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    This that phye

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    Who else just loves Bianca’s voice in this vid

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    Love it.. thass whats up

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    I knew I will love this but damn that's amazing ❤😭

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    I keep replaying this , I should be sleep right now 😭😭 good song though y’all did good with this one been hooked on it since I heard it in the intro ❤️

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    My heart is exploding with happiness & love for ya'll!!! Kind of speechless!

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    We 🆙

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    Bianca really bodied this 😍😍

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    Bravo!!! Love the video and the message! Wow, Biannca! You bad, gurl!

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    WHAT I’ve Been Waiting For 😩😍😍😍

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    yassss u guys did it love u guys n im behind u guys always 😍😍🥰🥰😘😘💛💚🧡💕❣️💓💞🖤💙💜💖❤️💝💗💘 n love u n biannca n her voice yasss

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    All God Plans , Thank You Jesus❤️

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    Omggg Fire 🔥 came a long wayyyy !! Been here since day baby dj🥰😭💜 god bless

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    I did not know she can sang give this comment and thumbs up if you think she can

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    People always judging not knowing what anyone has been thru, I’m glad y’all have what y’all have. I wish nothing but more blessing for y’all and anyone reading this

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    "We did it though my baby, we did it " that made me smileeee ♥x.

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    Luv you D&B from the bottom of my heart ❣ and I will always love you and when I’m sad I will watch your vids your vids make me happy 😆 please give me the best content of my life an congrats to you guys for the new baby 🍼

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    Bianca if you would become a singer I bet everyone will go crazy over you 😍❤️ I LOVE YOU PRINCE FAMILY 🤴👸💛❤️💛

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    OMG I did not know Bianca can.. you're like the next Kylie Jenner🌐🤯😍😍😍

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    You deserve all of this

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    Honestly Bianca really haves a chance to make it big in the music industry

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    That was AMAZING

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    😢 it hurt but it was good no homo congrats 😂 that’s tuff

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    I been here since Bianca did the hot sauce on the spaghetti prank on Damian 🙏💯♥️

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    Dang Bianca voice is like a angle

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    bro you need to give that baby waves with edges because her crown is perfect

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    My friend said that they never lived in Fort Wayne IN

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    I luv tha last part Bianca u have an amazing voice 💕😱

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