The Prince Family - Now We Up (Official Music Video)



    THE PRINCE FAMILYМісяць тому

    Lets Get 200K Likes On This Music Video & We Will Drop The Birth Vlog Of Nova Grace Prince 💕

  2. Kayla Holden

    Kayla Holden5 днів тому

    I like that Prince family

  3. Kayla Holden

    Kayla Holden5 днів тому

    I love that the prince family

  4. Platinum Danzie

    Platinum Danzie22 дні тому

    Pleeease bring more bangerz😍

  5. The Londynn Dixon show

    The Londynn Dixon show22 дні тому

    You are the best you to dinner ever you walk you are the best UAreporter Pete you walk with me to pay thank you puppy go have a thousand subscribers when you grow up like Damien and Bianca

  6. The Londynn Dixon show

    The Londynn Dixon show22 дні тому

    How to view to getting together UAreporter have all those UAreporter pranks in y'all to Damien and Bianca great great great parents know your baby girl is coming and shows and just tell me no reasons I'm just saying Nocatee know it's got like in Dickson TN Dickson Glenn Dixon oh my God in Dixon and obviously it's been a whole time since I seen UAreporter Carly and DJ Big Brother a sister that's the first good you guys had I'm proud of you UAreporter y'all had enough of all the arguing and y'all got to do everything really easily I love you too very much and all your family you guys are a couple at all what you give us and you love us takes us to love you too

  7. Jar'Dasia Shaw

    Jar'Dasia Shaw27 хвилин тому

    I cry joins too I cry this hole song

  8. t.k toys adeyemo twin

    t.k toys adeyemo twin27 хвилин тому

    We all came from the bottom Like if you agree

  9. thatdivaquita1

    thatdivaquita155 хвилин тому


  10. Assault YT

    Assault YTГодину тому

    Damien: *says the n word* Also Damien: “We got god on our side” Me:😂🤣 /Issa joke now chill

  11. Abbigail Hires

    Abbigail HiresГодину тому

    yall are the cutest and most loyal cupple on you tube

  12. Milly Guizar

    Milly GuizarГодину тому

    I was born at 5 months and I am 10 year old

  13. fortnite god

    fortnite godГодину тому

    I love you

  14. Candice Edwards

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  15. Candice Edwards

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  16. Alan Acosta

    Alan AcostaГодину тому

    “We can’t lose, we got god on our sidee”😭❤️❤️

  17. Ava Burdine

    Ava BurdineГодину тому

    All most cried Because of B voice

  18. Alan Acosta

    Alan AcostaГодину тому

    I never felt these emotions😭

  19. Xypherツ

    XypherツГодину тому

    my sis loves u guys she whatches you everyday only

  20. Xypherツ

    XypherツГодину тому

    teamdamian teambiannca

  21. Rita Drummond

    Rita DrummondГодину тому

    She cuter

  22. Leaundra Brown

    Leaundra Brown2 години тому

    Why we can’t see her face

  23. Jacqueline Garibay

    Jacqueline Garibay2 години тому

    This is a great!!!

  24. Mckenzie Egemo

    Mckenzie Egemo2 години тому

    Seriously cutest song and video!!! ❤️

  25. Liset Martinez

    Liset Martinez3 години тому

    Awwww ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. ZfrycookZ Gaming

    ZfrycookZ Gaming3 години тому

    Nobody hate on them cause they deserve it 🙏

  27. Mostwanted. Taliyah

    Mostwanted. Taliyah4 години тому

    At the end Bianca could❤️sing

  28. SyRutic Gaming

    SyRutic Gaming4 години тому

    Damian my boy that frow was not working for u

  29. jaden Champagne

    jaden Champagne5 годин тому

    im not hating why do he sound like some one off family guy

  30. Tony Brooks

    Tony Brooks5 годин тому

    I already heard this but That doesn’t even sound like Bianca I fuckin love this song man🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Ramiyah’s World

    Ramiyah’s World5 годин тому

    Bianca can sing

  32. Jenna P

    Jenna P5 годин тому

    I love it 😫

  33. Jazzyjaz 06

    Jazzyjaz 066 годин тому

    every time I watch there UAreporter I always love watching there intro the song is like really good ! You also showed them haters !🤪

  34. Tatyana Cole

    Tatyana Cole6 годин тому


  35. Keenen Wyre

    Keenen Wyre6 годин тому

    Stack or starve💰🤩

  36. Keenen Wyre

    Keenen Wyre6 годин тому

    Rags to riches🏋🏽‍♂️

  37. Jose Sandoval

    Jose Sandoval6 годин тому

    Love you

  38. Teven Martinez

    Teven Martinez6 годин тому

    For like the past two years Bianca been pregnant

  39. Hayley Accardi

    Hayley Accardi6 годин тому

    this song is beautiful😭

  40. Carter Lesher

    Carter Lesher7 годин тому

    Ain’t nobody went through struggles like you guys and made it through

  41. Carter Lesher

    Carter Lesher7 годин тому

    That song really hits me with happiness

  42. lil zay

    lil zay7 годин тому

    This song is ugly

  43. Vanessa lolol

    Vanessa lolol7 годин тому

    ... how did I not know they sang this😭😭broo y’all sing goooddddd🤭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  44. Abraham Aylon

    Abraham Aylon9 годин тому


  45. Alexia A. Garcia

    Alexia A. Garcia9 годин тому

    I literally can’t stop watching this because you literally tell your story on how long it took for you to get to the top ( Bianca your such a good singer I love your voice) you to Damien don’t think I forgot about you .. ❣️❤️

  46. Kati Wardell

    Kati Wardell9 годин тому

    Bianca SNAPPED

  47. Ahsaan ProGamer

    Ahsaan ProGamer9 годин тому

    I got the felling this is R&B

  48. Amaia 1st Amigo Johnson

    Amaia 1st Amigo Johnson9 годин тому

    Who else sung this and bianncca has a great voice

  49. Tori& Nevaehs Life

    Tori& Nevaehs Life10 годин тому

    I keep replying this I’ve been supporting y’all since 4K that’s crazy love yall

  50. Emely production

    Emely production10 годин тому

    Bro this gave me chills up my arm

  51. Tony Hosick

    Tony Hosick10 годин тому

    His song got me up now i got a mustang do what i need to thank you guys

  52. Johnavon Fields

    Johnavon Fields10 годин тому

    My little playes Roblox and he want to play with you guys and it is bopbop1106and it is they one with glasses

  53. delaney maria

    delaney maria11 годин тому


  54. Johnavon Fields

    Johnavon Fields11 годин тому

    Can you play with me in Roblox

  55. jayden Fuller

    jayden Fuller12 годин тому

    Bianca killed dat😎😍 like comment if she did

  56. Jacqueline Parker

    Jacqueline Parker12 годин тому

    D&B ❤❤❤❤❤

  57. ariis perf

    ariis perf12 годин тому

    Best music they have EVER made yet.🌸🤙🏾🥴

  58. Damaris Rocha

    Damaris Rocha13 годин тому

    B looks like cardi b

  59. Dallana Romero

    Dallana Romero14 годин тому

    Is good

  60. Claudia Medina

    Claudia Medina15 годин тому

    Lmao. Damiens turtle head at 1:02 😂😂😂😂😂

  61. Tyra Grant

    Tyra Grant15 годин тому


  62. syriaun the goat

    syriaun the goat15 годин тому

    Who disliked this, Why my nigga they struggled and now there good.💪👍 peopke who disliked it 😤😤😣

  63. Official Maryam

    Official Maryam15 годин тому

    They fully smashed this 😍🙌🏻 They’re Highlighting that anything can be possible if you put your mind to & by working hard ! Love this message

  64. Janissa Lugo

    Janissa Lugo17 годин тому

    Bianca sounds amazingggg

  65. Yamileth Mejia

    Yamileth Mejia18 годин тому

    This made me cry

  66. Diane Neema

    Diane Neema18 годин тому

    Bianca 😭😭😭❤your voice mahn 😭❤. The song though 🎤 issa vibe I can't stop repeating this track 🔥🔥🙌

  67. Anni Thebest

    Anni Thebest22 години тому

    You guys been togather forever you guys are the best couple you guys did it!!!

  68. vrai-moi 85

    vrai-moi 8522 години тому


  69. Sahtiah Sayavong- Vann

    Sahtiah Sayavong- Vann22 години тому


  70. Sahtiah Sayavong- Vann

    Sahtiah Sayavong- Vann22 години тому

    now we good now we straight now we upp

  71. Jessica Houck

    Jessica Houck23 години тому

    I loved y'all channel i subscribed and turned on the bell the vid was fire

  72. Amari Smith

    Amari Smith23 години тому

    My Little pony shows and a legend

  73. Mariah Tinnon

    Mariah Tinnon23 години тому

    2:03 now y’all up riding first class to the Bahamas🙏🏽 god on y’all side

  74. Dae’ana Goree

    Dae’ana Goree23 години тому


  75. its. Neetra

    its. Neetra23 години тому

    I don't really watch them but her voice 😍😍😍

  76. Klout

    KloutДень тому

    That’s where Jon wick was flimed

  77. Gerardo Lopez

    Gerardo LopezДень тому

    Bianca u should make music u really really good

  78. Gerardo Lopez

    Gerardo LopezДень тому

    Its better when she sings

  79. below

    belowДень тому

    D part I thought that was 21 sav

  80. Aaliyah marie Tv

    Aaliyah marie TvДень тому

    Bianca gave me chills 😭❤️

  81. King Jayjay

    King JayjayДень тому

    Broooo🤯🤯🤯🤯.....this song litty asff...biannca you should start sing for a side job💪💪...sry damien😂😂😂😂

  82. Marley loves her Vlognation

    Marley loves her VlognationДень тому

    I love how they have 3.9 mill but have 4.2 million views see even the haters watching

  83. Zee&Kelz Davids

    Zee&Kelz DavidsДень тому

    The way I Love u guys! God always be with u !

  84. Tahni Ali

    Tahni AliДень тому

    B should start doing misic she killed it

  85. Aj’s Animations

    Aj’s AnimationsДень тому

    y'all are my idol and I've always wanted to be like you guys! I hope when I'm older I can be like you guys and get a UAreporter channel! Maybe even meet you guys one day!💗😭

  86. Enijah’s World

    Enijah’s WorldДень тому

    This is my fave song! It kinda gets me emotional but I love it!❤️

  87. Aj’s Animations

    Aj’s AnimationsДень тому

    Did Damien sing one part?! It sounds just like him!

  88. Jordan Carter

    Jordan CarterДень тому

    I love this song

  89. VLong

    VLongДень тому

    Producer: How much auto tune you want daiimen? Daiimen: YeS

  90. Norah Washington

    Norah WashingtonДень тому

    Best part of video 2:12-2:17

  91. Antoniyah Mckinnon

    Antoniyah MckinnonДень тому

    I almost cried, y'all deserve what y'all got enjoy life, Bianca u killed it 😊

  92. semaj Gash

    semaj GashДень тому

    😢😢😢😢😢 i

  93. Markinna Gattie

    Markinna GattieДень тому

    bianca have a great voice i love u

  94. Karina Veiga

    Karina VeigaДень тому

    ik the whole lyrics

  95. Tim Tyler

    Tim TylerДень тому

    The gave me goosebumps 🔥🔥🔥🔥👍

  96. Markinna Gattie

    Markinna GattieДень тому

    yall went a far way.i love u guys i will like to meet u some day

  97. Kylah Smith

    Kylah SmithДень тому

    Y’all haters need to leave cause they don’t need haters thx

  98. Sanchez Lowe

    Sanchez LoweДень тому

    I love you all

  99. John Marshall

    John MarshallДень тому

    Dand Bianco you know how to sing

  100. Jar'Dasia Shaw

    Jar'Dasia ShawДень тому

    you made me cry

  101. Jane Absolu

    Jane AbsoluДень тому

    You guys did a great job. I love it

  102. ang 012

    ang 012День тому

    This was a whole moive 😍

  103. Its Journey

    Its JourneyДень тому

    We need more songssss biancaaa💞

  104. raylin estevez

    raylin estevezДень тому

    I love it 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😊 great job 👌😊

  105. Aracely Luna

    Aracely LunaДень тому

    This song is everything !!! I seen Damien and Bianca since they started a UAreporter channel they came from the bottom and made it all the way to the top and look at y’all where yall at now and they are one of my favorite UAreporter couple channels ❤️💯

  106. Z,mir Ajarmir

    Z,mir AjarmirДень тому