used in Link's Awakening. Love that look! It's just an opinion so please don't get upset lol

  25. ItzCrazeee

    ItzCrazeee8 днів тому

    Hans Gruber because it’s not ?

  26. joshua wise

    joshua wise11 днів тому

    i cant wait to play this looks so good an im going to buy a switch lite pokemon edition

  27. Chris Eddings

    Chris Eddings10 днів тому

    joshua wise i want the pokemon edition as well it looks great

  28. MrLexsoul

    MrLexsoul11 днів тому

    8:11 Marin sings Ballad of the Wind Fish, love it!

  29. Bland Blend

    Bland Blend11 днів тому

    Looks like Tunic.

  30. Mythical

    Mythical12 днів тому

    The graphics look amazing

  31. Zack Link

    Zack Link12 днів тому

    Mantuvieron a Link con la espada en su mano izquierda!!!

  32. Laen Sdrah

    Laen Sdrah13 днів тому

    Please make chikens swarm you if you slash them too many times like before

  33. DylanDude

    DylanDude13 днів тому

    Laen Sdrah No problem.

  34. Laen Sdrah

    Laen Sdrah13 днів тому

    @DylanDude That's great, thanks for responding

  35. DylanDude

    DylanDude13 днів тому

    They did.

  36. Laen Sdrah

    Laen Sdrah13 днів тому

    Nostalgia overload, link's awakening dx was my first zelda game ever. So hyped for this

  37. Aesir Landser

    Aesir Landser13 днів тому

    The blurry effects ruin this game.

  38. Aesir Landser

    Aesir Landser4 дні тому

    Doesn't look like a dreamworld at all. Looks more like downgraded graphics. How many people would assume, that they've just entered a dreamworld, by just looking at this? In buildings or dungeons the vision is clear. They should've added a different effect then.

  39. BaddieUniverse

    BaddieUniverse7 днів тому

    @Aesir Landser because it represents the vision of a dream which is not 100% clear 🙄

  40. Aesir Landser

    Aesir Landser12 днів тому

    It's fine, I already played the game on the Game Boy when I was a kid. But what has a graphical decision to do with the story?

  41. DylanDude

    DylanDude12 днів тому

    @Aesir Landser I could tell you, but it involves spoilers.

  42. Chris Redfield

    Chris Redfield13 днів тому

    nintendo is trash go out of business already

  43. BaddieUniverse

    BaddieUniverse7 днів тому

    Switch is currently outselling your favorite console 😂😂 fastest selling console of all time. And Nintendo is doing this just after a failed console. Nintendo will always win you fool 😛

  44. Ridku13

    Ridku1314 днів тому

    Does anyone know the blond girl's name? It's for homework purposes

  45. Cai Kobra

    Cai Kobra16 днів тому

    Why do I need to play this so bad?

  46. Thubtan Rinchen

    Thubtan Rinchen16 днів тому

    I wonder if you can still run around the shop guy in steal items?

  47. Roberto Ortiz

    Roberto Ortiz17 днів тому

    There's a mf light right there, indicating exactly where the crank is pointing at!!! Jesus!!

  48. nowonmetube

    nowonmetube16 днів тому

    But it has physics effects. Items can fall through the claw.

  49. Eduardo

    Eduardo17 днів тому

    Link is Mario's son, thanks nintendo

  50. gracefulgracie

    gracefulgracie18 днів тому

    I really wish to see in the future, maybe a port of LoZ Wind Waker for the Nintendo Switch. Legend of Zelda is by far one of my favorite game series lately and I look forward to playing this and the sequel to breath of the wild when they come out.

  51. Paul Garza

    Paul Garza19 днів тому

    So... is this worth $60?

  52. BaddieUniverse

    BaddieUniverse7 днів тому


  53. Luke Davies

    Luke Davies19 днів тому

    “It’s hard to get the original” eBay and emulators: we got you fam!

  54. Sand Mann

    Sand Mann19 днів тому

    Totaka's song?

  55. Clint Workley

    Clint Workley19 днів тому

    I can't wait to play this new version

  56. K M

    K M20 днів тому

    this better not be $80

  57. ViolinOfTime

    ViolinOfTime20 днів тому

    Link: *escapes Koholint Link: *Reality is often disappointing*

  58. Tes tha Def

    Tes tha Def21 день тому

    *boss enters* *Blackface Clown Genie go!*

  59. J T

    J T21 день тому

    take note gamefreak....especially with SWORD and SHIELD

  60. Kevin Carpenter

    Kevin Carpenter21 день тому

    I hope you can still steal from the shop and then get murdered by the shopkeeper when you return.

  61. Paytwo Yaj

    Paytwo Yaj22 дні тому

    That pot thrown at the baby lol. Best part of this video. Game looks awesome though can’t wait for release

  62. mackyroll _

    mackyroll _23 дні тому

    I would love to have a pokemon classic with this kind of art style

  63. jedi 6973

    jedi 697324 дні тому

    I want to add to my collection

  64. Doonkey Korng

    Doonkey Korng24 дні тому

    still hoping that major scenes are animated like the reveal trailer opening was. Like maybe the ending cutscene, wind fish scenes. Marin scenes, etc.

  65. RaBeMa

    RaBeMa24 дні тому

    Pretty cool to see again Dan Owsen in public. That guy worked on the original Zelda translations, he is the true MVP at Nintendo of America

  66. Quinn

    Quinn25 днів тому

    This awesome lookin' game comes out five days after my best friends b-day and I can't decide if I'm gonna buy it for myself or for her!! 👍 ❤️ 💦

  67. gracefulgracie

    gracefulgracie25 днів тому

    Maybe you could play it first? Then give it to her? I'd just give it to her as a gift if she loves zelda. :) There will be cheaper prices down the line.

  68. Backstabbio

    Backstabbio25 днів тому

    That lady makes me cringe.

  69. Buckwheat Honey

    Buckwheat Honey25 днів тому

    im in tears! ive been telling people for decades, that links awakening was one of my favorite zelda games ever! so glad people who refuse to play older games will get to experience it ALSO, i loved Links Awakening, because If it wasnt for Awakening, Ocarina of Time wouldnt have been as great, SO many of the ideas in Awakening, was given to Ocarina of Time

  70. AvoxPaine

    AvoxPaine25 днів тому

    I'll take my Wind Waker and Twilight ports next please.