The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told


  1. Kronos

    Kronos42 хвилини тому

    Colbert has way too big an ego to fit in the same room as other stars.

  2. Kronos

    Kronos42 хвилини тому

    Hadnt even heard of him till Pewdiepie brought him up.

  3. Jason Skuni

    Jason Skuni2 години тому

    Comic genius

  4. fatenxoxo

    fatenxoxo3 години тому

    he whould be a great host 😞

  5. The Visionary

    The Visionary4 години тому

    I've been a fan of Kevin, but after hearing this interview, he has earned my respect as well. Kevin's a great person, man enough to own his mistakes and strong enough man to deal with bullys.

  6. Sam707BFBC

    Sam707BFBC5 годин тому

    Really the martin theme song for him ??? Sorry Martin is funnier.

  7. Adline Witcher

    Adline Witcher5 годин тому

    The problem is they are not ok with themselves but yet they constantly say their lie is the truth.Thats a sure sign that they are very confused.Kevin continue to move forward

  8. Full Control

    Full Control8 годин тому

    What he said what happend?

  9. Evrett

    Evrett8 годин тому

    Here's the thing no one gives a shit what they think. Kevin heart will still make millions they did nothing but make everyone hate them even more than we already do.

  10. unmetamorphosed

    unmetamorphosed10 годин тому

    "that was some guy asking for change behind a winn dixie" lmaooo

  11. Karen Schumer

    Karen Schumer11 годин тому


  12. Imnotcleverenough Forthisnameshit

    Imnotcleverenough Forthisnameshit13 годин тому

    5.3k straight ppl are offended for the lgbt community

  13. Dean Sharpe

    Dean Sharpe14 годин тому


  14. ThisUserName15Taken

    ThisUserName15Taken15 годин тому

    This is just Steven Colbert pushing the liberal PC agenda. You don't speak for me or the majority of people who are sick of oversensitive media. Steven just comes across slimy and disingenuous

  15. Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy

    Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy13 годин тому

    He has to play it down a bit here because Kevin was really winning the crowd.

  16. Melissa

    Melissa17 годин тому

    Kevin, here in Quebec Canada we have the same problems. We have Mike Ward an excellent humorist that is on court because he made a joke about a young boy that has a disease. We have no more liberty of expression..... People are too sensitive and are not open minded. What is important here, like Mike Ward, is that you are a GOOD person.. that made a bad joke, but you are good. AND THAT'S important. Yes you are over it and i agree with you.

  17. Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy

    Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy18 годин тому

    Now you know how Mel Gibson feels! Jesus forgives, jews don't.

  18. Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy

    Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy18 годин тому

    A comedian making self-affacing jokes always puts the audience at ease and that they think the guy is not stuck up. Stuck up liberals are the opposite of funny. The opposite of right too. I believe the bible, commies are hellspawns.

  19. Ross O'Connor

    Ross O'Connor18 годин тому

    hes a comedian isn't he? that was a very light comment compared to all other comedians >< listen to Franky Boyle.. Ricky Gervais hosted the golden globes plenty of times and he had some crude comments... i think this is just America..

  20. Sharon Williamson

    Sharon Williamson18 годин тому

    But his job is to please people hmmmm.... Kevin Hart, you are fake, short and a terrible comedian.

  21. Eaunanisme

    Eaunanisme19 годин тому


  22. GURU

    GURU19 годин тому

    Every community wants to be the oppressed community. Everybody is fighting for this victimhood. They all wanna be a victim. They want their own word that no one else can say. Basically everybody wants to be black people during the civil rights movement. YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM!

  23. erniebirdy

    erniebirdyДень тому

    So.. Where're the jokes the world sorely needs?

  24. Jake Holland

    Jake HollandДень тому

    I wish he would turn it around on them and say your attacking me and oppressing me because I’m black and watch their head explode

  25. VocalExcursion

    VocalExcursionДень тому

    At first I was kind of w/e about this and thought sjw fan club was overreacting as per usual, but he said some pretty foul shit on twitter, maybe it should take more than a month to be “over it” if he’s actually remorseful.. thoughts?

  26. payz hayz

    payz hayzДень тому

    VocalExcursion a while after that he apologized and specifically said his comments were a comment on his own issues and not how he would act or how others should be seen. Here we are years later and he's apologized once again, specifically said he's sorry he hurt people on Twitter, yet they want to ruin him anyway, the truth is a dumb tweet 10 years ago doesn't hurt anyone.

  27. Aren Moore

    Aren MooreДень тому

    Dude Colbert was still slick trying to preach

  28. Amy Shy

    Amy ShyДень тому

    Would anyone tell me what this is about? What did he say to whom? I'm not American so I'm not aware. Thanks.

  29. payz hayz

    payz hayzДень тому

    Amy Shy Kevin hart posted a homiphobic joke on Twitter about 10 years ago, when he got the job to host the oscars the tweet resurfaced and he lost his hosting job and apologized for the comments. Now Kevin hart is saying since he already apologized he won't comment on it anymore while his detractors are saying that it isn't enough.

  30. logan gabriel antoine

    logan gabriel antoineДень тому

    Wtf this show look so fucking American, i'm already can touch the Trump aura and i can smell the Burger king flavour.. this show is not for me :/

  31. logan gabriel antoine

    logan gabriel antoineДень тому

    +payz hayz oh my bad ^^

  32. payz hayz

    payz hayzДень тому

    logan gabriel antoine the host is one of the biggest trump haters on TV

  33. Will Zimmermann

    Will ZimmermannДень тому

    Raunchy comedy is dead thanks mainstream

  34. Swegatty Swooty

    Swegatty SwootyДень тому

    Knock knock .... SJW:- *triggered*

  35. Carlos Tab

    Carlos TabДень тому

    Kevin was about to swing at Stephen

  36. Carlos Tab

    Carlos TabДень тому

    That Patek tho

  37. Isaac

    IsaacДень тому

    What a hack.

  38. nexxusish

    nexxusishДень тому

    All this killing going on in America with police killing young black males and getting off we should have that type of sensitivity when it comes to that but there isn't , if I was a Kevin Hart I wouldn't've apologize , again because the lgbtq community hates black people in this world, I read online at a gay white bar in New York ask a gay black guy. To leave they didn't want him there this was the bartenders, so who are we making their world good for again....

  39. Lenny Nero

    Lenny NeroДень тому

    Colbert seem unsatisfied.

  40. D. A131618

    D. A131618День тому

    Omg this fuckn guy was making me mad i would of shut down and told him to stfu and move on or ill walk off tf hes annoying hes just tryna push kevins buttons

  41. Friend of the Devil

    Friend of the DevilДень тому

    LGBTQ are filthy, disgusting, selfish, hateful pedophiles with severe mental problems and should be dealt with as such BACK TO THE NUT HUT with these boring, uninteresting disease-spreading vermin!! EVERY RELIGION CONDENMS THESE PEOPLE FOR VERY GOOD REASON and if you have to self identify you should HANG YOURSELF!!!!

  42. Heisenbrekh

    HeisenbrekhДень тому

    It seems like only these media people are "not over it" .

  43. Jacob Adamson

    Jacob AdamsonДень тому

    still, don't understand how people go back nearly 10 years and talk about stuff he said back then... pathetic

  44. Randyy1

    Randyy1День тому

    Kevin Hart should host Meme Awards next year lol

  45. Wakka Flakka

    Wakka FlakkaДень тому

    The people at the Oscars probably just threw him under the bus so no one would uncover all their dirty laundry. I'm sure there are members that have commited numerous sexual assults in the past. It is Hollywood after all.

  46. Bob Bob

    Bob BobДень тому

    Soft people in safe spaces equals a weak nation filled with over sensitive pansies.

  47. sherriff rua

    sherriff ruaДень тому

    I dnt know if anyone would host the awards after all this controversy. You'd have to be one dam good comedian with some crazy jokes.👋😎🖕to pull it off.

  48. Perry Pelican

    Perry PelicanДень тому

    Hart is a nice guy and likeable but not that funny. Colbert is much funnier.I hope he lasts because i like the guy, but i would be surprised if he is still hot next year

  49. Nicolai Ponteres

    Nicolai PonteresДень тому

    You want a meme? Pause at 6:50

  50. Wostershire

    WostershireДень тому

    that was actually very insightful

  51. Regal Panda

    Regal Panda2 дні тому

    im fine with him not hosting the Oscars and it has nothing to do with the lgbt community. I'm just sick of seeing him eveywhere.

  52. PlanetofMarz

    PlanetofMarz2 дні тому

    I absolutely hate that people fully wanted Kevin Hart to apologize again. The man apologized for it and thats good enough but apparently people are not happy unless Kevin Hart loses his bag and is out on the streets or something. Dude didn’t do shit but tell the truth about how HE felt about homos. But the the homos got pissy and started to rage against Kevin Hart. LGBTQZTJSYB are all soft like baby food. Apparently if you’re repulsed by gay shit then everyone has an opinion 😒

  53. gullintanni

    gullintanni2 дні тому

    It does not seem like he understands that it helps to say that you have changed and that it is unacceptable to discriminate anyone for anything. Just say you are a changed man and follow up being a great role model. It is better than saying you are over it. Just say you are a changed man. Saves a lot of pain and helps people get closure.

  54. Moto Force

    Moto Force2 дні тому

    Devil's to hell angel to heaven. Man to woman . Period

  55. Jace Cavacini

    Jace Cavacini2 дні тому

    Point of fact: Onions do end if you keep peeling them. I have no idea what they’re talking about.

  56. Skumic & Friends

    Skumic & Friends2 дні тому

    The oscars turned their back to a diamond. Kevin Hart is this year's host and no one else! Sad!

  57. The Watchful Hunter

    The Watchful Hunter2 дні тому

    Never pander to cry babies or snowflakes. Be a man. Stand your ground.

  58. The Watchful Hunter

    The Watchful Hunter2 дні тому

    Every time Stephen asks him about it again, Kevin should to cuss him out loudly.

  59. The Watchful Hunter

    The Watchful Hunter2 дні тому

    Ban Oscar and all self congratulating award shows from all media.

  60. Jano Dursunian

    Jano Dursunian2 дні тому

    "Those" people are are so jelous of your success they trying to make you go from being number one in "comedy " to being " blaaah" in comedy..!! If you were gay and made those jokes and comments they would have praised you..!! Dont you change men cause if you do you'll lose me and millions of others who thinks just like me..! Love you!😁😍😘

  61. Jano Dursunian

    Jano Dursunian2 дні тому

    Hey Keeeeev, fuckem if they cant take a joke , I would hate to see you change from who you are on a count of these insensitive pricks..!! Love you Keven Heart, love your talent and love who you are..!!! what a model family man..!!

  62. SullysNQ

    SullysNQ2 дні тому

    He's in a vicious struggle between not wanting to give into political correctness, and trying to preserve his reputation. Good luck to you sir.

  63. Cary Chilton

    Cary Chilton2 дні тому

    Suddenly Stephen Colbert is super offended by people who make a joke toward the gay-trans-queer community ? Going on and on about it for most of the interview was kinda weird. Letterman has done this sort of political game with some of his guests yet he was different in his personal life. Guaranteed Colbert is not deeply hurt by Kevin Harts views on gays or his jokes.... I am not big Kevin Hart fan either, he is a phony in my opinion. Seeing Colbert act like he has a dog in this fight, seems phony as well.... money....meh

  64. Clarissa Lee

    Clarissa Lee2 дні тому

    Great guy

  65. Webster

    Webster2 дні тому

    Kevin Heart is way cool, guy. I like him more after this interview, mostly because he truly seem true to himself and honest with us.

  66. Corey Mondello

    Corey Mondello2 дні тому

    Wow, another anti-lgbtq media personality getting free time to say he is the victim. Shame on Colbert! The man never apologized! He is anti-LGBTQ and you can’t change that!

  67. Yoshi Bernie

    Yoshi Bernie2 дні тому

    he is such a great guy

  68. Taha Nasser

    Taha Nasser2 дні тому

    'It's not over until the audience is over it?' A very spineless thing to say. Stand for something greater than just the approval of the mob Colbert, for your own sake.

  69. Carry20_20

    Carry20_202 дні тому

    When you have to apologise for something as a comedian... smh these overly sensitive fatties.

  70. rivercryproductions

    rivercryproductions2 дні тому

    Can kevin hart be any less funny like ever?

  71. Sherrie Evans

    Sherrie Evans2 дні тому

    Would love to meet you Kevin! I'm a server at Longhorns selinsgrove pa... come in for a fabulous steak!

  72. Angela Wang

    Angela Wang3 дні тому

    the real fucking issue is 'cancel culture' and how people refuse to accept that people DO change and grow as human beings, and that one offensive thing done some time ago shouldn't define them as a person as long as they apologize and recognise their mistake

  73. Alex Y

    Alex Y3 дні тому

    Colbert needs to be charged with animal cruelty given the way he consistently beats on dead horses.

  74. Mike Lalor

    Mike Lalor3 дні тому

    There's a reason why people aren't accepting his apology and moving on, and it's beause his apology is fake BS

  75. Dave Daniels

    Dave Daniels3 дні тому

    Denzel was relaxed... That's kinda double standard Kevin....

  76. Steve Holmgren

    Steve Holmgren3 дні тому

    Kevin Hart isn't homophobic anymore, good for him! But literally our Vice President and his wife are - and nobody is talking about it. If you think Trump is bad, Pence would be even worse. He's a scumbag anti-LGBT Christian nutjob that Trump used to win over the Christian vote. Fuck religion in the ass (The only way you can still be a virgin according to those dogmatic idiots). Our next President needs to be an agnostic/secular humanist for us to make any progress here. *NO MORE IGNORANT RELIGIOUS ANTI-GAY ANTI-ABORTION ANTI-HEALTHY* candidates. Jesus would hate what his cult has become in the 21st century.

  77. TALON

    TALON3 дні тому

    Shut yo ass up Colbert. Exactly right Kevin. Speak that truth.

  78. Bernie Whomever

    Bernie Whomever3 дні тому

    good to see him not succumb to don lemons pink hand. the pink mafia.

  79. Matari Sambia

    Matari Sambia3 дні тому

    ** I like his approach of life **

  80. GuelphRacing

    GuelphRacing3 дні тому

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a wonderful day

  81. EL Pariente

    EL Pariente23 години тому

    Its about 10 pm and I just read this what tf am I supposed to do now!!??

  82. Sara Vasconcelos

    Sara Vasconcelos3 дні тому

    I just wanna say Kevin Hart is so mature and so wise, because everything he said is so true, everyone makes mistakes, he already apologized aaand people today are to sensitive anyways. He is trully a genuine person and in this industry is not normal.

  83. A.D.S.F

    A.D.S.F3 дні тому

    Kevin Hart did nothing wrong

  84. Rainer-Wilfried Kasuppke

    Rainer-Wilfried Kasuppke3 дні тому

    He claims that he enters the room and looks each and every individual in the eye, so he *better* apologizes to each and every individual before he even says "Hello". For the rest of his life.



    Love this dude we are all Over it !

  86. The Kid Kid

    The Kid Kid3 дні тому

    I want to dislike because Colbert is a smug asshole but I want to like because Kevin Hart is amazing

  87. Chip yard

    Chip yard3 дні тому

    Social sciences influence government, law, policy, courts, media, news, TV shows; YET, Social Science changes their views drastically every decade or so. Watch the Joe Rogan episode where he talks to 'Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay' - much of social science 'academia' is completely fabricated to uphold certain views/narratives.

  88. Meeeksss

    Meeeksss3 дні тому

    Kevin is funny.. truthfully the gay jokes were not even that bad. This new culture of dragging people over their past is getting ridiculous. He is obviously not that person anymore. People are such hypocrites.

  89. Brian Kelley

    Brian Kelley3 дні тому

    Kevin Hart’s entry Music....😂😂😂😂

  90. creative media

    creative media3 дні тому

    He DiD APOLOGiZED !!! OK ?????

  91. Barrie Moore

    Barrie Moore3 дні тому

    I know I’m over it ! 🙄

  92. Rebecca Fucking White

    Rebecca Fucking White3 дні тому

    People 😂😂Go find something to do 😃😤😤😠 there is more important shit in the world happening 😤

  93. Saravana Subramanian

    Saravana Subramanian3 дні тому

    I felt like Steven was predetermined to attack Kevin. That moment when the audience agreed with Kevin, Steven's reaction... priceless!

  94. U.S. Constitution

    U.S. Constitution3 дні тому

    I don't know Kevin politico views but Kevin is right who in the hell what there sons or daughters be gay. Screw these Hollywood Elites/Government Anti-GOD Anti-Family Morals, Anti-America Liberals that promote and protect pedophiles, child abuse and perversion.

  95. Jonathan Waters

    Jonathan Waters18 годин тому

    Catholic Church?

  96. Saravana Subramanian

    Saravana Subramanian3 дні тому


  97. OneManShow

    OneManShow3 дні тому

    People don’t understand what an apology is. An apology is a guilty plea. People don’t want your apology so they can forgive and forget... they want to bypass the trial and get down to execution. They want you to bow your head before they chop it off.

  98. Jarvious Hicks

    Jarvious Hicks3 дні тому

    Such a smart person

  99. NexisFilms

    NexisFilms3 дні тому

    Daniel Tosh for Oscar host !

  100. Lamont Hyatt

    Lamont Hyatt3 дні тому


  101. Nocturnal Ron

    Nocturnal Ron3 дні тому

    Not trying to be a dick but do you think Kevin Hart is funny? I thought he was funny in 40 year old Virgin but, that was about it.

  102. yidy1

    yidy13 дні тому


  103. Dissident101

    Dissident1013 дні тому

    He ain't wrong, a meme ended Bill Cosbys career.

  104. Sonny Etchell

    Sonny Etchell3 дні тому

    I think he would have been hilarious as the host but at the same time i respect his decision

  105. ddland45

    ddland453 дні тому

    People need to get over themselves and learn to not take every minor affront so seriously. Laugh sometimes...

  106. abongile mgaqelwa

    abongile mgaqelwa3 дні тому

    Good for you Kevin Hart. Some people are energy vampires, they want to suck every little bit of energy out of you. 🐴Holes

  107. tipology

    tipology3 дні тому

    4:31 classic kev. Loved that part 😂😂😂 “OKEHH, ALRIGHT OKEHH”

  108. Jono Esquirryl

    Jono Esquirryl3 дні тому

    Five minutes of my life spent watching a guy apologising for something I knew and still know absolutely nothing about …