The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained


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    Please do one on baby formula

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    Please do one on baby instant formula. You already covered GMO and vaccines.

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    That's why we got scientists to think for us

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    why do we not send a bunch of living cells and atoms out in space and to the other "Earth like planets" in our solar system so there can develop life in space? Then in the next few billion years or so the planets we have sent the cells and atom to, hopefully will develop intelligent life and then many discover each other. And if we did this, would that be a way of colonising the rest of the galaxy???

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    thx Kurzgesagt

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    why wouldn't a black hole be created if 2 neutron stars collided?

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    Wait so I spent my time teaching myself particle physics out of boredom and figured it was all useless... when really it’s not?! What about charm top and bottom...? What?!

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    this is the same fucking date as the black hole pic came out and its jimmy neutron stars aint dissaponted just suprised

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    It reminds me of frogspawn

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    Strange matter: 4:06 Entropy: MY LIFE IS A LIE

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    At 6:34 - why Saturn is green?

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    We had "The Walking Dead", now we'll have "The Walking Strange"

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    So strange matter is like reverse radioactivity? So stable that interferes with close molecules?

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    Finally, a good kurzgesagt video...


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    Seriously... it's nonsense. If there would be strange matter in neutron stars and if it would transform everything into more strange matter, then neutron stars would immediately become strange stars.

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    That's just hypothesis tho right?

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    everything is a theory

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    So, basically the plot of C&C Tiberium Universe... a meteor from a distant system comprised of neutron particles of a neutron star accidentally hits Earth and converts it into a neutron planet...

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    Do a video about scientific denial

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    is all this strange matter thing just a hypothesis?

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    yup. we don't even know what's inside a neutron star.

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    I was waiting for this monster to be explained for a long time - thank you kurzgesagt. Another monster is gravitational strings, black hole in shape of a line that cuts thru anything and everything.

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    Quarks are hypothetical subatomic particles, which meaning, they don't exist. As such, your video is flawed. Do some better research next time.

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    Explain all dimensions

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    2 Questions. 1Why doesnt the strangematter transforms back if the gravityproblem is solved? (like leaving the Neutronstar) 2 Why is it infectios? One tiny strangematterparticle shouldn´t have the mass to effect the others. I always sayed we´re living inside an massive black hole which will be swallowed by the next one. Its pretty much the one reason why the the distances of the Universe are not increasing so much. Its hold together from the massive Blackhole which will be swallowed and united by the small ones we see today in billion of years. Its not unlikely that the Gravity rules inside an universal size Black hole change and become less present. At least that theory fits with the always refreshing circles we see elswhere in Nature. And the fact that the inside of an neutron Star is similar to the Bigbang leads in that direction too.

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    Is vacumm decay can kill a (fricking)blackhole

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    Even strange matter needs a minimum of mass to be stable. Otherwise the LHC had destroyed the world so far. Secondly it is highly possible that our Solar System contains a lot of matter, who could came from Neutron star crashes.

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